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*NOTE-A correction to the Liverpool game. It is not Sunday, but Monday at 3 pm EST on talksport.com*


Each of our collies has had a quirk about them and here are a few of them I’ve noticed through the years;


Trevor loves Apple Crisp, it is his favorite food!

Lad tries to talk trying to make words, changing his tones of sounds and at times it sounds like he is having a conversation in a different language!

Big Hallie used to sit in chairs and in the car like a human on her backside with her back legs sticking out like a human’s does.

Niamh used to run so fast around the room she could run across the wall sideways!

MacKenzie used to try to sing along when we sung Doggie in the Window.

Lad focuses on his ball for it is his toy!  Its like all he thinks is Ball, Ball, Ball,

Branwen’s favorite toy is a plastic baseball bat she loves to chase when I throw.

Lil Hallie loves her “brain cover”…. its a doll hat that she plays with always….

Lad likes to sit at the dinner table at meal times… waiting for his plate! LOL

Mick can open doors using the handle

Lad is an escape artist and will escape only to go after me.

Skylight is our main stud, but will not breed unless he has privacy out behind the shed! LOL

Niamh, Hallie, lil Hallie and now Hallie’s daughter Trisha and her daughter Ginger all like to sleep with their back legs facing the opposite direction of their front legs.  if that is not weird enough they then twist their heads off to the side so it looks like they have a broken neck. The first time I saw this I thought Niamh had met a horrible end!!!  Now, I just look and shrug my shoulders… crazy collies!

Big Hallie and her look alike grand-daughter lil Hallie curled up next to my pillow on the same side and would put their head on my shoulder till I fall asleep. Then they both would jump down and lay in the same place where they can watch me. Now, Big Hallie died less than 24 hours before little Hallie was born! Strange…..

Every member of my family has reported seeing MacKenzie…… after he died.  Myself, included.

When we bring home stuffed animals for the collies to play with, Smoke always adopts one as his baby and will not let any other collie touch it. He will carry it in and out and sit it under a bush while he plays and no one had better touch it.  Then, one day he will take it out and put it under the big Maple and leave it and never look at it again. It is like it grew up and he was letting it go!

There are many other tales and quirks my collies have had through the years… these are just some of them!

You did not tell them about my quirk dad!  Wait…. er…. well I have no quirk… never mind!

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In the early cool dawn I pulled out Hallie’s leash (it is the collar worn by Niamh, Trevor and big Hallie with big Hallie’s leash latched to it now) and she wiggled in delight.  We walked out to the truck and I loaded her in for the ride as she grinned.  Like her Grandmama Hallie she looked out the window as we rode along waiting patiently as she could till we arrived and out she jumped.

Away we went with lil Hallie doing he rolling power walk and then turning it into a fun jog with her grinning as she snapped off weeds and big plants as she ran by.  Lil Hallie is petite her lumbering fun jog is fun to see.  Then she settled down into a nice pace and I let her choose the trails we walked.   As we beat back the bugs the walk progressed and we were having lots of fun.  She would look up at me like her Grandmother did and grin as we walked along.

Lil Hallie and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and she cuddled up to me when we got home and hung with me most of the day.  Finally, she disappeared  for a while and I went to find her and there she was on the bed cuddled up to my pillow and sniffing and hugging and playing with my pillow. I watched as she smiled and looked so happy as she lay there obviously happy to have my pillow … I walked in and she had the deer in headlight look.. yeah I caught her playing with my pillow!  LOL.. I laid down next to her as she made her sad face and looked away in mock shame.  I hugged her and she jumped onto me and hugged me with her paws and licked my face and snuggled her head into the crook of my neck and groaned in comfort and love….. Yeah…. someone is definitely attached to me… and I wouldn;t want it any other way…. 🙂



-Walks are great!  I love them!!!!


