Walter-There goes Rutherford, at it again!

Ellie-How annoying… it was funny the first time.. but it is getting redundant now….

Hallie and Smoke-Sweet Lord, we need to bite him!

Rutherford-Hey guys… look into the mirror!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Lad-If we kill him think they will miss him?  Who wants to find out?

With thoughts of thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and the smell of Turkey in the air my thoughts wandered back to the Plimouth Plantation and the dogs there.  The only thing worse than being a human coming over on the Mayflower must’ve been being a dog on that rough ride.  But, ride it out they did!

Two dogs are recorded as having come over on the Mayflower.  The man who brought them over was John Goodman who reportedly died during the first winter leaving his companions to his fellow Pilgrims who cared for them.

The first was a Mastiff who can go up to 200 pounds and the other a English Springer Spaniel.  Both would be useful in the wilds of the new world for the Mastiff would be great at protection and big game hunting while the Spaniel would be a great hunting dog for smaller game.

There are three references about these two dogs  and they are as follows;

Goodman and a companion became lost during inclement weather and had to brave the storm out ill-dressed for the event overnight with the two dogs with them.  They could hear “Lions” roaring which were probably mountain lions or cougars who lived in the area at that time.  They reportedly had to hold the dogs all night to keep them from breaking for the “lions”.  They obviously found their way back after daybreak which must’ve came as a relief in many ways for these two guys.

The second is that Goodman was out with his Spaniel when a pack of Wolves appeared.  The Spaniel ran to Goodman for protection and he being unarmed did what any guy might do, he picked up a stick and threw it at one of the Wolves and hit it.  Not sure that is what I would’ve done… but it obviously worked. For the Wolves looked at them and Goodman threw another stick and the wolves sat down and observed them for what was described a very long time as the Spaniel stayed between Goodman’s legs.  Smart dog!  Finally, the Wolves wandered off which was lucky for Goodman, who perhaps brought about the saying three strikes your out for Bradford shows him as having died the first winter although other records show him to have died after that but before 1627.

The final note about these two dogs was that when the pilgrims planted crops they had to tie up the dogs to keep them from digging up the fish they put in with the seeds for fertilizer.  Now tied up is different here for it is reported they tied their front legs up to keep them from digging.

So, there you have it. The Mayflower dogs who we remember this Thanksgiving.  Wonder if they left any descendents?

Give thanks for your family and for the love you have in your life…..

We will take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us…… miss you ol’ Boo…..


I take my time


It is starting to snow…..  where is my Napalm when I need it?  Dad has called me in so I am meandering my way into the house….. I sometimes go the long way around and go in a slow walk  just to tease him… hehehehehe…..  I do it just to show him who really has the power around here…. There are lots of things to check on the way in and I have to check them all out… muwahahahaha,,,,,,  oh, here he comes so I guess its time to go in…. snicker

Dad has been reading a big book lately. It is nice to see him finally sit down for a bit and relax…. although this weekend the tractor gets its tire chains on and the plow put on for the upcoming winter.

The book he has been reading is about FORD; THE MEN AND THE MACHINES.  It is interesting to see him read it and find out that Ford was a farm kid who loved machinery and loved to tinker and build machines to do jobs around the farm and that he took apart watches when he was a kid.  Dad told us about his father who was the same way but took apart a grandfather clock when he was a kid…. it is interesting to see him find out that old Henry Ford was in many ways like his father background and mechanically wise….

However, us collies are a curious lot…

Whats in the book now dad?









whats going on now dad? Did he have any collies?

Henry Ford played ball with his dog dad!!!!

Dad I got a brainstorm!!!  You know how the Ford is black?  You need a logo to put on the front of it…..  like this one.. oh by the way.. you dont need that page.. I do! *Rip* heheheeh

Ginger says this black car needs the following logo on the front…

Think about it dad…. the batmobile…. mom drives it… sort of a inside joke.. hehehehe


notice the car at the end dad… looks like it dont it?  Perfect me thinks.. the old “BAT”mobile… hehehehe

As the cold wind roared and the cold rain fell mixed with Ice the Old Guy covered up  Mom , kissing her forehead gently.  Crowded around her bed on the floor wrapped in blankets were slumbering collies whose feet were twitching, their ears twitching and some of them softly groaning as they slumbered deeply dreaming abut being petted and hugged.  The Old guy wrapped the blankets around each of the softly sighing collies who love blankets and covers and pillows.  He smiled as he listened to their soft breathing and felt the warmth radiating through the room from their warm bodies. The Collies were all happy!

The Collies make it no secret that the Old Guy is their favorite for playing and being loyal too, but they love their Mom who adores them and spoils them rotten.

But, now they were surrounding the bed of their beloved Mom and Dad whom they were protecting and being near to.  Usually loud, boisterous and very physical in their loving the collies become gentle and quiet when night comes to the Meadow.

So, as the Old Guy finished tucking them all in he went to bed and his  lil Hallie went with him as the wind roared outside and the ice cold rain fell.  The Old Guy covered them up and pulled the cover up to his head and said his prayers.  As he finished by thanking God, lil Hallie  placed her paws on his folded hands as if she was saying thank you also.  As they drifted off to sleep the Old Guy could hear the two collies groan and snuggle up closer as the ice beat against the window and he smiled and a hugged the collies and fell asleep.



Hallie grinning and getting ready for some of her crazy antics….

Here is Hallie happy and looking beautiful!!!  This is my favorite picture of her.

Hallie looking at the other collies. We have had only two females with hair that was this long!  Niamh and our old Big Hallie….

-Here it is… THE POUT!  No, she was not unhappy, she did this just to get attention.  The first time I saw her do this it broke my heart. But, after a lot of watching I would realize she wanted me to come to her.. it was a control action… pout and dad comes running.  Well, after a lot of thought I kept coming… if she cared enough about me to pout like this why not go to her. :)  There is only one other collie who can do this heartbreaking pout… her granddaughter.. little Hallie. :)

Look at that face…. she was telling me I love only you dad!  This intense piercing look only three of our collies ever did… Niamh, Hallie and lil Hallie.  Someday, hopefully,









When we went on our recent walk it was interesting for lil Hallie was all business.  She walks beautifully! Mick did really well although he was so excited, sniffing everything and then running to the next exciting thing within leash distance. He loved it.. he barked with joy and was overloaded by all the things to see! :)



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