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Shortly after our last post we received an email from our friend whose home Shiloh and Thor came from. from her we learned that a beautiful white collie she had sold she had found out had been rehoused to an abusive home. We won’t go over what happened to him, but it really made him scared of everyone and everything. No one would take hime for he was a wreck. Our friend was broken hearted and asked if we could try to help him and give him a good home. she gifted him to us and he arrived and he was frightened but the collies gathered around him and licked and showed affection and in a matter of minutes he had new friends.

That was the high point for the next several weeks as I spent every hour I had trying to get Apollo to come out of his shell. we would make some progress only to have him relapse the next day into a life of fear. It was heartbreaking, hard to see and it broke my heart. somedays at the end I would hold him as he shook in fear and weep for him.

However, a month and a half in he made progress everyday and each day he came to get over his fears and I became very hopeful for him. Two months and he has adopted me and was a bit tentative around our son, but was still scared of my wife. A note on this, the person who abused him was female.

Three months in and he was doing very well and I became very proud of him for he had grown so much. He was still scared of my wife, but becoming braver and bolder. Four months and he went up to my wife and accepted a treat from her. In his fifth month Apollo has become a collie with that is very happy, has a delightfully naughty streak and is very playful with a crazy sense of humor.

His favorite trick is when I will grab his toy to throw it, he grabs my shoelaces untying them, when I bend over to tie them he gently nips my backside then steals his toy back.

He still has a few issues to work through but he is doing great now. As you can see his eyes glow with joy as he plays. Our Apollo, the collie who has brought me so much joy as he has grown and overcome his past.

Apollo and Winchester

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Then There Was Thor

Then there was Thor

Last year we decided to get another collie in 2022. Fate had it otherwise. our friends where we picked up Shiloh had a beautiful lil pup whose is Shiloh’s brother from a different litter. so, we brought him home last summer and he and Shiloh do everything together. Thor is a sweet guy who is loving, gentle and very soft hearted until he goes outside to play and then it is all out physical play with lots of roughhousing, wrestling and craziness. with winchester in the mix we have craziness and they remind me of the three stooges. Winchester is like moe, trying to keep control but causing more chaos by doing so, shiloh is like Shemp a nutty funny guy and Thor the lovable carefree spirit who loves everyone, roughhousing, carefree, happy yet full of the craziest, thoughts, actions and has the most creative answers. we will begin updating here in the next few weeks. Thor loves shoes…. to death and loves shoestrings. only collie to do so in our lifetimes. Rumor has it he gives them to Ginger for bomb fuses……

first day, no time to introduce let rampage across the backyard

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RIP Lil Hallie

13 years ago I was there when Anya and Skylight conceived the litter that lil hallie and mick were born in. First one I helped to deliver was lil Hallie and I watched in wonder as she took her first breath! I was there when eyes opened, I was there when she first stood up, there for her first step, there as she first ran.

Through the years we went for lots of walks, spent lots of time together and she was loyal, faithful and my right hand. I loved her as much as I loved her grandmother Hallie whom she was named after and looked like. She was the one collie I can never remember ever doing anything naughty. She was good and true. I never wrote much about her other than to show she was my protector and loyal and my right hand like her grandmama was.

On January 11th she began to fade from old age and spent the day laying next to me as I worked and cared for her. After work I sat next to her till 7:29 when she, in my arms passed from my life and took another piece of my heart as they alll do. The collie who helped me heal from the passing of her grandmama the day before she was born now is gone. She was a sassy type of an angel but she was one heck of a collie. She is a treasure that lives in my heart. like her grandmama she was the alpha female.

Of the collies born here only Rutherford is still with us. His time is clearly drawing to his end Also. Ginger still is mischevious but slowing down.

As I look out the window at Winchester, Shiloh and Thor rioting in the backyard I see the future as they look like the three stooges with their craziness…… but I the past also, a past I dearly miss.

i love you lil Hallie, I always will. You were pure and good….

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Shiloh arrived last fall and quickly became best friends with Winchester. Shiloh is a friendly, loving, loveable, fun loving collie who enjoys life until he gets bored.

once that happens Shiloh kicks into action chaotically creating chaos and whipping the Meadow into craziness. This has earned Shiloh the name Captain Chaos. Then add Winchester to the mix who is Super Psycho and brings planning to the chaos and we have the Dastardly Duo whose antics bring howls of glee from Ginger who uses the distractions to her advantage…..

above is their mugshot…. Er picture. As you can see Captain Chaos is about whip into action as Super Psycho is looking for the next target with his blue eye which like the eye of Sauron from the lord of the rings misses nothing and pierces the soul.

