-So, last night shortly after I got up to go in we hear a crash and go out and find a 8 foot limb laying where I had been laying!   It was an assassination plot I tell you! Someone was trying to kill your future world dictator!!!  But who?


  • Lets start with Rutherford. Here he is laying in my spot next to that limb… look at those shifty eyes, looks like he is plotting to me…. hmmmm… however limb was 15 foot in the air and he doesnt have enough brains to figure out how to get up there let alone try to get it to fall… no not him… but I am keeping my eye on him….


-Lets see… how about Hallie? This loyalist little toadie would do anything for the old guy.. hmmmm…… she is smart, but not that smart, plus she would want to fight  face to face… she is not the plotting type….. brown noser….


-Sometimes it can be the most unlikely of them all…hmmm… loyal to the old guy, loving, gentle, kind… yeah perhaps Mick fits the bill.  Lets see.. when the squirrel is in the tree Mick faces the other way barking… he can be smart, but most of the time he is looking at butterflies… no, he doesnt have what it takes to try to kill anything….   but who…. wait…. what did I just say?


-Nice try Squeel!!!  You missed me and if you ever come back you will get more of the same.. get the torches lit everyone, time to burn its nests out of the trees!  MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA    Never mess with a Dictator, especially one as smart as ME!!!

Dad went to see Edsel Ford’s home!!! He was thrilled, yet sad his camera messed up and ended up being broke for the trip but he did get to see the home and Rachel took lots of pics.  When he came back he was greeted with this….


— Throw my Monkey Dad -Rebel yell


-Glad you are back Dad.  Ginger taught us about Edsel and his great car designs… she said he even had a Lincoln painted up like her… wait, that is not true is it dad?  I thought so…

Edsel Statue

-Dad stood next to the life size statue of Edsel and his wife Eleanor and he said they were very slim ppl who were about his size…..


-He said their house was very stylish with an old English Manor style that was very tastefully done. Fireplaces and stairway and wood paneling from manors from England dating all the way back to the 1500’s.  Unlike many Mansions this one was quaint, very understated, not gaudy or overdone.  Some of the rooms had Art Deco and the technology was cutting edge and still would be for a home. Other rooms were French 18th Century but most was only English.   Here is Edsel and Elanor dressed to the nines…  Dad loves Edsel Ford, he says he saved Ford with his stylish cars, such as the design of the Model A, the 32 and 34 Ford, the teardrop  Fords, Founding Mercury and helping to design the Lincoln Zephyr and the Continental.


-You can see part of the home here with the Old Guy messing up the picture…  He said he loved the Hall where they gathered for parties, looked like something out of a medieval movie with the dark wood, huge stone fireplace and hardwood floors…  the outside looks like a cross between an cottage and and old English Manor, ivy on the walls, the stone walls, wooden shingles. He loved most of all  Edsel’s study. He said it was small, not fancy but had hidden doors, a stone fireplace, was small and cozy but the view was fabulous. As he stood behind Edsel’s chair looking out the old English Windows at the other wing of the house and across the beautiful forest lawns he could see how Edsel was inspired by it all, the imagination would roll….   Dad said as he walked the house and grounds he could see the family, Edsel and Eleanor in his mind, see the kids and their COLLIE running across the lawns and see Henry Ford and Clara drive up in front of the home.  He said some mansions he has seen you couldnt imagine that, but Edsel’s you could feel the family, see the family and tell it was designed to live in, not just to look at.


-Edsel and his wife,  Henry II who took over Ford Motor Company in 1945, Benson who was heavily involved with the company and their daughter who loved dogs and art and their youngest son William who worked for the company and then owned the Detroit Lions for years. He married a young woman who was from the Firestone Family, which has a long relationship personally and business wise with Ford for a long time. Recently they broke off the business relationship.


-Well that is Dad’s trip to see Edsel’s home. As for us we relaxed, watched a few movies, drank some beer, had some popcorn and studied up on Edsel Ford so when dad got back we could understand what he was talking about. We did keep Ginger from burning the place down… barely….





Hi! I am lil Hallie….  I am dad’s girl and his right hand here.  He was the first human I met as he helped my to take my first breath when I was born.  He took me on walks with Trevor and now I am the one who goes with him on his walks.



Here I was when I was a lil puppy…



Hey you! Straighten up I am dad’s right hand and he doesnt like that!!!

halloween chuck hallie

Here is dad and I dressed up for Halloween.  My favorite toys are my brain cover (a hat) and my leash which I catch in the air when dad throws it.  I love walks, food, cuddling with dad, walks, running, wrestling and I love sleeping with dad and unlike Branwen I am not a bed hog.  I hang with dad until he falls asleep then I lay down where I can see him until he wakes up in the morning.  I am named after my grandmother and I look like her and act like her…. sort of scary sometimes for dad.  But,  I love my life and having the chance to fill the shoes left by Niamh, my grandmama Hallie and Trevor is something I love to do.

So, that is me.. lil Hallie!  Now smile… you know you want too…. also how about a treat?:)


-Guess What?  I got to drive today!!!



-It was fun, that old red tractor was out of here before the old guy could react!!!  Got lots of looks as I roared down the road grinning, my fur flying and ppl trying to figure out how I was gonna reach the pedals… reaching the pedals is overrated if you ask me. There is always a way to stop without reaching the pedals….. By the time the old guy caught up to me I had roared through the neighbors yard and the fun I had.   Look below!!!


  • Huh, that old red tractor, Emmie as the old guy calls her Emmified that car pretty good! This has lots of possibilities.  She didnt even slow down running over that car!
  • garage damage
  • -Whoops didnt mean to do this to the neighbors garage…. muwhahahahah
  • Napalm
  • –  So I tried to stop, how did I know that big red tanker truck was full of gasoline?  *evil Grin*  So I headed home, figured if I pulled it into the garage and jumped down and pushed the left brake she would spin around (saw the old guy do this, gotta watch who is watching old guy!)  and then hit the kill switch I could run in and act innocent….
  • 10359214_10205649725995192_7642534478544559_n
  • – Hi Old Guy!  Let me start out by stating I categorically deny knowing anything about your Red tractor smashing a car flat, destroying a garage and causing a fiery Tanker episode on the road.   Why are looking at me like that?
  • 100_5723
  • _
  • -0
  • -Next time I will leave a note… “I Hallie did this, not Ginger.”


What a wonderful day of frolicking in the sun, running, chasing, barking, jumping, chasing the squirrel, flutterbys and birds!  We love the fun in the sun days!

Okay everyone…… CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!    Ginger dont you dare….

Well everyone that is all for today… I cant stay and talk for well….. dad will probably wake up soon and it will not be pretty!  So, I have to come up with another plot to distract him… hehehehe

As you celebrate the 4th the old guy and all of the collies here wish you a happy 4th of July. But, I Ginger see things a bit differently… after all I am Scottish… hehehehe


Your future World Dictator,




Happy Treason Day

You left us for the other side.  I still miss you my Trevor… Forever…..000_0025


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