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Muwahahahah… I Ginger decided that during the night I would booby trap the old Guy’s side of the bed.  Pulled a rope around a couple of legs and boockases and then put a dog dish in there for him to step in and when he staggered forward a nice bowl of water for his other foot to step in…. it wasn’t a pretty site especially after I pulled a chair out so he would trip over i and then stood up right as he went over me sending him for a flight……t….. it was a lot of fun to watch…..

er… um…..


Wow Old Guy did you ever get up on the wrong side of the grave.. er.. bed…. um……. er… you don’t look happy…. er.. you are not saying anything… why are your arms raised up and why are you making those strange sounds…. er…. um….


Perhaps I went too far? That is a bit scary….. Well, off to disappear for a while until he gets back to his normal ugly self… snicker…..

The old guy is in a foul mood today… did he mention he despises David Moyes?  He is looking at the Tables and grumbling… he has made his choice of who he wants to win the Premier League…..  he will reveal this tomorrow…. its going to be a big surprise to some of you…. this doesnt mean he is a fan of theirs, but since the Red Devils are out of it now, thanks to David Moyes (did he mention he thinks he stinks?).  Below is a poll, who are you supporting of the top five clubs to win the League Title?


Hint, the old guy will not be rooting on the other so-called team from Manchester…… wow he is throwing darts at a poster of David Moyes… now he is mooning it… wow now he is throwing doggy bombs at it… this is getting out of control…. but I Ginger like it…. heheheheh

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Hoo boy… not again…..

you have to be kidding me…. um, time to play ball?

sweet lord, ha ha ha ha ha ha


Um… time to go in dad?  he he he

I dont know what you put in my drink Rutherford but you are in for it now!!!!

Um… perhaps I went too far this time?  er… did I ever tell you that you look great with yellow eyes?

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I’ve taken over this blog today!  My name is Tigger and I am the cat that gets to live with these crazy collies.  They are a wild, fun loving bunch who enjoy life. Imagine that, enjoying life!  Life is not to be enjoyed, it is to be endured as all good cats know.  They love the old guy and are always planning how to make him happy while I am planning for his demise!  I do have to admit, I love when they scheme to make trouble for him… but they have no killer instinct for they make up to him and do not press the issue and eliminate him!  They will never make good cats!


As you can see their pranks do not end with people. This is how they once dressed me and as you can see I am not happy about it.  The worst thing was them laughing it up for weeks afterwards.  I plot their demises too but the old guy always spots the little traps and fixes it… darn human!


So, I am protesting here on the blog that life is not as rosy here as the old guy writes about.. at least not for a cat!!!!


Hey Tigger!!!  We have a new set of clothes for you to wear!  Ha HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!  Here kitty, kitty, kitty…..







HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  Now that is funny….. oh my… what a attitude… oh my what a reaction… hahahahah….. sorry folks this is getting too ugly to take a picture… we are off to laugh it up! hehehehehe



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I hate to say it dad, but I vote for you for the scariest costume contest for Halloween!











We vote for you too!!!!







Holy Crap Dad! Your face is scary! I vote for you!!!







Okay…. on the count of three run for your lives.. with a face like that he has to be dangerous… 1.. 2..3… RUN!!!!







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