Yesterday, we put the pools back out and the collies celebrated!


YAY!!! mmmmmmmmm…. the water tastes better out of the pool!!!


The pool is back!!! woo hoo!!!


Okay, now I am excited.. when does the Hammock come out?  Muwahahahahah!!!!!


Around here many things are referred too very tongue in cheek and that is the description of the ball Laddie has had for years now.  Let me give you the story of the Jesus Ball.

Years ago when Laddie was little we had a old soccer ball that our children had played with and had left out in the weather and the leather cover was cracking on each of the hexagon spots.  It was a bit soft which was okay for I figured Lad could pick it up that way.

I showed it to him and I threw it and he of course chased it and caught it on the first bounce after it hit the ground. He took off with it and I kept telling him to bring it to me but he wanted me to chase him with it. Something he still would love for me to do, but I am getting to old to run that much.  The first time he brought the ball back I praised him and his eyes lit up, he loved the praise,. I threw it again and he chased it and after a bit of coaxing brought it up to me and I took it and threw it and it was the beginning of something I had no idea it would become, but more on that later.

I began to kick Lad’s ball and no matter how far I kicked it he was there to get it on the first bounce and eventually he got so he could catch it coming down like Willie Mays with his back to it lifting his head and snaring it with his teeth.  Lad loved his ball and it has become an obsession of his life.  He takes the ball out with him and if he forgets to bring it in he will search till he finds it. He will not stop till he finds that ball!  He also will not stop laying ball with me… ever!!!

Through the years the leather fell off, then the inner cover fell off, the next rubber cover fell off till all that was left was the ratty cloth covering the “bladder” of the ball.  Last winter after years of playing it went flat. I patched it, but it blew another hole quickly and I realized it was shot.  So, all this year I’ve tried to give him new balls but he won’t part with that old flat ball.

The closest was a big inflated ball my buddy Pat at work gave me.  He showed interest but it quickly went flat and I figured it was popped.  Well, one day I picked it up and saw no holes and up came Lad with his ball.  But… the bladder was gone and it was then I saw Rutherford and Walter each with a half of the bladder in their mouths.  Lad looked up at me, looked at them, looked at me and held out the ball with his mouth and blinked…..I reached for the ball and he turned his head his eyes gleaming with mischief. Finally, he gave it to me and I threw the cloth remains a whole 20 feet and saw the disappointment in his face. So, I  picked up the ball Pat gave me shoved it inside his cloth remains and ran for the car and the air pump. I pumped up the ball and heard him crying in the back yard, impatiently waiting for me to return. He knew something was up with his ball….. he was hoping for the best but dreading the worst.

The pump finished inflating the ball, which I left a touch soft and it fit perfectly!!!! So, I came out into the yard with it and showed it to Lad who lit up like a Christmas tree.  He watched in glee as I kicked the ball and took off like lightning chasing it and it hit the ground and bounced right into his mouth!  He pranced around and looked so happy!!!!

WE played ball for over an hour and when I came in I showed him where I put his ball and he was satisfied where it was and happy it was safe.  Since then the ball has again popped and I have patched it three times, put another ball cover over it and it is still falling apart. But, it still survives and he loves it!  I have a plan to get it back together with another ball put with it to make a whole ball again. But, in the meantime it still works.

So, his ball was dead but now it is alive…. that is why it is the Jesus Ball! LOL…..  Lad lives for that ball and despite my best efforts he won’t part with it.  So, we will play with the remains till his time is gone and when that moment of parting comes I will hug his remains for the last time and gently put hit ball in his mouth and wrap him in a blankie and with a broken heart move on sadly…… but till that day we will play for endless hours with his ball!  The Jesus ball that died and came back….. several times!!!

