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Sunnybank collies had beautiful coats, but what did Terhune do to
achieve this?

They were brushed daily. Then, from April to November they were bathed
weekly in a mixture of rainwater and liquor cresolis. They were dipped
in for two minutes except for most of the head. Then Ivory Soap was
used on them and they were hosed off. At the show he would use french
chalk on their feet and face.

Sunnybank had some great coats.  I believe brushing is the answer and I know the more we brush ours the better the coats look.

Hope you found this interesting for I know I did….

Terhune with his greatest Champion…. THANE!!!

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A few years ago a wonderful friend wrote me
asking how Anya traced back to Sunnybank and
here is a part of that letter....

Going through the family Tree of Anya I am
absolutely amazed at how many times and how
many kennels her bloodlines pass through
 the same kennels as Niamh, and Trevor and
Hallie, yet through different
dogs so its like Niamh, Trevor and Hallie
are one half of the kennel lines and Anya
is the other half.  Let me start by saying
that Anya does trace through to Twin Oak's
Jokers Wild.
So, that is a common ancestor of Niamh,
Trevor and Hallie for Anya.
Anya is a cousin, but a bit more distant
than Trevor, Hallie
and Niamh. 

While Trevor, Hallie and Niamh come through
Joker's Wild son Ch. Executive the Equalizer,
Anya does not.  But, her ties to
Joker's Wild are more intense.  So, lets go
to our pedigree.

Find Wolf Manor Quest for Fame. 

His father is: Ch. Twin Creeks Golden Troubador

Whose Mother is:  Overland Aviance

Whose father and Mother are:  Ch. Overland Celebrity and
Ch. Overland Devotee.

Both whose father is: Twin Oak's Jokers Wild

Ch. Twin Oaks Joker's Wild,ROM,
Ch. Executive Table Stakes,
Ch. Twin Creeks Post Script,ROM
Ch. Twin Creeks True Grit, ROM
Ch. Lee Aire's Amazing Grace
Ch. Ransom's Regency
Ransom's Rapture
Ransom's Mistress Mine
Ransom's Black Lace
Ransom's Holly
Ransom's Dusky Rose
Ransom's Rhapsody in Black,
Ransom's Reunion,
Belle of Fair Banks,bred with Penningtom Phantom
(also SB descended)

 Sunnybank Mac Duff II
Sunnybank Southern Girl and Sunnybank Thaneson,

Now Pennington Phantom traces back to
Sunnybank through,
H.R.H Sunnybank Sybil,
Sunnybank King Coal and Sunnybank Southern Girl.

These two lines together have the following
Sunnybank collies in their
Sandstorm (Sandy,
CH. Sigurd (Treve),
CH.Sigurdson (Squire),
Goldsmith (Bruce),
Gray Dawn,
Laund Lury of Sunnybank (Daisy),
Alton Aldeen,

This is the line with the most Sunnybank
collies in the bloodline.

Okay, here is another line that goes back to
Sunnybank from Anya.

Find Ch. Tartanside Apparently, ROM 

Father  Line                                                     

Ch. Tartanside Heir Apparent, ROM                    

Ch. Tartanside The Gladiator, ROM                    

Ch. HI VU The Invader & Tartanside Tiara            

Mother  Line
Ch. Tartanside Fairwind Fantasy, ROM
 Ch. Wayside Grand Slam

Ch. Wayside Windjammer

The Three collies all had the same parent:

Ravette's Wayside Traveler

Wayside Fancy Flirt

August Temptress at Wayside

Delong's Honeycomb

Delong's Autumn Goddess

Delong's Enchantress

Gayheart Aaron's Storm

Marvin's Black Queen

Charlie's Golden Lassie

Honeywood's Big Expense

Sperry's Countess Elizabeth

Smiling Gypsy Duska

Sunshine Mistress Mary

Big Boy's Sunshine Fon

Hunsaker's Sunny Peggy

Sunnybank Thaneson and Viking Vanda

Sunnybank relatives include, Laund Lury of Sunnybank,
Ch. Sunnybank Thane,
Sunnybank Bauble, Ch. Sunnybank Explorer,
Ch, Sunnybank Sigurd (Treve), Sunnybank Alton Andeen.

