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-Is it time for Santa yet?


We collies thought we would put up a few Christmas suggestions.


For Terhune fans, any of his books. We will post a list of them soon!

For Collie Lovers we suggest from the Terhune Memorial Society anything by the person who knows more about Terhune than anyone in our opinion;

Kristina Marshall.  We have her FOREVER FRIENDS and it is a thrilling and wonderful book about all the collies that lived at Sunnybank with the bloodlines coming out of Sunnybank!  This is a must have and just type in Terhune Memorial Society on Google to get more information or type in the book with Kristina Marshall’s name. 🙂 She also has several other book and all of them are GREAT!!!!

For Automobile Lovers;

A great read about the history of Henry Ford, his family through to the early 90’s, the Ford Company and the cars a excellent book is ;


For the best biography about Henry Ford we have read and can recommend volume one of the three volume set by Nevins.  Volume one covers Henry Ford, his family life, Ford Motor Company, the cars and his other activities up to 1915.  It is fascinating to see the beginnings of the Ford Company and how they did all they could do to keep it going until it finally exploded into the beginning of the huge company it is now. This book is: FORD, THE TIMES, THE MAN, THE COMPANY

For Movie Lovers we recommend;

THE QUIET MAN with John Wayne and Maureen O’ Hara

HIS GIRL FRIDAY with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant

For the men;

Any Three Stooges Films

For the Women;

Any movie with Katharine Hepburn

Hopefully this will help……


I Ginger think the ultimate Christmas present is printing out this picture of me lifesize and putting it on your wall………


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-for 35 years he owned Old Allis and it was almost 4 years ago I bought her from him.  This man was my high school teacher who taught me some really cool things.  He was a kind man with a lot of patience and very wise mechanically.  I wouldn’t say I was close to him but he was one of the teachers I enjoyed having classes with.  He was well liked in the small town I went to school in and was well liked.

When I bought Old Allis I didn’t know he was the one selling her until I showed up to look at her.   Old Allis was owned by the family of a teacher who was my High School Government and history teacher and it was about 8 miles from where I grew up where old Allis toiled.  Old Allis went back to her original farm and then to a show just around the block from where my teacher who last owned her lived. He saw her and was happy to see what she looked like.  The last thing he ever told me was “I am glad you ended up with her, I wanted her to go to someone who would take care of her.”  That made me feel good.  Well, last month at the age of 89 he died and I felt bad of course but I thought a lot about him before I wrote this.

They don;t make men much better than this man was.  He taught me some neat things and he was a smart guy.  He grew too old to keep Old Allis where she needed to be and so she got old and needed a lot of work done to her.  It happens to every tractor because we get old and can;t take care of them like we should.  So, for the second time she was restored and this restoration was easy in many ways for mechanically Old Allis was very sound except for leaky seals and gaskets.  That he approved of my job made me feel good.  I know it made him feel better that she has a good home and he did his job in preserving her future.

Old Allis now has outlasted her original owners and her second generation of owners.  The oldest known survivor is a neighbor who is well over 90 who was there the day she arrived to her original farm sold by the company I later worked for in high school.   So, old Allis has outlasted  them all and is still working.  It is amazing.  But, this post is a tribute to the last man who owned her and kept her working and well maintained mechanically.  To the original owner a hats off to him for he loved old Allis too.  She replaced the horses and today as I listened to my father and another old man talk about the horse farming days it was fascinating.  They loved those horses, but they loved the tractors that replaced them too.

So, goodbye to a man who impacted so many lives…….  RIP……..   and THANK YOU!

A big Collie salute and a pic of Old Allis who still exists because of him….





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Dad spent Thursday touching up paint, working on taking excessive paint bleed off accessories and tires and then today he will make sure the fluids are all full and the gas is up enough to do the parade and have some left over.

He played with us and we mauled him in the hammock!  Ginger led a riot in the yard, then a chase and Lad and Walter chased their balls while Rutherford played with his sticks and led the charge against the squirrels. Lil Hallie was cute and ran to dad and led a couple of squirrel charges herself. Branwen chased her bat with Skylight and Ellie following along behind making racket while Smoke looked on is disdain….


