After spending most of the day sleeping Skylight was obviously close to the end of his life and we moved him to our bedroom so he would not die alone. It was only a minute, but I walked out and came back and he had moved.  I then realized while I was out of the room he had passed into the afterlife and now was with Trevor, his mommie Hallie and his daddy Marcus and all the other collies he had known through his life.

I never wrote much about  Skylight because… well because he was such a happy guy that nothing bothered and he rarely did anything annoying. He loved girls.. no, I mean he LOVED girls.  He was a charmer and he had a long line of puppies to prove it before he even came to live with us.

He was the sunshine in the meadow and life will now be a lot darker without his beautiful presence.  They didnt come anymore gentle or happy or fun loving than Skylight.  I miss you already and somehow I will live through this, but my heart will never be the same… goodbye my sunshine of the meadow…. I love you Skylight, my dear boogie.   Till we meet again….. till we meet again….



A week ago we saw him show signs of slowing down and a week later I am holding him as he slowly slides into the great beyond.  Our beautiful, wonderful, happy and loving Skylight “boogie” as I call him because he always dances when I came home is not long for this world now.


Once again what is left of my heart is ripped apart by another loss of a collie who is close to 11 years old now.  No collie was ever more good and even tempered than Skylight.  He was always happy and tonight I called home and they said he was looking around crying. So, they put the phone up to his ear and I talked to him an they said he grinned and looked so happy. He then calmed down and went to sleep until I got home where he looked up at me happily as I came through the door and hugged him.


Of all the older collie he was the one I thought would outlast them all. Always healthy he never was a problem in anyway except he LIKED girls, well, more than liked girls. LOL… We just never expected him to slide away so soon.  But, that is life and sometimes the surprises are brutal.

We are making him as comfortable as he fades from this life. There is nothing anyone can do and he right now is grinning up at me and as long as he remains happy we will continue forward.

My only prayer is that when the Lord calls him I get to be by his side holding him and comforting him as he leaves this earth. He deserves nothing less than to be held and loved at his final moment.

I love you my “Boogie”… my wonderful Skylight who has left so many puppies behind to continue your line.  Skylight is of course the son of our beloved Big Hallie.  I have had four generations of her line and sadly we have now way to continue that line now…  All we can do is treasure and cherish them while they are here.

May God Bless my Skylight…. my Skylight of the Meadow.


skylight wondering

With thoughts of thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and the smell of Turkey in the air my thoughts wandered back to the Plimouth Plantation and the dogs there.  The only thing worse than being a human coming over on the Mayflower must’ve been being a dog on that rough ride.  But, ride it out they did!

Two dogs are recorded as having come over on the Mayflower.  The man who brought them over was John Goodman who reportedly died during the first winter leaving his companions to his fellow Pilgrims who cared for them.

The first was a Mastiff who can go up to 200 pounds and the other a English Springer Spaniel.  Both would be useful in the wilds of the new world for the Mastiff would be great at protection and big game hunting while the Spaniel would be a great hunting dog for smaller game.

There are three references about these two dogs  and they are as follows;

Goodman and a companion became lost during inclement weather and had to brave the storm out ill-dressed for the event overnight with the two dogs with them.  They could hear “Lions” roaring which were probably mountain lions or cougars who lived in the area at that time.  They reportedly had to hold the dogs all night to keep them from breaking for the “lions”.  They obviously found their way back after daybreak which must’ve came as a relief in many ways for these two guys.

The second is that Goodman was out with his Spaniel when a pack of Wolves appeared.  The Spaniel ran to Goodman for protection and he being unarmed did what any guy might do, he picked up a stick and threw it at one of the Wolves and hit it.  Not sure that is what I would’ve done… but it obviously worked. For the Wolves looked at them and Goodman threw another stick and the wolves sat down and observed them for what was described a very long time as the Spaniel stayed between Goodman’s legs.  Smart dog!  Finally, the Wolves wandered off which was lucky for Goodman, who perhaps brought about the saying three strikes your out for Bradford shows him as having died the first winter although other records show him to have died after that but before 1627.

The final note about these two dogs was that when the pilgrims planted crops they had to tie up the dogs to keep them from digging up the fish they put in with the seeds for fertilizer.  Now tied up is different here for it is reported they tied their front legs up to keep them from digging.

So, there you have it. The Mayflower dogs who we remember this Thanksgiving.  Wonder if they left any descendents?

Give thanks for your family and for the love you have in your life…..

We will take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us…… miss you ol’ Boo…..