Now Thaneson bred to Viking Vanda, but she was
also his mother
and grandmother.

Okay that is the second line to Sunnybank
from Anya. That line crosses Sadie's ancestral
Kennels also,but no connection seen so far.
 Sigurd is also known as Treve 

The third line, which is also the
second line of Trevor, Hallie and Niamh's.
Niamh also connects through her mother
into this line but it comes in at
Hanover's Enterprise.  :)

Ch. Twin Oaks  Joker's Wild, ROM

Ch. Executive Table Stakes

Ch. Twin Creeks Postscript, ROM

Ch. Twin Creeks True Grit, ROM

Ch. Lee Aire's Amazing Grace

Ch. Lee Aire's Live Wire

Ch. Bay-Mar's Coming Attraction

Ch. Two Jay's Hanover Enterprise, ROM

Ch. Parader's Country Squire, ROM

Ch. Parader's Bold Venture, ROM

Parader's Cinderella

Parading Lady

Ch. Parader's Golden Archer

Walker's Golden Beauty

Sunny Alice's Snooky

Hunsaker's Sunny Alice

Hunsaker's Sunny Foxie

Hunsaker's Major

Hunsaker's Sunny Girl

Ch. Sunnybank Explorer and Viking Vanda

Sunnybank Thane

This is the 4th line back to Sunnybank
through Anya, This line also was heavily
descended into Glen Hill which
Niamh through Glenn Hill Full Dress comes
into the line
through her mother's line. 

Tartanside Tiara (see list above)

Ch. Glen Hill Full Dress

Debhill Dainty Doll

Royal Scot's Golden Cinderella

Royal Scot's My Fair Lady

Royal Scot's Misweet Candace

Royal Scot's Getna Ayre

Golden Lady O' MacDuff

Wee Bonnie Lass O' MacDuff

Ransom's Souvenir O' MacDuff

SunnyBank MacDuff II and Tory

Tory's mother is

Vicky of Maplehurst

Lady Gwyn

Kritzer's Beauty Girl

Hunsaker's  Sunny Venus

Thane's Vanda

Ch. SunnyBank Thane and Viking Vanda

The 5th line, this is also a Niamh line,
she comes in at
Ch. Glen Hill Ravette Review

Ch. Tartanside Heir Apparent, ROM

Ravette's Tar N Feathers  and Glen Hill Ravette Review

Ravette's Midnight Image

Ch. Ravette's Pinto Di Blu

Ch. Wesbara Ebony Edition

Ch. Wesbara Bold Yankee

Brooknelle Honeybear

Duchess Roughneck

Ch. Brooknelle Invincible

Shushan Peg O' My Heart

Squire's Star Dust

Squire's Streak of Gold

Mitzi Jean

Thane's Vanda

Ch. Sunnybank Thane and Viking Vanda
 Above is Ch. Sunnybank Thane

 Okay, thats the Sunnybank connection for
Anya and her descendents here and many of your
collies too.  Hope you find it
interesting and helpful! :)

Peace be with you,

Chuck :)

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This is a treasure and these collies from Sunnybank are the ancestors of my, as well as most other collies.  As I watch I see how much some of them look and some even move in unique ways like mine.  Seeing Bobby, Wolf, Gray Dawn, Explorer, Sigurdson and others…. well… enjoy watching!



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The old guy likes to read and then apply or see the things he reads about.  ONe of his first favorites was was a book about Daniel Boone.  Recently on the Internet archive, where they have tons of old books he found that exact book for his kindle and read it with much joy.  When he grew up the Old Guy visited the rebuilt Boonesborough ….

Another early book he enjoyed was about Buffalo Bill Cody… a few years ago he found the book and bought it…. this book was his favorite for years and he regularly checked it out of the library.  Now he has his own copy and keeps its in a glass door bookshelf…. someday he plans on visiting Buffalo Bill’s grave…. just as he did Daniel Boone’s.

41fjsZAiYZL._SS500_-This is the book.. it is nothing special but the memories…

-The old guy loved Terhune’s books when he was a kid and has collies now and wants to visit Sunnybank.  He studied lots of Presidents, visited their homes…  he loved Fords, tractors and had other hobbies he read about then either visited the sites, graves or used the items he studied.