Lad after a hour of playing with his ball!  He is thinking… Ball, Ball… Ball…. Ball…

Still Cold

Well, the cold weather has returned and we collies and dad are tired of it.  So, we play hard in the cold to keep warm!  Dad put our pools out so that we have water again, but it gets hard on top so dad has to break the ice so we can get to the water…. Hoping it warms up this next week. :)dscf5022


As I was in the backyard playing with the collies in the bitter cold with the wind blowing hard I saw Rutherford look up, then lil Hallie and Mick…. I asked.. “Squirrel?”  They looked but did not bark…. there was something in the tree but they didn’t make a sound as they all looked up.  I looked and then saw it…. it was a squirrel… but not one of the Fox Squirrels we usually have or the occasional lil Red Squirrel.  No, this was a river tree rat… or a Black Squirrel as they are called.  Black Squirrels and Gray Squirrels usually live next to a water source such as a river, laek, pond, swamp or what have you. We have a small river a bit over  a half mile away and we never see Blacks and Grays here…. until today.

Now the collies kept looking but not barking and I wondered is it because the black color is throwing them off? It can’t bee for a Fox Squirrel blends in with the tree bark very closely…. no, it was because after a few minuted I realized it wasn’t moving.  He was holding still for he was probably scared and his only defense was to not move.  So, the wind blew and blew and his tail flipped in the wind and the collies gathered and kept looking up.  I tried talking to it by making squirrel sounds but no response….

Finally the tail flopped in the breeze and I said.. “Squirrel!!!”  The collies roared to life and ran around making a fearsome noise and Rutherford tried to climb the tree by using the branches getting up about 4 feet before he fell off the tree all the while barking like a fool.  They roared and cursed and threatened the black squirrel and he didn’t move a inch.  It went on for a half hour… they saw it but it refused to move.

Finally, after all the wonderful exercise I called the collies in and watched for a few minutes after starting up Old Allis.  But, that squirrel wasn’t moving yet.  So, tomorrow if it is still in the tree I will know it is dead and frozen solid up there… but I rather doubt it for the Blacks and Grays are very cautios unlike their Fox Squirrel cousins…..


You @#$%@#$%@#$ Squirrel!!! Come down and we will show you….. we dare you… we double dog dare you!!!!  Come down you chicken crap river tree rat!!!!

Black Squirrel-

Sorry Collies, ain’t no way I am accepting the double dog dare.. I saw that kid’s tongue in that movie… I am staying here… you’ll never get me here.. nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah,


Get the flame thrower Ginger……  –

There is no sport in it… that darn tree rat is already burnt black so it won’t be good for squirrel fricassee anyways…. I’ll wait for a uncooked squirrel to come along then I’ll use the flame thrower to cook it…..  muwahahahahaha



=They were day I thought would never end with these two. Hallie and Trevor.  Most of the time I smile and remember other says I feel like my soul is crushed.  Hallie has been gone for 6 years and Trevor almost three.  Yet, I can see those times like they were yesterday.  Still see Hallie looking up at me and making a funny face as we headed off into another adventure.  Trevor just standing there grinning his silly grin, just being happy to be there. :)  They were so happy just to have humans in their lives…. I was so happy to have them.  Someday my friends…. we shall meet again…000_0003

-Thats right, he finally took me!!! We walked around the neighborhood and stopped to see the Norwegian Pines, the Cedars, saw the rabbits run and enjoyed the cold, but sunny day. Its my favorite thing to do!  I had lots of fun!


-That is not a squeel, that is a rabbit!!!dscf8035





Friends…. they come in all shapes and sizes and types of species…. but they have one thing in common, they love you for who you are, not what you are.  Most of my friends in my life now are not human, for while I genuinely like ppl, I dont trust most of them.  Its not them, its what my human “friends” in the past have done to me.  Those that know me well know I keep a certain distance between most ppl and myself.  They have come to know its not personal, its just who I am and they know why.  For many ppl having a large group of friends is all important and going out every week with their friends is the highlight of their week. That is great, but for me just being home with family and the collies makes my day.  Those that are my friends know I care about them and with my new job and the hours I work they wont see me much until the shift changes.  By the way, one thing I have learned is that those who claim to be friends but only hang around for one interest arent really friends. Disagree with them on that interest and see how quickly they are no longer your “friend.”  Through the collies I have made lots of nice friends who share more than just collies with me, we talk about lots of other things like books, family, tractors, the weather, their lives and mine.  I enjoy hearing from them, but I am not always the best when it comes to keeping in contact.  Times flies by much quicker than I realize sometimes.  But, back to friends… I think this pictures says it all…..000_0019


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