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The first day we put up the Hammock this year was exciting.  The collies were dancing around and barking and Ginger was making like miserable as I set it all up.  I would tell her to stop and she would bark definatly at me telling me off.  After taking a half hour to do a five minute job as Ginger nipped at my pants legs, pulled on the hammock and created mayhem I finally had it set up.  I grabbed my book and drink and went to climb in.  Just as I did so, Ginger pushes against the end where the hammock hooks into the framework using weight to hold it in place and it pops up as I sit in it and crash to the ground.  I watch as Ginger, grinning gleefully while looking at me walks over to the hammacok laying on the ground and lays down on itand grins even more… sigh…. yeah, she studied me putting it together.. somehow she figured that out… *shakes head*

-of course I figured it out.. I am a genius after all… I was gonna tie it to a rocket but then realized I would lose the Hammock… its way to easy with you old guy….


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We picked her up at the age of 6, her show days over and in need of a good home.  Sadie was stubbborn, food was her life, she had attitude yet she was funny and despite her toughness she had a soft side that surprised us all.  Sadie was funny and would pull Ginger like antics and follow it up with attitude.  She made her own decisions in her life and it was she that retired herself from walking by running to the bedroom and taking a nap when asked if she wanted to go for a walk.

She loved food…. any food… even stuff that wasnt food! LOL….  Her favorite trick was if the kids were on the couch eating a sandwich she would rub down the couch and as she passed by she would, without turning her head or without blinking or without stopping rubbing she would walk past and snatch the sandwich and keep going like nothing happened! LOL….  She once came up by the table as I made a ham sandwich, she pushed the top piece of bread up with her nose and with her tongue snatched the piece of ham out and walked away eating it as she looked for more food.

When we brought Teddy home as a puppy she adopted him and raised him as her own puppy. She would play with him roaring like a dinosaur and when she had enough she would head butt him and he would slide ten feet across the floor as she strutted off for a nap.  She loved naps…. she loved food, she loved sassing, she loved being alone at times.  Every night she would snore and I would tell her good night Sadie,,,, she would snarl and growl and I would call her our tater pup and she would snarl more with her teeth showing… We laughed for she wouldnt bite anyone but she hated her sleep being interrupted and she had attitude.

Sadie had expressions of disgust, anger, snarling that would make your blood curdle, unless you knew her and then you would laugh.  She loved to bark when outside… bark at the clouds, the birds, a dirt devil swirling by, ants, butterflies, the wind.. you name it and she barked at it.

She hate being brushed, she hated having her toenails trimmed, but would tolerate it as long as she got a steady stream of treats.  Rowdy, loud and naughty Sadie was funny and fun to be around for her antics always made us laugh.   When called to come in, Sadie would think about it… then slowly walk the other way and go around the yard slowly till she got to the door going as slowly as she could.  LOL…..

One of our favorite memories is of her when she was older and her eyes were not very good…. she walked up to where the fence was… well used to be for we were putting up a new fence so there was no fence at all there.  She stopped where the fence had been… looked for about 5 minutes across the field and barked sassily and walked back to the door…..  she never realized the fence was gone… 🙂

We all loved Sadie, but she never had a human she adopted…. she loved food more… LOL…  She was a delight to be with for she could have fun…. but only as long as she wanted to have fun…. then it was bedtime and God help you if you tried to stop her…

Sadie lived to be 16 years old….. dieing of old age surrounded by those who loved her.  We will always remember you Sadie, daughter of the great Champion The Meadows Notorious, a cousin of our Niamh and we will always love you and miss you for you were one of the more interesting and lovable collies we ever loved!

Sadie is on the far right…
Niamh is in the center and Niamh’s Father was also a Champion, Champion ROM Twin Acres Concert Master, Teddy is on the left… bloodlines past parents unknown…. 🙂

Sadie giving Laddie the stink eye… LOL









Happy Sadie….

Sadie with Teddy….

