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Here is a shot of Albert Payson Terhune with Squire on your left, Jean on your right and in front the crazy, loveable Gray Dawn.   Squire was the son of Treve and a Champion in his own right.

Squire’s father Treve died at 5 and a half  Squire lived till he was 9.  Squire also played a role in bringing Bellhaven Collies to the forefront of not only the collie world but the whole dog world with more champions in Bellhaven than any other breeder in not only the collie realm but the whole dog universe.

Jean was one of the most lovable of the collies at Sunnybank and her life was over 13 years from the time of Lad till 1930 when the old girl was run over by a tourist and killed in the driveway.  By all accounts Jean was one of the favorites of not only the Terhunes but everyone who visited there.

Gray Dawn is perhaps one of the most famous collies at Sunnybank famous for his crazy antics like when Terhune was standing by the Lake in a Tux waiting for his wife to go to a party when he was blindsided by Gray Dawn and pushed into the lake head first.  Gray Dawn was very loyal to Terhune for when Albert was hit by a car and hurt badly Gray Dawn would not leave his side and became as Terhuen put it viscious in keeping all ppl away from him including the doctor. Gray Dawn was a character full of fun, innocent mischief and crazy!  Gray Dawn died less than a month after Thane passed away.

These collies were from the heyday of Sunnybank and with the passing of these and other cast of collies in this era the curtain came down on the championships not because the quality of collies went down but because Terhune lost heart in the matter. The losses were too great and I can understand how Terhune felt for it is tough and no fun losing collies you love so much for it does break your heart and shatter your soul… I know… I have been there… several times.

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My favorite writer is Albert Payson Terhune and I always wanted a collie descended from his lines.  Well, a few years ago we were able to trace our collie lines in depth back to the fabled Sunnybank lines.  We were pleasantly surprised and thrilled to say the least.  🙂

Many, many collies are descended from the Sunnybank lines today, especially if they are from Championship bloodlines. Of course a collie is just as much a collie if not descended from Terhune’s lines, but if your a Terhune fan you would be thrilled to know if your collie is from his lines and to be able to read about their ancestors from Terhune’s pen…..

This is Treve, Terhune’s first Champion at Sunnybank. He is according to the research done a ancestor of our collies…..

Our Collies back to the Sunnybank lines listing the parents who are from the line only….

Through our Trevor and Hallies lines….

Niamh's Misty Meadow Branwen and Skylight and various other collies are descended by several other
parents by different breedings  with
Tappaderro's Black Majesty (Trevor) or
Tappaderro's Midnite Serenade (Hallie) who are descended from
Tapaderro's Greased Lightning,
Wolf Manor Wonder Women,
Wolf Manor Magnum P.I.,
Ch. Executive The Equalizer,
Ch. Twin Oaks Joker's Wild,ROM,
Ch. Executive Table Stakes,
Ch. Twin Creeks Post Script,ROM
Ch. Twin Creeks True Grit, ROM
Ch. Lee Aire's Amazing Grace
Ch. Ransom's Regency
Ransom's Rapture
Ransom's Mistress Mine
Ransom's Black Lace
Ransom's Holly
Ransom's Dusky Rose
Ransom's Rhapsody in Black,
Ransom's Reunion,
Belle of Fair Banks,bred with Penningtom Phantom (also SB descended)
Sunnybank Mac Duff II
Sunnybank Southern Girl and Sunnybank Thaneson,

Now Pennington Phantom traces back to Sunnybank through,
H.R.H Sunnybank Sybil,
Sunnybank King Coal and Sunnybank Southern Girl.

These two lines together have the following Sunnybank collies in their
Sandstorm (Sandy,
CH. Sigurd (Treve),
CH.Sigurdson (Squire),
Goldsmith (Bruce),
Gray Dawn,
Laund Lury of Sunnybank (Daisy),
Alton Aldeen,

Thats our Sunnybank connection for our Trevor and Hallie lines which include Lad, Skylight, Branwen, Ellie, lil Hallie, Mick, Rutherford and Walter and Smoke.... Now we do descend also from Anya's
lines but that is another story for another time....


The greatest of Terhune's Champions is also a ancestor to our collies also, the Legendary Ch. Sunnybank

The line mentioned above is but one of several lines our collies can be traced back to Sunnybank. While
descended from Sunybank's lines does not make a collie perfect or worth more, it sure is fun reading
Terhune describing the ancestors and relatives of our collies and once in a while learning that some unique
or strange one of our collies has one of these dogs had too. :)


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