Once Super Psycho zeroes in into action they go gleefully weaving their chaotic assault with Winchester methodically doing his thing while Shiloh chaotically adds to the confusion working together towards their goal. Sometimes it is funny and fun other times intervention is needed which then of course Gingers adds her twist which keeps the action going.

Huh, look at all the smoke, fire and rubble, that was fun and kept me entertained. Dad looks mad, where did Ginger go and why is Winchester’s eye piercing my soul. Time to be cute and loving so I can get out of this mess.

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RIP Mickey

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Packing his bags!!!!

Two weeks from today…. a new face will arrive at the meadow. Excitement is building, Ginger is plotting on how to recruit him to the dark side. A few pictures of Shiloh. 🙂

Hi, I am Shiloh.
Who is this Ginger I hear about? She has already written to me telling me she will be my only friend at my new home. But, I hear others say the Old Guy is good to collies. Who is Winchester, I hear him and I will be play buddies. I am a curious guy who likes to run, hope Winchester likes to run, that is what I hear.

What is a doggie bomb. Ginger says she will teach me how to make them……..

Two weeks!!!! I am curious about my new home and family. I am not sure I want to be like Ginger, I like to be held and to cuddle…… but I am curious and will investigate everything. Ginger tells me if I do not like it at the meadow she will help me hop a train to Georgie…. wherever that is…. See you all in Two weeks! -Shiloh

THE OLD GUY HAS TURNED HIS BACK…. The voting in our previous post is still going on!!!! Remember, vote for me!!! GINGER!!!!! The vote combined with the collie vote is close… help me to become President. Collies of the world unite!!!!

I am the candidate that kisses babies!!! See! 🙂 VOTE!!!!

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With the upcoming election the collies have gotten into the mood for polyticks themselves and the following does not constitute in anyway upon our current election or support for anyone and is meant to insult everyone…. 🙂

There is growing fervor at the Meadow.  The Northern and North Central Meadow is content with the current system and supports the continuation of using Gold Meadow food which is a high protein stable solid food.  Led by their Champion, Lil Hallie who is the lieutenant of the Old Guy she is for the status quo with her Reprobate Party.  Her hero after the old guy is William McKinley.  McKinley stood for his own Gold Meadow in his day.

However, out in the West Meadow there is a big movement going on for the Hard working hungry Mick and his Pop-u-in-the-lip Party is wanting a new Meadow food, the Silver Meadow food. It is a smaller piece food but for the same price they get 16 pieces to one.  They are also working for collie control of the means of buying and distributing the food and for a food bank where extra food is bought and stored in case they are more hungry than normal. Mick loves the old guy and his hero is James B. Weaver,

The South Meadow and Eastern Plains Meadow have their champion, the leader of the Demoncraps, Ginger.  Ginger while a member of the Demoncraps also supports what the Pop-u-in-lips wants and her party is better organized and she is loved for her silver tongue speeches which whip the collies across the meadow into a frenzy.  There is high hopes in some sections of the Meadow that Ginger will win and upset the status quo.  Ginger’s hero is William Jennings Bryan –

Lil’ Hallie stays in the house for the collies to come and talk with her as she espouses the safety and protection of the status quo. Her right hand man, Rutherford prints out tons of flyers stating their case which is simple.  ” We stand for the solidness and enrichment of the Gold Meadow Food which has always fed our collies since the beginning.  We believe everyone is treated fairly and we are against the suculism of the crazy populinthelips and the Demoncraps.  The Gold Meadow Food has stood the test of time in providing us with solid nutrition.  Stay the course. By t he way the popuinthelips are crazy lunatics and Ginger is a power hungry monster who wants to tax you out of existence. The Gold Meadow food comes in bigger pieces and better for you and Silver Meadow food is not as good for you and its 16 pieces are barely bigger than on piece of Gold Meadow.”

