For all his faults and greatness one thing that Henry Ford was years ahead of his time in was animal care and energy.

His home Fair Lane completed in 1916 was a wonder.  It had over 500 bird baths that were heated in the winter for the birds.  He loved birds  all his life and not only built over 500 bird houses on his land but also threw his support behind the migratory bird protection laws of the early 1910’s.   He installed bat homes to control mosquitoes and when he would build at a new site he tried to make sure the local wild animals were captured and relocated safely.  Sort of interesting isnt it? His  water supply came from a well and rain water and to dry your hands or hair there were built in electric blow dryers….. in 1916!!!

But, Henry Ford was not only a animal lover he was one of the earliest alternative energy people. You see he built at Fair Lane a Hyrdo-power damn electric plant that not only ran Fair Lane but was the main energy source for Dearborn, MI for many years.  Henry Ford in 1941 developed a car that today would be innovative.  You see he felt that a car should be grown from the ground, used and then recycled back into the earth when through.  So, using Soybean oil, hemp, flax, wheat he developed a plastic car built of these things and for the fuel used hemp ethanol to run the Ford V-8.  The plastic was 10 times stronger than metal and weighed a lot less than metal.  His ford car even had the back trunk lid build of this material and there is a film of him and the film below of someone else  hitting it with a sledge hammer with no cracks, scratches, dents or any damage even though it is in the middle of winter…..

He also had a suit built from soy beans and it is not well known but in the 1930’s Ford started painting their cars with soy oil based paints and used the oil in the shocks for fluid.  Henry Ford was also into recycling. When the Model T was being built the wood chips from the manufacturing were sold to a new enterprise run by his cousin named King.  There in a joint venture it was made into Charcoal…. the name is Kingsford!

Henry Ford also when he had parts shipped from other companies requested they be sent in crates with holes in certain places on each side of a crate a certain size. When the crate arrived the the crate was disassembled and the crate sides used for floorboards for the Model T and the pedals fit through the pre-made holes……

Below are a couple of  You Tube Films about the Plastic Car… now the Hemp supporters claim it was made of hemp but it was mostly soy and hemp was used also but more so in the ethanol according to one of his associates who worked on the car…..
remember this was in 1941…. what killed it?  WWII……

Code Words….


-Today I said something I havent said in a very long time.  I asked the collies if Timmy is in the well? You see, years ago when I said this they knew it meant I was asking if they wanted to go potty.  Oh, hey would all bark loudly together and run for the door like they were going to save Timmy.  Ppl visiting loved it…. till I told them they related it to going potty!  So, after all these years I asked and up popped Skylight and he looked towards the back door, followed by Brawnen and Laddie who also popped up facing the same way!  The younger ones looked around wondering what was going on. So, I asked again and SMoke and Branwen got up barking and heading for the back door and in the blink of a eye they all joined in and once again collies barked, raced for the backdoor and danced at the door like they used too…. Me?  I had to grin…. snicker…

-Where is Timmy?  What is the old guy trying to pull?  Where is Timmy?  Timmy!!! Timmy!!!


They will never find Timmy! Muwahahahahaha

For our fun video today we have a hit song from when the Model A Ford came out.  It replaced the Model T and was such a huge event that huge crowds showed up everywhere the car was shown!  Henry designed the mechanics but the body was by Edsel Ford….. later this year we have decided to visit his mansion…. I can’t wait for Edsel Ford to me was a genius.  So, get your Jazz rug cutting shoes on for here we go… and yes this was actually a huge hit!

Its Mine!!!!!







-I have a new toy!!!  Lad’s Ball!  I have been plotting to take it over for years… and Lad doesnt play with it all that much…. so I am claiming…


-Dad!!!!   I may have to loose my temper… I want my ball!








=Throw it so I can loose it then chase it down?



-Listen up!!! I lil Hallie have something to say.  Fall is here and so is the cooler weather. I want lots of walks now!!! WALK! WALK! WALK!!!


100_5506Ball? Ball? Ball? Ball?

100_5507We can run, run, run, run, run…

dscf8338You will what dad? You want to spend more time reading about Lincolns?

dscf4975How is that fun for us?

dscf5015Actually Ellie I Ginger can make this fun.  All of you readers send us a small donation check to I Ginger and we will buy him one of these Lincolns and I can practice my brake line cutting skills… Now that will be fun to watch!!!!


There he is… everyone act like we dont see him…. on the count of three we rush him….. 1… 2…3…. CHARGE!!!!!

Wow! That was close!!!  There he goes… you had better run you #%$#$%  squirrel!!!

Rutherford; Ya know Walter… I was just thinking… what do we do with him if we do catch him?

Sigh…. we do what we did in Georgee….. we make southern fried squirrel fricasee out of him of course… sigh….. never fear Ginger is here!!!!

Thats exactly what we fear!!!!






It was time for the annual Collie Birthday Bash which is held on what was formerly known as my birthday.  The traditional Vanilla Ice Cream with this year’s treat, Beggums!!!  As we readied the treats the game with Liverpool was on and it was turning out to be another yawner of an unmitigated disaster….. but time for the Collies to celebrate.  Lad was talking, in his collie tongue obviously urging us to hurry up.  Ginger was licking her chops and lil Hallie was looking up at me with devotion… :)


-Treats are ready!!!!!


-nom, nom, nom…..



