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For our pure collie post check our earlier post from today about Lil Hallie. 🙂

Right now , after a productive morning of working on the tractors, we are listening to Liverpool on the net.  2 minutes in and the Reds go up on a goal shot that bounced off a Tottenham defender!  1-0 the Reds lead and now they are on the attack again as the crowd roars in Anfield!  A tie puts them in first place in a tie with Chelsea but the Reds would win the Title…. a win puts them up by two points over Chelsea and in the driver’s seat for the Championship with Chelsea and Manchester City coming to Anfield in the closing games.  The crowd is roaring… I am trying to keep occupied for I am a wreck for I want them to win so badly.. heheheh

Today as I cleaned up the other wheel to paint I found the original Flambeau Red under the other layers of paint….. I put the repainted lug nut in to show you how close it is in color. Now, the wheel is Flambeau Red  and the lug nut is Power Red. Of course I use “red” only because Case did.    Power Red is a shade lighter than Flambeau Red and even more orange.  I like FLambeau Red better but I remember all the Case tractors when I was a kid.  You see, Flambeau red faded badly…. worse than any other tractor colors.  When it faded it turned….  PINK!!!!  Well, I thought long and hard about the paint.. I don’t care for power red as much, however, it doesn’t fade.  Plus, it is more Orange and with my Allis’ it sort of matches them more.  So, take a look and see what you think…


***UPDATE***  Liverpool 2-0 lead and the Reds are heading towards first place!!!!  Anfield is rocking and so is our home… GO REDS!!!!!  Luis Suarez scores the goal!!!!


If you look at the wheel you will see the upper left is more red… the wheel curves and the light angle is different…. where the lug nut is is also flambeau red at the same angle… how close is that shade?  Then look inside the curve of the center of the wheel.. same color but it really looks red…. as you can see it looks different in the same light with just different angles….







another shot and you can see the reddish orange better in the top left corner…. in this picture I can see the shade difference… so what do you think about the colors?

dscf4977-You know Fambeau means flame…. so I think if we set it on fire the color would be perfect.. heheheheheeh


GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!  FIRST PLACE  here they come!

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