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As you all know I am a big footy fan. Well, lets see… Manchester United just seems to be getting their act together.. finally! Newcastle United is right there with them.. Hull is out front of my favs, Cardiff is lumped in too and West Bromwich Albion is right in the group too.  Sort of a disappointing season so far, but when the Reds win 6 or 7 straight we will be cheering them on… hehehe

Still looking for a place to listen to SP for free so we can hear Celtic.

Of course the collies get right into Footy on the net on talksport with me.  They are fascinated by the continuous cheering, chants, songs, insults and the occasional “What the bloody ‘ell!” we hear and when one of our boys score I cheer and they join in with a loud salvo of barks and jump around and growl and get excited.

Having been a English Football fan for over 40 years (I used to listen on BBC Shortwave back then!) I am so thrilled to be able to listen to the matches again and am thrilled to see English Footy taking America by storm!  Fan clubs are sprouting up and one can even get all the games on NBC sports on the tellie…. wow…. who could’ve seen this happening?

As I grumble all week about Ferguson firing the new coach at Manchester United half the collies are thrilled as Celtic tears up the SP  while the other half cheers as as the Ranger rip apart League one after winning the league three championship last year while Celtic won the SPL last season.   It wont be long at this rate till the Rangers and Celtic rivalry once again comes to life. The collies of course are very nonchalant about it all

Celtics!  Rangers! CELTIC! RANGERS!!!!  I’ll poke yer bloody eye out you @#$#!@!#!#!  CELTIC!!!!!!!!!!  RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!  $!@#$%$%!@%!$^#%^!@#$^!%@!!!!!!!

Ah yes, as the match rumbles on over the net the collies rumble in the yard in a friendly (?) battle over which club is the best in Scotland…… sigh…


– Here are two of my favorite footy tunes……

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