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dscf8820-Growl, snort, bellow, rumble…… growl….. Here she comes snow…. Old Allis is coming to kick your butt!!!!  With  dad with her you are in trouble for they will push you around and humiliate you once again…..   everyone bark their approval.. Go Allis!!!!!



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Um… dad we need a water softener!


3-5-08 hallie-dad… we need warmer restroom facilities….


we need warmer air!!! Hey… YOU.. yeah you over there.. stop breathing MY air!!!


And I,,,, Ginger,,,, want the hammock back up…….


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collies 1

He is plowing again!!!!  Look at that old tractor go…. look at all that snow moving.  I almost feel bad for the snow… Old Allis has won 19 straight confrontations this year!  The snow really threw its best this time and yet that old tractor and the old guy win again!  Wow!  Go get ’em dad and Old Allis!!!


Hmmmmmmm… perhaps I need to steal that old tractor and use it in my quest for world conquest!  Could mount a couple of missiles on it.. a flame thrower… its got possibilities.  I could also use it in squirrel hunting.  I could pull the trees down with the squirrel in them! Muwahahahahaahahh

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I pulled into the drifted driveway and grumbled to myself.  Its -6 fahrenheit with a -25 wind chill and the driveway is a mess.  Old Allis is 70 years old now and I hate starting her up in this cold of weather.  But, I turned on the gas and checked the fluids and winced as I thought about starting up the old tractor.

I hit the started and she slowly turned over.. I mean she sounded like a 6 volt system.  I stopped tried again and she turned slower…. Now at this temperature the oil is like tar and the transmission and rear end grease is like slogging through red Georgia clay that is soaked… Ginger can tell you about it  and it aint pretty! I grew up in a clay ground area and its horrible… but anyways…..

I grabbed the hand crank.  I put it in and went to the transmission and tried all the gears several times and it was hard to put into gear… after all she has 90 weight axle grease in her and for those who do not know at 100 degrees the stuff is like tar…. at this temp heck it wouldn’t hardly pour out if I took out the drain plug.

So, I turned her with the hand crank and it was one heck of a hard pull… I turned her over and on the third try she fired right up and ran and then quit.  Now she has a hand choke so it was my fault not hers. I turned the crank and she pulled the old famous trick of kicking the crank back and while Allis Chalmers did build a safety feature that it would release in such an event it does spin once backwards hard and if it hits you it can hurt!  At least it wont break your hand or wrist like a Model T. Of course someone taught me how to safely use a crank, pulling it towards myself with my fingertips and if it does rebound it will slip loose and my hands pulling the opposite way will keep my hands back.

I patted the old girl on the radiator and pulled again and she started up and I adjusted the choke and she ran like a champ!  I let her warm up for 10 minutes…. she wasn’t quite 100 degrees but I wasnt sure she would get there just idling so off we went to go to work and I didn’t kick her in till 100 degrees. Now that -25 wind chill hurt…. but this job had to be done….

So, we plowed and she ran like a champ all the way… her normal operating temp is 170 degrees but she could only muster 135… its just too darn cold.  Old Allis got it done and I put her back and let her idle for 10 more minutes.  Wiped her down and put the battery charger on her.  IT was in great shape considering how cold it is.

So, Old Allis went out a -6 and got the job done.   While she could’ve started with the battery I just dont like pushing her when I can do it by hand…. If you ever want an appreciation for your car starter try starting a tractor engine by hand…

So, this was the coldest Old Allis has run for me….I am amazed.. I can only hope I am that good when I am 70!  GREAT JOB OLD ALLIS!


My hero…. my old 1944 Allis Chalmers Model B… Old Allis amazes me….  I hated to start her up in this cold of weather…. but work had to be done.. somehow I dont think the old tractor minded all that much….


You didnt freeze to death?  sigh… well… I Ginger have to say I am impressed with Old Allis and with your durability old guy…..  I figured you would be an old stiff by now…..  If you would only pay for me to have thumbs I could do this…


Better enjoy it… thats as good as compliment as you get from the Schnapp… the Ginger Schnapp that is….