Sadie with Niamh and Teddy…






Tater pup was only two points away from becoming a Champion in her own right.  Born in 1994 Sadie had puppies and was to enter her last contest for her championship when it was discovered she was a carrier of the Collie eyes diseases… and her puppies had them…..  So, Sadie was never made into the Champion for part of the reward for Championships are selling Championship puppies…. instead she was given a great life for a couple of years and then they searched hard to find her a good adoptive home and that was us. She lived a wonderful life here and enjoyed every minute of it in her own way…. One of our more interesting characters …. We miss you and love you Sadie….till we meet again old tater pup…… til we meet again…

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Here is a pic of Trevor and I a few year ago . I could feel him looking at me and was turning to see what was up.  He rarely took his eyes off me……  but I could always feel when he was watching me…..100_3420

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Here at the Meadow the division run deep….. Celtic!  Rangers!   Chevy!  Ford!  Harold! Charlie!  Rock! Country!  Yankees!  Cardinals!  Packers! Browns!  Very few things unite them….



Kill the Train!!!!!!!


Kill the Squirrel!!!!


We love you old guy!

So, each day the battle rages on with brief moments of unity during which ….


First the Hammock then the WORLD!!!!!  Muwahahahahaha

FORD JOKE OF THE DAY (my favorite car)

What kind of car did Fred Flintstone drive?
A ford of COURSE and it ain’t much different now!

Our song of the day.. another hit from the advent of the Model A…  Country instead of Jazz…

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Look Lad, they can’t catch me I am the Rutherford man!!!


Kicking up my heels now!!!


You guys are tired already?  Wow……..what a bunch of slow pokes…

I am Rutherford… hear me roar!!!!!

Thats right…. I have something to say… you bunch of sissies!!!!  I can outrun any of you anyday…… well… except you Lad.. but everyone else you stink!!!!

Time for my Tarzan yell…. *ah ah ahhhhhh ahhh aaahhhhhhhhh!*

Eee gads…… to think I am his father… he is the poster child for why I should practice abstinence……

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In the past I have related things I liked and enjoyed in my life, besides collies who will like always have their say here.  As those who know me or have read my blog know I love history.  Recently, with my new job supplying me with free cable TV I got to see a TV show I haven’t seen in over 40 years.  Daniel Boone… while other kids may have been Crockett fans, not me I liked Boone.  Not dissing Davy, just Boone was more to my liking, more of the strong, rugged individualist that was strongly family oriented and silent and humble.


As I watched the show I found I still loved it, but for many other reasons than when I was a kid.  While of course it was hollywoodized a bit, Fess Parker did a good job at portraying Boone for he was a fighting man who really tried to make peace, would rather not kill (he claimed to only have killed 3 times in his life and when you consider what he went through, that is rather amazing) and he loved the Native Americans and their ways.  He actually got into trouble with many settlers for they claimed he was an “Indian Lover.”  He was in a way, for while he did fight with certain tribes and lost many a family member in these wars, he befriended many more and actually thought they were getting a raw deal.  He was known for his love of justice and was many times referred too on the frontier for solutions to problems in the area of justice.  This is well portrayed in the show.

Later of course I also became a Buffalo Bill fan… but Boone … well 20 years ago I made a pilgrimage to his recreated Boonesborough in Kentucky and visited his grave (he has two you know… LOL….some of his remains are in Missouri and others were moved back to Kentucky in the 1840’s.) and visited his and Rebecca’s kin fort site called Bryan’s Station.  The Bryans and Boone’s friendship and kinship actually started before Daniel and Rebecca married and it lasted for generations past them as the two families intermarried for a long time.  They lived together through the Carolinas, in Kentucky and into Missouri.  Bryan daughters married Boone sons and Boone daughters married Bryan sons just not in Daniel’s line but his other sibling lines.

