Wonder what happened to him?  Is he okay?










You are right, he isnt moving…. hmmmmm….

Dad?  You are not moving dad……  oh no… what did Ginger do this time?

Um… we have a problem I think….. who is going to go over there and find out… me?  Why me?





huh, he still isnt moving… I am under his arm and no loves…..  I think Ginger killed him…

Hallie; She Killed Him!  Kill Ginger!!!  ,,,,,

Ginger; Sigh, get out of my way, do I have to do everything?

WAKE UP OLD GUY!!!!  Quit yer drooling on yerself!  Rowwwr!!!!!  Muwahahahahahahahahahahaha



Let that be a lesson to you all!  First, I am cute and I can get away with anything…. however, if I were to kill the old guy would I leave a body or any evidence?  Come on…. think about it! Muwahahahahahahah  After all I am the Schnapp and I am where it is at!

rah rah


rah rah rash kick his A**!!!  Woo Hoo!

Like her grandmother lil Hallie loves to wrestle and she usually ends up on the bottom which works out well for she then grabs him with her legs and then rolls him over and proceeds to win the wrestling match.. hehehe  As you can see the other two are rooting them on and getting ready to act innocent if anyone says anything..  Ginger of course is probably hoping for both their demises… muwahahahaha


Martin Luther in his day had a dog he loved very much.  He was called Tolpel which I have seen translated as fool, numskull and other derogatory remarks. However, others say it is actually clownie and I believe Luther was calling him clownie for he loved his dog mightily.

Luther’s dog is mentioned in the Table Talk  quite often and I thought I would share some of the quotes here…


‘When Luther’s puppy [n. 116, Luther’s dog Tölpel is mentioned again and again in the Table Talk.] happened to be at the table, looked for a morsel from his master, and watched with open mouth and motionless eyes, he [Martin Luther] said, “Oh, if I could only pray the way this dog watches the meat! All his thoughts are concentrated on the piece of meat. Otherwise he has no thought, wish, or hope.
Luther’s Works, Volume 54, Table Talk (Philadelphia: 1967), pp. 37, 38. May 18, 1532

Here is more….

Dr. Martin Luther played with his dog and said, “The dog is a very faithful animal and is held in high esteem if he isn’t too ordinary. Our Lord God has made the best gifts most common. -Table Talk

Finally he was asked about Dogs in heaven and I love his answer…

Asked about the restoration of all things and whether there would be dogs and other animals in that kingdom, he said: “Certainly there will be, for Peter calls that day the time of the restitution of all things. Then, as is clearly said elsewhere, he will create a new heaven and a new earth. He will also create new Clownies with skin of gold and hair of pearls. There and then God will be all in all. No animal will eat any other. Snakes and toads and other beasts which are poisonous on account of original sin will then be not only innocuous but even pleasing and nice to play with. Why is it that we cannot believe that all things will happen as the Bible says, even in this article of the resurrection? Original sin is at fault.”
[from Preserved Smith, The Life and Letters of Martin Luther, (London: John Murray, 1911) p. 362. ]

So, Martin Luther planned on seeing his Clownie in heaven after leaving this earth which gives me much joy for I hope to be surrounded by a rowdy bunch of collies who will sing heavenly songs in dog tongue….  but I have only one question….

what happens to a collie like Ginger?


What do you mean?  I am going to heaven… after all who is going to slingshot you out your hammock in heaven?  I can smell the fire and brimstone now!!! Muwahahahahah…. what? what do you mean there is no fire and brimstone and sulfur in heaven?  What?  Its where?  Um…. hope you enjoy your stay there for I have a wrecking ball to break through those pearly gates if I need too…. :) After all.. who wants to take over the number two spot when I can try for the top spot. *Grin*


Hi! I am lil Hallie and watch this.. dad I have a plot to try on the other collies… go for it dad!

What?  What are you staring at?

What? You have been staring at me for 5 minutes!!!!

Um… ball?  You have stood there and stared at me for 5 minutes and not said a word… what?

What?  Quit @$%@@#$  staring at me!!!!!

AAAAHHHHH!!! He just stares at me!!!!

