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I couldn’t take it anymore… he looked so content and happy in that Hammock!  So, I Ginger, your future world dictator made my move.  Lets see how he likes fixing the fence after I slingshotted him out of his hammock into it… muwahahahahahahaha  That will teach him to be happy and content in MY world!



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dscf9220-I could be doing this…

100_5729-we could be doing this….

26910_1409447880928_1374417534_1108415_5179860_n-I could be doing this, but dad is spending time in a parade with this…


100_5723-wait, it is painted Flambeau Red right?  Well, Flambeau means torch…. I have a solution…

flamethrower-Tractor, meet Ginger’s Flambeau thrower… Muwahahahahahahahahah



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