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Today in 1976 Rosalind Russell passed over into the afterlife….  she is a favorite here at the Meadow.  Did she have a collie?  Not that we know of but we did by accident find out she drove a Lincoln Continental!!! LOL…..

So, what does Rosalind Russell have to do with us and our collies other than being a favorite?  Nothing at all!!! LOL….

However, collies have graced the lives of many famous people….. here are a few…

Queen Victoria

JP Morgan

President Benjamin Harrison

President Calvin Coolidge

President Herbert Hoover

President Lyndon B. Johnson

Elvis Presley

Jim Reeves

Elizabeth Taylor

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Texas A and M

Albert Payson Terhune

Jack London

Katherine Lee Bates

WA Burpee

Queen Alexandra

Shannon Doherty

Courtney Cox

David Duchovny

Tea Leoni

Renee Zellweger


These are just a few of the famous people who have had collies in their lives that I could find…..

And to think I got stuck with the old guy… why not some President or Dictator whom I could’ve used as a launching pad for my own world domination! Sigh…

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