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We leave the enchanted forest and head back towards the rive and the steep ridge and go onto our narrow, rough wild trail. I love this trail for it is work to hike it. No flat wide comfortable walking here.  We also go down off the ridge and skirt between the high hills, climbing some of them only to go back into a deep gulley, along a swamp aback into a wetlands.  We see lots of rabbits, birds, ducks, geese, squirrels and deer.

Roughtrail1Off to the right is the steep hill down to the river, off to the left the enchanted forest…. ahead is the beginning of a decline that gets steeper around the bend…..

roughtrail2If you closely you will see the rising ground to the left and the decline to the right.  We did see some ducks and other birds… the collies love this trail for they like the roughness and wildness of it….

roughtrail3This spot made me sort of sad. You see this Cedar always had a little Cedar under it  that Trevor used to sniff and water. The last time we were here it was healthy and about 5 foot tall and Trevor grinned seeing it…. no trace of it.. Trevor is gone and so is the sapling…. 😦

We go from here over a slight rise and then down a steep narrow trail that goes to this…

WetlandsThis magnificent wetlands….. we stop here and admire the beauty and watch any wildlife we see… Trevor would always water everything… the Hallies both stood by my side and admired the beauty and Niamh would sit patiently waiting for us to move again….

More to come…

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