What we collies are trying to say is it is great for ppl to read about things, but what really brings it to life is seeing, visiting, using, making a hobby of or whatever of the things you read about.  Don’t just live through other ppl’s experiences or lives, visit those places, see those things or bring those items into your lives and use them.  It gives you hands on experience and fullfills your wisdom in ways you can’t even imagine.

Dad loved collies when he was a kid, Lassie and Terhune made him want collies.  When he grew up he made us part of his life.  Through this he came to realize that the things written about collies by Terhune and others were true and that like those who wrote about collies, his life was heavily impacted by our presence.  The triumphs, love, life and finally tragedies were more than he could have ever imagined and it made the books of Terhune come even more alive for he experienced those things.

What we are trying to say is dont just observe, study or read about things.  That is great and dad loves it himself. But, bring it into your life, experience it, do it.  Why?  Because then you experience life and it makes the things you read about come to life!  You gain insights and wisdom and breath and live what you have read about enriching your life.  When you read it again you will see the books through different eyes and enjoy them even more… but most of all your life will be richer also.

Dad read about and loved collies. Then he had us and we changed his life in many ways and he has come to treasure Terhune even more.  He never dreamed that would happen…. while he has lost many a collie he loved he would never give up one moment to take away the pain for the pleasures, love, joy and life experiences far outweighs the pain he has felt.  So, do read and enjoy things… but live it!  Only then will you get the fullness of what life can be…. most of all love and be loved….  and whent he time comes…. you will be mourned more deeply than any mere collie or human should be mourned…. live…. love and live while you can….



-Reading about collies is one thing… living your life with them  brings your readings to life and brings your life much joy, love and fullfillment.  Whatever you enjoy reading, watching or seeing, make it part of your life…  you won;t regret it…. 🙂  Imagine how boring the old guy’s life would be without us…. especially Ginger! Muwahahahaha  Okay, we wrestled the computer from Ginger but are leaving her comment there for you… for how boring would his life be without her?  How empty would his life had been without Trevor? Niamh? Both Hallies?







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Over two and a half years ago I looked into his eyes for the last time and will never forget him looking at me as I left.  When I came home he was gone, passing peacefully in his sleep.  He was my best friend and I still shed tears everyday for him…. I miss you ol’ boo. Why you fell in love with me and chose me of all the people on earth as yours mystifies me to this day.  As I slowly healed from the loss of Niamh you nurtured me with your love and your friendship.  We became best friends and you gave me so much boo…..  Then, when you suffered your stroke it was my chance to give back to you.  Oh, the heartbreak of watching you to learn how to walk again but knowing if I babied you you would be offended.  You fell and got up countless times with me cheering you on and you recovered.  Together we knew the end was coming but we walked on together and when the final blow came the last January and you never walked without help again I once again helped you.  During that time we became even closer with me knowing the end was near and making the most of our time together and you finding everyday life to be a struggle.  But, you went through it with dignity and defiance.  You were going only when you wanted to.


The last Sunday you were alive the family all gathered around you and we had the most fun ever and you relished every second of it not wanting it to end for you knew and we knew there would never be another day like it.  The next day we played again for about two hours but your strength was gone and the next day…. well I wish I had been able to hold you as you slipped from this life.  But, I know the last time I saw you I held you and told you I loved you and you looked at me and told me back……  I love you Trevor, I always will.  There will never be another like you…. that pride, that strength, yet that little boy enthusiasm you had.  You werent much into mushy-ness for after all you were the Alpha, but when no one was looking you would for a moment let that guard down and become like me a sentimental fool.  I saw it when you said goodbye to your sister looking up when you realized she was gone and the heartbreak look in your eyes…. I saw it when you would act tough yet when I wasnt looking (or so you thought) you would again let your guard down and become a big softy.

You changed my life as I changed yours.  A couple of broken beings who were lost yet found each other and became best friends and fed off each other to achieve things no one ever thought we could.  The golden era here at the Meadow arrived with you and I am afraid it has left with you.  Oh, we have fun and each of the collies are special but you, Hallie and Anya brought something magical to the Meadow in a big way. The magic still exists but not as it once did…..not to denigrate the collies here now for they are spectacular collies.  Its just a different chemistry.

