As the collies laid around the yard they were waiting… waiting for that pesky squeel to come around. Sure enough the warning bark came from Ginger and the collies all ran to the end of the shed where the Squirrel had jumped onto the roof! All except Rutherford, as I watch I saw his brain working and he ran around the shed just in time to leap up at the Squeel as it lept for the tree off the roof.

At a full run Rutherford’s nose just bumped the squirrel as he lept and the squeel lost his balance and caught the tree with one paw and swung around behind it as Rutherford came to a stop and turned… a moment of inaction as Rutherford looked and the squirrel hugged the tree and the other collies looked on in awe.

Then the wind blew… the tail flew out and Rutherford lept and the squeel lept and slipped and almost fell off the nexrt branch to the ground where Rutherford was waiting and barking and the Squirrel lept to the next branch and Rutherford circled under and again the Squirrel almost fell off the branch in its frantic panic to escape… by now the collies were in a howling mob under the squirrel and Ginger was searching for her Flame Thrower!


The Squirrel kept leaping and got on the other side of the fence and climbed up high and hugged the tree for a long time and finally the collies calmed down. Rutherford ran to me to tell me all about it and after his loves strutted over to the fence and let the Squeel have a few what fors before he took a nap.


That is the closest any collie has ever came to grabbing the squirrel.. and Rutherford strutted like he was a King after almost getting that Squirrel.  His Grandmama Hallie would be proud……


  • Come here lil Squeel…. muwahahahaha
  • Did you see that Dad? I almost had him…. next time… 10151812_10205649725475179_5617982966414012212_n


White Collie Power

The Coolidge family with one of their white collies.


President Coolidge taking one of his white collies for a walk.


Two of the white collies with the President and his wife and surviving son. This would be

Rob Roy and Prim Prudence.

Mrs. Coolidge with a White Collie and another of their dogs.


President Coolidge and his wife Grace  the White Collies. They loved animals and it is said

that even Teddy Roosevelt’s family did not have as many animals as the Coolidges had.


Self Explanatory..🙂


Ginger Says;  Now that I muddied up the couch I want to say,

KEEP COOL WITH COOLIDGE!   The White House needs another bunch of collies in there….. I’m voting for the candidate with a collie…. whats that Old Guy? No one running has a collie…. well you can give them me and I’ll go live at the White House.  Yeah, that would be great, servants, steak and trips to Georgie!

As you all know we have cats here too.  20 years ago we took a trip down the east coast and stopped at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home.  Now what does that have to do with cats you ask?  Well, I’ll get there… :)  Jefferson was a genius and one of the things he excelled in was working with plants doing crossbreeding and making plants better, bigger, more flowery or able to yield more fruit….. he was great at it.🙂

Well, the plants he hybred so long ago you can still buy seeds of at Monticello. So, we did… lots of different plants and they were all great successes when we planted them.  One of those we bought was a special catnip he developed.  We planted in it our mint garden which survived for several years until MacKenzie decided one day he would water it through the fence…. which of course killed it all except the catnip.  ahem…..

Now the cats loved the cat nip more than any other we ever bought or planted.  It grew big and tall and the flowers were very pretty.  Now we had grown catnip for years and while it is invasive we always kept it inside the mint garden.  Well, ol’ Thomas Jefferson did something with the Catnip…. you see the second year it tried to take over not only the mint garden but also our yard!  I never saw anything so invasive in my life.  So, we had several catnip gardens after I spent a weekend thinning it out.

The next year up it came and we battled it again and so did all our neighbors… who let it grow when they saw the pretty flowers on it.  Ahem…. the next year the fields around us were full of it… neighbors a half mile away had it too…. double ahem.

Then the next year when it was flowering time we saw it two miles down the road flowering along the road and in yards… by now we were keeping our mouths tightly shut for this was truly out of control!!!  Year after year we would drive down the road and see it further and further from our home… 3 miles.. then  5 miles and then even 8 miles away!!!  It worried me for it was growing up everywhere. I had never seen a plant so invasive in my life.

The only good thing is that catnip cycles… it will only keep coming up for so many years before it dies down.   We still have an occasional catnip plant pop up and yes, it is that type of catnip.  It has those pretty flowers on it….  The fields died down, the neighbors yards became free of it and I sighed with relief.  Whew… it was fading away….

