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A cold, rainy weekend.  So, Dad put the blade on the tractor, got us out between the rain storms to run and looked for a new job and listened to the Reds lose again, the Canadiens win again and was highly entertained by the Maple Leafs as they continue their all offense, no defense hockey games which are proving to be the most highly entertaining games dad has heard in a while.

We collies yawned at the Reds.. they looked horrible again…. the Canadiens give us opportunity to celebrate and the Leafs, well it is overwhelming!

Snow is coming and dad is not liking it.  But, Old Allis is ready and itching to give the snow a real butt kicking.   As for use collies, we think we will just take a nap! 🙂



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dscf8829I was thinking…. if I saved enough I could take a bus to Georgee….. so I saved and saved and I finally have enough for the ride.  After… why make a fuss… get on the Bus!   So, I have my bags packed and I am off to the bus station….

skylight wondering-look, here comes Ginger… she don’t look happy…


-Dogs can’t take the bus the driver told me… well you can’t drive the bus with your underwear pulled up over your head can you… yes, that is what told him as I pulled them over his head.. hehehehe  Then the police threw me off the bus…. but they didn’t need those shirts… muwahahahah

So, I still have my money.. I have my pole for jumping the fence and my supplies ready.. now I am waiting for that train to Georgia!



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Its hard to believe that he has been gone almost two year……. this story appeared a long time ago here.. but I repost it to honor my Trevor…..

The Old Collie came into the man's life during the dark, sad days
after the loss of his Niamh. Of all of the collies at Niamh's Misty
Meadow, Black Majesty, or Trevor as he is named is the most what one
would call manly of collies. He is the Alpha, is very dignified and
he loves everyone gently, but don't step on his toes or his turf for
he will let you know quickly he is the Alpha Male of the collie
family. He takes charge of every situation and has been known to
ruthlessly crash through gates, tossing them several feet through the
air to get to the Man he deeply loves.

Trevor is deeply respected by the collies and only once has his
leadership ever been challenged. Like the Alpha he is Trevor handled
that test as quickly, ruthlessly and throughly as any Alpha male
Yes, when Trevor struts across the backyard the other collies treat
him with respect and honor.

Trevor spent most of his life in a kennel with no human to love as
his own. So, when the sad man took him home he quickly attached
himself to the man and let it be known the man was HIS human. He
loves the man totally, is very loyal, obedient and very protective of
human he is totally devoted too. If Trevor sees a collie not
behaving or minding the man he marches over and taking charge puts
that collie in their place and then struts back and stands by the man
glaring at the non-conformist ready to enforce the man's will in a
split second. Yes, Trevor loves his human and would do anything for

Despite his dignity, properness and being the Alpha Male, Trevor does
let the man see his gentle, loving side and many days spends his
whole day next to the man letting him know how much he loves him.
Every night he lies down next to the man sleeping for a while at his
side, letting the man knows he loves him above all others. However,
he retains his dignity through it all, never acting slavishly, but as
the Mans Lieutenant. Always upholding his properness and dignity...
that is until one day..... Let me tell you the story.

Trevor's sister Hallie had come into season and was spending her time
with Smoke, whom she was rejecting for he is not the Alpha Male.
Being the Matriarch, Hallie decided she would not slip down in the
social pack order to mate.

Little did the Man realize how deeply the pairing of Smoke and Hallie
affected Trevor's dignity as the Alpha Male. After a day or so,
Trevor stopped eating. He wouldn't even take treat, turning his head
away angrily when the Man offered it to him This went on for several
days until the Man began to worry about Trevor.

The Man looked at Trevor who was laying at his feet looking dignified
as he looked over the pack of collies. "You need to eat Boo" the Man
said. Trevor looked annoyingly at the Man, which caused the Man more
concern for Trevor never looked like that at him. The Man arose and
deciding Trevor had to eat and went into the kitchen and found some
baby food, and made some warm baby food cereal with milk and sat down
in front of Trevor who looked at the food with growing annoyance.
Trevor looked up at the man and then turned his head sighing in

The Man opened the baby food, filled the spoon and gently pushed the
spoon into Trevor's mouth behind the fangs, knowing Trevor would open
his mouth, which he did. Trevor slowly smacked his lips and ate the
food wrinkling his nose up in disgust. But, the Man softly and gently
kept feeding Trevor as he talked encouragingly and lovingly to

The jar of baby food gone, the Man began feeding him the baby
breakfast cereal and as Trevor slowly took the food with disgust on
his face, the Man could've swore a couple of times he saw Trevor
enjoying it. Finally, finishing up the bowl, the Man went to make
more hot cereal for Trevor as Trevor snorted in disgust, letting the
Man know he didn't like being fed like a baby.