As I sit here missing you I cry and then smile for you were such a blessing.  Who would’ve have thunk when we got Lad that bringing you home as a afterthought would be the greatest move ever made here.  You started the puppy parade we had and you ran the meadow with my backing.  I miss you my friend.  I miss your happy face in the morning, I miss your last cuddle at night before you got down off the bed to lay next to me on the floor.  I miss you chasing the train away, your pouting, your gleeful looks, your smacking of your lips and your grumpy look that followed when I would embarrass you with a big hug and kiss.  I miss your telling all the collies to straighten  up and your strutting around after doing so.  I miss you sitting next to me, sleeping at my feet and our walks that would turn into day long adventures!  Oh, I miss you ol’ boo and you know the biggest tragedy I think that can befall someone is being the one left behind when someone like you leaves our lives.

You restored my confidence in myself, in our collies and in God.  You changed my life and because of you I have went on to conquer things I never thought I could.  While Niamh was my first once in a lifetime collie, you Trevor were my next one.  I believe your life had more of a impact on me than even she did and she had a huge impact on me.  But, you Trevor…. how do words describe a collie like you who spent the first part of your life in conditions that… well break my heart.  Not that you were abused, but knowing you and how lonely you must have been.

Trevor I miss you…..  what I wouldn’t give to have you back.  However Trevor, you did teach me one thing besides how to pass on with dignity.  You taught me that love is the most important thing of all….. its my love for you that keeps me going each day when I wake up and you are no longer here.  You see Trevor, someday….. someday I will once again hold you and together we will run with all the collies of the meadow across that great meadow in heaven…..  someday….

Thank you Trevor!  As Albert Terhune would say…. You are missed much more bitterly than a mere dog should be missed.  Except I would add you did more for me than almost any human on earth can claim to have done.  Oh Trevor….  my Trevor forever….  till the day I die I will miss you and will share the legend of you a collie who I consider to have been as great or grand as any that walked at Sunnybank.  All I can say is Thank you Trevor Forever…. thank you……























This song reminds me of your life Trevor….  for you ol Boo….


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My Favorite Terhune books;

Oh my,.,,, each of them are gems.  I have come to love the sections of many books where he would write about the collies in his life in just a everyday form instead of story form.  But, here are books I think stand out above the others;

If I have to choose a favorite it would be;

The book of Sunnybank which is republished now as  Sunnybank, Home of Lad.  This is about Sunnybank and many of the collies who lived there.  Also, it covers horses, the house, the “little” people such as Jack the Frog!!  This is probably my favorite!  If you want to learn about Sunnybank and the animals, house and Collies this is the one!

The Lad Books are amongst the best;

Lad, a dog-This is where it all began and it is a classic.

The Further Adventures of Lad or republished as Dog Stories Every Child Should Know (Note-I am not sure which title it is published under now. I have a recent copy with the original title so do check it out!)

Lad Of Sunnybank- Another classic about Lad!

The funniest of them all and another favorite is;

Gray Dawn- This Blue Merle was a character!  He created havoc and mischief everywhere he went.  However, it wasnt because he was a bad dog… he just had the most unbelievable bad luck followed by the most unbelievable good luck combined with his fun loving, curious and innocent ways led him into some of the funniest situations you will ever read about!  I probably laughed out loud at this book more than any other except perhaps a joke book. While Lad is a heroic good vs. evil book, Gray Dawn is just plain fun and I hate to admit it, but a few of these antics my collies, who are descended from him, have done.  You will laugh as Terhune describes Dawn dunking him in the Lake…… but beware.  At the end of the book Gray Dawn, like all good collies passes into the afterlife and I know I sat there with tears running down my cheeks as my heart broke.  But, Dawn was the epitomy of a collie, gleefully going through life and making the most of each moment!

