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This is a treasure and these collies from Sunnybank are the ancestors of my, as well as most other collies.  As I watch I see how much some of them look and some even move in unique ways like mine.  Seeing Bobby, Wolf, Gray Dawn, Explorer, Sigurdson and others…. well… enjoy watching!



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Today I mentiopned how far I got on old Annie before coming in. Well, I went back out and took apart her headlights and took out the turn signals then put the headlights on the wire wheel to take off the old paint and the rust.  They are pretty good looking now.  I am not sure what I want to do witht hem paint wise.  All black?  Annie seems like a simple type of tractor, unlike my WC which was more complex and seemed appropriate to have three tones…. so if I do the headlights in black her air filter and intake pipe and air dome for the air cleaner will be black and so will be the headlights.  Pretty simple.. but I have this real liking for the headlight to be black with a silver ring around the headlight. Then I though about all orange to match the tractor….. what do you all think?

dscf8943-Old Allis has all black headlights…

dscf8858-while Molly if you click on the picture to blow it up has the silver rings around the bulbs…

dscf8853-here is Annie with the headlights black with the turn signals which are now removed……

so what color should I paint them?

Vot Now!

Wonder what Albert Payson Terhune would paint them?


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