Those familiar with the TV show remember that Rebecca Boone was played by Patricia Blair who looked like what one would imagine a Irish descended Lass would look like.  Well, while Fess Parker did look something like Daniel, Patricia was not what Becky Boone looked like,.  Descriptions of her were that she was almost as tall as Boone, who was around 5 foot 8 inches tall which was tall in those days and since she was around 5 feet 7 she was a tall woman for her time!  She also had dark hair and was very beautiful by all accounts.  Just a side note, it is known that was also a fine shot and when Daniel was away would shoot her own game …..

But, I digress.   Seeing the show brought back a lot of memories.  It also made me rekindle my interest enough to do some more reading on a childhood hero of mine.  Interesting he was 50 when he founded Boonesborough and if you want to read a story that hollywood wouldn’t even dream to pass off as real, read about the siege of the Fort.  How 30 some men held off almost 500 Native Americans is not only astounding but it will make your hair stand up on end.  One of the settlers ran for help on the night of the biggest attack and he lloked back from a hilltop and said the flames, the firing guns and the smoke lit up the Fort like daylight and he figured it was all over and the smoke gave it a eerie look of death….  but hang on they did!  While it was brutal and hard fought the siege had its moments of humor.  The Indian who bared his bottom at the Fort insulting them to only be shot in the behind by a marksman who was sick of the insult and laughter brought up big cheers from the Fort. A war of words commenced and insult flew….. some of nasty but lots of it in a good natured teasing manner which makes one wonder at it all.  Of course the Indians did get a payback when they wounded Boone’s daughter in the backside.. Jemima never lived that one down…..

While Boone was a boyhood hero of mine, he is now someone I respect for he was a common person.  He fit in with the normal everyday ppl and he didn’t flaunt who he was.  His wife and he were regular everyday ppl who were part of the society around them, not some wealthy family who led by reason of wealth or power.  A interesting man to be sure.  I can highly recommend that if you ever go to Kentucky visit his Fort, his grave and the whole cemetary at Frankfort for it is fascinating, the capitol building in Frankfort and Fort Harrod and the lonely, but beautiful site of Bryan’s Station.  What a brave group of people who took on the elements, hostile tribes, the British, wild wolves and more…..yet not only survived but overcame it all.  There is something to be learned from it all…….  In today’s world they like to condemn ppl such as this, but hose who read Boone’s history realize he was fair and equal in his dealings with all ppl….  especially the Native Americans, for he right along with the Natives was robbed of all of his land many times…. that is why he left Kentucky……  But, he was also a forgiving man….. I think he would sort of be humbled and sort of stunned at how he is considered a hero by many ppl today….


A quick tour of the Fort and then that corny famous song….  🙂




-Everybody knows it was his collie that actually took on the Natives and got all the game!!! Tell the truth old Booney was a great collie…. what?  Dad, that is my story and I am sticking to it… well, he was part scottish…. Dad… stop ruining my story!


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–As she lay there watching the melee of collies playing with the usual frown of disgust on her face Ellie was in her way enjoying the day… she usually did this until she had enough and would get up and begin  by trying to tackle one of the other collies.  But, being half their size Ellie usually would not succeed…… But, today would be different.. as she lay there dad launched a toy high into the air.  All of a sudden he yelled, move Ellie,,,,, move!  But, she stubbornly glared defiantly at him until the soft toy landed right on top of her head.  Her defiant look instantly turned  to shock as the soft toy bounced off her head and then it turned to outrage.  Instantly she stood up and with a look of rage she stood there as the other collies stopped and looked at her.  Then she began to bark her outrage and the other collies looked on for a few seconds and then all of them joined in!  For a full ten minutes they roared and barked with Ellie racing around the yard telling the world.   Then, the outrage over they went back to their playing….

000_0016-There they go again…. hope he gives me something to be outraged over again… it gave me the power like I never had before…..come on dad drop that foam ball on my head again…. what do I have to do, put a target on my head?  Keeping this look of disapproval on my face is hard to do… come on throw that ball on my head again… COME ON!!!!!!