Here is one more book I would recommend;

The Master by Litvag-

This book is about Terhune and unlike most bios today it is not all good or all bad either making him into a saint or a demon.  It is a very balanced book about him showing his wonderfully kind nature with animals and his disdain for many humans.  You will laugh at his younger antics… wince at his battles with people, admire his fighting for animal rights, feel sad at his relationship with his daughter, see him helping people in dire needs yet see him lose his temper sometimes rightfully, sometimes just because people rubbed him he wrong way.  I liked seeing him like this for APT was only a mere human like all of us.  I found myself that I could relate to a lot of how he saw things and could see why he and I loved collies.  However, some of his ways left me scratching my head.  This is a very good book and if you want to learn more about Terhune it is a must.  Between chapters the author relates a winter trip to Sunnybank before it all was torn down….


Terhune was a big traveler.  He did so in the winter months and when younger.  He wrote a lot of books and on top of that he wrote prolifically for magazines, radio shows and newspapers.  He spent 8 hours a day, 5 days a week writing.  it was his job he said and he was going to work 40 hours a week at it.  When one sees a list of everything known he wrote for all publications it is amazing!   It is early for a Christmas list but some do like to start early. 🙂


-Terhune wrote lovingly about the collies of his life and preserved their memories.. I only hope I can do the same for my collies……

-Trevor and I… I miss you everyday ol’ Boo….. 2 and half years you have been gone…. 😦

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As Christmas is just a month away   I thought I would begin to post items every so often that you might find interesting for your dog loving friends or that you might like for yourselves and can give out a list to your friends for suggestions to get you when they say “I dont know what to get you!”

Below is a book list of all the books ever written by my favorite Author Albert Payson Terhune.  These make great gifts for kids, for yourself or that dog lover in your life. Not all of his books written were about collies especially his early works.  But, almost everything from Lad on were about collies.  I have 16 of his books and love each of them but some are more favorite than others.  I will cover more about them in the future.

Syria From the Saddle (1896)
Columbia Stories (1897)
How to Box to Win (1900) (Wrote as “Terry McGovern”)
Dr. Dale: A Story Without A Moral (1900) (with Marion Harland)
The New Mayor (1907)
Caleb Conover, Railroader (1907)
The World’s Great Events (1908)
The Fighter (1909)
The Return of Peter Grimm (1912) (he wrote as ”David Belasco”)
The Woman (1912)
Around the World in Thirty Days (1914)
Dad (1914) (written with Sinclair Lewis)
The Story of Damon and Pythias (1915)
Superwomen (1916)
[Republished as: Famous Hussies Of History (1943) ]
Dollars and Cents (1917)
The Years of the Locust (1917)
Fortune (1918)
Wonder Women In History (1918)
Lad : A Dog (1919)
Bruce (1920)
Buff: A Collie (1921)
The Man In the Dark (1921)
His Dog (1922)
Black Gold (1922)
Black Caesar’s Clan (1922)
Further Adventures of Lad (1922)
[Republished as: Dog Stories Every Child Should Know (1941) ]
The Pest (1923)
Lochinvar Luck (1923)
The Amateur Inn (1923)
Treve (1924)
The Tiger’s Claw (1924)
The Heart of a Dog (1924)
Now That I’m Fifty (1925)
The Runaway Bag (1925)
Wolf (1925)
Najib (1925)
Treasure (1926)
[Republished as: The Faith of a Collie (1949) ]
My Friend The Dog (1926)
Gray Dawn (1927)- **THIS ONE WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH!**
The Luck of the Laird (1927)
[Republished as: A Highland Collie (1950) ]
Bumps (1927)
Blundell’s Last Guest (1927)
Water! (1928)
Black Wings (1928)
The Secret of Sea-Dream House (1929)
Lad of Sunnybank (1929)
To The Best Of My Memory (1930)
Diana Thorne’s Dog Basket: A Series of Etchings (1930)
Proving Nothing (1930)
A Dog Named Chips (1931)
The Son Of God (1932)
The Dog Book (1932)
The Way of a Dog (1932)
Letters of Marque (1934)
The Book Of Sunnybank (1934)  **THIS IS EXCELLENT!!!***
[Republished as: Sunnybank: Home of Lad (1953) ]
Real Tales of Real Dogs (1935)
True Dog Stories (1936)
The Critter And Other Dogs (1936)
Unseen! (1937)
The Terhune Omnibus (1937)
[Republished in part as: The Best-Loved Dog Stories Of Albert
Payson Terhune (1954) ]
A Book of Famous Dogs (1937)
[Republished as: Famous Dog Stories Every Child Should Know
(1937) ]
Grudge Mountain (1939)
[Republished as: Dog of the High Sierras (1951) ]
Dogs (1940)
Loot! (1940)
[Republished as:Collie to The Rescue (1952) ]
Across The Line (1945) (With notes and commentary by Anice Terhune)
Wallace: Glasgow’s Immortal Fire Dog (1961)
Great Dog Stories (1994)

This is Albert Payson Terhune with Ch. Sunnybank Thane, his greatest Champion who died tragically and young.

