Okay, I have had it, time to post the truth about the 4th of July. I Ginger am a collie which come from Scotland, which is part of the UK. As you know I am the nemesis of the old Guy so he can celeybrate the 4th if he wants too.. I Ginger am taking a more traditional point of view…


This will get the old Guy grumbling… so here he comes to stop me… posting in 3… 2.. 1…


Happy Treason Day

** WARNING!!!! If you are easily offended by history, the American or Rebel Battle Flag stop reading now*  *

As you know I am the Schnapp and I am where it is at….   The old guy sometimes amazes me.. I am from Georgie you see, you know the place where Atlanta is.  I miss living there and try to hop that southbound trainee every chance I get.  But the old guy, well he tries to help me not miss it so much.  I know he claims to love BLuegrass music but I know he plays it for ME!!! Such songs as this bring joy to my heart and make feel like I am back in Georgee….



The old guy loves Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless, but I think he just does it for me to try to sideline my quest for world domination… but I like it.

I miss Fricassee something fierce too… but the Old Guy lets me use a flamethrower to get the squirrels.. okay, he doesnt let me, but he doesnt complain all that much either….

Black Squirrel

-Excuse me it is lunchtime.. come here lil squirrelee… muwahahahah

-Another thing I miss is all that Southern charm and manners…. here Dad will tell you where to get off the train, there they call ya darlin’ and missie and try to sound sweet as they scolded me…  I also miss that Georgee Red Clay…. wish we had that here… Imagine what I could do with it in the muddy spring and then when it is rock hard in the summer.. muwahahahahaha


It rarely gets cold for long in Georgee…… not a lot of snow….

-So today when the old guy watched the movie Gettysburg since tomorrow the anniversary of the greatest battle on the American Homeland took place 152 years ago I thought I would watch too.  Saw those Generals and I stood up and cheered Lee, Longstreet and others as they made their appearances in the movie.  This is great fun as I managed to steal a lot of popcorn, slurp out of his glass , which he was not happy about (muwahahahahahah) and it was going along good as my guys were winning and then this scene came up…. The old guy’s troops are out of ammo… Get ’em guys in Gray!!!!  Then this happened… While I like the ideal of Bayonets… I have uses for them I saw this…..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL-5uyp44WA  –

Wait a minute… what the…. I turned and looked at the old guy… he smiled and said that was the moment the Union was saved.  What!!!?????   What do you mean Jeff Davis is not Prezziedent?  What do you mean we lost… I dont think he appreciated my next move…  I went over to the TV and lifted my leg.. except , well it didnt work quite like when Ruthieford does it… when I ripped out the cord and bit the TV he wasnt really happy then either… at that moment I wished I could’ve whistled… Dixie!  Stinkin old guy…. yeah, I had been there it would’ve been different!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr When I snatched the DVD and ran he didnt like that either…. where did I run? South of course and I buried that darn cd there….




-He is still looking for that stupid DVD and I am plotting. Georgee will rise again and I will lead it. This time we win.. but in the meantime the old guy is in for it.. we will start with a 4:30 am wake up call with this playing full blast next to his ear.. muwahahahahahahah

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__kQX12S9YI         —


What is going on.. he is singing along with it!!!  Thats a stupid Yankee for ya……  What?  What do you mean Abe Lincoln loved that song… and had it played at the White House the night they learned of Lee’s surrender?  Lee surrendered?  You dont need that face!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr  Take this!

jeff davis

-what do you mean wait….LINCOLN,_Abraham-President_(BEP_engraved_portrait)

– Flame Thrower Time!!!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


We at the Meadow take this moment to recognize all the brave Americans who fought on both sides of that battle. We also take a moment to honor those who fell in that horrible battle for they were ALL Americans.  Many were brothers others cousins, others friends…one even died on his family farm fighting for the opposite side…. we recognize this is a tragedy and this is not an attempt to diminish that at all… our Southern friends love our Ginger and Southern references for they know we do it in love… those who know Ginger know this is her… so if you are offended please know we honor ALL who died and fought and we honor BOTH sides for they were all Americans.  Abraham Lincoln felt that after the war we should move on and live with our differences and become one again… perhaps some of you who think you have to destroy those who stand up for their beliefs could learn something from that for it wasnt followed and what happened was a bigger tragedy.   We dont become political often here and this is not political either, just a history reminder. But if you try to make it political go get a life..We spoof a lot of things here and only lately do we have some of you ppl who think no one can humor and fun complain.  Ginger is from Georgia and our family lost members on both sides of the war….  so be careful before anyone wants to make this political or start calling names….  Its our family history and we both sides of our family!




