This is a picture of our Collie Transport Vehicle that we will now use to move our collies around.  What is nice is that the back seats fold down and we have a truck like bed in the back to carry collies and to carry other items around.  Like our old Buick, this car will have plenty of collie memories also!🙂

Here was Hallie in the single collie resting unit next to the collie case with the collie lighting lamp.  It is a wonderful resting place for a single collie.  As you can see Tigger claims the back since the collies cannot lay there.

Here you can see the collies sharing their multiple collie resting unit with Dad.  Here multiple collies can rest at one time.

Trevor visiting the collie outhouse….. many collies can use the facilities at one time.  However, there is a movement amongst the collies for a collie in-door plumbing unit.

So, that is a bit about the collie world.🙂

Trevor came here with what I call Kennel manners.  He was the Alpha and was used to the rough and tumble of the dog world inside the fences. My happy ol’ Boo wasn’t always a gentleman and such a bumbling ol’ gentleman.  He was big and strong and he knew how to use it.  But, quickly he became the gentle giant I love I still miss everyday. However, early on Trevor would once in a while revert to Kennel Manners and here is the story of what I now consider the funniest situation.

I took Trevor to the Pet Store to pick up a few things I wanted and as he strolled in people were pointing and saying “A Collie!  Just like Lassie!”  Trevor of course ate it up and we picked up a few items I was looking for.  As I carried the items we turned a corner into a new aisle and there in three low wire bins were doggie treats!!!  The multi-colored bone types and Trevor saw them right away and made a beeline to them.  Now, the store is smart for they put them where the dogs can sample them for they know if the dog loves them you will buy them.

Trevor walks up and sniffs the first bin and snorts in disgust and with his muzzle he flings them on the floor and stomps over to the next bin.  I am busy picking up the treats and Trevor sniffs the second bin and snorts even louder and flings these treats all over the floor also!  “Trevor, stop!”  I tell him as he stomps over to the final bin.  By now I can see he is smoking mad!!!  He hates food he does not like and he sniffs the final bin as I pick up the second bin of treats from the floor.

He snorts loudly and really flings the treats this time.  I am snickering for he is on a temper tantrum now.  He looks at me with fire in his eyes and I promise to buy him something good as he turns away and snorts again.  All of a sudden I hear water and turn to see Trevor is leaving his opinion of their treats as he waters the support pole next to the bin.  Now I am horrified…. but he looks at me with this evil glee in his eyes and grins and I can’t help but laugh .

I get up and say lets go and Trevor stomps down the aisle and we turn the corner where he is met by several women who make a big deal about how pretty he is and he quickly starts grinning and is his happy self as he eats up the attention he is getting.  Finally, the women move on and we go to check out and as the lady takes my money and offers Trevor a treat….. the same treats he hated. He snorted and turned and I gruffly said; “No, Trevor, not here!”  He pouts and then I hold out some beef jerky treats which he loves and he happily ate them as we left with him strutting happily out with me.

So, that was the day Trevor was naughty.  Otherwise the guy was one big happy collie who was usually very, very well behaved.  But, that day he made me laugh … although he had terrible manners…..

Trevor did return since that day to the pet store and even though he hated those treats he just snorted and walked away ….  although I could see him look at me and read his mind that he would like to tell them again how he feels about those rotten treats…. LOL

I promise Dad, even though those treats stink I will not water the post this time!



years ago when I was walking Trevor and big Hallie we were going along a trail enjoying the quiet and the beauty of the forest.  Suddenly, there was a bunch of noise and several feet in front of us a Turkey took off in flight and flew a hundred feet or so and landed in the woods behind some brush.  We froze and Trevor and Hallie watched the Turkey fly with interest.

Then, on the floor of the woods more noise and off ran a turkey across the leaves and ground.  Now as you know Turkeys are some of the ugliest birds one can see and this big bird was no exception.  As it ran it swayed side to side and its eyes were huge, its red and blue bald head sticking out like a sore thumb and the gizzard and its wattle and snood flopping from side to side as its stride made it look like a clown on stilts trying to run.

Now, it was absolutely one of the most ridiculous things I had ever seen.  I had to laugh….. and then I looked down at Trevor and he was looking on with his mouth dropped open and his eyes then turned to me and he looked like he was laughing.  Hallie, however, was miss expression. She looked at that Turkey running and then looked up at me with her eyes wide and she rolled them and then gave me a look of “now that was the stupidest thing I have ever seen!”  I laughed so hard at her expression that I had to sit down on a nearby stump.  She was right…. it was rather dumb looking…..

Hallie; Did you see that?  It is the most ridiculous thing I ever saw!

We see a lot of Turkeys  on our walks.  Another memory of Trevor and Hallie and seeing Turkeys came along another trail.  We came up on a big group of Turkeys crossing the trail going into to a low wallow on the other side that was full of short ferns.  As they crossed we kept walking and the collies watched them as we came closer and closer as they crossed.  It was a large group and they finally all made it into the wallow as we came within ten feet.  Then… up popped another turkey and and was on the left side of us moving up the trail so it could cross further away from us.  However, it looked strange…. it was hopping and then it came up on the trail and I saw it had only one leg… and was hopping trying to catch up with the other turkeys. So, we stopped and let it cross and it hopped down into the wallow and disappeared with its friends.

