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As I was working on the Case tractor today I was listening to the radio when they announced that William Clay Ford, aged 88, last surviving grandchild of Henry Ford and last surviving child of Edsel Ford passed away today.  As you all know I am a big fan of Fords, Henry and Edsel Ford and although I despise the Detroit Lions I do sincerely wish they had won a Championship during his ownership.

The collies and our family send our deepest condolences to the Ford family and want to take this moment to thank Mr. Ford and his family for all they have done in helping others not only through jobs, fine cars and tractors, but in their giving away millions of dollars to charity and to rebuilding downtown Detroit.  They, like all other ppl have their problems and shortcomings, but their gifts to humanity have far outweighed any of the perceived problems their family may have had.  We salute the Ford family for all they have done and we want them to know they are in our prayers and we ask that God guide them, bless them and keep them through these sad times.


Edsel Ford Family

_Edsel Ford Family… William is on the end on your right….

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