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Mr_and_Mrs_Edsel_Ford_cph.3b29705-Edsel and Eleanor Ford had a collie..

3a17892r-President Calvin Coolidge had collies…


05gilliesstringfellow-Even the Leeds Footy team had a collie…

jeff davis

Jefferson Davis had collies too…

LongstreetJ_main-General James Longstreet too… 🙂

What do these ppl all have in common…. they are people in history that you could call my heroes……. and it is all coincidence…. I didn’t know until years after I learned about them that they had collies… interesting eh?


But, none of them ever had a Ginger!!! ,




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Niamh’s Misty Meadow Branwen

Brandy, was born on January 8, 2007 at 5:30 pm..  She was the first born of 11 puppies, 9 of which survived. NIAMH’S MISTY MEADOW BRANWEN is the daughter of the beautiful Red Fern Anya and our wonderful Tapderro’s Black Majesty (Trevor).   We saw her for the first time on January 17th, the day before what would’ve been our Niamh’s tenth birthday.  The picture to the right (click on for full size) is of Brandy in my hands.  When I first held her, she sniffed my hands and then as I held her closely she sniffed my face and snuggled down into my hands and briefly went to sleep.  Then, as I stroked her chin she suckled my finger and as I sat her up this picture was taken.  She is a beautiful lil girl.  Her name, which mean white raven in Welsh, took on a special meaning as she has a white marking on her body that looks like a white bird in flight.  We want to thank our friend at Red Fern Farms for making this all possible.  A big thanks to Trevor and Anya and especially to God for this special lil puppy.


Below you will see a picture of Branwen and I when we first met….


Sunday cannot come fast enough. I am fidgeting waiting for the Reds to take on Manchester City.  Their fate is in their hands.  Myself, I can;’t wait to get it over with…. this is such a huge game…





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Today, it was sunny but cooler so I played with the collies and spent the day stripping down the front bottom behind the axle, the frame around the radiator and the hood to get it ready to prime and paint tomorrow.   I caught gasoline at a low price and put some in the collies transport unit #1 and bought some stainless steel bolts, nuts, metal screws and washers so that in the future I won’t have to repaint these things if I need to take the hood off or the grill off.  Stainless is shiny and it doesn’t rust. 🙂  In time I will go to that on my two Allis’.

Apparently I read the schedule wrong for Football. Liverpool plays at 11 AM EST on Talksport.com not Saturday.  A win by Chelsea temporarily, until Liverpool plays, has put them in first by one point. So, a tieat least to tie for first or preferably a win by the Reds is needed.  So, GO REDS!!!!!!  Tomorrow is a big day with only 6 games left.





The ground is showing again and the old Case SC is coming along…. so a busy and productive weekend so far.  Oh, my son and I also are cleaning out one half of the front bench for I figured if I rip that half out I can gain four feet in the Garage in length…..  🙂  I don;t need the bench so we are busy rearranging too…. as the collies frolic on celebrating the pools being full of water and not ice.. 🙂



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As the collies eat there supper tonight I see that at 11 am EST on http://talksport.com/ Liverpool can be heard going into West Ham to try to keep their lead of the Premier League intact.  If you go to the above link you can listen to the game by clicking on the Liverpool game button.  At the bottom you will see the standings or TABLES as it is called in England of the Premier League.  There is only 6 games left.. 5 after tomorrow so this game is mighty important.  Chelsea who is in second place and Manchester City who is in 3rd are coming to Anfield the home of the Reds in the final six games so the Reds have their fate in their own hands now.



We are the reception committee for Chelsea and Manchester City…. we will be waiting for West Ham too… GO YOU REDS!!!!!!!

So, its make or break time and that the Reds have made it this far is one great achievement.  Now bring home the Trophy Reds!  GO REDS!!!!


-Will we see this the final day of the season?  I believe so!

GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!



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With the collies keeping me busy, restoring the old tractors, church and raising a family with a full-time job is keeping me busy I am busy writing again. This time is is for a cause dear to my heart.  I have had several articles accepted for their national paper and may have a something big to announce here in the future.  If this happens I will be deeply honored to serve and help out but I am being cryptic for a reason here.

So, my full plate might get fuller, but that is good for an active life keeps me from doing things out of boredom that I don;t kneed to do…..

So, watch here for future announcements…


Today the temps started out at 50 and dove to 34 with a strong cold wind.  So, the collies and I played hard when we came home but not for as long as I like to.  It was just too cold.  But, they were watching for the squirrel in the back collie yard and the squirrel was up front robbing the bird feeder!


HA!  Those dumb collies are in back looking for me while I am up here eating all I want!  MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


Laugh all you want Squirrel!!!  I watered the bird seed this morning before they put it out!  LOL….


We are also gearing up for this weekend for LFC is going to West Ham for football this weekend!  Another win keeps them alone in first! GO REDS!!!!

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All their eyes were scanning for it.  After yesterday’s near miss would the squeel (squirrel) come down and take a chance again?  As they played joyfully the collie eyes kept watching.  Then, the playful yaps and barks  stopped.  All eyes turned in one direction.

They galloped fiercely to the fence and all stood in a line howling their threats at the tree rat as hung low on the tree… on the other side of the fence.  Several collies stood on their hind legs and the roar increased and the collies followed along the fence waiting…. no daring the squeel to come across the fence and see what happens.

For a long time this went on until the man, who could see the “brave” squeel was not really that brave, just teasing took up a toy and whizzed it at the squeel missing by a foot on purpose and the squeel ran off.  The roar became deafening as the collies threw up their threats at the scampering chicken of a squeel and  then turned their howls into approval for their hero the man who taught that squeel a lesson for them!