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Um, I think dad needs to put in a traffic cop for we have had a traffic jam here all day long… sigh…

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What a beautiful day. As I did my job I ended up out in the middle of nowhere at a Catholic Retreat place complete with nuns, farm and even a milk house. They have retreat huts they rent out and they are on some beautiful trails… as I walked along the trails to the huts checking the fire safety equipment I thought “I actually get paid to do this today?”  hmmmmm…..  sort of like a collie life I thought….


000_0003-Yeah, it so simple of a life…. stopping ppl from breathing my air, being in my space and having things that I should have… yeah its so simple dad…. sigh…

100_5472-Really?  Did you guard the house? Keep the collies in line, stop trouble making, give the squirrel what for?

dscf6087-Ball… ball.. ball… ball….

100_5721-Did you plot world domination, plan armed conflict, make bombs, plot and reek havoc?

dscf8114-must be nice to be a human…. you have it easy….


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Here At the Meadow we like;

A. Jesus

1. books and reading

2. antique tractors

3. Footy, especially Liverpool

4.anything historical

5. Terhune and Sunnybank

6. Fords and Henry and Edsel Ford

7. dogs

8. Politics

9. Fall or Autumn

10. Clear nights

11.  Hammocks

12 Playing

13. balls, bats, sticks,

14. walks

15. the list is endless….

ginger and mick 3

-tell us some of your likes!

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Well, on the full moon I decided since it was in the 40’s and the wind still we would go for a walk across the fields in the full moon.  So, I put the collars and leashes on Trevor and lil Hallie and grabbed a flashlight, a phone and protection.  Now, I take a phone just in case someone gets hurt, protection to protect us from either a pack of coyotes, rabid animals or what have you out there.  The Flashlight so we can see, can check out movement in the fields and for our first round of protection. You see, if you shine it in the eyes of animals and make loud noises and they can’t see nothing but blinding light they will usually go the other way.

So, we step out into the night and head into the fields.  We could smell the dampness in the air and smell the earth of the field as we walked across it. The rising full moon illuminated the field slightly and as we walked it became brighter and brighter until we could see almost across the field.

As we walked along in the cool night air Trevor began to make his twinkle toes  power walk and we walked for a brisk pace for a few minutes as lil Hallie strutted haughtily across the field.  We found the trail and began to go up it making wide passes around the mud holes and enjoyed the silence of the night and the silvery moonlight as we walked.

Suddenly I saw movement and pulled out my flashlight and turned it on and it hit flashing eyes as I saw several deer looking at us. I quickly shut off the light and stood still as the deer slowly turned and meandered further off across the field obviously not too concerned about us but making sure we were kept off at a safe distance.

We took off and wandered along the field enjoying the beautiful night and a few minutes later I saw something moving nearby.  We stopped and it stopped obviously facing towards us but it was in the shadows so I turned on the flashlight and it stood up and I saw it was a raccoon.  He sniffed and looked at us and went down on all fours and wandered off in his search for food.

As we walked along we could hear the neighborhood dogs talking.  One dog would bark to the left and three would respond on the right and then several from behind us and then some in front of us and it quickly became obvious they were communicating and there was a method to their rotation of directions in responding.  Lil Hallie was listening and went to join in and I softly told her no and she went back to concentrating on her walk.

As we walked I looked up at the twinkling stars, listened to the roaring silence that was broken by the dogs barking off in the distance, by occasional cars driving by way down on the road and by the occasional rustling along the field by  animals moving about.

The soft glow of the moon increased and I noticed the white collars and leggings and paw on Trevor and Hallie glowing brightly in the moonlight.  I could see the corn stubble and see the outline of the trees along the field.

We circled the field and headed home hearing an occasional animal running off in the darkness and as Trevor and Hallie walked along I smiled as they strutted along happily.

We finally made our way back home and as I looked back I saw the moonlit field glimmering and shimmering in the silvery light of the moon.  What a beautiful night. What a beautiful walk!