Dont you ever blink?  Quit staring at me!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!

Quick, everyone run behind the shed and hide…. I think he has lost it!! RUN!!!!

Hehehehe, I told you dad. It would drive them nuts……  I get steak for supper?  I love you dad.. now I have some other plans to get them all…. Yes, I am your good girl!  Now, lets go get that steak! :)

Okay, this meeting to get our revenge against Dad is in order… Ginger.. any evil plots hatching?   Muwahahahahaha!

says it all

Albert Payson Terhune penned the following quote, it is my favorite!

“I wonder if it is heretical to believe that when at last my tired
feet shall tread the Other Shore, a madly welcoming swirl of exultant
collies—the splendid Sunnybank dogs that have been my chums here—will
bound forward, circling and barking around me, to lead me Home!”

Albert Payson Terhune

These words penned by my favorite author I believe to be true.  I firmly believe our pets will be with us on the other side.  While some claim animals do not have souls, other claim they do but they are not the same as ours.  I snear at both of these claims.  Physics teaches us that energy never dies, it just transforms.  What is a soul made of but energy!

I’ve watched my collies die and I know they give up their soul when they die.  God does not make disposable souls and animals were made to be companions of humankind at the Garden of Eden.  They suffered when humankind fell and I believe they will get rewarded with an afterlife when their lives end. They are our companions and I believe will be part of the afterlife we experience.

So, when I die if I am not met by a swirling mass of Niamh’s Misty Meadow Collies I will either know I did not make it to heaven or that if Heaven does not include my collies I don;t want to go anyways.  Just my opinion…..

Someday I hope to once again see my Niamh, Hallie, Anya, MacKenzie, Sadie and all the others who will someday pass from this earth.  What a glorious moment that will be…..

Niamh again
Someday I hope to hug my Niamh again in the afterlife…..

Mumma as she was known also was the sweetest tempered collie we ever knew.  She was a beautiful sable who was large not only in body, but in soul, love and personality.  She loved everyone and was always a hit of the show around here with visitors.  Her big brown eyes were full of love and she was always happy.

Many of her children still live here which includes Branwen and Ellie who are her and Trevor Forever’s little girls.  Anya  was one of the gentlest collies I ever knew.  I loved her deeply.  While she was closer to my wife, it didnt diminish the crushing loss I felt as her life slipped away as I held her as the vet worked on her.

Anya Banya  Bo Banya  as I would teasingly sing to her loved everyone.  I never saw her meet anyone she didnt love, never saw her meet another collie, cat, bird or what have you she didnt love either.  Beautiful in everyway I miss her daily.  We will always love you Mumma…. thank you for blessing us in so many ways.  Till we meet again… my dear  Anya!

Trevor with Anya….





Anya in her younger days…

-The anniversary of Trevor’s death and Anya’s went without notice on this page, not because I forgot, but because I basically didnt really want to face that during the problems we had with Branwen’s health.  Enough sadness at one time is enough for me sometimes…  but now I have time to post it here and to say even though it has been three years now I still miss my Ol’ Boo….

A break in the silence to say all three of them are now together in heaven…..

This song is for you Trevor, for you brought beauty and dance to my broken life after losing my Niamh…..till we meet again my ol’ Boo…. I love you Trevor.. I always will……thank you for your friendship and love……  you are in God’s hands now and hopefully someday we will meet again and when we do I will never let go…. The thing that astounds me Trevor is not only the impact you had on my life, but on others who have written to tell me so.  I wonder what you would think about it all. You would be astounded I think…..  for a big tough guy you walked a path of beauty that impacted many people.  More than you can imagine!  To those who wrote, posted blogs and sent cards and wrote so many comments please know I am so very grateful and thankful!  Please give me a couple of days to gather myself…. I will reply. God Bless You Trevor!

“I wonder if it is heretical to believe that when at last my tired feet shall tread the Other Shore, a madly welcoming swirl of exultant collies—the splendid Sunnybank dogs that have been my chums here—will bound forward, circling and barking around me, to lead me Home!”
Albert Payson Terhune


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