In fact I stopped seeing it for a few years and even forgot about the Jefferson catnip.  Then, one day last year about 20 miles away I was driving down the road and there it was.. alongside of the road!  As I drove by I looked to see if anyone was pointing at me and yelling “Its his fault” but it was out in the middle of nowhere so I was safe.

I wonder how far that catnip has traveled now…. but I don;t really want to know… I just know I will never plant any unknown plant in my yard again unless I know exactly what it will do.  After all, what do you do with a catnip that collies can pee on and it will survive and that when cats eat it they go nuttier than pirates drunk on rum, that spreads for miles around you within several years? Also, what do you do when your neighbors come down and tell you they have the pretty catnip in their yard…. all over their yard… in huge numbers and they are not happy about it!  Yeah, not pretty. So, I learned my lesson I think…..

Hmmmm…… I see Jefferson played with Dandelions also….. heheheehehe

Tigger used to race around the house with her eyes crazed until she passed out in a drunken stupor from Jefferson’s catnip!  George… well he was a cranky old Tom Cat… when he got this Catnip he wanted to have a battle till the death with the biggest opponent he could find…. usually it was me! We kept this catnip out of his reach after that episode.

Cheyenne was a gentle and loving little kitty and when she got a hold of this catnip she would shadowbox until she would pass out for hours and Simba… well she would shriek and scream and screetch at everything around her…. the other kitties, the microwave, a spoon on the table…. a shoe on the floor…  a fly flying by and then she would pass out.

Meanwhile, the collies would all run for the back door and bark wanting to be let out to find safety away from the crazy cats rumbling through the house.    Once outside the males would be trying to kill it off but to no avail….. that stuff did not die from anything….

We still call it the revenge of Thomas Jefferson……

They got the catnip out … run for your lives!!!!!!



  • Shortly after Niamh passed 10 years ago Trevor came into my life. I wrote a lot about him in the past… hard to believe its been ten year and more since he came into my life. Hard to believe he has been gone for over 4 years now.  After Trevor’s passing some of the life went out of this blog….. life just isnt the same now that the originals are now all gone… he came to me when I was crushed and brought life back to me and was there through what was the hardest years of my life and his passing seemed to signal the end of those times.  He was my rock and my friend… he gave me everything he had and in the end I gave it all back to him to help him learn to walk again, to live in dignity as his life slowly passed away in front of us.  I always said Niamh was my greatest all around collie but this guy was beyond that….. he didnt excel in anything other than being the best friend anyone could ever want… in the end we gave all we had to each other and there are no words to describe a collie like him… great doesnt describe him…  he was something beyond that…. he was sent by God I have no doubt about that… he adopted me, he loved me and in the end I loved him more than words can describe…. My ol’ Boo…. my Trevor Forever……






















This song reminds me of your life Trevor….  for you ol Boo….


It was Ten years ago on August 13, 2006  that my Niamh, the greatest collie I ever knew passed from this life leaving me broken hearted.  I still miss her everyday. Little did I know that shortly I would receive another once in a lifetime collie, my Trevor Forever…..  Below is something Kristina Marshall wrote and it sums up how I feel about my Niamh;

“If you open your heart to let dogs in, you will eventually be blessed
with a once in a lifetime chum. It isn’t that you love your others dogs
any less, but rather you love this one special animal more. The bond
between the two of you is stronger, the connection deeper, the
understanding clearer.”
-Kristina Marshall from FOREVER FRIENDS

To my Niamh

The afternoon before you died,
we lay side by side looking up,
you groaning with pleasure,
as I rubbed your ears,
your tummy while whispering
to you how much I loved you.

You looked back with deep love,
as we lazily lay there ,
enjoying the world and each other’s company.

I loved you then, I love you now.
As I lay there I thought about
the day when you would be gone.
Dreading it, but knowing it was coming.

Little did I realize,
that 12 hours later,
I would be holding you as you died.
Leaving a hole in my life.

For a long time,
I had been cherishing our time together.
I knew the time would come,
it always will come, when we have to say goodbye.

So, I cherished that lazy cuddling,
on that hot August afternoon.
Little did I realise it would be the last time.
That in the morning you would be gone.

On the anniversary dear Niamh,
of that lazy afternoon cuddle,
I would give anything to hold you again.
I miss you so much, I love you,
my heart breaks all over again.

I smile more at your memory now,
so many happy time we had.
But my soul still mourns your loss.
I cherish the memory of that afternoon,
still hearing your groans of delight,
pleasure, happiness and love as
your tummy was rubbed, your ears stroked.