We took off again and Trevor sort of watched with interest but Hallie, like normal was intrigued.  So, when we came up whee they had crossed she stopped and looked into the wallow and I could see her moving her head looking.  So, I looked and as I watched I could see the Turkeys hunkered under the ferns I could see their heads moving as they all hunkered down and were looking between the leaves up at us to make sure we werent coming it after them…

I clicked and said ‘Hup” which is the word we use to let the collies know they need to move and off we went.  However, Hallie kept looking back to see them and was all eyes after that looking for more and for her favorite thing to see.. squirrels! :)  So, those are a couple of great memories of the wild turkeys we saw on the trail.

Hallie:  Eee gads.. turkeys are sure ugly!

Trevor- wow!  I never saw anything so funny…. hey turkey you need to grow some feathers to cover up that face…. eeeeewww

Trevor’s sister Hallie had come into season and was spending her time with Smoke, whom she was rejecting for he was not the Alpha Male. Being the Matriarch, Hallie decided she would not slip down in the social pack order to mate. Little did the Man realize how deeply the pairing of Smoke and Hallie affected Trevor’s dignity as the Alpha Male. After a day or so, Trevor stopped eating. He wouldn’t even take treat, turning his head away angrily when the Man offered it to him This went on for several days until the Man began to worry about Trevor. The Man looked at Trevor who was laying at his feet looking dignified as he looked over the pack of collies. “You need to eat Boo” the Man said. Trevor looked annoyingly at the Man, which caused the Man more concern for Trevor never looked like that at him.

The Man arose and deciding Trevor had to eat and went into the kitchen and found some baby food, and made some warm baby food cereal with milk and sat down in front of Trevor who looked at the food with growing annoyance. Trevor looked up at the man and then turned his head sighing in disgust. The Man opened the baby food, filled the spoon and gently pushed the spoon into Trevor’s mouth behind the fangs, knowing Trevor would open his mouth, which he did. Trevor slowly smacked his lips and ate the food wrinkling his nose up in disgust. But, the Man softly and gently kept feeding Trevor as he talked encouragingly and lovingly to Trevor. The jar of baby food gone, the Man began feeding him the baby breakfast cereal and as Trevor slowly took the food with disgust on his face, the Man could’ve swore a couple of times he saw Trevor enjoying it. Finally, finishing up the bowl, the Man went to make more hot cereal for Trevor as Trevor snorted in disgust, letting the Man know he didn’t like being fed like a baby. The man mixed milk into the cereal and began warming it up. He was worried about Trevor and as he turned to put the cereal box away he caught in the corner of his eye Trevor leaning forward, looking up to see if he was gonna get more of the food. The Man turned towards Trevor who looked away with a look of annoyance on his face. The man slowly turned away keeping his eye on Trevor who as the Man turned away leaned back forward and watched to see if more food was coming. The Man smiled realizing Trevor was trying to maintain his image of strength, Independence and Dignity as he waited for the food.

The Man sat down next to Trevor again and slowly they went through the motions of Trevor acting like he didn’t want the food and acting annoyed by the feeding. But, several times the Man saw Trevor was relishing the food and so he played along, coaxing Trevor, giving him praise with each bite and making him feel loved throughout the feeding. At least he is eating the Man thought. This went on for a couple of days until Hallie moved out of season. Knowing it was safe for Trevor to see his sister again The Man let him spend some time with her alone and when he came back from the time with her Trevor let it be known he was Mr. Alpha! As he passed the Man, the Man offered him a treat which Trevor took with delight, looking happily into his eyes and then moving on to enforce his Alpha role on the family of collies. The Man realized all of this had been over Trevor feeling his Alpha role was being threatened by his lack of contact with Hallie during her season and learned much on how to handle Trevor during such times, making sure he didn’t feel that his role as Alpha at the Meadow didn’t appear to be threatened.

Chuck 2008

As the collies laid around the yard they were waiting… waiting for that pesky squeel to come around. Sure enough the warning bark came from Ginger and the collies all ran to the end of the shed where the Squirrel had jumped onto the roof! All except Rutherford, as I watch I saw his brain working and he ran around the shed just in time to leap up at the Squeel as it lept for the tree off the roof.

At a full run Rutherford’s nose just bumped the squirrel as he lept and the squeel lost his balance and caught the tree with one paw and swung around behind it as Rutherford came to a stop and turned… a moment of inaction as Rutherford looked and the squirrel hugged the tree and the other collies looked on in awe.

Then the wind blew… the tail flew out and Rutherford lept and the squeel lept and slipped and almost fell off the nexrt branch to the ground where Rutherford was waiting and barking and the Squirrel lept to the next branch and Rutherford circled under and again the Squirrel almost fell off the branch in its frantic panic to escape… by now the collies were in a howling mob under the squirrel and Ginger was searching for her Flame Thrower!