We chased the train away, had several charges across the yard at make believe enemies as Ginger plotted how to attach thumbs and then tried something new. She saw dad working on the tractor and he spit out some dirt and she tried it.. so far its not going so well… but she keeps trying.. for she says if she has thumbs and can spit she will be more advanced than 90% of humanity……


dscf9236-Annie is looking forward to showing off on Saturday and to the road trip…..  dad is a bit nervous we think …..  why we are not sure…

dscf9229– remember, its red!  ahem….

10301059_10202878257590214_5330252635389669235_n-once I get this spitting thing down I will spit on that darn tractor….. now to get back to experimenting with implanting thumbs on my paws…..



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dscf9156-took all three out for 6 mile rides…. here is Annie after her ride… a 1949 Case SC…

dscf9168-Here is Allison my 1944 Model B Allis Chalmers after her ride…. look to the right in the background.. Annie is sneaking in for a inclusion in the picture….


dscf9166-Here is Molly after her ride…. she is a 1941 Allis Chalmers WC…

dscf9180-A family shot of my three tractors…

100_5723-Orange is a perfect color, for when I burn them no one will notice till it is too late.. that will teach him to spend the day with those iron work horse instead of us! Bet Terhune didn’t ride on tractors instead of playing with those Sunnybank Collies.





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Every once in a while I post about our favorite things….  As you all know I am a big fan of old iron by Henry.. Ford that is.  Now my family was a GM family and most of it is to this day, but the Ford fan club is growing with my daughter owning a Ford now too.  I was even more is awe when I went by the Ford HQ in Dearborn…. talk about big!!! Woo hoo!!!  But, lets look at my favorite iron by Henry Ford….

Of the Ford brand, there is so much to be favorites… the Model T, the 1957 Fords, the Mustang… oh the list goes on.  But my favorite Ford is…

1932Ford_01_700-the fabulous 1932 Ford.  What is so special about this old car?  Well, it had a flathead V-8 om it and it would scoot. If you ever see one of these it will turn your head for it is a handsome looking car that when it goes by has that throaty V-8 sound that will stun you for you will not expect it in a car like this. While Chevy had its stovebolt 6 with low end power and torque these old Ford had speed!  The 32 Ford followed the Model A and the Model T and was Henry Ford’s last big move to save Ford Motor Company.  It succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and the engine was built until 1953.  While a 32 Ford looks like a car from another era it had a engine that would not be passed until the 50’s.. now that is revolutionary.  They were so popular that many of them became hot rods and that is what the song “Little Deuce Coupe” is about.. a 1932 Ford….. My number one favorite of Ford division of  Ford Motor Company,…..

-This is a film of one.. the sound isn’t great but when he takes off with it you get to hear a bit of what they sound like… my favorite color too… black….

Then there was Mercury.  This was Edsel’s baby and what a car Mercs were.  From the tear drops, to the Cougars to all their fabulous cars in between I have my favorite….. I am torn for I love the Lead Sleds of 49 which were Jimmy Dean’s favorite and the 56 Mercs….. But the ’56 Mercs ooze power……


-Well, its the 1956 Mercury…. red and black two tone of course…. here I am next to one… 🙂 Below is a film of one… its a ugly color but you get to see the inside and outside of it and hear it run…… 🙂

Then there is Lincoln… well you all know the 46-48 Lincoln Continental is my favorite.. in White or Black… oh yeah, now this is class…. with a V-12 this car oozed power and yet looked classy…. this was Edsel’s baby also…. and Edsel Ford to me was a genius…. here is a picture and here is a film of one in action…. my favorite all-time car….


Sort of like riding in one isn’t it.. what a car!

Honorable Mentions…..  loved the ’63 Fords…..

and of course my second favorite Ford.. the 1957….

Ginger pose-I Ginger would look great in a ’46 Lincoln….. the old guy on the other hand would look good ina ’46 Ford tractor being dragged behind the plow… muwahahahaha  er… did I say that? snicker….

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468357_3863529071424_1374417534_3573193_1528042977_o -Every time I see her it is amazing how she changes…. she used to be so worn out and ugly…..