You were so alive, so vibrant with life,
you made my life the same,
oh how we enjoyed those days,
enjoying the simplest pleasures.

The nice walks, sitting under the tree,
watching the world going by.
snuggling with Darcy and the other collies
on the long, cold winter nights.

The memories of your ambushing the mail lady,
your coming to know the meaning of words,
their spellings and the eventual
time when we could communicate just by looking at each other.

On the eve of your death, I still see
in my mind’s eye my calling your name,
for the very last time as I held you,
your body dieing. You looked up at me,
with your loving look, batting your eyes.

Then, you faded, died as I cried as soul was crushed,
you going as gently as you lived.
Me holding your remains for a very long time,
as my heart broke, never to be mended. Not now, not ever.

I still miss you my girl,
I still love you. I will always love you.
To some you were a mere dog, but not to me.
To me you were a companion, a friend, part of my family.

To me you were that one animal in my lifetime,
that communicated with me just by looking at each other.
We didn’t have to say we loved each other,
We KNEW it! A mere dog….. not to me.

You came to me, to your forever home.
Now, your on the other side,
waiting for me to come, and in time I will.
For the goodbyes always come Niamh.

So, my dearest collie, my dear friend,
someday we will again run and play,
we will spend lazy afternoons laying around having fun.
We will look at each other and communicate,
that day will come. But till then I mourn….

A mere dog, not to me, for you were so much more.
But the day will come when I walk into the other side,
and I know you’ll be there, joyfully greeting me,
leading me to the final destination barking with glee.

That day will come dear girl,
we will joyfully dance with glee,
enjoying our company once again.
Smiling, laughing and spending lazy afternoons together again.

A mere dog, no way. Not to me,
you meant more to me than you’ll ever know,
you changed my life, my soul. Your coming
changed my life, so did your life with me, and your death.

When you came you healed my heart,
while you lived you gave me love
and taught me more than all the sages, teachers and books combined,
your dieing even brought blessings of new friends and new collies.

Now there is a pack of collies named after you,
who frolic and play and yes, spend lazy afternoons lazily,
each of them related to you, each of them containing
at least one of your many personality traits, but none all of them.

A mere dog, never to me, you gave me everything you had.
I tried to make your life the best it could be,
full of love and happiness.
How I miss you so……

But the time will come my dear Niamh,
when I will walk up that path to the final destination,
and there you will be, leading me home finally,
Oh what a heavenly day that will be.

O how we will dance with glee,
we will hug and run and laugh till the sun is low,
my heart will once again be full, for I will be with,
My Niamh of the Misty Meadow.

NIAMH RIP January 19, 1996-August 13, 2006

Rutherford on the run with Walter shadowing him in the background.  Walter will try to cut him off behind the shed… but Rutherford will turn on the speed and outrun him!!!–

Rutherford closing in on Walter in a fast run!

Mick, Skylight and Hallie are chasing Walter as Rutherford closes in for the tackle!

Ginger; Wonder what would happen if I stuck my foot out in front of them all?  Would be like a train wreck!  Would serve them brainiacs right if I did that too them….



-So, last night shortly after I got up to go in we hear a crash and go out and find a 8 foot limb laying where I had been laying!   It was an assassination plot I tell you! Someone was trying to kill your future world dictator!!!  But who?


  • Lets start with Rutherford. Here he is laying in my spot next to that limb… look at those shifty eyes, looks like he is plotting to me…. hmmmm… however limb was 15 foot in the air and he doesnt have enough brains to figure out how to get up there let alone try to get it to fall… no not him… but I am keeping my eye on him….


-Lets see… how about Hallie? This loyalist little toadie would do anything for the old guy.. hmmmm…… she is smart, but not that smart, plus she would want to fight  face to face… she is not the plotting type….. brown noser….


-Sometimes it can be the most unlikely of them all…hmmm… loyal to the old guy, loving, gentle, kind… yeah perhaps Mick fits the bill.  Lets see.. when the squirrel is in the tree Mick faces the other way barking… he can be smart, but most of the time he is looking at butterflies… no, he doesnt have what it takes to try to kill anything….   but who…. wait…. what did I just say?


-Nice try Squeel!!!  You missed me and if you ever come back you will get more of the same.. get the torches lit everyone, time to burn its nests out of the trees!  MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA    Never mess with a Dictator, especially one as smart as ME!!!