Mick and the Popuinthelips Party are for what is stated above. They have a lot of power for they are large like Mick is and they have decided to swing their support behind Ginger officially but with Mick as the VP candidate..  Their release states ; “Popuinthelips stand for equality and 16 to one pieces of Silver Meadow Food so we can have more food. It is high time that the old guy, his minions the Reprobates hear our cry as we suffer from the lack of what is fair. Vote for Ginger in this election”

Ginger tours the Meadow and the collies are whipped into a frenzy by her wonderful speeches.  A quote from Ginger’s speeches. “They have laughed at our asking for more, they have scoffed at our ideas, but we no longer beseech and we no longer ask, we stand defiant and are now on the move.  We only want what is rightfully ours, we also only want control of it.  Is it too much to ask for fairness?  They state that our Silver Meadow Food is smaller, but 16 pieces together make up more than their one piece, they state is is not as good for us, but we can have more and make up the lack of nutrition by overwhelming numbers of food.  They calls us suculists, but we are not suculists, we are only trying to reform their crapitalism so we too can have our fair share.  We are the majority here, why do we have to answer to the few.  Should we not control our food, how it is bought and distributed and to set aside some just in case leaner times come so we can survive?  Who is more important here?  Shall the collies rule?  Burn down the house and leave the meadows alone and the house will spring up again.  But burn down the meadows and the house will fall down in ruins!  Do not listen to lil’ Hallie who is the mouthpiece for the old guy.  We stand on the verge of destiny! IT is time we took our rightful place in the course for history. Vote for me for World Dictator… er.. President of the Meadows and I will handle the old guy!!!”

The campaign has been hard fought and the Ginger toured the meadow daily till exhausted. Li’Hallie sat inside and comfy next to the old guy and took in audiences while Rutherford handed out his propaganda.  Meanwhile Winchester did the same for Ginger.  Mick continued to support Ginger in the West Meadow but in the South he began siding with the Reprobates because in the South the Demoncraps are seen as part of establishment.

Voting finally came today….   and the votes are as follows;

Lil Hallie  2.5 votes!

Ginger     2.5  votes!

What?  Who voted both ways?


Sorry, I Mick of the popuinthelips voted  a half vote for each one.  While I support Ginger, both parties are establishment in certain areas.  Dont know how this will change things but I was torn because I like the old guy, support ginger and Lil’ Hallie arranged for us to get a bit more food so I am happy.






I Ginger call upon our readers to voice your opinion!!!!   Vote for me as President so I have power to take on the old guy.  Vote for me! Vote  for  me  President  of  the Meadow.  Then  someday  World Dictator!

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Coming in October

After the Sabbath on Saturday we took a trip on Sunday to a small farm of some very nice ppl who happen to also be believers. They have some beautiful collies which turn out to be related to ours having some of the same ancestors as ours have.

We had a reason to go here. I was looking around on the net and saw a very unique looking puppy that was similar to what I was orginally trying to breed for in the past concerning colors, except this one has a very unique look.

We were greeted by some very, very nice ppl who made us feel like we were right at home and we were able to meet this young pup and it was love at first sight, although he is just about 4 weeks old so he is more interested in sleeping and eating than making human friends right now. But, he is a slightly shy very gentle puppy who even when playing with his siblings was gentle and fun loving.

I have a couple of pictures of him when he was two weeks old so his blaze is not as large as it was in this picture but his unique face pattern for a collie that attracted my attention will really stand out when he grows up.

We went with two names. Remington, a name I love and is full of great American history and the other Shiloh which has a deep meaning to me for it was the first capital of Ancient Israel, was where the Tabernacle resided until moved to Jerusalem. The word Shiloh also is a variation of Shalom, which means Godly Peace, Contentment and fulfillment and in another context G-D’s gift. Lastly but great of all it has Messianic meaning being the name given to coming and returning Messiah and L-RD and Savior.

If he was a spitfire like Winchester he was going to be Remington, if sweet and gentle he will be Shiloh. Well, he is sweet an gentle and at this time of deep changes here at the Meadow the name has deep meaning in many ways. Shiloh comes home towards mid-October. We can’t wait.

Ginger is mortified, for she wanted a Remington, Winchester is mystified and Rutherford could care less, Mick is looking forward to another puppy. He loves pups and lil Hallie, she is ready to guide him and lead him into being a part of the family.

More news coming as we move closer to the Meadow having another new, young face showing up. Somehow I am not sure this one will be a Ginger minion…. but perhaps Ginger will reform? Probably not…. Will be interesting to see…. WELCOME SHILOH!!!