One of Sunnybank’s Collies jumping ….

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collies 1_

-Is it time for Santa yet?


We collies thought we would put up a few Christmas suggestions.


For Terhune fans, any of his books. We will post a list of them soon!

For Collie Lovers we suggest from the Terhune Memorial Society anything by the person who knows more about Terhune than anyone in our opinion;

Kristina Marshall.  We have her FOREVER FRIENDS and it is a thrilling and wonderful book about all the collies that lived at Sunnybank with the bloodlines coming out of Sunnybank!  This is a must have and just type in Terhune Memorial Society on Google to get more information or type in the book with Kristina Marshall’s name. 🙂 She also has several other book and all of them are GREAT!!!!

For Automobile Lovers;

A great read about the history of Henry Ford, his family through to the early 90’s, the Ford Company and the cars a excellent book is ;


For the best biography about Henry Ford we have read and can recommend volume one of the three volume set by Nevins.  Volume one covers Henry Ford, his family life, Ford Motor Company, the cars and his other activities up to 1915.  It is fascinating to see the beginnings of the Ford Company and how they did all they could do to keep it going until it finally exploded into the beginning of the huge company it is now. This book is: FORD, THE TIMES, THE MAN, THE COMPANY

For Movie Lovers we recommend;

THE QUIET MAN with John Wayne and Maureen O’ Hara

HIS GIRL FRIDAY with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant

For the men;

Any Three Stooges Films

For the Women;

Any movie with Katharine Hepburn

Hopefully this will help……


I Ginger think the ultimate Christmas present is printing out this picture of me lifesize and putting it on your wall………


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One of my hobbies is writing stories about my collies, as you all know. :)  Here is a story I wrote about when I come home,
everyday! Some of the faces have changed, but it remains about the same.... :)

The Greeting

As the man drove his car into the driveway he smiled for he knew what
was coming. He pulled up in front of the garage and opened the door.
The first bugle bark echoed, followed by a rising crescendo of
barking as the others began to join in. He opened the door and went
back to the car to get in. In the window a black and tan face
appeared barking a welcome. He smiled and waved at the face as it
went silent, wiggling back and forth from the force of its tail
wagging. As he sat back into the car, he heard the face break into a
series of turmpet like barks. He could hear the barks inside of the
car as he drove it into the garage. Getting out he saw the face turn
from the window and knew the collie was running for the door. It was
the same everyday, The Welcome, as he called it.

Through the years, the welcome had changed slightly, but basically
remained the same. First it had been Mac, trumpeting through the
house when he came home. Then it had been Niamh of the Misty Meadow,
with her thunderous bark echoeing through the house and outside like
thunder. She had always met him at the door barking so loud it hurt
everyone's ears. Then she would jump into his arms as he cradled her
like a baby calling her his "Butterball Baby" as she would groan her
love, bat her eyes at him and cling to him with joy for he was home!
Teddy would jump around barking like crazy as he held her and Old
Sadie would bark like a nut as she stood there welcoming him her
bright eyes glowing. But, Niamh was now gone and the welcome had
once again changed, yet remained the same.

As the Man walked past the front of the house he heard the running
collies crossing through the house with their trumpeting barks
telling him where they were. Passing the picture window he saw
sitting in the window Hallie, as near a spittin image of Niamh as any
collie could be. She sat in the wing backed chair looking over its
back grinning at him with her eyes gleefully looking into his. "hi
Hallie-gal" he said and her body shook as her tail wagged gleefully.

