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Well, on the full moon I decided since it was in the 40’s and the wind still we would go for a walk across the fields in the full moon.  So, I put the collars and leashes on Trevor and lil Hallie and grabbed a flashlight, a phone and protection.  Now, I take a phone just in case someone gets hurt, protection to protect us from either a pack of coyotes, rabid animals or what have you out there.  The Flashlight so we can see, can check out movement in the fields and for our first round of protection. You see, if you shine it in the eyes of animals and make loud noises and they can’t see nothing but blinding light they will usually go the other way.

So, we step out into the night and head into the fields.  We could smell the dampness in the air and smell the earth of the field as we walked across it. The rising full moon illuminated the field slightly and as we walked it became brighter and brighter until we could see almost across the field.

As we walked along in the cool night air Trevor began to make his twinkle toes  power walk and we walked for a brisk pace for a few minutes as lil Hallie strutted haughtily across the field.  We found the trail and began to go up it making wide passes around the mud holes and enjoyed the silence of the night and the silvery moonlight as we walked.

Suddenly I saw movement and pulled out my flashlight and turned it on and it hit flashing eyes as I saw several deer looking at us. I quickly shut off the light and stood still as the deer slowly turned and meandered further off across the field obviously not too concerned about us but making sure we were kept off at a safe distance.

We took off and wandered along the field enjoying the beautiful night and a few minutes later I saw something moving nearby.  We stopped and it stopped obviously facing towards us but it was in the shadows so I turned on the flashlight and it stood up and I saw it was a raccoon.  He sniffed and looked at us and went down on all fours and wandered off in his search for food.

As we walked along we could hear the neighborhood dogs talking.  One dog would bark to the left and three would respond on the right and then several from behind us and then some in front of us and it quickly became obvious they were communicating and there was a method to their rotation of directions in responding.  Lil Hallie was listening and went to join in and I softly told her no and she went back to concentrating on her walk.

As we walked I looked up at the twinkling stars, listened to the roaring silence that was broken by the dogs barking off in the distance, by occasional cars driving by way down on the road and by the occasional rustling along the field by  animals moving about.

The soft glow of the moon increased and I noticed the white collars and leggings and paw on Trevor and Hallie glowing brightly in the moonlight.  I could see the corn stubble and see the outline of the trees along the field.

We circled the field and headed home hearing an occasional animal running off in the darkness and as Trevor and Hallie walked along I smiled as they strutted along happily.

We finally made our way back home and as I looked back I saw the moonlit field glimmering and shimmering in the silvery light of the moon.  What a beautiful night. What a beautiful walk!

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This is from a time when Trevor was still here… I miss seeing him there and hearing his soft snoring…..

Night has overcome our home here at the Meadow.  Crickets softly sing, the wind gently blows the Pine branches as I begin to drift off to sleep.  Around us I hear the collies.  Trevor is gently snoring, Smoke breathes gently as Branwen sighs and Ellie jumps up to snuggle at my feet.

Lil Hallie jumps up to give me kisses and I rub her ears as she grins and then jumps down next to Trevor and lays down and begins to drift off with her breathing softly sighing in the dark.  Rutherford softly whines as his feet twitch while he dreams he is running around and the same goes for Walter.  Skylight softly groans and turns over on his back and Laddie looks around and then puts his head down and snorts a couple times as he drifts off into a slumber.  Teddy is snoring softly while Ginger lays on her back with her feet in the air and she yawns and then groans out her pleasure at how comfortable her blankie is.

I listen to them breathing and softly stirring as I slowly drift off to sleep joining them in sawing logs.  As I drift off I hear a owl hooting and hear a distant neighborhood dog bark as the soft moonlight gently shines in through the window.  It is sometimes hard to believe that in a few hours these collies will be bouncing in joy and going through their day with lots of barks, joyful playing and their gleeful grins till once again the sun sets and nighfall comes again.

It is the simple things like this that I cherish the most.  It is something that I enjoy immensely and it is what makes my days happy and full of love and joy.  Cherish these little things in life my friends…..  for like all things they will pass into our memory…..

Is it bedtime yet dad?

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