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A cold, rainy weekend.  So, Dad put the blade on the tractor, got us out between the rain storms to run and looked for a new job and listened to the Reds lose again, the Canadiens win again and was highly entertained by the Maple Leafs as they continue their all offense, no defense hockey games which are proving to be the most highly entertaining games dad has heard in a while.

We collies yawned at the Reds.. they looked horrible again…. the Canadiens give us opportunity to celebrate and the Leafs, well it is overwhelming!

Snow is coming and dad is not liking it.  But, Old Allis is ready and itching to give the snow a real butt kicking.   As for use collies, we think we will just take a nap! 🙂



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Here At the Meadow we like;

A. Jesus

1. books and reading

2. antique tractors

3. Footy, especially Liverpool

4.anything historical

5. Terhune and Sunnybank

6. Fords and Henry and Edsel Ford

7. dogs

8. Politics

9. Fall or Autumn

10. Clear nights

11.  Hammocks

12 Playing

13. balls, bats, sticks,

14. walks

15. the list is endless….

ginger and mick 3

-tell us some of your likes!

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Yes, the Red vs. Blue battle has moved to the Meadow…..

LvsE– yes, all the collies and us with one exception are Liverpool Reds fans. After all, we all know they are the club with the best record in Liverpool.  However, just like in Liverpool there are always a few… well.. certain types of individuals who support Everton….

000_0007_00-Go Everton old guy!!!! Thats right… I may be the only Everton fan, but that is all that counts!!! Rowwwwrrrr… byt he way your new hammock is blue!  Good thing too for if it weren’t I paint it blue! Muwahahahaha

-What??? What do you mean Neverton stinks?  By the way, sorry I painted your tractors blue… NOT!  Muwahahahaha





-I Ginger like this song… after all I am bitter, twisted and proud! 🙂 Muwahahahahaha

-Wait, what do you mean you have a answer! What do you mean Liverpool is magic, Everton is Tragic?!!!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr………

as the song says.. WE ARE LIVERPOOL… not Neverton!!!

dscf8112-Hope you like Blue for I pained your work boots blue… muwahahahah



0 Wait, what do you mean you painted all my earthly possessions RED?  Oh save the never walk alone… I love to walk alone!  I like being alone… GO EVERTON!!!

-Liverpool rules.. Neverton drools!! GO REDS!!!!!


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Last week they let their destiny slip from their hands and today the Liverpool Reds, who have one heck of a great year ….


let their chances for the title slip further away after blowing a lead to end up with a tie with Crystal Palace….. 😦  So, the stunning rise to the top, the unexpected battle for the title are now but a memory as the Reds will probably end up in second place in the League.  While deeply disappointed, I am still very proud of the season they had. They weren’t supposed to be there…. but they were.  Its only gonna get better from here….

So, the old battle ry.. “WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR” is our s now…….


GO REDS!!!!!-  We collies hate Manchester City!!!!



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Today’s score… Liverpool 0.. Chelsea 2….. I think it says it all……



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Rushed home from church to find Liverpool leading 2-0.. in seconds it was 2-1 as Norwich scored early in the second half as the Canaries were throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Liverpool.  But, what led to this point?

It started at 4 minutes with Raheem Sterling booting it in to make it 1-0!!!

The pounding continued and at 11 minutes.. the scoring machine known as Luis Suarez was not to be outdone and here he is scoring again!!!  2-0 Liverpool!

Liverpool dominated the first half, but the second half came and Norwich poured it on.  They scored and it was 2-1 and they kept taking it to Liverpool for the next few minutes until Raheem Sterling could not take it anymore and watch this… he took matters into his own hands…

As you can see he got the ball deep in Liverpool territory and took it all the way down… or as Chris Berman would say.. He is going to… take it.. all.. the way!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHAHAH

The game is battling on with Norwich doing all they can to get back in this but the Reds keep beating them back… they are starting to to take it back to Norwich now… so perhaps they are going to put it away now?  We shall see.

Norwich just scored and it is 3-2 with 13 minutes left…. this is getting interesting.  Will Liverpool take the bull by the horns and put this away?  This is where Champions are made…. or broken….

9 minutes left in reg time and Norwich is still bringing it…. come on you Reds!!!  8 minutes left and Norwich still pounding… the Liverpool defense is hanging on…..  come on you Reds get that ball and get it in the net!

Reg time is over and now 4 minutes for injury and penalties… Liverpool has stemmed the tide and seems to be taking starting to take control…

3 minutes Norwich is trying to move in.. Liverpool holding them off…

at at minute and a half here comes Luis!!! He shoots.. blocked… it rebounds to Luis he kicks again and a great save keeps it out.  A minute left and Liverpool is holding them off….. Norwich throws it all at Liverpool with 30 seconds left….. Skrtel stops it and Liverpool kicks it out.. here they come again but Liverpool holds them off again…

The whistle blows!!!! THE REDS WIN!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I just slump exhausted at the computer… wow…. the Reds are now going to be the Premier League Champions unless they lose their last three games…. okay.. now we are cheering and the collies barking and happy dance time!!!!  Liverpool Reds will most likely win the Premier League!!!!