-Look he is getting the plow ready too….



_Annie…. the right rear side is now painted! A few pics…




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The old guy got home and put the hose clamps on the gas line, covered up the hood just in case Annie decided to spew anything out of her exhaust onto the new paint. He put plastic under the carb, gas tank and lines just in case something sprung a gasoline leak for gas eats up fresh paint.  He put gas in her…. turned on the gas line and no leak.  No leak out of the carb…. so he flipped the Mag switch pulled the choke and hit the starter.  He jumped for Annie started up instantly!!!  We watched as he grinned like a fool as he checked for leaks and found none.

Then he checked the new temp guage for a leak on the radiator and nothing there either and the temp gauge worked.   The oil gauge he repaired worked and Annie sat there purring steadily.  He gave her gas and she instantly sped up and he slowed her down but she didn’t slow down!!! Oh.. oh… but the old guy spotted the battery cable was pushing against the throttle line and he moved it and Annie instantly responded. He let her run for 20 minutes and she ran beautifully and he did a dance in the garage as we rolled our eyes!  So, Annie now runs again and now he can pull her out of the garage and clean up and paint the other side now…

dscf9019-Yay Annie!!

-Makes me sick seeing him so happy…. wait.. did they say Gasoline destroys paint?  Muwahahahahahahahah100_5723


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100_5506-Dad’s job is interesting.  The places he goes to check out fire extinguishers and emergency lights and to help with fire fighting systems is fascinating.  He can go in one day from anywhere from  bank, to a dr. office, to a huge factory where he is 30 feet up on a catwalk over vats of molten iron to another place where he is 5 floors up on a roof  climbing down a rack ladder on the outside of the building to check another ext.   His least favorite place was a human waste treatment plant, his favorite place was one of the oldest furniture factories in the city that is now a big office building that has preserved the 1880’s building yet made it usable for modern offices. He has been to a antique auto museum and to the Coca Cola production plant.

dscf6088-one moment he didn’t care for was being on the roof of a four story building in the winter in sub-zero weather.  It was a flat roof but sliding that high up was not a lot of fun and the wind was very cold.  He sees a lot of things like how they make styrofoam plates, cardboard, foundry work, steel plants, auto assembly lines, shoe factories, offices of some of the most famous companies in the world.  He likes Coca Cola for their breakroom has free glasses of coke!  Another place has big bottles for 50 cents… mmmmmmmmm……He sees pawn shops, retirement homes, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, radio and TV stations… you name it… he gets to see it.  He walks endless amounts of miles, carries lots of extinguishers out for service and carries them back in again.  Checking emergency/exit lights is fun unless they are 30 feet up on a pole.. that he doesn’t like doing…. he gets to meet lots of ppl, see lots of things and learna about a lot of industries…..  he has even serviced a couple places his father worked in!  WOrking on fire doors is interesting and he finds working on the cooking equipments fire prevention equipment interesting too.

100_5723-wait.. he climbs on ladders?  Muwahahahahahahahahaha  What? I didn’t say nuthin.. muwahahahaha






0by the way, he got his new battery today and look.. Annie’s eyes lit up over that!!!




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Today I went to town and bought more Stainless Steel nuts and bolts to put on old Annie.  After doing that I went to put the battery back in and my hand got wet … it didn’t take long to figure out it was battery acid…. so… needless to say…….

dscf8834-Oh no…..

our headlight installation will be delayed one day. I promise tomorrow I will get caught up on Annie and get the headlights on… hopefully a new battery too… and then you can see them glow….. hopefully…..

dscf4977-huh… wonder what its like to be a old guy and a complete failure… hmmmmmm… now to chew those wires off those headlights.. heheheh




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100_5723-It can’t be…..  really…. sometimes I hate to admit it but he does get things right.. but rarely…

dscf5759-wow!!!  Stunning….








=There is a long ways to go but the light is at the end of the tunnel… for here is .. TAAA.. DAAA

dscf8990– ANNIE!!!!!


coming along…..








-So, what do you think……let me remind you what she looked like…




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