I Desire

As soon as we put it out in the yard I knew by the look on her face she was gonna claim it…..  she desired it and I could see the wheels turning.. sure enough went into the house and came out and what had transgressed?



  • What do you mean it yours? I see no name on it?
  • dscf1352
  • -While you are up how about a steak and a beer?
  • dscf1353
  • Also, get some gold, we need to make my Throne Gold, good for the image ya know….
  • dscf1356
  • — Ah yes, make a super highway across the collie yard and my minins can march in review as I sit here watching…. muwahahahaha
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-If you are gonna dream, at least dream big!   When do I get a throne dad?


I can make it under the bar dad! watch!!!


Um… i told you dad not to break out the Johnnie Walker……








Moon Shot!!!

Ginger: Houston we are in the countdown.. 10.. 9… 8… 7… 6… 5…

Houston: All systems go…

Ginger: 4.. 3… 2… 1…. Houston we have liftoff!!!!

100_0372Wow!  He is really up there!!! Do you think he will make it to the moon?

dscf5015Who cares?  All I know is I… er.. we.. have the hammock!  The old guy never saw that slingshot flight coming.. MUWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

There were many other animals at Sunnybank and they were called “The
Little People” a name given to them by Terhune’s daughter.

Lets start with the horses. In his Omnibus Terhune talks about the
horses, especially Fritz and Belle. Fritz used to follow Terhune
around Sunnybank, even trying to enter the house! Fritz was known for
darting at passing women and men taking their hats as he went by!
There was also The Don, Terhune’s saddle horse.

Then there was Jack the Frog. He lived in the Goldfish pond for
twenty years. They knew him by a scar over his eye. Mrs Terhune used
to scratch his back and feed him flies. In his twentieth year the
Terhunes went on vacation and came back to find his car flattened
body on the road. Terhune figured since the frog never left the pool
some visitors to the kennels took him out and dropped him off
deciding they didn’t want him anymore and he was run over.

They also had three peacocks. Simon Peter Rhadames died after only a
year. So, they brought in Caruso and Melba. They would follow the
Terhunes around the yard. Melba had five chicks. One day Caruso came
up to Mrs. Terhune and fell down dead shot by a neighbor kid. Melba
mourned for him and died ten days later, followed by the chicks one
by one. They had cows one who they loved died from eating a nail,
the other hit by lightning went crazy with anger.

At Sunnybank there were 70 pigeons, all snow-white except one. He used to feed the
squirrels and many of them became like pets coming to him when called. I read that he

captured them in New England.

They had many cats in the barn, but several cats became house cats
and close friends. Eyolf, who was a barn cat used to join Terhune
and the collies in their daily romps in the snow and ice. Juliet who
would swim into the lake hunting trout and would bring Terhune gifts
of dead chipmunks. Peter Grimm who slept on Terhune’s bed and used
to join Terhune and the collies in their romps and was run over by a
car going to one of these walks. Tippy, Mrs. Terhune’s persian lived
to be more than 15.

Terhune writes about the birds they fed, made friends with and
enjoyed. If you get a chance, read The Terhune Omnibus to learn more
about Sunnybank’s Little People.


Pardon me…..

-Pssst.. ever heard of scope? hehehe


100_5729um… we hate to tell you this… but  have you ever heard of scope Walter?

100_5718Dad? What does death breath mean?


100_5723Great ! The Old Guy is rinsing out Walter’s mouth with Scope… hehehe…. perhaps he will drown him…  what? What do you mean I am next?  Are you calling me death breath too?  hmmmm… you dont need that arm do you….. muwahahaha


collies drive!!!










100_0074Well, if that cat had stayed in the middle of the road that wouldn’t have happened

As you all know the Old Guy is a huge Henry Ford fan.  So, the other day as we sat in the back yard with the old guy reading in his Hammock we heard what sounded like a 100 Harley Davidson Motorcycles.. but it was in the air. The old guy sat upright and said “Thats an old plane, wonder what kind it is?!!!”  He looked up through the trees and we collies looked up in awe as a big silver plane glided across the sky gracefully and we could see the big motor in the front of it.  The old guy said that there were no passenger planes he knew of with only one engine and he was sure there were more than one motor. So, after making sure I, Ginger, could not access my labotory he went in side to look up what was going on.  We watched as he pulled up the headline FORD TRI-MOTOR PLANE flies into local airport!!!

The old guy was stoked now!!!  According to him they were first built in 1927 and made till 1933 and were the first mass produced passenger plane in American History and they had thre engines. How could he not recognize that plane?  He explained that who would dream that one of those old planes would fly over the Meadow out here in the middle of nowhere… good point old guy.. but I think you are running on only 1 out of 3 engines myself… I Ginger super genius knew exactly what it was.! HA!


So, the old guy goes to the tractor show and comes back and the next day the neighbor comes over offering to buy him a ticket to fly on it. The old guy was very moved but politely declined for he didnt want her to spend that much money to fly on it and he had to go to work.  So,  they go down to the local small town airport to see the Ford up close, they touched it, looked inside, got to see it run, fly and land and got to see Model A Fords which were mad about the same time as the fabled TIN GOOSE.


The neighbor got to ride in it and loved it. The old guy was in awe as he watched it fly.  Males me sick seeing him so happy. But, here are some pics of the FORD TRI-MOTOR PLANE after a puicture of the genius who knew what it was is posted… muwahahahah



-I knew it was a Ford Tri-Motor plane!!! :)

-Here she is right after starting up….  this one was built in 1928..



-Heading out for take off…..


-In the air!!!!


-After she landed!!!



-INside!!!  A museum is touring two of these old birds to raise money for their upkeep and to restore other planes in its collection. If you are interested do look up Ford Tri-Motor Planes on the net, you will easily find where they tell the tour is going and how to get tickets for a ride!    Well off to work on my own Ford Tri-Motor in minture… I will bomb the old guy with it! Muwahahahahah







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