More Plotting…..

=Ginger- Look this is what we do… pssst, psst, psst,


-Just a question, if Ginger was to add ex-lax and pepto-bismol to your lunch what would happen?


Operation Eruption

-Playing ball is fun dad!  Oh by the way, Ginger is ready to launch operation eruption.  She said we are now in the process of finding out what happens when fill the wash machine with coke and mentos……

-Dad Ginger also filled the toilet with coke and mentos……

-Well that will keep the old guy busy for a while so I can do some more work on taking over the world.  Remember, download a picture of me and put it on the wall so you will be ready when I take over the world!


Come on Chase me everyone!!!!






-Wow! Ginger pulled up a rope and they all tripped over it! What a train wreck!!





-Pretty funny!!!!!  Muwahahahaha


-Huh, guess she aint laughing now that she is locked in the hallway with nothing to do!



Hi!  Winchester here..  while much of the world celebrates All Hallow’s Eve millions will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the reformation.  We collies are all excited and celebrating, except for Ginger who is dressing up like the Devil.. ahem.

-For this day of celebration we take a break from the mischief and mayhem to remember and honor God.

-written by Martin Luther we will sing this song;



-Dad love reading abut Martin Luther and he even reads some to us, we loved his comments about dogs being in heaven.

-Being Collies of course will will celebrate trick or treat in the evening….  some costumes collies have worn on All Hallow’s Eve include one of our favorite topic,


-As we remember one man who stood against amazing odds and our God he honored we  wish you a HAPPY REFORMATION DAY!!!! Remember, Jesus is still the reason.








“Just as we…endure many kinds of injustice and consequently sigh for and implore help and
deliverance in the Lord’s prayer, so do the creatures sigh. Although they have not human
utterance, yet they have speech intelligible to God and the Holy Spirit, who mark the
creatures’ sighs over their unjust abuse by the ungodly.”
—from Martin Luther, Luther’s Epistle Sermons: Trinity Sunday to Advent, Vol. III trans. John Nicholas Lenker
(Minneapolis: The Luther Press, 1909), Fourth Sunday After Trinity, Romans 8:18-22 paragraph 17.

“Rightly was it said from the pulpit in former times that on the last day all creatures will
utter an accusing cry against the ungodly who have shown them abuse here on earth, and
will call them tyrants to whom they were unjustly subjected.”
—from Luther, Luther’s Epistle Sermons, Romans 8:18-22 paragraph 18.

-We are gifts from God!  Wow, didnt know that is what I was.  How about Ginger?  What do you mean she is devil spawn?  Oh, you are kidding!!!  er.. maybe?

*With the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation we revisit an old post to begin our celebration of this event*


Martin Luther in his day had a dog he loved very much.  He was called Tolpel which I have seen translated as fool, numskull and other derogatory remarks. However, others say it is actually clownie and I believe Luther was calling him clownie for he loved his dog mightily.

Luther’s dog is mentioned in the Table Talk  quite often and I thought I would share some of the quotes here…


‘When Luther’s puppy [n. 116, Luther’s dog Tölpel is mentioned again and again in the Table Talk.] happened to be at the table, looked for a morsel from his master, and watched with open mouth and motionless eyes, he [Martin Luther] said, “Oh, if I could only pray the way this dog watches the meat! All his thoughts are concentrated on the piece of meat. Otherwise he has no thought, wish, or hope.
Luther’s Works, Volume 54, Table Talk (Philadelphia: 1967), pp. 37, 38. May 18, 1532

Here is more….

Dr. Martin Luther played with his dog and said, “The dog is a very faithful animal and is held in high esteem if he isn’t too ordinary. Our Lord God has made the best gifts most common. -Table Talk

Finally he was asked about Dogs in heaven and I love his answer…

Asked about the restoration of all things and whether there would be dogs and other animals in that kingdom, he said: “Certainly there will be, for Peter calls that day the time of the restitution of all things. Then, as is clearly said elsewhere, he will create a new heaven and a new earth. He will also create new Clownies with skin of gold and hair of pearls. There and then God will be all in all. No animal will eat any other. Snakes and toads and other beasts which are poisonous on account of original sin will then be not only innocuous but even pleasing and nice to play with. Why is it that we cannot believe that all things will happen as the Bible says, even in this article of the resurrection? Original sin is at fault.”
[from Preserved Smith, The Life and Letters of Martin Luther, (London: John Murray, 1911) p. 362. ]

So, Martin Luther planned on seeing his Clownie in heaven after leaving this earth which gives me much joy for I hope to be surrounded by a rowdy bunch of collies who will sing heavenly songs in dog tongue….  but I have only one question….

what happens to a collie like Ginger?


What do you mean?  I am going to heaven… after all who is going to slingshot you out your hammock in heaven?  I can smell the fire and brimstone now!!! Muwahahahahah…. what? what do you mean there is no fire and brimstone and sulfur in heaven?  What?  Its where?  Um…. hope you enjoy your stay there for I have a wrecking ball to break through those pearly gates if I need too…. 🙂 After all.. who wants to take over the number two spot when I can try for the top spot. *Grin*

They Learn fast

-It will be fun Minion… er.. Winchester…. try it out and see what happens… it will be a good laugh…..

-So that is what happens when you mix gasoline, dad’s clothes and a match.,,,,,,

-Want to play ball dad?  By the way, I know nothing about that smoke behind you….. ball, ball, ball,