The First Day

I havent had a chance to tell this story yet. It was the first day we had the hammock out this year. Ginger of course was making mischief as I tried to set the hammock up.  She watched intently as I tried to set up the hammock and studied everything I did which should of told me trouble was coming.

10301059_10202878257590214_5330252635389669235_n-Dont worry folks, his boring rendition is about to get more exciting for I will take over the action soon…

-As I went to climb into the Hammock Ginger went to the end where the framework holding the hammock slides down over the frame held there by gravity and weight as just as I slid onto the Hammock she pushed up on it with her nose.  Of course it came off and I, my book and my drink crashed to the ground. I got up and turned towards her and she nonchalantly walked over to the hammock on the ground and looked up at me like “since you are using it I will” and she laid down on it.

-hmmm he is welding the end together.. think he would;ve recognized my genius on this and rewarded me for it… oh well, wait til he turn on the welder… I may want to go inside before he does… muwahahahahahaha100_5723

Collie Plot




Dont say anything… just stare at him….

Why is everyone looking at me?


hehehehe. keep staring at him….

psst.. keep staring at him….

Stare, stare, stare,  dont say a word anyone….

Okay, I’m going in for I cant take all the staring….

hehehe, dont worry folks… we are just playing mind games with Walter…. its amazing how quickly you can drive somebody crazy when all of us just stare at someone endlessly without saying a word… hehehe… in another week he will be absolutely crazy… then we go to work on the old guy… hehehehe




Hammock War

Ah, thanks dad for the hammock!!!  :)  What?  You want it?  well, give me a minute to enjoy it okay?

Let me lay down and enjoy it…. aaaahhhh….

Wow, here comes dad Rutherford… its been two hours and he is getting tired of waiting… Get ready for plan A…

Sure dad, let me get down… hehehe…

Um, you know what is coming… dont you?

Ready?  Muwahahahaha… Lets get him!!!!

ah yes, slingshotted into the side of the house… they missed.. hmmm.. this wont be pretty… hehehe

well, that plot is done… time to head in and act innocent…. and scheme up another plot….

Time to dream up another plot…. hehehehe   What Mom?  What do I know about Dad being embedded in the wall?  Sorry, time for a nap…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What does Ginger have plotted next?  Will it work? Will it bomb but still be a win for Ginger?  Come back and see!

-Hi Dad!  How come your clothes are ripped up… why is your body print in the wall?  Why are you angry?  What do you mean what you need is a torch and some gasoline?  Um…. what do you mean we will be portable torches?  Dad, I am innocent I tell you…. ask Branwen what happened… or Ginger…. um.. think I will go take a nap…







The First DAy

The first day we put up the Hammock this year was exciting.  The collies were dancing around and barking and Ginger was making like miserable as I set it all up.  I would tell her to stop and she would bark definatly at me telling me off.  After taking a half hour to do a five minute job as Ginger nipped at my pants legs, pulled on the hammock and created mayhem I finally had it set up.  I grabbed my book and drink and went to climb in.  Just as I did so, Ginger pushes against the end where the hammock hooks into the framework using weight to hold it in place and it pops up as I sit in it and crash to the ground.  I watch as Ginger, grinning gleefully while looking at me walks over to the hammacok laying on the ground and lays down on itand grins even more… sigh…. yeah, she studied me putting it together.. somehow she figured that out… *shakes head*

-of course I figured it out.. I am a genius after all… I was gonna tie it to a rocket but then realized I would lose the Hammock… its way to easy with you old guy….


-Here comes the Hammock… okay everyone Operation Smash and Crash is under way once he gets it set up…



000_0023-LOL… Rutherford rocks him then Mick pushes the hammock the other way and Lad runs under it and down goes dad.. heheheh  oh, he is back up for another round…. Smoke rocks him way up and lets him swing back and he goes way up in the air and Rebel pushes him further and down he goes… okay time for Ginger…

dscf8697-Ahem… time for the Government Hammock inspection…. we have to make sure you are safe.. muwahahahaha……

dscf8699-are these ropes tight… snip… muwahahahahaha

dscf8693-you don’t need that foot… or that knee cap…. let me see 10 fingers you only need 7.. muwahahahahahaah  Wait.. where are you going?  The inspection is not over… hehehehe… The Hammock is all mine… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA



-Hi!  I am Ellen or Ellie.  My job around here is to bark when you leave!  Anybody can bark when somebody comes to the door, but I bark when you leave.  I want to go with you! :)  Ny daddy was Trevor forever and my mom was Anya.  Bratwen.. I mean Branwen is my sister, although I don’t claim to know her most of the time.. hehehe


-Everyone ready for the chase?  I never lead the chase for I am too small.  I am barely at the minimum height for a collie and my body is only half the length of a normal collie.  This is a trait that does run in our family line.  MOst of our collie line was samll , but not this small, until my mommy Anya came along and then we had some big ones like Mick, Branwen and Smoke.  On the smaller side of the normal we would be. But, my grandmother was called Peanut…. she was my size…..

-I am what dad calls one of the strangest collies. 90% of the time you dont even know I am here.  Quiet, always watching what is going on… I like to snuggle  and love it when dad says to me “come snuggle schtubby”  his nickname for me for I am so small….  well, off to take a nap by the door of course so I can alert everyone when someone is leaving!75725_1546078264636_1615430317_1253703_3695428_n

The other day the old guy had the day off so he thought he would lay in the hammock and study.  Now, you know I, Ginger the future dictator of the world, had to do something about that.  So, as he lay there reading all of the sudden he heard Rowwwwrrrrrr…. grrrrrr…. rowwwrr… as I pushed my way under the hammock causing it to rock!  Of course I had to do it again this time reaching up and nibbling on him as I passed under.. heeheh that got a response and of course I did it again more violently and the hammock began to swing… hehehehe…. wheeeeeee…… Again and again I did it…. finally he got up to protest and guess what happened?

100_5693THIS!!!!!   Muwahahahahahahhaa  That is why I will be your future world dictator because I can outsmart humans at anytime and get what I want…. besides I am cute too… hehehe


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