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That will teach that squirrel to come in our yard!!!!  Yeah, you bring back your nutty big brother squirrel, he will get the bat treatment too!dscf8820

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-Now all I got to do is to get them to run over the old guy… muwahahaha10301059_10202878257590214_5330252635389669235_n

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Since it was warm and above 50 degrees the collies got to play.  Wanted to walk Hallie but it was to wet and muddy, used to g in it, but I dont anymore.   But, she liked her ride in the truck yesterday and we had fun walking around the property. 🙂

IT WAS FUN!!!!!!


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Hi everyone. We have been remiss in posting here which makes me sad for we worked so hard to get the number up.  But, tomorrow we get back at it. Looks like my illness is dying off now …. so that is good!  Now my mother has it… 😦 Lasts three months, plugs up your sinuses, makes your ear ring endlessly… drove me crazy.

So, today it hit 50 degrees, played with the coolies, took lil Hallie for a ride, got gas and drove the tractors and have energy left over for the first time in three months.



Finally, after a year of looking hard…. perhaps… keep your fingers crossed a tractor may have been found. It came out of the blue… um… I dont want to jinx it… but lets say this… its not Flambeau, its not green, its not red or silver…  okay that is enough of a hint. It also has 36 or 40 hp, weighs around 4000 pounds and will fit in nicely here….




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The weather warmed up into the 30 degree range for two days, snowed and then is plunging down near zero again tonight.  But in two days it goes back up into the 30’s with a projected 40 with sunshine next Tuesday!  Nevertheless the collies and I played today and I then plowed snow, did some reading and then poured over listings for a tractor.



For those who read my blog and correspond with me do know I will pick back up on my email exchanges with you today.  My apologies to you all and thank you for your patience as I have endured this near three month illness I have had.  I am getting better by the day… and today with no snow plowing I know I will feel up to writing. 🙂

-Waiting to chase their toys!

-So, as some of you have noticed there have been a few days I have missed after years of not missing posts here.  My apologies we are not back on schedule to get back to our pace.  But, back to tractors.  As those who have read here for years know my littlest farm tractor, a 1944 Allis Chalmers B plows ours and the neighbors drives.  The tough 2,000 pound tractor gets it done and easily handles most of the snow dumps we get.  However, when we get a 20 mph west wind with 8 inches of snow our drive drifts the entire length from around 5 to 6 feet high.  Old Allis handles it, but she has to work a bit and while that is what she is made for I dont like using her like that for she is 71 years old and secondly I just do not want to put in a clutch or any other parts due to excessive hard work.  Plowing the light to medium snow she would probably never need another clutch in my life…. I hope… LOL…



-Um… is this going to take long?  If so I love the taste of Maple and I will chew up another stick….

-So, after much thought and consideration I’ve decided that I want a “monster” to handle the big dumps we get here. What is a monster? Well, Old Allis is a 23 hp 2,000 pound tractor which is small for a farm tractor.  I’ve decided to go to a 6,000 pound area size tractor with near 50 HP.  I am not fooling around.  Three old tractors come to mind in this class.  A Allis Chalmers WD45 is one. I have a WC which is a 29 HP early version of the WD45.  Great strong tractors.  However, the clutch pushes like a brick wall and it is too far forward for the average size guy.  Plus I do not want another version of a model I already have.

The next choice is a Farmall M.  Big, burly, tough and the flagship of Farmall for years she is a good choice.  Problem is I am not a Farmall guy. But, at 35-49 HP (depending on the year) she is a choice and one I like.

My top choice is the Case DC.  With the chain rear drive, more low end torque and with 35-49 HP depending upon the year) this is mdscf6006y top choice.  I drool every time I see one.  But, they can be hard to find so I’ve decided although I am a Case guy I am going to buy a DC or a M, whichever comes first.

dscf5964-This a Farmall M…. my second choice…










I tried to find a film of a DC plowing snow, but couldn’t. But I did find this film of a a Farmall M plowing. Now, if they had it weighted down correctly it would’ve pushed a bit easier and it does have a bucket on the front which is harder to push snow with than a blade…. however this tractor is pushing 4-5 foot drifts and she is getting it done despite  having obstacles to overcome… watch her and look at that snow and listen to her… can you figure out why I call them monsters?



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We collies enjoyed Dad’s day off with him. It made it to 21 degrees F so we played outside with him, then he got all the tractors out, plowed the driveway, drove the tractors around and then came in and was going through the channels to see what was on TV when he found Liverpool live against Bolton in FA Cup action.  So, we watched the game and it was pretty silent for most of it.  The Officiating was pretty terrible and Bolton scored off a somewhat questionable call in the second half to take the lead.  A few shots off the post kept us interested but then Bolton was penalized and down to ten men and Liverpool began to threaten, but the movement that made them so dangerous last year just wasn;t there.  Dad was grumbling, we collies were sullen when all of a sudden very late in the game the “swirl” as dad calls it appeared. They began to move like they did last year and began to pound the goal. We all began to take notice and the Reds put the pressure on.  Then at the 86th minute Sterling kicked in a pass that scored and we collies roared our approval as dad cheered.  There hasn’t been a lot to cheer this year for while the Reds are now winning during the season they clearly won’t even get in this race, but they can make the top 5…..  Stoppage time began and the Reds were still pounding and dad was on his feet urging them on while we collies waited… then… in stoppage time with the game almost over Coutinho flipped one in and it was an excuse for us collies to bark our heads off in celebration as the Reds were moving on in the next round in the FA Cup!  This was the 700th appearance by Gerrard who will be leaving at the end of the year… so perhaps the Reds can capture the FA Cup to end his career at Anfield.  We shall see…..   a few pics from today….


