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dscf8820-Growl, snort, bellow, rumble…… growl….. Here she comes snow…. Old Allis is coming to kick your butt!!!!  With  dad with her you are in trouble for they will push you around and humiliate you once again…..   everyone bark their approval.. Go Allis!!!!!



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This is a non-collie post, unless one of them sneaks in here. So, do check out our earlier post from today where Ginger is being a brainiac and taking action… sigh…

The highlight of my year every year is the third Weekend of August.  My father, who is 75 years old and I go up to Buckley in Michigan to the Old Engine and Tractor show.  It is so much more than a tractor show though… its about American life from the horse era through the early mechanical era.  Everything is done with old machines and by hand up there and as you can see in this film, there is much more to do… like the Flea Market where we buy lots of tools.. used ones.. old ones.. for cheap!  There are Antiques of all kinds there.  We eat homemade Ice cream that is made using old hit and miss engines, go for steam engine train rides, watch plowing demonstrations, see old printing presses, swmills, old FORDS!!!!, farm machinery in use, see tools most people today do not know what they are in use, talk with lots of interesting people, see demonstrations of horse farming, see how people used to do everything from dig wells, cut their lumber using tractors or hit and miss engines with homemade saw mills, see how old candy was made, see cider being made, and well it just goes on and on.

Of course for me its the tractors although I find the whole thing fascinating.   Here are a few films of the show and I saw these machines in action…

This film a guy drives around the grounds to show some of what is there.. he is driving a Farmall Cub tractor… I have a soft spot in my heart for them for that is the first machine I drove at the age of 8… so as you see him drive it you can see what I experienced at the age of 8. 🙂  Do watch for you will so many old things as he drives by.. watch for the Model Ts!

This film shows some of the machinery plus some of the old crafts such as handmade broommaking, blacksmith, leather working and more…..

this is a long film of different things.. you see some horse around 20 minutes… the thing I like about You Tube films is you can scroll along the timeline and get miniture previews of what you see on the film so you dont have to watch boring stuff….

Now its time for some of my likes…

Threshers!!! I love watching them!!!

Now when they announce the plowing demonstrations by the huge steam engine tractors I run to go see….

So, thats some of what I love to do up to Buckley. Something different for sure…. but if any of you are up there for the show let me know we could arrange to meet in person! 🙂  I have a lot of fun up there and its like a walk into the past…… and there is more than just tractors there as you saw…

To my Old Allis… my hero this winter….


70 years old and still kicking butt… my hero!


Now you knew I would make an appearance.. why look at that junk when you can look at me?

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Here in the dead of winter the collies and I try to play the best we can in the cold and snow. It used to be easy but this winter is exceptionally icy, slippery, cold and nasty.   But, we have our fun.  As we go through this winter I am working hard at my new job and other new developments might be coming  in this area. 🙂

But, it is that time we begin to look towards the spring.  As old Allis snorts and growls through the snow I am busy plotting the coming garden, (which I will be working in this year since I wont have college!) and I am gearing up on more tractor work.  Spark Plug wires came today in the mail and I bought some old fashioned Auto Lite non-resistor spark plugs the other day so she can get a tune up.  Then, if need be work will be done on the magneto.  Then, if that takes care of the remaining problems on running the old Case will pull the plow and drag this year before the rest of the seal work gets done and I begin repainting her…..


As you can see Old Allis, my 1944 Allis Chalmers B is on your left and on the right is is Molly my old 1941 Allis Chalmers WC.  Dead center is Annie the old 1949 Case SC whom I will be working on this weekend and getting ready for spring plowing and dragging. 🙂

Also on the agenda is getting the collies ready for the spring breeding season.  We are hoping for either a Ginger/Lad mating or a special mating with our Laddie and a grand daughter of Hallie’s.  We shall see what happens.  We are hoping to meet some of our blogging friends this year also and to make the rounds to the tractor shows and since I now have a normal job to be able to take my tractors to some parades and shows also…..

Of course, I am looking forward to time with the collies.  The hammock wars with Ginger, playing in the sunshine and just having fun. We are also looking to go to Edsel Ford’s home and perhaps a few other Ford historical sites.

But, mainly I am looking forward to spending time with my collies….


I Ginger am looking forward to battling for the Hammock and world domination as usual!  Wait till the old guy sees what I have cooked up over the winter!  After all, I have 24/7 to work on my dreams.. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Will the old guy survive? Will he lose  his sanity?  Will he run away….  we shall see!




Dream on Old Guy…..  soon I Ginger will show you my hopes and dreams…

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