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For some reason we have a propensity here for coming up with collies that are either runts or else the biggest of their litter.  LOL….  Take Laddie for instance.  He was the runt of the litter and he was about half the size of his brothers.  When we brought him home, he was so tiny we made him a bed in a shoe box and he slept there until he outgrew it which didn’t take long.

I actually found a picture of Laddie in the shoebox!! Ah, did we smile and laugh as we remembered Laddie when he was a little spunk.  Laddie, because he was so small always tried harder at everything and excelled because of his little size.

One of my fondest memories is Laddie when he first came here running along side of me as hard as he could to keep up with my slow walk.  He ran into a thick clump of grass and it knocked him over!!! He was so tiny…..

He wasn;t here long when he ran up to Teddy who was standing there in the regal collie stance with his head up, his front legs wide and back legs back with his tail straight out.  Well, Laddie looked up at Teddy and I could see him look at all of Teddy from head to tail. Then, I watched as he turned and imitated how Teddy was standing!!!!  I laughed hard…..

Laddie in his shoebox…..  there was no ball in his life as of yet….










Laddie with me shortly after he came home…..










Laddie would go until he fell asleep where he was at.  Here he is sleeping on Sadie’s tail!  Now, Sadie was a old cranky old collie and you can see by her face she is annoyed.  However, she looked at him and she grumbled to herself but let him sleep on her tail for she had a motherly instinct. Sadie also took Teddy under her wing becoming his mother and playmate through the early days of his life….








Mmmmm…. shoelaces!!!!!






Laddie passed out after playing with shoes……








A young Lad…. notice how he is sitting on our daughter. Lad still does that to this day.  His favorite trick is to try to stand all four paws on your head if you are laying face down on a pillow… LOL…..










Lad grew up and went through some wild and crazy days.  He led the chase and never was caught.  He would run and if a collie grabbed him he would turn and run backward on three legs and twist and break free.  He had a fling with Brandy who thought him her hero and boyfriend.  Then Ellie came along but that didn’t last long for Lad found his ball!  Lad and Smoke have been rivals for the top spot behind Trevor and Laddie I believe is still in the hunt… he is just waiting.  Lad and Smoke always have played hard together and they somehow discovered how to tip each other over when running. You see they run hard as they played for each is trying to outdo the other.  Well, one day they were doing this and their is a bump they do followed by another bump as they run that sends the other dog flying off their feet and they roll and bounce like a rag doll still they stop.  It is horrifying to see and when Lad did this to Smoke I made it clear not to do this again.  As I watched Smoke bounce like a ragdoll and the dust fly and the other collies gathered around I ran to him fearfully!  Then, I see his head pop up and he is grinning…. I was furious.  No!  No! No!  I told Laddie.  Well, around they went a few times around the yard running as hard as they could and Laddie was being good and then I watched in horror as Smoke did it back to Lad!  However, Lad rolled and bounced and flipped and the dust rolled and the collies kept going and I saw Laddie rolling and then he was on his feet and he kept running never missing a beat!  It was amazing… but this time I stopped them all and they got a good scolding!  SMoke heard the brunt of it and he knew he had done wrong!  But, it was tit for tat, which I understood. But, somehow Laddie the acrobat rolled with it and came up running! I think this sort of smoked Smoke  for he was hoping to teach Laddie a lesson…

Since then they have never done this again… thankfully.  But, Laddie once in a while leads a chase and he runs the other collies into the dirt.. but he does it only once in a great while now.  Laddie is a fun loving guy now who is a model collie.  The best part is he actually sleeps now.  You see, the first three years I rarely saw him sleep after he got past 3 months old…..  he would be up all day when I was home, be up when I went to bed, be up when I got up…. when did he sleep?  Never I think…..  the other collies would take naps… but not Lad he was up!  But, he does sleep now….. however he always dreams and his legs are moving like he is running! LOL…..