The Squirrel kept leaping and got on the other side of the fence and climbed up high and hugged the tree for a long time and finally the collies calmed down. Rutherford ran to me to tell me all about it and after his loves strutted over to the fence and let the Squeel have a few what fors before he took a nap.


That is the closest any collie has ever came to grabbing the squirrel.. and Rutherford strutted like he was a King after almost getting that Squirrel.  His Grandmama Hallie would be proud……


  • Come here lil Squeel…. muwahahahaha
  • Did you see that Dad? I almost had him…. next time… 10151812_10205649725475179_5617982966414012212_n


White Collie Power

The Coolidge family with one of their white collies.


President Coolidge taking one of his white collies for a walk.


Two of the white collies with the President and his wife and surviving son. This would be

Rob Roy and Prim Prudence.

Mrs. Coolidge with a White Collie and another of their dogs.


President Coolidge and his wife Grace  the White Collies. They loved animals and it is said

that even Teddy Roosevelt’s family did not have as many animals as the Coolidges had.


Self Explanatory..🙂


Ginger Says;  Now that I muddied up the couch I want to say,

KEEP COOL WITH COOLIDGE!   The White House needs another bunch of collies in there….. I’m voting for the candidate with a collie…. whats that Old Guy? No one running has a collie…. well you can give them me and I’ll go live at the White House.  Yeah, that would be great, servants, steak and trips to Georgie!

As you all know we have cats here too.  20 years ago we took a trip down the east coast and stopped at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home.  Now what does that have to do with cats you ask?  Well, I’ll get there… :)  Jefferson was a genius and one of the things he excelled in was working with plants doing crossbreeding and making plants better, bigger, more flowery or able to yield more fruit….. he was great at it.🙂

Well, the plants he hybred so long ago you can still buy seeds of at Monticello. So, we did… lots of different plants and they were all great successes when we planted them.  One of those we bought was a special catnip he developed.  We planted in it our mint garden which survived for several years until MacKenzie decided one day he would water it through the fence…. which of course killed it all except the catnip.  ahem…..

Now the cats loved the cat nip more than any other we ever bought or planted.  It grew big and tall and the flowers were very pretty.  Now we had grown catnip for years and while it is invasive we always kept it inside the mint garden.  Well, ol’ Thomas Jefferson did something with the Catnip…. you see the second year it tried to take over not only the mint garden but also our yard!  I never saw anything so invasive in my life.  So, we had several catnip gardens after I spent a weekend thinning it out.

The next year up it came and we battled it again and so did all our neighbors… who let it grow when they saw the pretty flowers on it.  Ahem…. the next year the fields around us were full of it… neighbors a half mile away had it too…. double ahem.

Then the next year when it was flowering time we saw it two miles down the road flowering along the road and in yards… by now we were keeping our mouths tightly shut for this was truly out of control!!!  Year after year we would drive down the road and see it further and further from our home… 3 miles.. then  5 miles and then even 8 miles away!!!  It worried me for it was growing up everywhere. I had never seen a plant so invasive in my life.

The only good thing is that catnip cycles… it will only keep coming up for so many years before it dies down.   We still have an occasional catnip plant pop up and yes, it is that type of catnip.  It has those pretty flowers on it….  The fields died down, the neighbors yards became free of it and I sighed with relief.  Whew… it was fading away….

In fact I stopped seeing it for a few years and even forgot about the Jefferson catnip.  Then, one day last year about 20 miles away I was driving down the road and there it was.. alongside of the road!  As I drove by I looked to see if anyone was pointing at me and yelling “Its his fault” but it was out in the middle of nowhere so I was safe.

I wonder how far that catnip has traveled now…. but I don;t really want to know… I just know I will never plant any unknown plant in my yard again unless I know exactly what it will do.  After all, what do you do with a catnip that collies can pee on and it will survive and that when cats eat it they go nuttier than pirates drunk on rum, that spreads for miles around you within several years? Also, what do you do when your neighbors come down and tell you they have the pretty catnip in their yard…. all over their yard… in huge numbers and they are not happy about it!  Yeah, not pretty. So, I learned my lesson I think…..

Hmmmm…… I see Jefferson played with Dandelions also….. heheheehehe

Tigger used to race around the house with her eyes crazed until she passed out in a drunken stupor from Jefferson’s catnip!  George… well he was a cranky old Tom Cat… when he got this Catnip he wanted to have a battle till the death with the biggest opponent he could find…. usually it was me! We kept this catnip out of his reach after that episode.

Cheyenne was a gentle and loving little kitty and when she got a hold of this catnip she would shadowbox until she would pass out for hours and Simba… well she would shriek and scream and screetch at everything around her…. the other kitties, the microwave, a spoon on the table…. a shoe on the floor…  a fly flying by and then she would pass out.

Meanwhile, the collies would all run for the back door and bark wanting to be let out to find safety away from the crazy cats rumbling through the house.    Once outside the males would be trying to kill it off but to no avail….. that stuff did not die from anything….

We still call it the revenge of Thomas Jefferson……

They got the catnip out … run for your lives!!!!!!