I think our friend Danny Breslin would love this story…. he tells some of the funniest stories on the net and do check out his blog!

Years ago before I became the old guy… in fact I was around 10 years old I used to go to my best friend’s house on my bicycle and we would get into all kinds of mischief.  Our biggest trouble was a certain old billy goat who was big with big horns.  Now, being the boys we were we had to grab that old goat’s tail and then run and he would chase after us.  I think he liked the game as much as we did although he would get mad from time to time.

Being country and farm kids we knew that if you ran in a straight line the Goat would outrun you and lower its head and butt you sending you flying.  So, we always ran in zigzags and it made that old billy goat see red!!!  “Don’t tease the goat” his mother would tell us!  “He will get someone someday and you will be sorry.”

Well, one time we pulled its tail and he chased us and finally we clumb up the woodpile next to the house and onto the porch roof.  We were up there congratulating ourselves for yet outsmarting the goat again when his head popped up over the edge and he bleated or rather roared his satanic sounding Baaaaaah!  Those eyes… eee gads what nasty eyes !  So, he clumb up on the roof with us and we jumped down leaving him up there.    A little while later his father came home and asked what was the goat doing on the roof.  We acted dumb…. so he told us to make sure it didnt eat any shingles and commented about the stupid goat and walked off. Well, that was to us just another ticket to get the goat to chase us even more!  LOL

The most momentous occasion came around 40 years ago when on a bright, sun shining day with a light breeze and a comfortable temperature we snuck up on the that old billy goat and yanked its tail.  Now, he was in a really bad mood this day for he chased us back to the barn  and back and he wasnt letting up. He was out for blood!!! He was close on our heels when we zigged then zagged and stopped as he went by us and we ran the other way. We gained some ground on him which made him even madder as  we ran along the side of their house and went around the corner and pulled up tight to the house as the goat zoomed by.  As he went by we ducked back around the corner and looked back.

As we did so we noticed he veered off to the side a bit.  There under the clothesline was my friend’s mother putting laundry in her basket.  She was bent over with her backside pointing right in our direction and the billy goat saw it.  Now he was running full speed and it was obvious to us where he was going!  Before we could yell a warning his head went down and he scored a bullseye and the sound… well it was the cross between a thwack and thump!!! Now his mother flew forward and somersaulted after about ten feet laying on the ground face down with clothes all over creation!!!  We were frozen there.. horrified.. feeling horrible… hoping she was okay.  What happened next was in slow motion…..

His mother was lying face down and she pushed herself up.  As she stood up she pushed her strawberry blonde hair back to reveal her usually light skinned face to be beet red… and turning purple.  Her blue eyes were flashing like lightning and her fiery dutch temper was up!  Now, she rarely got mad and when she did everybody ran because you knew someone was going to get a earful!  Her fists clenched and she went right over to that goat who looked up at her chewing his cud and bleated which seemed to infuriate her even more.  She pointed her finger into his face and her voice which was loud and shrill escalated as she began to talk.  This was it….  his mother who was a devout Christian… who never would gossip and who followed the ten commandments better than most ppl could dream of was going to lose it and spew a line of blue language that would burn off our ears!  We had waited for years to see her swear… we made bets on it even.  What could make her swear!!!  The moment had come she surely was going to lose control and let loose this time!!!

We looked at each other and turned back eagerly awaiting the biggest blowup ever!!!  She pointed at the goat and let loose!  “you… You… YOU… YOU!!!!  YOU BAD BILLY GOAT!!!!!!  she screamed……  The goat looked at her and chewed its cud for a few seconds and as if to tell her off just bleated sarcastically and looked up at her some more….

We ran into the wheat field and laughed till our ribs hurt…..  all she could say was you bad billy goat?  Our mood of horror had changed into complete laughter….. what a letdown…. yet it was unbelievably funny.  Could you have not sworn up a blue streak at that darn goat?  Who but his mother could only say that?  We still laugh.. over 40 years later at what happened.   She is still alive today at over 90 years old.  She is still a wonderful christian lady who lets my friend know what he is doing wrong with his life….  much to my delight!

