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Several things to cover today….. first the Liverpool Reds.  They kicked the snot out of Tottenham and finally looked like the team they were last year. Could it be they have finally come together?  Next week is Aston Villa and with the Reds only three points out of first the fever is catching!  With Gerrard punching one in today the collies and I were cheering and dancing for the first time this year.  If they knock out Aston Villa they could be on their way for the hunt.  We shall see…. but they have to beat such teams as Manchester City which last week they failed at.  But, it is early and a lot of changes have been made.   So, time to celebrate!!!



Onto tractor news.  Finally got old Molly, the 1941 Allis Chalmers WC paint repaired and she looks great!     Old Molly is my most stubborn tractor…. now you are asking how can a tractor be stubborn?  Well, old tractors are like old cars. They have personalities, quirks and seem human much of the time.  Molly is stubborn.  She fights me on everything I do…. but, she grudgingly gives and then when repaired sits there looking like “what’s next human?  Bring it on?”  I’ve threatened to sell her many a time, but she knows better.  If I needed a tractor in an emergency she would be my choice for whatever I needed to move she would do it…. just to prove she could.   Old Allis would faithfully do it, and Annie the Case SC would be all too willing and would get the job done. But, Molly would knock down the walls to do it for she thrives on hard work… the harder the better.

dscf8858– Old Molly in the winter… it’s only -15 out here.. no big deal….

-Today I changed the transmission fluid and filter in my HHR.  What is the big deal you say?  Well, for those who don;t know it has no dipstick to check the fluid and when you fill it up you have to run it through the gears and leave it running while you remove the overflow drain plug and fill it until it comes out the overflow.  Well, ya know what Chevrolet?  I have a 1949 Case SC that you do the same thing too… and it also has a canister oil filter instead of a spin on just like you!  70 years later  car companies have went back to what tractors were doing 70 years ago… the more things change the more they stay the same….. I also fixed the dash board light by replacing something Ginger called a “cellynoid for the charcoal canister.”  It worked…. so I felt good about that today too.  I also hung up a new light in my garage and can actually see on all sides now in the dark! YAY!!!

dscf4795-Collies Transport Unit #1 is ready to go and the collies are cheering! Since I fixed the garage door also, now it can get in and out too!

-So, it has been a productive weekend!  Tomorrow it is all collie day all day except for a hour with the tractors!    The collies want to share something with you that I shared with them…….

collies 3– Dad told us this and we agree…  “We love old tractors for old tractors have souls.” – Roger Welsch   That they do and we collies were flattered when dad added… “”And so do collies and that is why we love them too.”



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Yes, the Red vs. Blue battle has moved to the Meadow…..

LvsE– yes, all the collies and us with one exception are Liverpool Reds fans. After all, we all know they are the club with the best record in Liverpool.  However, just like in Liverpool there are always a few… well.. certain types of individuals who support Everton….

000_0007_00-Go Everton old guy!!!! Thats right… I may be the only Everton fan, but that is all that counts!!! Rowwwwrrrr… byt he way your new hammock is blue!  Good thing too for if it weren’t I paint it blue! Muwahahahaha

-What??? What do you mean Neverton stinks?  By the way, sorry I painted your tractors blue… NOT!  Muwahahahaha





-I Ginger like this song… after all I am bitter, twisted and proud! 🙂 Muwahahahahaha

-Wait, what do you mean you have a answer! What do you mean Liverpool is magic, Everton is Tragic?!!!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr………

as the song says.. WE ARE LIVERPOOL… not Neverton!!!

dscf8112-Hope you like Blue for I pained your work boots blue… muwahahahah



0 Wait, what do you mean you painted all my earthly possessions RED?  Oh save the never walk alone… I love to walk alone!  I like being alone… GO EVERTON!!!

-Liverpool rules.. Neverton drools!! GO REDS!!!!!


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What a weekend… once in a while things go right and it is amazing how much work I was able to do on Annie, Party work and writing.  The end is finally in sight!!!

The weekend started out backwards widscf9037th the battery cracking and leaking, but I got the headlights taken apart, rewired, put back together painted and installed and a new battery put in…. here is a pic of them on today…

Then, the Hydraulic Unit was finally done being rebuilt (my father loved doing that, he loves machines, hydraulics and all that!!) and we reinstalled it, refilled the fluid and no Leaks. Reformed the exhaust muffler pipe so the steering gear doesn;t hit it and put in the turn on/off valve on the gas tank and put the gas line back on. Then, Annie got painted on her left side all the way back to the hydraulic unit.. that includes left wheel!

