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Muwahahahah… I Ginger decided that during the night I would booby trap the old Guy’s side of the bed.  Pulled a rope around a couple of legs and boockases and then put a dog dish in there for him to step in and when he staggered forward a nice bowl of water for his other foot to step in…. it wasn’t a pretty site especially after I pulled a chair out so he would trip over i and then stood up right as he went over me sending him for a flight……t….. it was a lot of fun to watch…..

er… um…..


Wow Old Guy did you ever get up on the wrong side of the grave.. er.. bed…. um……. er… you don’t look happy…. er.. you are not saying anything… why are your arms raised up and why are you making those strange sounds…. er…. um….


Perhaps I went too far? That is a bit scary….. Well, off to disappear for a while until he gets back to his normal ugly self… snicker…..

The old guy is in a foul mood today… did he mention he despises David Moyes?  He is looking at the Tables and grumbling… he has made his choice of who he wants to win the Premier League…..  he will reveal this tomorrow…. its going to be a big surprise to some of you…. this doesnt mean he is a fan of theirs, but since the Red Devils are out of it now, thanks to David Moyes (did he mention he thinks he stinks?).  Below is a poll, who are you supporting of the top five clubs to win the League Title?


Hint, the old guy will not be rooting on the other so-called team from Manchester…… wow he is throwing darts at a poster of David Moyes… now he is mooning it… wow now he is throwing doggy bombs at it… this is getting out of control…. but I Ginger like it…. heheheheh

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years ago when I was walking Trevor and big Hallie we were going along a trail enjoying the quiet and the beauty of the forest.  Suddenly, there was a bunch of noise and several feet in front of us a Turkey took off in flight and flew a hundred feet or so and landed in the woods behind some brush.  We froze and Trevor and Hallie watched the Turkey fly with interest.

Then, on the floor of the woods more noise and off ran a turkey across the leaves and ground.  Now as you know Turkeys are some of the ugliest birds one can see and this big bird was no exception.  As it ran it swayed side to side and its eyes were huge, its red and blue bald head sticking out like a sore thumb and the gizzard and its wattle and snood flopping from side to side as its stride made it look like a clown on stilts trying to run.

Now, it was absolutely one of the most ridiculous things I had ever seen.  I had to laugh….. and then I looked down at Trevor and he was looking on with his mouth dropped open and his eyes then turned to me and he looked like he was laughing.  Hallie, however, was miss expression. She looked at that Turkey running and then looked up at me with her eyes wide and she rolled them and then gave me a look of “now that was the stupidest thing I have ever seen!”  I laughed so hard at her expression that I had to sit down on a nearby stump.  She was right…. it was rather dumb looking…..

Hallie; Did you see that?  It is the most ridiculous thing I ever saw!

We see a lot of Turkeys  on our walks.  Another memory of Trevor and Hallie and seeing Turkeys came along another trail.  We came up on a big group of Turkeys crossing the trail going into  a low wallow on the other side that was full of short ferns.  As they crossed we kept walking and the collies watched them as we came closer and closer as they crossed.  It was a large group and they finally all made it into the wallow as we came within ten feet.  Then… up popped another turkey and and was on the left side of us moving up the trail so it could cross further away from us.  However, it looked strange…. it was hopping and then it came up on the trail and I saw it had only one leg… and was hopping trying to catch up with the other turkeys. So, we stopped and let it cross and it hopped down into the wallow and disappeared with its friends.

We took off again and Trevor sort of watched with interest but Hallie, like normal was intrigued.  So, when we came up where they had crossed she stopped and looked into the wallow and I could see her moving her head looking.  So, I looked and as I watched I could see the Turkeys hunkered under the ferns I could see their heads moving as they all hunkered down and were looking between the leaves up at us to make sure we werent coming it after them…

I clicked and said ‘Hup” which is the word we use to let the collies know they need to move and off we went.  However, Hallie kept looking back to see them and was all eyes after that looking for more and for her favorite thing to see.. squirrels! 🙂  So, those are a couple of great memories of the wild turkeys we saw on the trail.

Hallie:  Eee gads.. turkeys are sure ugly!

Trevor- wow!  I never saw anything so funny…. hey turkey you need to grow some feathers to cover up that face…. eeeeewwww!

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