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dscf8820-Growl, snort, bellow, rumble…… growl….. Here she comes snow…. Old Allis is coming to kick your butt!!!!  With  dad with her you are in trouble for they will push you around and humiliate you once again…..   everyone bark their approval.. Go Allis!!!!!



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collies 1

He is plowing again!!!!  Look at that old tractor go…. look at all that snow moving.  I almost feel bad for the snow… Old Allis has won 19 straight confrontations this year!  The snow really threw its best this time and yet that old tractor and the old guy win again!  Wow!  Go get ’em dad and Old Allis!!!


Hmmmmmmm… perhaps I need to steal that old tractor and use it in my quest for world conquest!  Could mount a couple of missiles on it.. a flame thrower… its got possibilities.  I could also use it in squirrel hunting.  I could pull the trees down with the squirrel in them! Muwahahahahaahahh

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