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-Is it time for Santa yet?


We collies thought we would put up a few Christmas suggestions.


For Terhune fans, any of his books. We will post a list of them soon!

For Collie Lovers we suggest from the Terhune Memorial Society anything by the person who knows more about Terhune than anyone in our opinion;

Kristina Marshall.  We have her FOREVER FRIENDS and it is a thrilling and wonderful book about all the collies that lived at Sunnybank with the bloodlines coming out of Sunnybank!  This is a must have and just type in Terhune Memorial Society on Google to get more information or type in the book with Kristina Marshall’s name. 🙂 She also has several other book and all of them are GREAT!!!!

For Automobile Lovers;

A great read about the history of Henry Ford, his family through to the early 90’s, the Ford Company and the cars a excellent book is ;


For the best biography about Henry Ford we have read and can recommend volume one of the three volume set by Nevins.  Volume one covers Henry Ford, his family life, Ford Motor Company, the cars and his other activities up to 1915.  It is fascinating to see the beginnings of the Ford Company and how they did all they could do to keep it going until it finally exploded into the beginning of the huge company it is now. This book is: FORD, THE TIMES, THE MAN, THE COMPANY

For Movie Lovers we recommend;

THE QUIET MAN with John Wayne and Maureen O’ Hara

HIS GIRL FRIDAY with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant

For the men;

Any Three Stooges Films

For the Women;

Any movie with Katharine Hepburn

Hopefully this will help……


I Ginger think the ultimate Christmas present is printing out this picture of me lifesize and putting it on your wall………


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Every once in a while I post about our favorite things….  As you all know I am a big fan of old iron by Henry.. Ford that is.  Now my family was a GM family and most of it is to this day, but the Ford fan club is growing with my daughter owning a Ford now too.  I was even more is awe when I went by the Ford HQ in Dearborn…. talk about big!!! Woo hoo!!!  But, lets look at my favorite iron by Henry Ford….

Of the Ford brand, there is so much to be favorites… the Model T, the 1957 Fords, the Mustang… oh the list goes on.  But my favorite Ford is…

1932Ford_01_700-the fabulous 1932 Ford.  What is so special about this old car?  Well, it had a flathead V-8 om it and it would scoot. If you ever see one of these it will turn your head for it is a handsome looking car that when it goes by has that throaty V-8 sound that will stun you for you will not expect it in a car like this. While Chevy had its stovebolt 6 with low end power and torque these old Ford had speed!  The 32 Ford followed the Model A and the Model T and was Henry Ford’s last big move to save Ford Motor Company.  It succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and the engine was built until 1953.  While a 32 Ford looks like a car from another era it had a engine that would not be passed until the 50’s.. now that is revolutionary.  They were so popular that many of them became hot rods and that is what the song “Little Deuce Coupe” is about.. a 1932 Ford….. My number one favorite of Ford division of  Ford Motor Company,…..

-This is a film of one.. the sound isn’t great but when he takes off with it you get to hear a bit of what they sound like… my favorite color too… black….

Then there was Mercury.  This was Edsel’s baby and what a car Mercs were.  From the tear drops, to the Cougars to all their fabulous cars in between I have my favorite….. I am torn for I love the Lead Sleds of 49 which were Jimmy Dean’s favorite and the 56 Mercs….. But the ’56 Mercs ooze power……


-Well, its the 1956 Mercury…. red and black two tone of course…. here I am next to one… 🙂 Below is a film of one… its a ugly color but you get to see the inside and outside of it and hear it run…… 🙂

Then there is Lincoln… well you all know the 46-48 Lincoln Continental is my favorite.. in White or Black… oh yeah, now this is class…. with a V-12 this car oozed power and yet looked classy…. this was Edsel’s baby also…. and Edsel Ford to me was a genius…. here is a picture and here is a film of one in action…. my favorite all-time car….


Sort of like riding in one isn’t it.. what a car!

Honorable Mentions…..  loved the ’63 Fords…..

and of course my second favorite Ford.. the 1957….

Ginger pose-I Ginger would look great in a ’46 Lincoln….. the old guy on the other hand would look good ina ’46 Ford tractor being dragged behind the plow… muwahahahaha  er… did I say that? snicker….

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We are putting together an image of our readers with our recent posts… your favorite collie color was yesterday and we will be asking questions about your favorite cars, hobbies, books, religions  and such and we will then present what our readers like and prefer…. 🙂  Its all anonymous unless of course you choose to share in the comment section which we would love…..


Our collies love to ride around in their Collie Transport Unit#1 and #2 which of course are a Chevrolet and a Ford.  What is your favorite automobile?


Does it have a Blue Oval or a bow tie?

Or perhaps it has portholes on the side as in  Buick?  Or perhaps you like Chryslers or are a Japanese fan of Toyota, Nissan or Subaru.


Or perhaps you like European cars like VW, Audi or Mercedes?

We are not asking for your favorite model and year, but what brand you would buy above all others…..


What do you mean there is no car called a Ginger!!!!!!!