Look, she looked Red…..


-She actually looks Red.. 🙂













dscf9022-another view…. notice the wheel… I went with all orange…

dscf9027-the inside of the wheel…

dscf9031-the dashboard!

dscf9019-Annie Smiling…

-Okay, time to play with us Collies!!!! Enough Tractors!!!!  By the way, the Liverpool Reds won their final game today and finished in second two points out of first… very proud of them and next year will be our year Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez!!!  YNWA!!!ONE OF OUR NATURE TRAIL WALKS BY RAVENNA JUNE OF 2002 021



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Last week they let their destiny slip from their hands and today the Liverpool Reds, who have one heck of a great year ….


let their chances for the title slip further away after blowing a lead to end up with a tie with Crystal Palace….. 😦  So, the stunning rise to the top, the unexpected battle for the title are now but a memory as the Reds will probably end up in second place in the League.  While deeply disappointed, I am still very proud of the season they had. They weren’t supposed to be there…. but they were.  Its only gonna get better from here….

So, the old battle ry.. “WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR” is our s now…….


GO REDS!!!!!-  We collies hate Manchester City!!!!



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Hi! I’m Lad and as you know I love my ball!  I feel a real affinity to the following ppl for they loved balls too!

babe ruth


The first is babe Ruth!  He loved to play ball and here he is holding a ball in a special glove he must have carried it around in….. He must have really loved his ball for that glove has lots of padding to keep his ball from getting hurt.  I can’t figure out why such a big guy had such a small ball…..

steven gerrardThis guy who  plays for Liverpool plays with a soccer ball like I do… but his is always prettier.  Steven Gerrard is dad’s favorite player!  Steven always seems to come in to save the day and this guy is probably the only one on earth who plays better and loves his ball more than I do…. now if I could just make the money he does…

Harold and Mildred -6

Finally, I love Harold Lloyd.  Look he plays with a ball… lives in a dog house and even has a human who is Mildred that throws the ball for him…. wow…. isnt that interesting?  Wonder if dad will get me glasses like his….. Did Harold Lloyd keep bones in his doghouse?  How did his wife fit in there with him and where did he keep his ball…. I’ll have to ask the old guy…


This one’s for you Babe, Steven, Mildred and Harold!!!!!

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You saw the earlier post today of the Old Guy’s where he talked about footy and Liverpool. Well, I Ginger have taken over this blog because I have something to say. As you all know I am sort of twisted and bitter at times but I am proud.  I am sick of being in the shadows as the plotting world dictator wannabe.  I am that, but I am much more. You see, I keep this place hopping and active and if it werent for me this place would be boring.

My ideas and plots are fantastic and yet that old guy blunders along and survives it all and somehow comes out on top….

Well, I am upping the ante now… IO am going to increase my activity and even add one more activity to my long lists of annoying the old guy!  You see, I am bitter, twisted and proud.  You know what that all means.  I have had it!  I am going to root on Everton from now on!  After all, we have a lot in common!  They live next to this stinking winner that overshadows them all the time as they do all the hard work and heavy lifting.   They get ignored, pushed around and stopped at every turn.  Somehow their best plots and plans go up in smoke.  Better yet, they were the home of David Moyes… muwahahahahaha  Did the old guy ever tell you all how he despises David Moyes?

So, I Ginger come out of the  closet and declare I Ginger am a Everton Toffees fan. The BLues are also nicknamed the Dogs of War…. sort of fitting isn’t it?  hehehehe  Watch as this dog of war takes it to the old guy….

dscf4795-His truck is blue so naturally I painted Everton on the door…. mmuwahahahahahahah

4-22_surrounded_by_collies-Notice the color of the wall?  Well naturally it needed Everton painted on it… snicker…

dscf8699-notice the new hammock is blue so naturally I had to dump him out of it and write Everton on it…. muwahahahahaha

dscf8693-wait… what is this?  What do you mean my blankie is a Red one with Liverpool written on it?  A red Liverpool food dish and you painted my plotting room.. RED????????????????  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  When I take over the world I will plow Anfield under… what?  You yawned… oh this means war old guy…  remember I am in charge of the blog now… muwahahahahah

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAW4XcpzLMU-take that old guy!