The man mixed milk into the cereal and began warming it up. He was
worried about Trevor and as he turned to put the cereal box away he
caught in the corner of his eye Trevor leaning forward, looking up to
see if he was gonna get more of the food. The Man turned towards
Trevor who looked away with a look of annoyance on his face. The man
slowly turned away keeping his eye on Trevor who as the Man turned
away leaned back forward and watched to see if more food was coming.
The Man smiled realizing Trevor was trying to maintain his image of
strength, Independence and Dignity as he waited for the food.

The Man sat down next to Trevor again and slowly they went through the
motions of Trevor acting like he didn't want the food and acting
annoyed by the feeding. But, several times the Man saw Trevor was
relishing the food and so he played along, coaxing Trevor, giving him
praise with each bite and making him feel loved throughout the
feeding. At least he is eating the Man thought.

This went on for a couple of days until Hallie moved out of season.
Knowing it was safe for Trevor to see his sister again The Man let
him spend some time with her alone and when he came back from the
time with her Trevor let it be known he was Mr. Alpha! As he passed
the Man, the Man offered him a treat which Trevor took with delight,
looking happily into his eyes and then moving on to enforce his
Alphaness on the family of collies. The Man realized all of this had
been over Trevor feeling his Alpha role was being threatened by his
lack of contact with Hallie during her season and learned much on how
to handle Trevor during such times, making sure he didn't feel that
his role as Alpha at the Meadow didn't appear to be threatened.

To this day Trevor remains the Alpha at Niamh's Misty Meadow. He
loves all the collies, giving them many kisses. He enforces his
rules, enforces the Man's will and keeps the collies in line,
especially when he wants to take a nap.

Trevor will be napping when the other younger collies begin to
wrestle, growling, barking and whining as they do so. After several
minutes Trevor sits up with a annoyed, grumpy look on his face. As
the ruckus continues he grows more disgusted and finally, not being
able to take it anymore he rises to his feet. Then he rumbles over
to the frolicking collies and barking and throwing his weight against
them he makes them stop and separates them making them lay down.

Then, Trevor lays down in front of them all, looks at them with great
disgust for a minute or two daring them to make a move. When they
don't he sighs, grunts and falls over on his side and goes back to
sleep, enjoying the enforced quiet. The Man swears that sometime he
can see Trevor smile as he drifts off to sleep. Yes, Trevor rules
the roost at Niamh's Misty Meadow, a role he thrives in and enjoys
immensely never letting on he has a soft side to the collies, but the
Man smiles for he knows better. Trevor has a heart of gold and loves
unconditionally the Man who he adopted and saved from the dark days
of despair through his love for him. Through it all he became the
Man's Trevor Forever.

Chuck 2008


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I am Lil Hallie and Dad took time out to take me for a walk today.  It was about 41 degrees with bright sunshine and lots of snow on the ground yet.  It actually looked like February out there instead of almost April.


Lets go this way!   Wheeeee!!!!  Look at all that snow.  I am not very tall and this snow is soft and deep… whew.. lots of work!


Custer’s Hill still has lots of snow on it I see…..we had fun climbing up there and the view was fantastic, although it showed how much snow there really is. But, tomorrow it will be in the 50’s and then Monday near 60.  So, hopefully the snow will go down a lot.


Whew.. look at all this snow.  Pretty, but it takes a lot of energy to walk with snow up to your knees…


The Creek is overflowing and running fast for normal… but it is cool to see…


So, that was our trip today…. we saw ducks and geese but dad didn’t get the camera out fast enough.  But, I loved my ride and walk and it was fun to spend time with dad although the walk, with all that soft deep snow made it a lot of work.


In a few hours Liverpool will take the field at Anfield and with a tie or a win they go into first place in the Premier League!  We are ready and revved up waiting for the Reds to take the pitch and hopefully smash their way to victory!!! GO REDS!!!!!!

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dscf8839– There are several topics in this post.. so read them all.. 🙂

Dad! We got the party hats, the treats and beer for tomorrow when you get out of work!  You can join us by going to:


tomorrow at 4pm Eastern and listening to Liverpool who is almost invincible at their home Anfield take on Sunderland Black Cats, commonly known as the Mackems.  A win tomorrow puts Liverpool one point behind Chelsea in second place!   To say we are revved up is a understatement….