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Today as the collies ran around the yard it reminded me of a song.  Through the years it was Lad and Smoke racing and now it is Rutherford and Walter…..  as they race around recklessly, outrunning not only each other they also outrun the other collies.  As they run along trying to outrun each other and bumping each other it reminded me of a old song…. Jaguar and Thunderbird Ford by Chuck Berry…. guess I sort of feel like the sheriff in this old song…. the beat matches how they run..  When they run full speed it becomes scary as they weave around things without slowing down and their feet thunder across the ground….


Slow down!!!    No Dad!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!


one of these days I am going to stick out my foot and cause one heck of a wreck… heheheheheh

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We are very happy with Christmas, with lots of doggie treats, a wonderful meal and lots of loves. Even Ginger got what the rest of us got which shows what a softy the old guy is.

Dad was very happy for he received the other two volumes of the Ford, the man, the times and the company so he can study the history of the Ford family, Henry Ford, the company and the cars.  He got lots of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups…. and he  got a hat for plowing snow, some money for tractor repairs and lots of wonderful goodies as well as some old family heirlooms which while not highly valuable are very sentimental to him….. 🙂  He also received a item that years ago he had sold due to rough times…..  it was given back to him at Christmas and we never saw him so moved…..  his expression as he held it was very moving for it was like a old friend had come home.  He has always regretted selling it, but it had to be done at the time and now it is back with him and he is really thrilled.

We took a afternoon nap as Dad and the family took the Ford for a visit and then he played with us and we had a riot….

Dad visited all your blogs today and was so thrilled to do so.  We all enjoy all your blogs and your comments and your kindness… thank you for being our friends, for your kind words and for visiting our humble little blog.  We love you all and we truly hope your Christmas was a very happy and blessed time!


We hope you had a Merry Christmas and thank you for your support, comments, kind words and friendship through the past years.  God Bless You All!!!!

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We want to award to three blogs the Collies Choice Award today!!! 🙂  These three blogs we feel are amongst the best of the net!  Two are dog blogs…. one is a collie blog! Yay!  No,,, we are not awarding ourselves a award.. it is another collie blog! 🙂  The other has some great posts about cars and tractors… as you all know the old guy loves tractors and cars…. in that order. 🙂

So here are the blogs we feel are amongst the best!

1. KEY WEST COLLIES- Yes, another collie blog about two wonderful collies named Essex and Sherman and their dad who obviously loves them very, very much with memories of the wonderful Deacon who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  Here is a description from their site about themselves.. 🙂

Essex and Sherman are aunt and great nephew. Essex is a friendly, but reserved female tri-color. Sherman is a brave happy outgoing male sable & white. Deacon is a our dog angel that watches over our pack. He crossed the bridge before his fifth barkday.

The blog is delightful and very collie-esque!  Full of love, energy, fun and collie insights we love reading it.  However, we do have one question for them, where did you get the cut-outs to make Collie shaped cookies?  Needless to say we at The Meadow want some! LOL….. You will enjoy this blog so please do visit and say hello and look at those beautiful collies Essex and Sherman.  Sherman by the way is recovering from a recent operation… so add him to your prayer list if you can!

To visit Key West Collies please go to:


Tell them we say hello!Enjoy this wonderful collie blog.

2. CUPCAKE SPEAKS-This delightful blog is about Cupcake who is a gorgeous little dog who is smart, very photo-genic and appears in dresses anc clothes and you cant help but say.. awwwww….  Her human is a childrens book author and Cupcake helps her to write and licks each book.  This blog will make you smile and you will laugh with delight as Cupcake goes through each day with a delightful outlook on life.  One of our favorites and one we think you will enjoy immensely.  Go to;


Say hello and enjoy!

3. BIZ BEARING- As some of you know the old guy here writes about those orange tractors of his on My Old Allis and Mollie Speaks and about automobiles on Bow-ties and Portholes.  So, when dad found this blog he was thrilled and we collies have to say we enjoy it too.  Fantastically written articles about Tractors (a lamborghini tractor is the latest!), self-driven cars, antique cars like old Chevys and even a Tucker!!!  Dad has seen 5 Tuckers in his life and there were only 48 made if he remembers right.  On Biz Bearing you can check out the All Chevy Show page that is full of antique, classic and hot rod chevys! Yay!  You can also see on the All Ford Show page the same about Fords (we would boo since we are a Buick and Chevy family but dad says Fords are a great car also.. 😉  )  and a Italian Show Page  with the same as well as the Barrett-Jackson page full of photos of classic cars that are beautiful!

Written by Jack Fischbein this blog is a wonderful step into the world of cars and sometimes tractors!  We love reading about the most recent trends and innovations in the car world, like the airless tires (dad will love that for he hates flat tires), self-driving autos and more. You will see history, commercials, trends and find out about updates on car companies and much, much more!

So please visit them at;


Say hello and tell them we say hello!  Of course he wont know us as Collies Of  The Meadow but he will know us as Bow-Ties and Portholes….

Those are our three awards today!!!

Here is their award to post on their site if they like and to award to others they feel are the best on the net!

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