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dscf9220-I could be doing this…

100_5729-we could be doing this….

26910_1409447880928_1374417534_1108415_5179860_n-I could be doing this, but dad is spending time in a parade with this…


100_5723-wait, it is painted Flambeau Red right?  Well, Flambeau means torch…. I have a solution…

flamethrower-Tractor, meet Ginger’s Flambeau thrower… Muwahahahahahahahahah



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From time to time we post about other tings here at the meadow and today we will talk about Annie, my 1949 Case Sc….  tomorrow we go back to the collies.. I promise. 🙂

During the past week I finished up the decals on Annie and sealed up her exhaust pipe and waited…waited for the weekend.  To test her and take her for a ride and to go to the gas station with her to gas her up for next Saturday’s parade.  Well, after taking lil Hallie for a walk I went out and checked Annie’s gas level with a yardstick.  Great, oil and anti-freeze great.  Checked the decals, doing well and then checked the exhaust pipe and it looked good and dry.

I turned on the gas went around making sure she is in neutral and flipped the on switch on and talked to her saying “let’s go old girl” and hit the starter button.  Instantly she jumped to life and with a growl snorted to life and then sat there and purred…..I have to admit I grinned….. she was running great!

I picked up Old Allis’ blanket that I use to cover them when working on them, to wipe up fluids and to wrap around the gas filler hole to keep gas off the paint and climbed on her.  A bit more gas and I put her in gear. Now Annie has a hand clutch so no pushing of a pedal, just moving the clutch lever.  I slowly let push the clutch lever forward and Annie made her throaty bellowy chugging noise and rolled forward out of the garage.


I stopped her there and took pictures and then we headed to the neighbor’s for a visit where I let her idle.  Then we took off again with Annie giving that throaty bellow as we took off and we rolled along the road at her slow comfortable pace.  Now Annie’s seat is on a spring loaded bar which unlike my WC’s does not have a shock absorber on it so you pleasantly rock up and down wherever you go.. bouncy, bouncy, bouncy… its actually quite fun.

We rolled along and made the turn into town and rolled along as cars passed us , some in annoyance because their lives are in a hurry and other passed waving, giving thumbs up or looking and grinning.  Annie didn’t care she just pleasantly purred along perfectly and climbed the hill with the governor kicking in with her throaty response and up we went and then rolled along by the gas station.

We turned in and went through the lot with people staring and other’s trying to ignore us as is normal, but of course they couldn’t as people pointed, some waved and gave thumbs up.

A few women looked on and grinned and most men looked on and were obviously looking Annie over.  We pulled up to the pump, I idled her down and let her idle and then turned her off.

I filled her with gas and went in and paid and came out as a couple pulled up next to us and the guy grinned and nodded to me.  I could see people watching as I hit the starter button and Annie fired right up.  Instantly you could see the guys griing for here was this ancient tractor starting better than half the cars there.  We rolled off with her sounding nice and took off down the road.

The WC, Molly, goes down the road like she means business and the B, Old Allis goes down  the road like a Model T tackling everything is a active way, but Annie is different. She just plods along carefree like.  Never working, never changing speed she is a workhorse type spirit ready to do what needs to be done and the world around her can be collapsing and she would just keep running not worrying about anything…..

We rolled into the driveway and I pulled her into the garage and let her idle for a few minutes.  She purred contentedly just a happy old tractor who seems to be glad to just be running…..

She is done.  Except for the fenders one of which needs some major repairs for it was damaged by someone years ago.  I am thinking of painting them Desert Sunset (a tan color used by Case after Annie’s time) just make her unique.

So, here are the pictures of Annie…..  the first one is before when she came home a worn out wreck with a cracked head, burnt valves, broken valve springs, a messed up carb, electrical problems, leaking from every place imaginable yet running even then.   Then you see her now…even though I was there for each step I can hardly believe this is the same tractor…..  but she is…. a stubborn streak in her like any good workhorse she is however, unlike the WC, a gentle type who does her work slowly and methodically…. I may be an Allis guy but this old Case has a piece of my heart….


case sc 3-Before




dscf9235-Those of you interested look up Desert Sunset paint for Case and let me know if you think the fenders would look good int hat color… if you like. So, that is Annie…. two years of hard work……


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dscf9156-took all three out for 6 mile rides…. here is Annie after her ride… a 1949 Case SC…

dscf9168-Here is Allison my 1944 Model B Allis Chalmers after her ride…. look to the right in the background.. Annie is sneaking in for a inclusion in the picture….


dscf9166-Here is Molly after her ride…. she is a 1941 Allis Chalmers WC…

dscf9180-A family shot of my three tractors…

100_5723-Orange is a perfect color, for when I burn them no one will notice till it is too late.. that will teach him to spend the day with those iron work horse instead of us! Bet Terhune didn’t ride on tractors instead of playing with those Sunnybank Collies.