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Thank You!

To everyone who gave us such wonderful words of support and comfort we say thank you. The outpouring of comfort, support and kind words as well as the belief that our furry family members will be in the afterlife with us is a great comfort at such times. Each of you, please know if you have a blog we do visit and love it, however we for some reason cannot always leave comments due to some system error.

As we enter into a period of moving into the future changes are coming. We have found the breeder who had our Anya’s father and we are looking to try for a spring puppy from them It would be a joyous moment if that happens.

In the meantime we have another puppy in the works who is a very unique looking little puppy. This puppy is what I at one time envisioned coming out of our lines if the breeding has worked out. However there is a great debate going on over a name if this puppy comes here. Remington or Shiloh. Personally, I love both names, Remington which would go well with our Winchester but Shiloh, it has so many wonderful connotations, everything from Messianic meanings, to being the first place where the Tabernacle was set up in Ancient Israel and it is also in Hebrew can be a variation of Shalom, meaning Peace, peaceful, or fulfillment, contentment or tranquility depending upon its use or source.

Give us your thoughts on Remington or Shiloh…… picture of the puppy once this has been sealed…

vote or else, I Ginger need to rebuild my army for world domination

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The Passing of Ellie

dscf4975On June 15th our Ellie was called home by the G-D of my ancestors.  She was over 13 and half years old.  She passed while we were at her side and she was alert and interacting with us when she passed.  Another piece of my heart is gone with her passing.  She was Trevor’s daughter and my last earthly link to him is now gone.  RIP dear Ellie.

As we now turn to the future with the small remnant of quickly aging babies who were born here and Ginger and Winchester we are now working on bringing into our home some new, young collies to be come part of the collie family and its culture before they are all gone.

There is sort of a continuation when the old blend with the new and yet because of their personalities things change, but in a consistent and gradual manner instead all new.  I guess it has helped us to keep part of the past alive as the new slowly comes in.  It is a bittersweet moment moving into the future away from the family line of collies we have loved and lived with for over 3 generations.  As they slowly fade from our midst knowing we are losing something that can never be regained is sort of hard to live with.  However, knowing there is a new future coming is sort of exciting in itself.  There may be a unusual blend of old and new in the works, but it is too early to count on this event. But, we will keep you updated as there are plans afoot to bring this blog back to life as we move into the future.

Why the pause for the past couple of recent years?  We have been a pretty popular blog for a while and to let go means a rebuilding here also.  However, as you can see the rate of passing of our now elderly collies has been picking up in speed and it is difficult to write of  nothing but death, or so and so needs medication and watching them slowly decline to their final moments.  We have spent the past couple of years enjoying our final moments with the collies we have, nursing them, loving them, comforting them and giving back to them as they gave to us for all these years.  Hard decisions have had to be made and a lot of loss and pain has been endured for they all grew old together.

Ginger still plots and schemes, Winchester tears across the backyard whipping the collies into a frenzy that because of their ages doesnt last as long now.  Lil Hallie still goes for walks, but at a much slower pace as Winchester leads the way going up far ahead and then comes back to urge Hallie on.  Mick is still doing silly things, and Rutherford still struts, although at a shorter distance now as he still grins that silly grin.  We have lots of good times yet, but because of age the rough and tumble, crazy never ending antics have slowed down as I too have slowed down a bit due to age.  As I sit her writing I am surrounded by the last of the line I love so much and I smile as I look at those loving eyes and those now graying faces looking at me and I realize looking back at them is a face with wrinkles, gray hair a smile that never goes away when I am around them.  My heart also hurts for I know our time together is coming to close very rapidly now.

I hear the echoes of their barking, stampeding across the yard and feel them jostling against me when there were 13 of them rampaging and frolicking across the yard.  That will be with me for the rest of my life and as it recedes further into the past I look to a future with Winchester leading the charge of a much smaller collie family across the meadow…..   with the echoes of Trevor, Laddie, Big Hallie, Smoke, Anya, Branwen, Ellie, Skylight, Wally (Rebel Yell) Niamh, MacKenzie, Teddy, Sadie, Chessie and soon joined by Lil Hallie, Mick, Rutherford and Ginger in the next year or two barking in the background.

The rebuilding and new adventures should be fun and exciting.  What new things will happen will be covered.  For now, we need the time to say goodbye…..  and to cherish what moments we have left.

More soon….

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