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Hi! I am lil Hallie….  I am dad’s girl and his right hand here.  He was the first human I met as he helped my to take my first breath when I was born.  He took me on walks with Trevor and now I am the one who goes with him on his walks.



Here I was when I was a lil puppy…



Hey you! Straighten up I am dad’s right hand and he doesnt like that!!!

halloween chuck hallie

Here is dad and I dressed up for Halloween.  My favorite toys are my brain cover (a hat) and my leash which I catch in the air when dad throws it.  I love walks, food, cuddling with dad, walks, running, wrestling and I love sleeping with dad and unlike Branwen I am not a bed hog.  I hang with dad until he falls asleep then I lay down where I can see him until he wakes up in the morning.  I am named after my grandmother and I look like her and act like her…. sort of scary sometimes for dad.  But,  I love my life and having the chance to fill the shoes left by Niamh, my grandmama Hallie and Trevor is something I love to do.

So, that is me.. lil Hallie!  Now smile… you know you want too…. also how about a treat? 🙂

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000_0009I’m Lad catch me if you can…




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The old guy likes to read and then apply or see the things he reads about.  ONe of his first favorites was was a book about Daniel Boone.  Recently on the Internet archive, where they have tons of old books he found that exact book for his kindle and read it with much joy.  When he grew up the Old Guy visited the rebuilt Boonesborough ….

Another early book he enjoyed was about Buffalo Bill Cody… a few years ago he found the book and bought it…. this book was his favorite for years and he regularly checked it out of the library.  Now he has his own copy and keeps its in a glass door bookshelf…. someday he plans on visiting Buffalo Bill’s grave…. just as he did Daniel Boone’s.

41fjsZAiYZL._SS500_-This is the book.. it is nothing special but the memories…

-The old guy loved Terhune’s books when he was a kid and has collies now and wants to visit Sunnybank.  He studied lots of Presidents, visited their homes…  he loved Fords, tractors and had other hobbies he read about then either visited the sites, graves or used the items he studied.

What we collies are trying to say is it is great for ppl to read about things, but what really brings it to life is seeing, visiting, using, making a hobby of or whatever of the things you read about.  Don’t just live through other ppl’s experiences or lives, visit those places, see those things or bring those items into your lives and use them.  It gives you hands on experience and fullfills your wisdom in ways you can’t even imagine.

Dad loved collies when he was a kid, Lassie and Terhune made him want collies.  When he grew up he made us part of his life.  Through this he came to realize that the things written about collies by Terhune and others were true and that like those who wrote about collies, his life was heavily impacted by our presence.  The triumphs, love, life and finally tragedies were more than he could have ever imagined and it made the books of Terhune come even more alive for he experienced those things.

What we are trying to say is dont just observe, study or read about things.  That is great and dad loves it himself. But, bring it into your life, experience it, do it.  Why?  Because then you experience life and it makes the things you read about come to life!  You gain insights and wisdom and breath and live what you have read about enriching your life.  When you read it again you will see the books through different eyes and enjoy them even more… but most of all your life will be richer also.

Dad read about and loved collies. Then he had us and we changed his life in many ways and he has come to treasure Terhune even more.  He never dreamed that would happen…. while he has lost many a collie he loved he would never give up one moment to take away the pain for the pleasures, love, joy and life experiences far outweighs the pain he has felt.  So, do read and enjoy things… but live it!  Only then will you get the fullness of what life can be…. most of all love and be loved….  and whent he time comes…. you will be mourned more deeply than any mere collie or human should be mourned…. live…. love and live while you can….



-Reading about collies is one thing… living your life with them  brings your readings to life and brings your life much joy, love and fullfillment.  Whatever you enjoy reading, watching or seeing, make it part of your life…  you won;t regret it…. 🙂  Imagine how boring the old guy’s life would be without us…. especially Ginger! Muwahahahaha  Okay, we wrestled the computer from Ginger but are leaving her comment there for you… for how boring would his life be without her?  How empty would his life had been without Trevor? Niamh? Both Hallies?







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