Just Another Day

Dad went away today….  it going to be a long day for him.. hehehehe

Um… Ginger do you think this is a good idea?  um….

Really Ginger… why would you tie up his underwear, rub itching powder in his shirts and tie the hammock ropes to each other?  You dont think he will know who did it?

Oh come now Ellie, why do you think there are signs on it saying “Ellie Did This” ?

Oh no…. sigh……

Hi Dad!!!!  We love you!  Guess what Ginger did!!!!!

Note to myself… next time I do dastardly deeds I need to keep it to myself…..  oh well,  wait till he finds his pillow in the toilet with the note on it… “the collies all did this,  except for Ginger”…. we shall see who is laughing then…. muwahahahaha

–Life with Ginger at Halloween can be trying…..

Its halloween at the meadow and I have been at it again with my experiments….. here are some of my results….muwahahahaha

Its okay Skylight you will be normal again in a week or so…


And dad…


Just dont look in the mirror and take a week or so off from work… ahem… I’m off to disappear for a day or two….. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Also Happy Reformation Day!!!!!!  Today in 1517 Martin Luther hammered the 95 theses to the church door….

This is a picture of our Collie Transport Vehicle that we will now use to move our collies around.  What is nice is that the back seats fold down and we have a truck like bed in the back to carry collies and to carry other items around.  Like our old Buick, this car will have plenty of collie memories also!🙂

Here was Hallie in the single collie resting unit next to the collie case with the collie lighting lamp.  It is a wonderful resting place for a single collie.  As you can see Tigger claims the back since the collies cannot lay there.

Here you can see the collies sharing their multiple collie resting unit with Dad.  Here multiple collies can rest at one time.

Trevor visiting the collie outhouse….. many collies can use the facilities at one time.  However, there is a movement amongst the collies for a collie in-door plumbing unit.

So, that is a bit about the collie world.🙂

Trevor came here with what I call Kennel manners.  He was the Alpha and was used to the rough and tumble of the dog world inside the fences. My happy ol’ Boo wasn’t always a gentleman and such a bumbling ol’ gentleman.  He was big and strong and he knew how to use it.  But, quickly he became the gentle giant I love I still miss everyday. However, early on Trevor would once in a while revert to Kennel Manners and here is the story of what I now consider the funniest situation.

I took Trevor to the Pet Store to pick up a few things I wanted and as he strolled in people were pointing and saying “A Collie!  Just like Lassie!”  Trevor of course ate it up and we picked up a few items I was looking for.  As I carried the items we turned a corner into a new aisle and there in three low wire bins were doggie treats!!!  The multi-colored bone types and Trevor saw them right away and made a beeline to them.  Now, the store is smart for they put them where the dogs can sample them for they know if the dog loves them you will buy them.

Trevor walks up and sniffs the first bin and snorts in disgust and with his muzzle he flings them on the floor and stomps over to the next bin.  I am busy picking up the treats and Trevor sniffs the second bin and snorts even louder and flings these treats all over the floor also!  “Trevor, stop!”  I tell him as he stomps over to the final bin.  By now I can see he is smoking mad!!!  He hates food he does not like and he sniffs the final bin as I pick up the second bin of treats from the floor.

He snorts loudly and really flings the treats this time.  I am snickering for he is on a temper tantrum now.  He looks at me with fire in his eyes and I promise to buy him something good as he turns away and snorts again.  All of a sudden I hear water and turn to see Trevor is leaving his opinion of their treats as he waters the support pole next to the bin.  Now I am horrified…. but he looks at me with this evil glee in his eyes and grins and I can’t help but laugh .

I get up and say lets go and Trevor stomps down the aisle and we turn the corner where he is met by several women who make a big deal about how pretty he is and he quickly starts grinning and is his happy self as he eats up the attention he is getting.  Finally, the women move on and we go to check out and as the lady takes my money and offers Trevor a treat….. the same treats he hated. He snorted and turned and I gruffly said; “No, Trevor, not here!”  He pouts and then I hold out some beef jerky treats which he loves and he happily ate them as we left with him strutting happily out with me.

So, that was the day Trevor was naughty.  Otherwise the guy was one big happy collie who was usually very, very well behaved.  But, that day he made me laugh … although he had terrible manners…..

Trevor did return since that day to the pet store and even though he hated those treats he just snorted and walked away ….  although I could see him look at me and read his mind that he would like to tell them again how he feels about those rotten treats…. LOL

I promise Dad, even though those treats stink I will not water the post this time!