Come on down lil Squeel… we are waiting for you… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH  The squirrel is still being very chicken…


One more day of cold and then it will rise into the 40’s for the weekend, possibly 50 and then into the 50’s early next week!  We want to go swimming dad!   Break out our pools and the Hammock!!!



In closing, as many of you know, the Newcastle United Magpies are my second favorite team…. so I have a bit more in there for Liverpool to beat the Mackems than just for standing…. so this is for the Mackems…


For the Reds!!!

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My daughter has been gracious and kind and allowed me to use her internet and computer at her house since mine is down.  Let me start by thanking everyone for their support the past couple of days. Your emails have been wonderful and your comments also. 🙂  It has brought unspeakable joy to our hearts.

Since my internet is down if anyone who has my phone number hears anything about the Dixie search please call me. 🙂  I do not know how long our net will be down.


Today the collies played in the cold sun and hounded the squeel who has been a big chicken since he was almost snatched out of the yard, not daring to come down too low or across the fence.

As the snow has melted we have been finding toys lost under the snow in the yard.  Rebel has his football again after several months without it.  He runs like a crazed maniac when I kick or throw it.  So, we have Branwen chasing her bat, Lad his ball, Rebel his football, lil Hallie and her brain cover, Ginger and her missile and Rutherford and his branches.

Today a bunch of parts for the Case tractor I am restoring showed up.  A winged radiator cap, which looks nice when I put it on, a gauge, some gaskets, a Case Emblem for the front of the hood and a boot for the gear shifter. They also sent me a nice Case Tractor calendar. 🙂

As is usual when I came home today the collies crowded at the fence and barked, whined and Lad ran across the yard howling……. I came out to a bunch of happy collies and we played for a while till they came in for their supper.  We saw the squeel, saw a Hawk, Geese, Ducks and various other birds. Even a rabbit ran by the fence…. the collies of course did not miss any of it.

Ginger stole Branwen’s bat today.  That lasted for a minute or so…. Branwen stomped over and Ginger refused to give it back.  In the end Ginger played with it for a minute then saw a bird and moved on…. I thought it would be war for sure, but nothing doing.  Ginger decided that the bird was more interesting as Branwen prepared for war. 🙂

Just another day at the Meadow…..

Ginger pose

-who wants a dumb ol’ bat… birds are more sporting….


Ball, ball, ball, ball…..

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All their eyes were scanning for it.  After yesterday’s near miss would the squeel (squirrel) come down and take a chance again?  As they played joyfully the collie eyes kept watching.  Then, the playful yaps and barks  stopped.  All eyes turned in one direction.

They galloped fiercely to the fence and all stood in a line howling their threats at the tree rat as hung low on the tree… on the other side of the fence.  Several collies stood on their hind legs and the roar increased and the collies followed along the fence waiting…. no daring the squeel to come across the fence and see what happens.

For a long time this went on until the man, who could see the “brave” squeel was not really that brave, just teasing took up a toy and whizzed it at the squeel missing by a foot on purpose and the squeel ran off.  The roar became deafening as the collies threw up their threats at the scampering chicken of a squeel and  then turned their howls into approval for their hero the man who taught that squeel a lesson for them!

As peace came to the Meadow again, well as peaceful as it can get with all the collies wrestling and playing the man just smiled and thought “stupid squeel, maybe I’ll let the cat out next time and the cat can take care of the squeel and the collies can take care of the cat… heheheh .”


You dirty Squeel!!! We’ll get you!


You gonna get yours squirrely!!!


What is that white collie doing with that flame thrower and laughing maniacally…..


-Meanwhile Dad is gearing up for the Liverpool Reds footy match for tomorrow… GO REDS!!!!

GO LFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guess What?  Today I walked on water!!! That right I walked right on top of the water on the pool.  Just another reason why you should make me your world Dictator for with special powers like this imagine what I can do when in power!  No mortal can walk on water….. muwahahahaha




472231_3705230474058_1374417534_3501861_2086881622_oYeah she walked on the water in the pool alright… too bad it was frozen at the time…


Too bad about yer football Rebel getting stuck in the toilet …. I had a heck of a time cramming it in there…. er.. you must’ve had a heck of a time cramming it in there!


um… think it is time to get as far away from this scene as I can for Dad is home now….

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Guess What?


-When you flush water proof M-80’s down the toilet strange things happen…. it is pretty crappy too… snicker…


-Um…..What does exiled to Siberia mean?

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