In this picture you see Trevor who came with Laddie to live here.  However the beautiful White Merle on the left is Marcus… Laddie and Skylight’s dad!!!  He is also Smoke’s dad.  Laddie takes after his dad who was also a high octane live wire who always ran, never slept and like Laddie is a escape artist!  He is the Alpha where he lives and like Lad and SMoke he and his brother do the running bump too…..





This was Laddies mommy… our Hallie!







Lad’s Rival… his half brother.. Smoke!








Lad’s brother Skylight!  Skylight is a talker too and a sweet guy who is as laid back as Laddie is high strung.  Skylight has inherited something from their father Marcus  that Laddie has not… he is a lady killer being, like his daddy, the stud dog here. 🙂









So that is a bit about Laddie.. he collie who once slept in a shoebox….. look at his feet! There it is… you know what… his ball!

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Many people here would not know it from the past few years as I focused a lot on Trevor, but the first once in a lifetime dog was my Niamh.  Like Trevor, but before him she came into my life and changed it… she came after the loss of my McKenzie.. my first ever collie from 20 years ago…..  Our collie family is named Niamh’s Misty Meadow after her….   she was by far the most intelligent and most dynamic in every way… while Hallie was more human and Trevor the most loyal… Niamh excelled in every quality….  far beyond any other collie we’ve been blessed with…. she impacted my life more than any other… helping me make friends finding her, making friends while living with her and her death opened up the Meadow to the most dynamic group of collies we ever had. She opened doors with every action of her life… she was super serious…. the only area any other collie excelled in their lives her was being more light-hearted and happy.  The only other areas were Hallie thinking she was human, Trevor being loyal and Ginger plotting.. 🙂

This is the story of the coming into my life of Niamh, the collie who touched my life as no other ever has.  It is one of my early stories and is not well written, but it is a moment of time recorded in my writings. So, I did not change a word….. even though if I wrote it now it would be much better written….

The Arrival of Niamh

It was a sunny, warm June day as the petite tri-color collie lay in the kennel with her four other chums. She was of the minimum size for a collie and slightly underweight at 39 pounds, not quite making the 45 pounds they weighed at her size. They called her “Jazzie”. She looked up at the house and saw the owner and sighed since she wanted her attention and love so much.

The collie had come to her after the owner bought her because her father was a champion. The owner had high hopes for the petite little collie who was not only beautiful like her father, but who had a sweet disposition and wanted so very much to love and be loved. The owner had loved how quickly the collie learned for she was very smart indeed. The collie learned to walk perfectly on a leash and to sit, to stay, to shake, and most of all to strut when walking and to look and act like a champion. She did everything she could to please the owner. In the short year of her life, she had learned much.

But, unfortunately for the young collie she fell short of expectations in order to win a championship. You see, dear reader, she developed a dull spot on her eye. While not contagious, and not the dreaded eye disease some Collies get, the spot deducted points for her to win shows. She carried her tail slightly off to the left, instead of perfectly straight back and her tail was a eighth of a inch too short. The collie would be beautiful to the average person, but in the ring she would never win…. perhaps rise up to second… perhaps, but never win.`


Ever since those discoveries she had been put out in the kennel with the other collies. Now, our collie is a docile, loving, kind dog and thus she was pushed around and underfed since the other collies bullied her and took her food (this would change in the future, for when she came to her new home, she became the dominant dog, but that is another story.)

As she lay there sighing, pining for some love, she heard a car drive up. With her chums she barked and danced hoping these people would come out to give her attention. To her delight, she saw three little children, a woman and a man walking with her owner towards the kennel. The collie rubbed against the fence, danced, then barked. But, her bark was different. It was loud like a male’s, instead of the squeekier female bark. Also, when she barked, she threw her nose up, and turned her head and peeked out of the side of her eyes as she barked as if she was telling the people something.