The birthday bash finally finished up and the collies sort of milled about looking happy then decided it was time for a nap…. sigh.. they used to run and bark like fools… now they just sleep.. LOL


Meanwhile my patience with Rodgers and the Reds reached a all-time high with the lame excuse for footy they were playing yesterday.   The looked awful, they played awful and then early in the second half they scored.  Okay… one goal and they lead.  But, heck they cant score two goals in a game for the last year and a half…  sure enough the Canaries come back and score and tie it up… then back to the usual dreary, non action playing that has become the trademark in Liverpool since Rodgers decided to start selling off players to use the money to “improve” the team.  I have been vocal in my thoughts about this and  those thoughts are not good.  They get great talent and then sell it off under the guise of using the money to make the team “deeper.”

YEah, the only thing getting deeper is the pile of crap they are selling us.  Before this started the Reds swirled across the field with lots of motion and created excitement. Now, it looks like an episode of the living dead out there as stationary players who stumble along at a snails pace pace the ball predictably and usually backwards as we yawn endlessly at the lack of action.

Plainly put this team sucks.  Even more so Rodgers sucks!  This BS of selling off the great talent to buy up a bunch of no name BS players is the a bunch of crap.  Who are you fooling?  You are making money doing so and not doing anything with it besides rebuilding a park for the glory days that will never come at this point. Today, I see Xoutinho is to be sold for an outragious price to some team in Spain.

I dont mind rebuilding years, I dont mind losses, but what I do mind is a scumbag of a manager trying to sell us fans a load of horsecrap as a team.  This isnt exciting footy, it isnt good footy, its not winning dirty footy, I can see better footy from the local high school team here in the states. At least they run and move, which this squad of the living dead obviously cant do.


What this is is another of the wonderful schemes the owner of the Red Sox has done here in the States. Spend lots of money to build a winning team then sell off the best parts while keeping around a few old stars knowing the loyal brainless will keep showing up. What a tragedy to a great footy team who has perhaps some of the best fans in the world.  They deserve better and what is on the pitch isnt even worth Championship League status ,,, its much worse.

I’ve rooted on most of my teams all my life… The Cardinals/Yankees,  The Packers/Browns, Notre Dame,,,,,, I have went through the best and worst times with them and seen plenty of bad teams to go with the great teams.  But, I can say I have never seen them look like the walking dead.  Even when they lost you knew they were doing their best.  This team, do they have a best?  If they run will a leg fall off?  It looks like they are being held back every game… just sort of standing there kicking from one motionless player to another…

I rooted on one PL team from the days when I would hear them on the BBC shortwave and got sick of their antics after  40 years.  Moyes is gone but I still am not going back.  The damage from that fiasco left a bad taste in my mouth. I love footy and will continue to listen to it and watch it on TV but I am not watching this fiasco in Liverpool anymore.  This isnt footy it is a joke.  Hell, I am in my 50’s and I could move more than some of those jokes out on the pitch.  So, I am watching PL footy, but I am done watching the Reds until this gets sorted out.  I want to see some action that the PL is famous for. So I will probably root for whomever is playing against the evil empire, or stinkin Chelsea, or whomever is beating up on hapless Sunderland.  Or I may follow a good match like Arsenal vs. Tottenham… anything but what is going on in Liverpool.  I dont like horsecrap all that much and that is what is being sold at Anfield as Footy by the worst salesman of all time, Brendon Rodgers.


***Note from Ginger**

Some of us here at the Meadow are not upset at all after all… I told him to come to the dark side a long time ago…  come on old guy sing along with me….









The Slow Fade


-Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball,

-Huh, wonder why Lad rarely chases his ball anymore…..

-Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball,


-As our long time friends know, Lad loves his ball and that is all he had on his brain for years.  But, when Smoke passed last year, his main rival was gone and a fire seemed to go out in Laddie… he took over as Alpha and I noticed he began to be more interested in marking the territory, running the show and sitting next to me.. things he never worried about before.  Over the past 6 months I have watched as his face has turned grey, he run has slowed down to a walk and when he plays with his ball it is for a short period of time.  He has become the Alpha male that has nothing to prove.  He is content to watch the world instead of moving the world like he did for so long.


He reminds me of Trevor in so many ways and I have come to realize that the Alpha males tend to watch more than they act around here. When they do move it is usually something to see.  Lad is heading towards ten years old now and is our longest resident collie here… his brother Skylight is the same age but came here a year later.   It is sort of stunning and somewhat sad to watch him grow old so rapidly.  HIs ball which was his life for so long is still important to him, but many times now I throw it and he watched it fly and land and then looks at me like “Go get it for me Dad and bring it back!”  Sigh… being an Alpha is going to his head…  But it is a bit concerning to see him age so rapidly and knowing the slow fade of old age is upon him now.   As he lays here and I rub his ears I remember Lad the Bad never slept or stopped moving for the first 5 years of his life. Now, he sleeps a lot of the time…. as I have seen them all do. Saving up his strength for something important I guess….   But, he still talks to me, trying to mouth words letting me know about something important…   As we get ready to celebrate the collies birthdays this weekend it will be fun to watch them all eagerly eat their ice cream and treats and enjoying themselves so much.  But, it will also be a time of missing those who no longer are here to partake.   As  we watch the four last members of the body of collies we saved so many years ago now grow old and who now reign over the meadow move into their final years we relish the memories and love and happiness we have had with them and those who went before them.  Our group born here are now middle aged and the definite leader, lil Hallie and Ginger who is one tough hombre herself will grab the reigns as the other fade away.



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