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The Advent candles are lit, the collie indoor plumbing unit .. er.. christmas tree is lit, the stockings are hung, snow is coming and we collies are bouncing around gleefully for we know it is the season of giving and we know we are receiving!!!! hehehehehe……

However, we are too aware that there are many animals out there who do not receive and we ask you our friends to bring your animals in from the cold or at least build them a warm shelter.  Keep them fed and watered and perhaps remind your friends to do so also.

IF you see a cold lonely animal perhaps you can slip them some warm food……  feed the birds…… the $%%@#$%@#$% squirrels even… snicker….

It is the season of giving….. please we ask  that you give to all animals and people in some way.  It doesnt have to be much…. or it is the love and thought behind it that will make their lives happier……


Together we can make a difference for others for when we give personally it means more….


Um…. if you aint giving me the whole steak I am not interested cheapskate…. and I wont forget when I reach world domination!!! Muwahahahahaha


Bring in your animals during the cold nights please! 🙂

We love you all,

The Collies 🙂


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