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dscf9117– Here is Annie with her seat to be painted yet and her fenders to be fixed and painted.  A few decals to go yet. Here you see the back end….

dscf9121-Here is Annie with her oil bath air cleaner intake stack painted and installed.  As you can see I went all black on that….. I’ve tried to do an all orange out color scheme but on the fenders I have some thoughts and would like you all to voice your opinion.  This will take some imagination so to help I will add a couple of pictures….

While Case made their tractors all orange in theis period.. okay.. it was called Flambeau Red… but look at it…  my ideas for colors are not what they did….. Now Ford  used to aint their cars in the 20’s and 30’s different colors but they painted the fenders black.

-Here is a later tractor with Desert Sunset….. now remember just the back fenders would be this color…

-Here is a Case SC with Desert Sunset, which was not its original color…

-I thought about black too…..

Or I can finally paint them the same color as the tractor!


What color do Annie2you think would look best? Here she is with orange fenders….


-How about Sable?



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Well, Annie got to go out and bake in the sun yesterday… that makes that enamel paint hard and it does take a while to dry properly.  I was also able to get old Allis out and get her scratches from carrying and using that plow fixed. She looks pretty good again for a 70 year old work horse.  For those interested Annie, my Case SC was produced in 1949.  Old Allis is a war baby Allis Chalmers B made in 1944.  Believe it or not she still has her original main wire harness in her. What makes this special is being a war baby they didn’t use copper wiring in her.  She has a zinc wiring in her. Now, everything off the main harness is copper now… and someday I plan on putting a new harness in her but leaving the original harnness under it.  That is a piece of history that does not exist in most tractors from the second world war yet….

dscf9081-Annie sun worshipping….

dscf9082-Some of her decals on….. love that old Abe decal ….

dscf9087-Old Allis looking ready to do a job as her paint dries…

dscf9091-Annie and Allis sun bathing…. 🙂

dscf9095-reminiscing about when they worked on their farms before their semi-retirement…. ah the good ol’ days…..

-ah yes… old tractors and old dogs…….000_0019




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468357_3863529071424_1374417534_3573193_1528042977_o -Every time I see her it is amazing how she changes…. she used to be so worn out and ugly…..

-Look he is getting the plow ready too….



_Annie…. the right rear side is now painted! A few pics…




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Yes, Annie got her eyes put back on today.. LOL… her headlights are on… no battery yet so I don;t know if they glow or not… but here we go….

dscf9001-0 peek a boo!!!!! can’t tell what color her headlights are can you?










dscf8996-Still can’t tell?  hehehehehe  Annie is enjoying here attention… so let us try another angle..

dscf8997-here you go… if you can’t tell just click on the picture to enlarge….  as you can see… black with Silver won the polling….. what do you think?


wait… if Annie has black, orange and silver does that make her a Sable Merle?

-Just give me 30 seconds with my flame thrower.. that is all I ask…. sigh….


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100_5723-It can’t be…..  really…. sometimes I hate to admit it but he does get things right.. but rarely…

dscf5759-wow!!!  Stunning….








=There is a long ways to go but the light is at the end of the tunnel… for here is .. TAAA.. DAAA

dscf8990– ANNIE!!!!!


coming along…..








-So, what do you think……let me remind you what she looked like…




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Don’t forget to check out our other three posts today. 🙂


Today I mentiopned how far I got on old Annie before coming in. Well, I went back out and took apart her headlights and took out the turn signals then put the headlights on the wire wheel to take off the old paint and the rust.  They are pretty good looking now.  I am not sure what I want to do witht hem paint wise.  All black?  Annie seems like a simple type of tractor, unlike my WC which was more complex and seemed appropriate to have three tones…. so if I do the headlights in black her air filter and intake pipe and air dome for the air cleaner will be black and so will be the headlights.  Pretty simple.. but I have this real liking for the headlight to be black with a silver ring around the headlight. Then I though about all orange to match the tractor….. what do you all think?

dscf8943-Old Allis has all black headlights…

dscf8858-while Molly if you click on the picture to blow it up has the silver rings around the bulbs…

dscf8853-here is Annie with the headlights black with the turn signals which are now removed……

so what color should I paint them?

Vot Now!

Wonder what Albert Payson Terhune would paint them?


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dscf4992-Yes, it looks like it has come a long way…. when do I get to crash it into the nieghbor’s car?

-today before I got back to work on the old Case SC I put Annie’s hood and gas tank on for a shot… then I took them off and she is now ready for priming and painting from the back of the engine to the rear axles….. it took 4.5 hours today and 2 hours last night to get this part ready….. then I put some new connectors on for the headlights, pulled them from the switch, taped over the gauges and steering wheel so they dont get painted and did lots of other little items that will never show up on the pictures….

-So, don’t mind the mess under Annie, but here is a quick shot of her with her hood and gas tank on….. 🙂


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