Coming to the door he could hear the ruckus behind the door. Paws
clicking on the hard wood floor, trumpet barks, several collies
brushing up against the door. Then, as he grabbed the knob, it went
silent. He slowly turned the knob and the silence ended when the
door opened.

Thunderous barks erupted, gleeful howls of delight. There stood
Trevor, looking up with happy eyes and the man hugged the old collie
speaking to him "Hi Trevor Forever, my Great Collie!" Trevor groaned
with happiness as he was hugged as Hallie swept in, pushing Trevor
aside for her hug. She clung to the Man, and he picked her up
holding her like he did his Old Niamh. She looked up with love,
groaned in happiness with loving eyes. As he set her down the
crescendo of barking rose and leaping through the air was Branwen.
She hugged him half barking, half groaning, half whining, talking to
him telling him about her day. Then, a huge bark echoed and flying
through the air into the man with full force was Lad. His bright
eyes dancing with joy as he grabbed the man's arm with his jaws. He
did so lightly, never hurting. Then as the man stroked his wiggling
sides, Laddie would grab his sleeve nibbling on it with the devil in
his eyes. Barking loudly and then boldly stepping forward was the
big blue merle, Smoke. He rubbed against the man barking loudly as
he was stroked and told he was a good boy. The mobbing collies
closed in all of them barking, pushing against the man who was
somehow able to keep standing after almost falling over from the
weight and momentum of the surging collies. Looking over them the
man saw Teddy on the couch barking and looking at him sadly. He
received a big hug and happily wagged his tail barking loudly that he
too had been recognized. Then, laying on the floor just outside the
circle of surging, wildly barking, nuttily bouncing collies lay the
old, graying, feeble Sadie. She looked up into the air, yelping (she
rarely had the strength to bark now) rapidly, waiting for her
recognition. The man bent down and petted her on her head as her old
dim eyes brightened like the days of old when her black eyes glowed
brightly all the time. The collies now surrounded him barking
crazily as he looked at them all praising them. The crescendo grew
and finally the man grinned and said loudly "Enough! I love all of
you!" as he waved his arm over all of them.

Most of them stopped and looked up lovingly at him. Brandy ran off
barking crazily as Lad jumped on Teddy attacking him to start a
wrestling match as they screamed a whining warning at each other
faking fierce bites at each other. Smoke looked on, then barked and
joined in as Brandy came back still barking wildly and leaping
through the air crashed into the wrestling boys creating a melee of
crazy collies bouncing around wildly wrestling happily trying to
voice to each other and prove through physical prowness whom
their "dad" loved the best. Sadie laid down with a groan going back
to sleep. Trevor and Hallie silently with much happiness followed
the man to where he took off his shoes. As he bent down they both
pushed in front of him looking up with deep love wanting some love in
return. He hugged them, telling them how much he loved them and
hugging them one more time. Then Hallie sauntered over to her chair
sitting down happily panting while Trevor laid down next to the man
looking up lovingly at the human he had adopted.

The Welcome was now over and the man smiled to himself. Yeah, they
are a bunch of nuts he thought, but they are my lovable bunch of
nuts and it sure is nice to feel loved. Looking at the picture of
Niamh he felt that the Welcome was, as much of a highlight as it was
each day, still missing something. It was missing her. He wondered,
if Terhune had felt the same as he did when he came home. Ah, if
what Terhune had written about being met by a mass of swirling
collies after one passed on it would indeed shake the gates of heaven
with all that barking!!! The best thing about it all would be it
would be led by one special lil collie, the one he missed most of all.
His Niamh of the Misty Meadow.

Copyright 2007 Chuck

Niamh and Sadie


Here is Niamh of the Misty Meadow and Sadie. Both are gone now, as well as Anya, Hallie and MacKenzie,  but still as loved

as ever.  We named our collie family after Niamh. She was my best friend and I miss her


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Want to listen to Terhune’s books? They are now online at Youtube!!!  Thanks to our friends at the FB group Sunnybank-Terhune Collies we were made aware of these books you can now listen too as you browse on your computer. 🙂

Lad A Dog at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feCuLzbVcmM

Buff A Colllies at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiE7G4LTCqw

Hope you enjoy!

Below is Lad on the left and Bruce on the right…..

Lad and Bruce

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