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Well, Annie got to go out and bake in the sun yesterday… that makes that enamel paint hard and it does take a while to dry properly.  I was also able to get old Allis out and get her scratches from carrying and using that plow fixed. She looks pretty good again for a 70 year old work horse.  For those interested Annie, my Case SC was produced in 1949.  Old Allis is a war baby Allis Chalmers B made in 1944.  Believe it or not she still has her original main wire harness in her. What makes this special is being a war baby they didn’t use copper wiring in her.  She has a zinc wiring in her. Now, everything off the main harness is copper now… and someday I plan on putting a new harness in her but leaving the original harnness under it.  That is a piece of history that does not exist in most tractors from the second world war yet….

dscf9081-Annie sun worshipping….

dscf9082-Some of her decals on….. love that old Abe decal ….

dscf9087-Old Allis looking ready to do a job as her paint dries…

dscf9091-Annie and Allis sun bathing…. 🙂

dscf9095-reminiscing about when they worked on their farms before their semi-retirement…. ah the good ol’ days…..

-ah yes… old tractors and old dogs…….000_0019




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