-Here comes the old guy going to push send now.. wait… give it back to me… you stinkin #$%@#%^ Old guy… don’t you dare post that…. grrrrrrrr…. do not push send… do not…..*click*




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Its here… the moment of truth.  We have been waiting and counting down to this moment.  We’ve watched in awe as they have strung together a unbelievable streak of wins against the best the League can offer.  Now their destiny is in their hands with all the advantages in their court.  Can they come through? Will they continue their awesome streak that put them not only on top… but with a good lead?

Yes, today at  9:05 EST on Talksport.com you can join us as we listen in as the biggest battle of this Century for the Reds takes place in their old and beloved football pitch named Anfield. The Reds are almost unbeatable at home and their secret weapon the loud and loyal fans will be roaring and waiting for those guys from Chelsea.

A win today almost ensures the Reds are Champions of the Premier League.. A loss leaves them in first but they will have to win all the rest of the way to stay there…..

Everyone here is getting ready….

LFC-1-Dad is already screaming GO REDS!!!

dscf8820-The collies are digging in and waiting for the arrival of Chelsea so they can give them the “welcome”…. GO REDS!!!!

dscf4847-Even the squirrel is in the tree listening to the pre-game and screaming GO REDS!!!!


566154_4349573291275_1410435810_n-Go Reds!!!

dscf4795-GO REDS!!!!

dscf5847-GO REDS!!!!!!!!!

-GO REDS!!!!!!!






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Tomorrow is the day!!!!!  We are ready!!!! GO REDS!!!!LFC-2

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dscf8820This is Sunday is the game.  Chelsea comes to Anfield to visit Liverpool!  We are the welcoming committee!  We aren’t so welcoming either…..A win will put the Reds into the Championship….A loss… well…. it will get ugly so Chelsea just go and lose already…. Muwahahahaha

You can listen on Talksport.com at 9:05 Am EST on Sunday…. this could be it… or it coulc be a heartbreak… but we are ready!  GO YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Rushed home from church to find Liverpool leading 2-0.. in seconds it was 2-1 as Norwich scored early in the second half as the Canaries were throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Liverpool.  But, what led to this point?

It started at 4 minutes with Raheem Sterling booting it in to make it 1-0!!!

The pounding continued and at 11 minutes.. the scoring machine known as Luis Suarez was not to be outdone and here he is scoring again!!!  2-0 Liverpool!

Liverpool dominated the first half, but the second half came and Norwich poured it on.  They scored and it was 2-1 and they kept taking it to Liverpool for the next few minutes until Raheem Sterling could not take it anymore and watch this… he took matters into his own hands…

As you can see he got the ball deep in Liverpool territory and took it all the way down… or as Chris Berman would say.. He is going to… take it.. all.. the way!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHAHAH

The game is battling on with Norwich doing all they can to get back in this but the Reds keep beating them back… they are starting to to take it back to Norwich now… so perhaps they are going to put it away now?  We shall see.

Norwich just scored and it is 3-2 with 13 minutes left…. this is getting interesting.  Will Liverpool take the bull by the horns and put this away?  This is where Champions are made…. or broken….

9 minutes left in reg time and Norwich is still bringing it…. come on you Reds!!!  8 minutes left and Norwich still pounding… the Liverpool defense is hanging on…..  come on you Reds get that ball and get it in the net!

Reg time is over and now 4 minutes for injury and penalties… Liverpool has stemmed the tide and seems to be taking starting to take control…

3 minutes Norwich is trying to move in.. Liverpool holding them off…

at at minute and a half here comes Luis!!! He shoots.. blocked… it rebounds to Luis he kicks again and a great save keeps it out.  A minute left and Liverpool is holding them off….. Norwich throws it all at Liverpool with 30 seconds left….. Skrtel stops it and Liverpool kicks it out.. here they come again but Liverpool holds them off again…

The whistle blows!!!! THE REDS WIN!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I just slump exhausted at the computer… wow…. the Reds are now going to be the Premier League Champions unless they lose their last three games…. okay.. now we are cheering and the collies barking and happy dance time!!!!  Liverpool Reds will most likely win the Premier League!!!!




100_5723-I can’t stand seeing him so happy…. think I’ll get sick in the house.. muwahahahahah  Hows that for celebrating.. muwahahahah




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