We picked her up at the age of 6, her show days over and in need of a good home.  Sadie was stubbborn, food was her life, she had attitude yet she was funny and despite her toughness she had a soft side that surprised us all.  Sadie was funny and would pull Ginger like antics and follow it up with attitude.  She made her own decisions in her life and it was she that retired herself from walking by running to the bedroom and taking a nap when asked if she wanted to go for a walk.

She loved food…. any food… even stuff that wasnt food! LOL….  Her favorite trick was if the kids were on the couch eating a sandwich she would rub down the couch and as she passed by she would, without turning her head or without blinking or without stopping rubbing she would walk past and snatch the sandwich and keep going like nothing happened! LOL….  She once came up by the table as I made a ham sandwich, she pushed the top piece of bread up with her nose and with her tongue snatched the piece of ham out and walked away eating it as she looked for more food.

When we brought Teddy home as a puppy she adopted him and raised him as her own puppy. She would play with him roaring like a dinosaur and when she had enough she would head butt him and he would slide ten feet across the floor as she strutted off for a nap.  She loved naps…. she loved food, she loved sassing, she loved being alone at times.  Every night she would snore and I would tell her good night Sadie,,,, she would snarl and growl and I would call her our tater pup and she would snarl more with her teeth showing… We laughed for she wouldnt bite anyone but she hated her sleep being interrupted and she had attitude.

Sadie had expressions of disgust, anger, snarling that would make your blood curdle, unless you knew her and then you would laugh.  She loved to bark when outside… bark at the clouds, the birds, a dirt devil swirling by, ants, butterflies, the wind.. you name it and she barked at it.

She hate being brushed, she hated having her toenails trimmed, but would tolerate it as long as she got a steady stream of treats.  Rowdy, loud and naughty Sadie was funny and fun to be around for her antics always made us laugh.   When called to come in, Sadie would think about it… then slowly walk the other way and go around the yard slowly till she got to the door going as slowly as she could.  LOL…..

One of our favorite memories is of her when she was older and her eyes were not very good…. she walked up to where the fence was… well used to be for we were putting up a new fence so there was no fence at all there.  She stopped where the fence had been… looked for about 5 minutes across the field and barked sassily and walked back to the door…..  she never realized the fence was gone… :)

We all loved Sadie, but she never had a human she adopted…. she loved food more… LOL…  She was a delight to be with for she could have fun…. but only as long as she wanted to have fun…. then it was bedtime and God help you if you tried to stop her…

Sadie lived to be 16 years old….. dieing of old age surrounded by those who loved her.  We will always remember you Sadie, daughter of the great Champion The Meadows Notorious, a cousin of our Niamh and we will always love you and miss you for you were one of the more interesting and lovable collies we ever loved!


Sadie is on the far right…
Niamh is in the center and Niamh’s Father was also a Champion, Champion ROM Twin Acres Concert Master, Teddy is on the left… bloodlines past parents unknown…. :)


Sadie giving Laddie the stink eye… LOL










Happy Sadie….


Sadie with Teddy….



Sadie with Niamh and Teddy…






Tater pup was only two points away from becoming a Champion in her own right.  Born in 1994 Sadie had puppies and was to enter her last contest for her championship when it was discovered she was a carrier of the Collie eyes diseases… and her puppies had them…..  So, Sadie was never made into the Champion for part of the reward for Championships are selling Championship puppies…. instead she was given a great life for a couple of years and then they searched hard to find her a good adoptive home and that was us. She lived a wonderful life here and enjoyed every minute of it in her own way…. One of our more interesting characters …. We miss you and love you Sadie….till we meet again old tater pup…… til we meet again…

Today I am wondering how many of you have TV watching collies or other furry members of your family?

I find it interesting that the TV has so many different effects on our different collies.  Smoke for instance, when he came here and heard the TV for the first time he fearfully went up to it and sniffed then backed up and barked!!!  He still barks if he hears other dogs barking on TV.  Trevor on the other hand has ignored the TV all his life.

Branwen has been known to sit and watch TV with changing expressions on her face. She will watch till something dumb happens on the program or on a commercial then she will sniff in disgust and leave the room.  Ellie ignores the TV like her dad Trevor on the other hand.

Big Hallie used to watch TV too, but lil Hallie ignores it.  Teddy barks at various sounds, Rutherford and Walter have checked it out looking into the screen and trying to become part of the action.  Laddie never paid attention to the TV.