As peace came to the Meadow again, well as peaceful as it can get with all the collies wrestling and playing the man just smiled and thought “stupid squeel, maybe I’ll let the cat out next time and the cat can take care of the squeel and the collies can take care of the cat… heheheh .”


You dirty Squeel!!! We’ll get you!


You gonna get yours squirrely!!!


What is that white collie doing with that flame thrower and laughing maniacally…..


-Meanwhile Dad is gearing up for the Liverpool Reds footy match for tomorrow… GO REDS!!!!

GO LFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes… Wheeeeeeeeee…. just remember this face…. your future world dominating dictator here……  muwahahahahahahh…. I would say something snarky about the football team being slipped in here… but the old guy needs to have something in his life that is a winner besides me… until I rule the world that is….. hey old guy how about a slingshot ride for you in the hammock….. that would be a wonderful Wheeeeeeeeeeee picture…..

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Wow, dad came home and we had fun then he turned on the computer and saw this:


His only words were “What a nightmare come true!”


I am sorry they are going to do this dad….. I know after 40 years of supporting them.  You stuck with them through the relegation years, the rebuilding years and then the glory years.  You recently boycotted them because of David Moyes and now this…..  What?  David Moyes can’t roll up the toilet paper let along manage a football club?  Dad… why are you buring that Manchester United Sign?  Gasp…… your language…. oh my……  wow……



Wow, dad is really sad…. but I can see he is getting angry now…. white hot angry… wow.. I never saw a ball kicked so far…. please don;t kick my ball that far dad….. It would take me a week to find it….

dscf8128Wow, even I Ginger feel bad about this… I keep telling you old guy, come to the dark side… root on Liverpool!

What?  Wow, we can now listen together!!!!

Note- I am loyal to those I love or support. But, when they stupidly and repeatedly do what is worst for them and won’t change their ways I will let them know I don’t like it. If they persist I cannot take the pain of watching them destroy themselves and if I can’t help them I walk away…. Loyalty does not mean blind following or acceptance. There is a limit to everything.  Manchester United has crossed the line and after 40 years…. what a sad day…. I am through with them.  That they are going to let this Bozo rebuild this team is beyond my comprehension…. so I am joining what Ginger calls the darkside.   My new favorite of favorites is:


I have been a Reds fan for a long time… only they weren’t this Reds.  At least this club is trying to win and has a coach who knows how to coach.  Go Reds!  I wish I was happy about this change…. but it is a rather sad day fgor me… but I am not a blind fool and what United is doing is beyond my tolerance.  THis isn’t about winning or losing, its about how the team is coached, how they play… losing while putting up a battle is no bad thing… but not trying and sitting on leads and not going for it and losing is….. I could go on…. but what a sad day……

Go REDS!!!!


Welcome to the dark side old guy!!!!!

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Friendlies are starting  and while we can’t listen to them here in the states I am beginning to get the longing to see some footy!!!  Will Manchester United repeat as Champions?  Will the beloved Magpies move up and make a challenge?  How will those Baggies of West Bromwich do?  How will one of my new favs, the Bluebirds of Cardiff City do?  Will Crystal Palace fly like Eagles in the PL this season?  Oh, I can’t wait!!!

Meanwhile the collies are beginning their annual Celtic/Rangers rumble with the Celtic brigade led by lil Hallie rubbing it in hard for the Celtics took the cup in Scotland!!!  But, the Ranger collie army is still supporting their team which has fallen on hard times….

But, just to kick it off I can’t help meself….

Meanwhile in the collie yard….

000_0007It’s time!!!!  Celtic!!!!  Rangers!!!!  Celtic!!! Rangers!!! You dirty $%@#%@$%$%!!!!!  grrrrrrr…….

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What a footy weekend!  Manchester United takes on powerful Arsenal after defeating Chelsea last weekend and comes out with another win and when Chelsea is tied and City also tied the Red Devils move into first!!!!   We cheered loud and long on this one…. in fact the collies became so rowdy they had to go outside to burn it off… me thinks it was planned by those devlish collies!

Then today the Magpies of Newcastle go into the roaring den at Anfield and end up going into halftime in the lead and then being a man short in the second half they hold off the Liverpool Reds who mounted a fierce offensive blitz for a tie!   Howay the Lads!!!!  The black and white collie brigade marched with the Toon Army on this one……

The collies cheered but were disappointed with a draw for Celtic and Dundee United…. especially since Celtic led 2-0 with 2 minutes regulation and 3 minutes stoppage left….  So the Green Army collies were a bit let down but still celebrated it not being a loss…

Then we listened to Queens Park Rangers whom we like to follow.  Its been a ruff season and this game was a barn burner with both QPR and Reading both at the bottom of the League running wide open with lots of shots.  Reading led going into Half and then QPR came back and tied it and in a late game wide open pounding of the goals at both ends with saves spectacular bring the crowd to its feet continuously it ended in a tie.  What a hugely exciting match with a lot of action for a tie……

Tomorrow night it is the Baggies of West Bromwich Albion, whom we have a soft spot in our hearts for,  looking to move up to 6th with a win over last place Southhampton…. Go Baggies.

FInally, Stoke City whom we also like to follow lost to the Canaries of Norwich City 1-0 and continue their standing in the lower half of the middle of the table. The Potters have played some tough fixtures this season but most have been ties…… but we get a lot of fun from following the Potters.

THe collies love football matches streaming on the net…. the crowd noises fascinate them, they all gather around the computer corner and like to bark their approval when things go well responding to my cheers…..

A wild weekend of Footy and we had a lot of fun in between my working and fixing my Allis Chalmers B which is now ready for winter plowing. 🙂

Footy!  Blah, blah, blah… I Ginger want to know what happened to Wolverhampton!!!!  While I am it, Lad dont need this ball… think I will throw it over the fence so he can look at it for hours till dad gets home from work to rescue it for him… muwhahahahahahah

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