Learning Fast



-Hey Dad, we need to talk. Got a minute….

  • Look I need a raise. I need more treats because I am cute…..

-What do you mean no?  Listen old guy, let me make you a deal you can’t refuse (sounds like the Godfather as he speaks!)

-You then offered him a deal he couldnt refused.. and he laughed and it worked?   Very impressive Minion.. er Winchester… very impressive.




Zoomy Wigglebutt



-Here he comes dad… zoomy wigglebutt

-the rumpus ball, I found it after years of not being seen…. time to go!!!!!!   Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle….







-Cant catch me, I am the Winchester man!!!!

-Why is everyone asleep?




-That made me tired watching, I am taking a nap too…









He wasnt shy for long and has the meadow in a uproar all day!


-Throw my bone!!!

-Tell me more Ginger, that sounds like a great idea!

-Listen dad, let me make you a deal you can’t refuse……

-Can’t catch me I am the Winchester MAN


-MUwahahahahahahaha, great job Winchester…. got him on the defense now….









-Wheee!! Is mine!!  Catch me if you can!!!

  • What?  Their toys are my toys arent they?  What do you mean I cant take their toys too?   I am just “borrowing”….

-Um, dad… Winchester is “borrowing” again, this time it is something from Ginger’s laboratory with a big red button that says : “Push for Mushroom clouds”….. um….. yes, hurry dad!!!

-Muwahahahaha… He almost set them off…. hard for the Old guy to keep up with me while the “minion”.. er.. Winchester does what he does and I use his actions to further my taking over the world agenda… one of these days…. muwahahahahah





Ginger taught Winchester how to use the computer…. found this email he wrote to Glendale…..


Guess what!
I am having fun here!  I have all of the collies playing with me now.  You should hear the amount of noise they make when I get them whipped into a frenzy here!  Its just like being at Glendale.  My bestest friend is Ginger and we play for hours everyday.  The old guy says he is glad for she doesnt have time to plot that way… whatever that means.  I even slept cuddled up to Branwen…. the old guy says I was putting my life at risk, but she seemed to enjoy it.   Its almost time for breakfast and it has been an active morning already.  I am growing up steadily, and have learned to climb onto the swing, onto the bed and onto the old guy’s lap when I want to.  He says he cant get any reading done… but who needs to read anyways?
 Ginger and I have the mostest fun….  but she does look at the old guy sometimes like “what did you unleash upon us?”  Not sure what she means by that, but hey its fun when we attack him and boot him out of the hammock… still trying to figure out how to get in it and stay in it…. but Ginger sure enjoys it….  –
Guess what, I stold Rutherford’s gold ball and he joined Ginger in on the chase and Rebel Yell joined in and then I dropped the gold ball and pulled Mick’s fur when going by and he joined in too and soon everybody was going crazy as I laid down and watched it all unfold…. the old guy just grinned and laughed…. he says I am like Laddie in that I always have to have something happening, but he says I do take breaks which Laddie did not.
Oh, guess what, I refuse to eat out of my bowl now.  I have a big collie bucket I eat out of.  I absolutely refuse to eat out of my bowl….  I have rights ya know and I want to be like all the other collies and be all grown up too…. so I has me a big bucket and I sometimes take my time and make them big collies wait for me to get done… Well, off to eat breakfast and raise a ruckus…  some pics of ME included!
Nom, nom, nom,
Winchester, the collie who won the west!

-Ha HA HA there goes Ginger attacking dad again.  HE has his hands full holding onto the hammock… here comes Winchester.  Oh boy this will get tough for dad…. wait….  Winchester is joining dad! HAHAHAHAHA   what a battle royal.  Looks like Ginger is back to plotting again…. Wonder why Winchester joined dad?

-I came to collect my treats for helping you with Ginger.  By the way she just upped her offer to two treats per attack to help her so I guess I want three treats now to help you…..

-You want four treats?   What is this? Hmmmm… sounds like this minion is out for himself…..

-Let me make you a deal you cant refuse dad,,,,, 5 treats or else….




Listen Minion… er Winchester…. here is what we do.  pssssttttt….

-Really?  So, I jump up on the hammock and pull his hair, nibble his fingers and keep him busy.  Are you sure those fingers are detachable?


-Look at that, it is working.. now to go pull on his arms, his toes and try to tip him out of the hammock!!!  Listen old Guy you dont need that ankle.. I do! Muwahahahahahaha  Stop fighting it old guy.. we will win in the end…..

-Huh, Ginger got banished to the house and Winchester is asking Ginger why they didnt get the Hammock.  What does she mean by “We will escalate our attacks next time?”  Why is he best friends with her?

-Huh, that was fun!  Cant wait to see what happens tomorrow.  Still dont know what Minion means… do you what it means? Hey are you alive?