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We began our whining at the time Dad as supposed to be home…. but he didnt come and he didnt come!  Mom kept saying he started his new job and he wont be home till later now.  We watched him take off after 8 inches of snow last night with 30 mph winds with blowing snow and a 4 degree temp with -20 wind chill this morning.  All the schools were closed and so were many businesses.   Too cold for the salt to work and the roads were a glaze of ice.

But, we heard dad made it to his first day of his job safely, then drove across town for his drug test and then worked more and then drove home on those rotten roads. He came home and shovelled the end of the driveway and from in front of the garage and then took us out to play!

HE smells different now when he comes home.  He used to smell like meat. Now, he smells like… well like when he was in his garage.  He told us he now works for a company that services, installs, fixes and repairs fire extinguishers, installs fire sprinkler systems and other fire safety equipment.  He says so far he likes it!  Tomorrow he is supposed to go out on the routes to learn how to do his service tech job.

We are glad he is home… but he gets home late now and our schedule is all upset. You know how dogs love a schedule! 🙂 But, we will get used to it.  We just don’t like that he doesnt smell like meat anymore…


Where is he? He is late?  I need my 4 pm nap!


-WAit! Wait! I hear the truck!!!! It’s him! I’s him…. everybody all together… BARK!!!!!


It really is you!  You don’t smell like meat!!! You smell like…. …  something….. its not food!!! Glad you are home.. now throw my football…


Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball…..


Darn….. he just missed the doggie bombs I left for him to step in….. just a little more to the right old guy… muwahahahaha





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We got 8 more inches last night… more coming…. wind chills below -25… what a perfect day to have to drive into a new job!


Hi Dad!  Glad you are home! 🙂  I Smoke hope it stops snowing soon!


Dad, we need a water softener, this water is hard!!! (The pools right now are buried under snow and the collies dig down to them and find the water is still hard!!!!


Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball…..


Um… time to go in old guy…. hmmmm….. I guess napalm on the hard water in the pools was not such a good idea… those pools melt pretty fast… oh well I am cute and you will forgive me when I turn on my Gingerly charm… um…. guess that tree was cold it is on fire now…. oh well we wanted a winter bonfire anyways look at all the trouble I saved you! 🙂

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26910_1409447680923_1374417534_1108412_4863878_nIts me .. Lad again.   Its poured all day and dad worked on a family member’s car, prepped the tractor, stored up water and food and candles and even put away our toys in the wagon to keep them safe.  The wind is beginning to pick up.. they claim it will be over 50 mph and we are prepared.  They even bought more dog food!!! YAY!!!  My old ball is in the wagon safe and will weather the storm out outside.. wish it were in with me… but it will be safe, although wet.

Dad wants me to say if we disappear for a day or so know it is probably because the power may be out.  Snow and ice tonight and we collies are getting ready for supper as I write this and then hopefully a pause in the rain so we can go out and get ourselves ready to stay in for a long, blustery, snowy night.

We will all crowd in together like we normally do on a blustery night sleeping close to each other sharing the warmth and dad will have his wonderful space heater on softly so we will be warm and so will he.  He used to lay Trevor in front of the heater when he was in his final months and Trevor loved it.  I know dad thinks about it when he turns on the heater for I can see it in his face and he looks out the window towards where Trevor and all the collies rest now.

So, we are preparing for a howling, blowing, snowy night perhaps with power loss and if it is anything less we will be happy and relieved.  Then, hopefully I can get out and see how my ball is!!!! God Bless You All and now I am off to make sure everything is in place and to check on Ginger’s advancing plans for world domination……

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No humor, no smart aleck comments and no antics in today’s post.  Our family and our collies are all thinking of our friends in the path of Sandy as she roars ashore.  We have so many friends there and we pray for you all.  Of all of the them our dear friends Genevieve and Cupcake live very close to where the worst of it is rolling in.  We are praying for everyone and especially lil Cupcake and Genvieve.  Stay safe our friends….. we are praying up a storm…..

We will be getting some of it here with projected high winds, rain and projected scattered power outages. But, we will be getting nothing like our friends along the east coast.  God bless you our friends… may he keep you in the protection of his hands and help you through the coming hard times….. please,,,, let us know… each of you when you can that you are okay.

We all care about you and I Ginger cant wait to hear that each of you are safe!  God Bless You All!

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