Ginger here!  As you all know I have plotting for years to hop the fence and jump the southbound trainee to Georgee.  My Momma is there and that is where I came from.;  Recently, my friends in Georgee told me not to jump the fence and hop the trainee, but to drive down.







-Hmmm.. okay… I will hop the fence, jump the trainee and boot the Engineer off and drive the Trainee to Georgee myself.. that was an easy fix… … OLd Guy why are you banging your head on the wall?  Yeah, you can see me driving that train wide open to Georgia with my look of mischevious glee looking out the window?  What does that mean?  Yeah, I would blow all the signals and go non-stop.. what of it?  By the way how fast does a trainee go?  Never mind I will find out!   MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA





Taken away from us much too early Hallie was part of the Trevor, Hallie and I trio that went everywhere together.  She sat like a human, stuck her tongue out at me and would pull it in if I reached to touch it and then stick it back out again… chased squirrels, was my enforcer if the other collies acted up, she was also a sly and quiet rabble rouser who could whip the collies into a frenzy and then sit back and laugh and when I demanded it stop she then became the hero and put an end to it.  I’ve told many stories here about the collie that thought she was human…. I loved Hallie deeply and in a way she lives on in her granddaughter lil Hallie who has now become my lieutenant and enforcer….. I could go on forever about the laughter Hallie brought…. but this is meant to be a quiet moment of memories of those we have lost ……  Here she is.. the collie that thought she was human…. Hallie Gal!

she never let me get a picture of her sitting upright like a human on her backside….  look and you will see her beginning to stick out her tongue… LOL

-Running with Trevor behind him…

I love you Hallie…. I always will.  You brought so many blessings into my life, so much laughter and so much love.  If I had only spotted your illness sooner… if  :(         …. I love you and I always will…. you were more human than many humans I know… you were uniquely one of a kind…. my sweet and beautiful Hallie Gal!

For years he liked treats but was the collie that didnt go out of his way for one.  Then the other day, it happened  I gave Lad a bite of Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream…. well, he fell in love with it and now he is always looking for it.  Trevor fell in love with Apple Crisp after years of not caring about treats and now Laddie… he loves his ice cream… LOL… each bite he relishes with vigor!





*Note*-for those who are new here Trevor, my ol’ boo, passed away several years ago*  You can read his story chronicled in the past here and see how this magnificent collie changed my life and see him in his glory, see him recover from his first stroke in a magnificent maner and then to be felled by another stroke and slowly fade into the afterlife leaving me heart broken. Trevor changed my life, he was that once in a lifetime dog one gets… except I have been very blessed to have several.  He saved me during the darkest days of my life and in the end I gave him everything I had to heal him, and then in the end to make his end days comfortable and full of love so he could go into the afterlife with grace, pride and full of love.  He was a character… the supreme alpha who in reality was like a little boy so full of wonder, glee and love but ever the tough acting Alpha in front of the other collies.:)

It was a clear sky and the sun had set but the sky was pink at the edge and the air cool and wonderful.  I put the collar on old Trevor and Lil Hallie and we set off for another adventure.

Now to get to the big cornfield we have to cross the road and I always wait till no one is in site before I try it for the road scares me for the safety of my collies.   So, we start across and halfway on the yellow line Trevor stops and lays down.  He grins at me and rolls over on his side and I look and no cars coming.  I say come on Trevor and he wiggles his paw at me wanting me to rub his tummy.  I say no, not now and he look at me pouting and I command him, Trevor get up!

I see car light about a mile down the road so i decide I am not waiting. I grab Trevor and pick him up and carry him to the other side scolding him.  You could get run over Boo! Don’t do that!

Setting him down I see he is pouting.  He rarely wants me to rub his tummy, it just isn’t Alpha like ya know. So, I hug him my heart still thumping for he scared me but I realized he was having a happy moment where he wanted his tummy rubbed and to be loved. So, he rolled over and I rubbed his tummy and he snorted and got up and we went off into the cornfield.

Now, Trevor has only wanted his tummy rubbed perhaps 3 times since I have known him.  Never in the road has he done that and I think he got the message not to do that again. I am glad it is my strict policy not to cross the road until no cars are in site!  I stick too it and sometimes the collies hate waiting so long, but the safety is worth it!

We had a wonderful walk in the cool evening in the twilight. As we walked the dusty trail with the two inch corn sprout up around us I saw the Killdeer, the Geese, A Bat, some Ducks and a couple of little birds flit by as we walked.

WE made it back and Trevor went across the road seriously and I could see he was making it obvious he was not going to stop on the road again!  Good ol’ Boo!  Another beautiful walk done…

walk 5Trevor next to me with his sister big Hallie laying down……  for those who know of our infamous walks and adventures we have a ironic twist in our walks and adventures now… lil Hallie who learned next to her Uncle Trevor how to walk (every collie we have learned from Trevor!) is now joined by her brother Mick!!!  So, we once again have a brother-sister team walking and who are now getting set to join me in some more adventures….:)






-He is putting it up.. time to strike. You don’t need that rope dad… rip…. you don’t need that pillow… you don’t need to tie it up… *plop* oh here comes lil Hallie to the rescue… *zap. pow, smack!*  hehehe, we took the hammock down with us and the old guy is in it.. muwahahahah

dscf8114– I love it when the Hammock comes out….. makes my day!

-He looks so comfortable…. here we go…

dscf8112-Guess who old guy! Muwahahahahaha

dscf8699-time to go for a spin

– You don’t need that arm./.. or those fingers.. you have more you selfish silly old guy… now give me the hammock.. muwahahahaha


Throw my toy too dad!  I know I have two balls and my monkey… please throw it.. I will chase it all day!!!:)12920420_10207632104273410_1505263074253568796_n

-Ball. ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball….12801625_10207632104033404_4764798759203892449_n


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