Mick on the other hand was fascinated by the TV checking out every little noise for a while and reacting to it all. One time there was a screaming woman on there in a movie and he was worried about her.  He barked, whined and when she ran across the screen he jumped up and moved across the screen trying to help her!  I laughed but he was truly concerned and worried about her so we turned the channel…. Mick notices the TV once in a while now and will watch it at times.

Skylight never cared for the TV.  Niamh used to watch it and tilt her head in wonder at things she saw. Sadie, never looked at it, it disgusted her for it was too noisy.  Mac used to whine and react to what he saw too.

Ginger was fascinated by it and from time to time will watch it and interact with it.  But, she is usually too busy with mischief to pay attention for long.

Anya never looked or reacted to the TV either.  But, let one of the collies like Smoke start barking at a barking dog on TV and all havoc breaks loose for other collies join in because they don’t want to be left out of the noise making don’t ya know!

So, does your dog or pet watch TV?  Some of ours do and I would give anything to know what they are thinking when they do…. we have had, by the way, cats trying to kill birds that appear on the screen… now that is interesting….

Am I on TV?


Hang on Lady in the TV, I will save you!!!!!

One day I came home after a long day at work and put my insulated flannel shirt over the back of a chair.  I always have and have never had any problems.  I then proceeded to go out and work on my old Allis Chalmers and then drive it around for a hour or so to test out the fixes, check for leaks and find any more problems to fix before winter.

Well, I come back through the door and look and there is Ginger with my insulated flannel shirt and a bunch of little pieces of red and black flannel spread across the floor.  It seems that she ripped the flannel off from the lower half of one sleeve.  Why?  To see what was under the flannel?  Mad at me for not taking her with me?

Who knows?  All I can say is she knew as soon as I said “What are you doing schnap?” She looked at me defiantly and then saw my face and got up and slunk away. She knew……

It has been years since any of our collies have done something like this and while I am not happy I take it in stride for I know young dogs do things like this and the good ones learn not to do it ever again.  Ginger is very, very smart and I know she knows this is a no-no for sure now.  So, I don;t fear her doing this again.  But, she is so smart who knows what she will do next.  But, I am sure she will not do this ever again… she is learning.  I love her and she carries many of the characteristics of her grandmama big Hallie and is a pure joy to have as part of our family.

After her scolding  I hugged her for she still remains my… Ginger Snap!

Don’t you believe what he said about me!  I am a angel and I don’t know nothing about any dumb old flannel shirt.  Now, excuse me for I have to find some tums for a upset stomach caused by some red and black cloth I accidentally ingested… ahem…

My Ball And I


Hi, its me Lad!!!! Let me talk to you about my ball!



Dad gave this ball to me when I was almost a year old….. that was almost 8 years ago. :)

It is a association football that the leather cover pieces fell off or were chewed off, the inner liner is now gone and it has had three bladders put in it….


Dad had tried multiple times to replace my old ball…. but I whine, I throw  fit and I refuse to look at a new ball….. so he has accepted that this is the only ball I ever will want…. so he fixes up the Jesus Ball (its been resurrected how many times now?) or the Frankenstein ball as it is also called.   He says its mine till I die.  Then, he will bury it with me…. so I can play with it in the afterlife…


Its ugly, its horrific, its terrible looking… but its mine…. and its all I have.  My only earthly possession and I love it….  Dad wanted me to tell my story about my ball and there it is.. I have spent countless hours  playing with it and it never grows old… my favorite thing is when I go to give it to dad and as he reaches for it I run away.. hehehehe…. love driving him crazy! :)  So, if any of you ever come around here you can play ball with me…

-okay, since everyone else is doing it here is my Selfie. I am Skylight, daddy to almost half the collies who live here. I am a busy boy….. my brother Lad goes around thinking.. ball, ball, ball, ball, all day. Not me, I am more sophisticated… I think, girls, girls, girls, all day… I would tell you more but there goes Branwen… girls.. girls.. girls…. sky and dad-1


Take this Rutheyford!!!  I am even winking at the camera….. this is how ya do it Rutheyford!  MUwahahaha  10672392_10203672183757872_8372278306270068656_n


Its me Rutherford, thought I would take a Selfie…. Ginger tried to photobomb but I stopped her.. hehehe   Amazing what we collies can do without thumbs isnt it?  hehehe10411011_10203678428913997_5181447840857500500_n


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