100_5723-I can’t stand seeing him so happy…. think I’ll get sick in the house.. muwahahahahah  Hows that for celebrating.. muwahahahah




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After helping my friend bury her beloved Rodney this morning, which is a tale of its own. Thank you our firends for prayers for him…. he died peacefully in his sleep.  I came home and worked on the Case. I am taking a break right now as the primer dries.  As you know during the week Sunderland beat Manchester City and today played Chelsea who is two points back in second place.  I looked at the score and did a double take and then cheered.  You see, last place Sunderland has beaten third place Manchester City and now they have beaten Chelsea 2-1!!! The Mackems… what is going on with them?  The last place Black Cats this have  taken out the 2nd and third place teams in less than a week. So, where does this leave Liverpool?  Well, a win tomorrow puts them up 5 points with only 3 games left.  Being five points up they next play Chelsea at Anfield!  A win gives them the title. A tie keeps them up by five points with then two games left.  Then they just need another tie in the last two games to win it all!

Tomorrow is the day … Easter Sunday… that Liverpool can come within a razor’s edge of winning  it all.  I am going to the early service so I will miss the first half of the game.  But, eternal salvation is still more important than Footy… but not much more.. heheheh (I joke… do not write hate letters to me please.. LOL).  But, the moment is at hand. A win tomorrow would then take a complete collapse by Liverpool to blow it. They would just need a tie in their last two game… of course… next weekend if they beat Chelsea it is all over for good then too…. but if Chelsea wins they only need a tie in their last two games……




-I am praying for complete collapse just because I can’t stand seeing him happy… hehehehe

LFC-2-The crown is almost theirs.. can they do it?  Listen to Talksport.com tomorrow morning at  7 am est to find out.  I will be at Church fidgeting and trying to concentrate and worship…..



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Before we get to the main topic  just a few words about the collies.  They are all as crazy as normal and running around doing their thing. Lad wants his ball, Rutherford his sticks, Rebel his football, Hallie her brain cover, Branwen her bat and they were chasing Ellie, which wasn’t much of a sport since she is only half their size.. LOL…  But, she loved it!

dscf6095-Now its time to Rumba!!!!









Enough of this fun… time to get control of this situation…







Meanwhile in England… The Mackems… or Sunderland played Manchester City…  it was a tie!!!  This helps Liverpool inch closer to the Title!!!! YAY!!!  So, we celebrate tonight… GO YOU REDS!!! Now, we turn towards Chelsea….. a win by the Reds over them at Anfield will put the Reds in the drivers seat to the title.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIWOcbm965E  -Now its time Reds…. Rodgers Red Army Marches On!!!








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Through the years I have always been amazed by the loudness of Anfield.  Then, Sunday happened and I am now in awe.  They have always roared loudly at Anfield.. but this was different!  Its like something bottled up and now erupting with extra force……. I know they are hungry.. I know its been a while.. but here is a video.. tunr it up and listen… its like a volcano erupting.. I don’t think I have ever heard anything like it before….

You tell me what you think!


It only got louder if you can imagine when they went up 2-0…

But, that is nothing compared to the winning goal when you could feel the earth rock at Anfield…

I am in awe…. the team is so enthusiastic.. the fans are crazed and even the usually stoic English commentators are getting into it… but look at the crowd… that is just unbelievable… I only wish I had done the happy dance at church on the pew waving a Liverpool scarf.. snicker…

This is a special team that just is feeding on its success and the fans are boosting them with their energy too.

So, we have the net back now… 🙂  But, the collies haven’t missed a beat with Ginger standing on me…. Mick snuggling up close while Rutherford squashed me from the other side on the bed this morning… sigh…. I could use the sleep… but I love that they love me…..

More to come soon….



I was actually trying to smother you…. but you just think its love…muwahahahaah


4 games left…the dream is almost theirs…..

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To all our friends out there more storms went through and we lost our internet.  We were gonna spend several hours catching up on our friend’s blogs.  So, please accept our apologies for getting a touch further behind.  We have power, but the internet is down so we were lucky compared to others.

The collies have not been liking the weather with all the thunder and lightning.   Their outside time has been limited with all the rain.  But, the time they have had has been fun.

100_5472-GO AWAY


So, without the net of course we couldn’t hear the Liverpool game.  But, it didn’t matter for I was going to Church anyways.  But, I am a sinner, thats why I go to church remember?  So, I used my daughter’s Iphone to keep track of the score.  I held back a cheer as I saw it flash 1-0, then 2-0.  I know, its naughty to do this, but its Liverpool …. Then, as I sat there seeing it flash in quick succession two quick scores by Manchester City in the seond half I concentrated on the service and kept one eye on the scoreboard.  Then at 78 minutes when Coutinho hit the net to make it 3-2 my Thanks be to God was probably the loudest in the church… snicker.  Just before the Palm Sunday service ended I saw it flash 3-2 Liverpool WINS!!!!  It was all I could do from doing a happy dance on top of  the pew!!!


So, the Reds are now at 77 points for the season!!!  Liverpool has 77 points, Chelsea had 75 points and Manchester City has 70.  So, in a couple of weeks the Chelsea club comes to Anfield and a win against them will wrap it all up…..inches away…. GO LIVERPOOL!!!!!!-

We hate you Chelsea!!!!!!!!!Get ready collies …… time to bite them!!!!!  Go REDS!!!!!!!



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