Did we ever tell her what caused that goat to get her?  Are you kidding?  She still doesnt know. LOL… she could still give us a dressing down and we got away with that one and we know it.  Sort of ironic after all those warnings dont you think?  By the way, she wasnt hurt..  just a couple of horn shaped bruises on her bottom, a basket of spilled clothes and well, she got a lot of help for the rest of the day from two overly concerned boys who made her life nice for that afternoon…. after all it was the least we could do.  Oh, to this day we still have not ever heard her swear….. amazing!   The goat…. I asked what happened to him last year.  “oh, he got old and  died and went to billy goat hell I guess” my friend said…. “yeah..” I quipped back… “wonder if he will fail to catch us there too!”


That Billy Goat was a amateur!!! I can get the old guy to swear in a matter of seconds… Muwahahhahah  I bet I could’ve gotten her to swear in a matter of minutes…. have fun in hell old guy!!!

UH OH!!!



Ah, thanks dad for the hammock!!!  :)  What?  You want it?  well, give me a minute to enjoy it okay?

Let me lay down and enjoy it…. aaaahhhh….

Wow, here comes dad Rutherford… its been two hours and he is getting tired of waiting… Get ready for plan A…

Sure dad, let me get down… hehehe…

Um, you know what is coming… dont you?

Ready?  Muwahahahaha… Lets get him!!!!

ah yes, slingshotted into the side of the house… they missed.. hmmm.. this wont be pretty… hehehe

well, that plot is done… time to head in and act innocent…. and scheme up another plot….

Time to dream up another plot…. hehehehe   What Mom?  What do I know about Dad being embedded in the wall?  Sorry, time for a nap…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What does Ginger have plotted next?  Will it work? Will it bomb but still be a win for Ginger?  Come back and see!

-Hi Dad!  How come your clothes are ripped up… why is your body print in the wall?  Why are you angry?  What do you mean what you need is a torch and some gasoline?  Um…. what do you mean we will be portable torches?  Dad, I am innocent I tell you…. ask Branwen what happened… or Ginger…. um.. think I will go take a nap…


Things have been a bit bleak at the Meadow the past few days. Branwen has been sick and needed an operation today.  Big storms, TV fried, job sucks because of a merger going on… but today broke sun shining and cool with a nice breeze….

As I waited for news about our collie today, wired up the headlight I bought for the back of the M…. works great. Took ol’ Emmie out for a ride around the neighborhood. As we purred down the road ppl waved and gave thumbs up to that old tractor. We stopped down by the creek and as she sat there idling I took some pics. Saw some of the prettiest purple colored dragonflies. Pics didnt turn out then we came home and we wheeled down to the strawberry patch where I had to stop to get some of those Farmall red berries, rolled by the Blackberry patch… holy crap I wont be able to eat that much when they come on… wow! Came back, received the call that Branwen the collie is recovering… thanked God on my knees for giving me so much…. , then played with the collies for a couple of hours, laid in the hammock for an hour enjoying the weather and reading…now I am listening to some old Bluegrass… eating more of those Farmall Red Berries.. life dont get much better….. especially since my family is around me tonight and so are my collies.. including Branwen… God is Great indeed!



Wont be long and Brandy will be enforcing her law again,…..  “STOP BREATHING MY AIR!!!!”

Rubber Ducky

Smoke used to adopt stuffed toys when we brought them home and carry them everywhere, taking them out and brining them in.  They became his world until one day he would take them out, place them under the big Maple and walk off and never look at them again.


A few weeks ago Rutherford adopted a Rubber Ducky.  Did the same thing except he would leave Rubbber Ducky outside under the tree, but his whole world was that Rubber Ducky. One day he brought Rubber Ducky in and dropped him on the floor next to my chair and has never looked at him since…. never have figured it out… but okay……

– Dad, its too much work,. I have squirrels to chase.. figure you can have another kid to take care of!


Genetics are amazing!!!!  I just made a fruit that glowed in the dark.. fed it to Ellie and she glowed for three days.. hehehehe  kept he up all night from the bright light… now if I can do that to the old guy that would be cool! Muwahahahah10672392_10203672183757872_8372278306270068656_n


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