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Inspired by our friends at BongoDogBlog dad has decided to teach us heathen collies a bit about our faith too. He says the way we act our souls may need to be saved also, although we have heard him many times say we were saved by Jesus too since the fall was not our fault….. We also want to apologize to our friend Bongo and his human for while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery this piece probably will not flatter anyone….. Do go visit their much better faith based stories and their wonderful blog at;



So, what are we learning about today dad?  Martin Luther?  What does Martin Luther have to do with saving our heathen collie souls?  What?  If we listen we will learn…. a collie? Listen?  Come on dad we are already bored…….. okay, we are listening… sigh…

Martin Luther was once a monk in the Catholic Church?  Wait, arent you a Lutheran?  What gives with that?  What?  Catholics and Lutherans are both Christians, its just that we believe differently about God?  Okay, we are listening… grumble….

Luther was a very dedicated monk who suffered greatly trying to earn his way to heaven.  Did he do without treats?  Did he not listen to footy on Sundays?  What?  He starved himself?  He beat himself?  Wow, was he into some sort of…. okay we wont say it… sigh….

Luther came to find that it wasnt by works that one got to heaven but through faith…. believing and accepting  that Jesus came to earth, died for our sins and rose again as we will in the end of times.  He also taught that our good works are the result of our faith and do not save our souls… does that mean if Timmy falls in the well we can ignore him and still go to heaven?  What?  We are duty bound to save him as Christians for it is our mission to help those in need…. oh….our actions dont save us but condemn us….. okay so we get it…. we save Timmy for he is dumber than we are and keeps falling in the well and because he is made in the image of God we forgive his stupidity and save him ad nauseum because it is our role on earth?  Okay, you are shaking your head yes but not happy with the answer…

So, Luther and the Church came to differences and Luther ended up leading the branch of the church that later became Lutherans and other wonderful Protestants?

But, what about other beliefs and the other traditions of Christianity who believe different?  Are they dumb like Timmy?  What?  No, they are just as much Christian as we are and we should treat them with love and as brothers and sisters and seek out our common ground?  But, we thought we were heathen collies…… sigh we are listening….

Luther taught God loves us and as such we are to love others.  Sort of like how we collies love you no matter how dumb you are?  Dad, that is not a very Godly word……. neither is that one… gasp…..
yes, we are going to be quiet.

Luther also had a teaching about dogs?  Really?  Tell us it….

“The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest.”-Martin Luther


Um…… yes we are the most faithful and it seems to us we are much esteemed around here.  But, common?  Collies are not that common…. oh, you are right there are lots of dogs.  What?  You would like to add something to Luther’s teaching….

“Only two things in the universe love unconditionally…. dogs and God and us humans would do very well to learn from both.” -Chuck

Does that mean dad that when we slingshot you out of the hammock you will still love us?  What? You will but we will have some very sore #$%$  Dad, that isnt very Godly of you….. sigh…

We collies like Martin Luther…….-

What do you mean I should be baptized?  The last time you tried that the Holy Water boiled…. what does that mean?

Again, our apologies to our friends Bongo and his human for this…. but you know how those creative moments are…. so for the best faith based teachings on a dog blog do go to BongoDogBlog at


Ginger waves to Bongo!

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Hi Dad!  We took over your computer and wanted to share something.  As you know we come from the highlands of Scotland we thought we would share something with you….

What do the following have in common?

Lil Hallie….


John Knox

What do we have in common?  Well, we are all Scottish, are hairy, have fierce tempers, are protesters and we dunk ppl into water.. he baptized and we have Timmy.   But the biggest thing we have in common is that we both were involved with Queens!!! On top of that, we have even one more thing in common.  Look at us all!  We are all writers!!!!! 🙂    Dad, why are you holding your head in your hands?

Isnt it obvious?  He is trying to hold his pea brain in!  He should try to hold their pea brains in too…..

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