-Having lots of fun today Dad!!!  Hole to China still progressing, the bombs that Ginger does not have are continuing to stockpile, her next plot is almost ready and when do we get another Collie Birthday Bash? That was fun!

-The Birthday Bash was fun!!!

-Hehehehehe, the minion is causing the old guy grief by propaganda to keep the old guy off balance so when I launch my next attack he will no know where it will come from…. Muwahahahahaha




-By the way, I dont know anything about the massive explosion that is about to happen……

Guess What!!!!!

-Guess what!!  The hole to China is coming along nicely and how do you like my newest trick?  I run across the yard like I see something barking and everyone gets up and barks like fools until they realize there is nothing to bark at!  Muwahahahahah  Well. its been five minutes since I pulled that, time to do it and again and start digging again!!!

-Guess What!!! Your tractor tire doesnt hold air any more……


-That my hole to China is over half way there!



Learning Fast



-Hey Dad, we need to talk. Got a minute….

  • Look I need a raise. I need more treats because I am cute…..

-What do you mean no?  Listen old guy, let me make you a deal you can’t refuse (sounds like the Godfather as he speaks!)

-You then offered him a deal he couldnt refused.. and he laughed and it worked?   Very impressive Minion.. er Winchester… very impressive.



Zoomy Wigglebutt



-Here he comes dad… zoomy wigglebutt

-the rumpus ball, I found it after years of not being seen…. time to go!!!!!!   Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle….







-Cant catch me, I am the Winchester man!!!!

-Why is everyone asleep?




-That made me tired watching, I am taking a nap too…









He wasnt shy for long and has the meadow in a uproar all day!


-Throw my bone!!!

-Tell me more Ginger, that sounds like a great idea!

-Listen dad, let me make you a deal you can’t refuse……

-Can’t catch me I am the Winchester MAN


-MUwahahahahahahaha, great job Winchester…. got him on the defense now….