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As we journey through the Holiest Season of the Christian year Dad often reflects upon the repentance part of Lent and how important that is to our pathway with God.  Being truly sorry for one’s sins and then do your best in turning from them is important.  As we collies watch humans struggle with this we are so grateful we are collies for we  don’t have to repent for we didn’t cause all of this. 🙂

After all we can’t curse….

Black Squirrel

Get down here and play fair you @$##$%#$$#@ Squirrel….

skylight wondering

We can’t have impure thoughts…. Hey,  Ellie… lets go out behind the shed… Ooh La La… rowwr….



We don’t covet, steal or harm others…. “Give me the hammock old guy or you are gonna die!!!”


REPENT! REPENT! THE END IS NEAR!!!!  By the way.. BALL, ball, ball….


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