–time to go in yet?

-Dad taking Annie down the road for a spin….



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fun,_fun,_fun-As we played with dad in the snow today it was great fun!!!! We played for a long time and then came in and took a nap as dad went out and too Old Annie out for a ride in the snow….

dscf9624-Old Annie started right up in the cold and ran excellently. Dad took a piece of canvas and cut a piece to cover the grill so she will warm up properly in the cold.  It worked beautifully and here is Annie posing for pictures…….  Dad said lots of ppl beeped and waved and gave the thumbs up when they saw Annie purring down the road…..

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The old guy likes to read and then apply or see the things he reads about.  ONe of his first favorites was was a book about Daniel Boone.  Recently on the Internet archive, where they have tons of old books he found that exact book for his kindle and read it with much joy.  When he grew up the Old Guy visited the rebuilt Boonesborough ….

Another early book he enjoyed was about Buffalo Bill Cody… a few years ago he found the book and bought it…. this book was his favorite for years and he regularly checked it out of the library.  Now he has his own copy and keeps its in a glass door bookshelf…. someday he plans on visiting Buffalo Bill’s grave…. just as he did Daniel Boone’s.

41fjsZAiYZL._SS500_-This is the book.. it is nothing special but the memories…

-The old guy loved Terhune’s books when he was a kid and has collies now and wants to visit Sunnybank.  He studied lots of Presidents, visited their homes…  he loved Fords, tractors and had other hobbies he read about then either visited the sites, graves or used the items he studied.

What we collies are trying to say is it is great for ppl to read about things, but what really brings it to life is seeing, visiting, using, making a hobby of or whatever of the things you read about.  Don’t just live through other ppl’s experiences or lives, visit those places, see those things or bring those items into your lives and use them.  It gives you hands on experience and fullfills your wisdom in ways you can’t even imagine.

Dad loved collies when he was a kid, Lassie and Terhune made him want collies.  When he grew up he made us part of his life.  Through this he came to realize that the things written about collies by Terhune and others were true and that like those who wrote about collies, his life was heavily impacted by our presence.  The triumphs, love, life and finally tragedies were more than he could have ever imagined and it made the books of Terhune come even more alive for he experienced those things.

What we are trying to say is dont just observe, study or read about things.  That is great and dad loves it himself. But, bring it into your life, experience it, do it.  Why?  Because then you experience life and it makes the things you read about come to life!  You gain insights and wisdom and breath and live what you have read about enriching your life.  When you read it again you will see the books through different eyes and enjoy them even more… but most of all your life will be richer also.

Dad read about and loved collies. Then he had us and we changed his life in many ways and he has come to treasure Terhune even more.  He never dreamed that would happen…. while he has lost many a collie he loved he would never give up one moment to take away the pain for the pleasures, love, joy and life experiences far outweighs the pain he has felt.  So, do read and enjoy things… but live it!  Only then will you get the fullness of what life can be…. most of all love and be loved….  and whent he time comes…. you will be mourned more deeply than any mere collie or human should be mourned…. live…. love and live while you can….



-Reading about collies is one thing… living your life with them  brings your readings to life and brings your life much joy, love and fullfillment.  Whatever you enjoy reading, watching or seeing, make it part of your life…  you won;t regret it…. 🙂  Imagine how boring the old guy’s life would be without us…. especially Ginger! Muwahahahaha  Okay, we wrestled the computer from Ginger but are leaving her comment there for you… for how boring would his life be without her?  How empty would his life had been without Trevor? Niamh? Both Hallies?







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On the day of the Lord’s birth we of the Meadow wish you Merry Christmas.  As we celebrate and worship please know you all are in our prayers and thoughts.  God Bless You All!

maryjesus40-we love this picture…. imagine what Mary must’ve thought about it all….of all the people who ever walked the earth this is the one human I want to meet in heaven….. not only because I am in awe of her but because I want to say Thank you to her for saying yes to God…..

As with all posts we now have our moment of mirth……


last night as I was out and about what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a spry little elf driving a SC and not 9 deere… (pun intended)…. hehehe

dscf9598-here is the proof as Saint Nick roared by in a Case SC… 🙂

100_0084– um… sorry folks I think the old guy had too much Christmas Cheer… ahem….

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoqxYqTNKmU

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The old guy is sort of moping around the house right now for it is winter time and he can’t go out and tinker on his tractors or play with us as much for it is too cold.  With his new job and the training he comes home exhausted from all the learning… so he sits and vegges looking at tractor films on you tube or reading.  The good news is it will be in the 40’s near 50 this weekend and with gasoline down in price he is going to buy some for the winter snow plowing and to play a bit.

He also plans on playing with us since it will also be dry so we should get a good long play in each day and some walks!

The old guy likes to tell how in the old days one could tell which type of tractor was coming down the road just by the sound of it.. just like each brand of car had its own sound.  Sort of like us collies who dad can tell who is who by the bark… and we make sure he gets plenty of those! LOL

Here are a couple of vids so you all can tell the difference in sounds.. the first is by an Allis Chalmers WC giving what dad calls the “Allis Purr” as she pulls a plow…. when dad plows some neighbors come out to see for it is a loud purr…..   sounds exactly like dad’s…..


Then a Case DC …… he says it is more of a throaty growl…..


Hopefully Dad will get his tractor fix this weekend…..  we want to play…..


-Ball, ball, ball, ball,




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