The owner opened the door scolding the dogs back and then pulled the petite collie out. She ran to the children and danced around them for a minute as the man and woman looked on. Then as the children walked across the lawn she walked beside them looking up into their faces in curiosity.

“She sure is petite” the man spoke. His thoughts noticed her fur was dull, and in badly need of a brush job. “She is a very sweet dog…” the owner spoke. The Man called the collie and she came to him and looked up into his smiling face. The man looked into her mouth, her eyes, felt how skinny she was and then held her head in both hands and looked into her eyes again. She wagged her tail, and tried to look away since her docile nature told her not to challenge him. But he squeeked to her and she looked into his eyes. She noticed his smile, and paused… looking back into his eyes. The Man could see a fire in her eyes. He saw her soft, gentle nature, but he saw the fire of determination in her eyes. He smiled and kissed her nose and she looked up at him with her head cocked and ears erect. Who is this man who is being so kind to me she wondered. He was gentle with her, he didnt force her to turn or to open her mouth, he just gently guided her. She liked him…..

The Owner gave sharp orders to her to jump up on the bench as she told the man she would brush out her fur and trim the mats for him. The man winced at the sharpness of the orders. It is one thing to be firm, another to be harsh. But, he let the thought go since he knew she had to give orders like this to get results in the ring. Yes, the collie would never have to worry about sharp orders ever again.

From now on her life would change. Orders would be few and far between. The Man would prove to be a companion, who would call her in joy and speak to her softly and lovingly. As she stood there the woman kept giving her orders and the small collie kept quickly responding. The man reached down and petted her. He talked gently to her and she quickly looked at him and then just as quickly looked away. The man noted her shyness. (She would loose this shyness under the man’s guidance and become a brave, outgoing collie through the years. A collie who would prove her braveness time and time again)

After about a half hour, the little collie looked a lot better and and was ordered off the bench. She lay down and watched as the man and the owner sat down and talked. The Man agreed to the price and the owner showed them her pedigree, which included her father, who was considered the greatest champion since his grandfather who was called Joker’s Wild. Now, Joker’s Wild is considered the greatest and most influential champion of the midwest. His bloodline led back to the great SunnyBank Collies, the collies of Albert Terhune. The Man was stunned, her pedigree consisted of champion after champion.

He looked at her and smiled for she was of royal blood in the collie world. He noticed the collie peeking at him out of the corner of her eye. “She sure is shy isn’t she?” the man said. The owner nodded. “She tries her best to please everyone, which makes her easy to train” the owner said. The man nodded, thinking it was good to know. He thought about how this meant her feelings could be easily hurt so he had to make double sure to treat her extra gentle till she felt at home.

The collie listened to them talk more and wondered why the owner kept mentioning her name. The man kept looking at her and kept petting her. He seemed nice and the woman and children then petted her and she soaked up the attention wiggling in joy.

Finally, the man handed the money to the owner and put a collar and leash on her and headed for the silver car. He opened the door and she halted… was he going to take her in this car? The Owner spoke: “I’ll help you load her in if you sit down I’ll help her jump up on your lap.” The man sat down and the owner gave sharp orders and the collie jumped in. The man held her as the owner closed the door and he gave her a hug. She turned and sniffed his face and looked out the window towards the owner, whom she had done all she could to please. Who had for months not had time to give her attention, yet whom she still loved. The woman started the car and backed up and drove out onto the road.

Niamh and I


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457656_3863528071399_1374417534_3573190_1194079925_o-Where is she?   I love girls just like my dad… but she is a bit much…

dscf6113-Rutherford!!! You get over here! I love you…. you get over here and do as I say and when I get done with you then you can stop breathing my air…

-How absolutely disgusting!!!!!  Dad!!!


Reminds me of a song….

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I didnt do it!!!!


We didnt do it either!!!!-

I’m telling you I didnt do it either…



GINGER   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-see!!!!! that is what E=MC2 means!!!!Think of the possibilities I have now!  Muwahahahahaha

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