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Well, on the full moon I decided since it was in the 40’s and the wind still we would go for a walk across the fields in the full moon.  So, I put the collars and leashes on Trevor and lil Hallie and grabbed a flashlight, a phone and protection.  Now, I take a phone just in case someone gets hurt, protection to protect us from either a pack of coyotes, rabid animals or what have you out there.  The Flashlight so we can see, can check out movement in the fields and for our first round of protection. You see, if you shine it in the eyes of animals and make loud noises and they can’t see nothing but blinding light they will usually go the other way.

So, we step out into the night and head into the fields.  We could smell the dampness in the air and smell the earth of the field as we walked across it. The rising full moon illuminated the field slightly and as we walked it became brighter and brighter until we could see almost across the field.

As we walked along in the cool night air Trevor began to make his twinkle toes  power walk and we walked for a brisk pace for a few minutes as lil Hallie strutted haughtily across the field.  We found the trail and began to go up it making wide passes around the mud holes and enjoyed the silence of the night and the silvery moonlight as we walked.

Suddenly I saw movement and pulled out my flashlight and turned it on and it hit flashing eyes as I saw several deer looking at us. I quickly shut off the light and stood still as the deer slowly turned and meandered further off across the field obviously not too concerned about us but making sure we were kept off at a safe distance.

We took off and wandered along the field enjoying the beautiful night and a few minutes later I saw something moving nearby.  We stopped and it stopped obviously facing towards us but it was in the shadows so I turned on the flashlight and it stood up and I saw it was a raccoon.  He sniffed and looked at us and went down on all fours and wandered off in his search for food.

As we walked along we could hear the neighborhood dogs talking.  One dog would bark to the left and three would respond on the right and then several from behind us and then some in front of us and it quickly became obvious they were communicating and there was a method to their rotation of directions in responding.  Lil Hallie was listening and went to join in and I softly told her no and she went back to concentrating on her walk.

As we walked I looked up at the twinkling stars, listened to the roaring silence that was broken by the dogs barking off in the distance, by occasional cars driving by way down on the road and by the occasional rustling along the field by  animals moving about.

The soft glow of the moon increased and I noticed the white collars and leggings and paw on Trevor and Hallie glowing brightly in the moonlight.  I could see the corn stubble and see the outline of the trees along the field.

We circled the field and headed home hearing an occasional animal running off in the darkness and as Trevor and Hallie walked along I smiled as they strutted along happily.

We finally made our way back home and as I looked back I saw the moonlit field glimmering and shimmering in the silvery light of the moon.  What a beautiful night. What a beautiful walk!

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As we head along the trail from the hut where Trevor and I sat and became friends… we come up to a trail on the left…. to the right is a special place we will come back soon to see, but to the left is a trail I call Niamh’s trail. She loved this trail and all of the collies love strutting down it for it is rugged, hilly and beautiful.  Cedars everywhere… high ground on the right, lower ground which is a swamp to the left as we walk on this low path….. When I walk this trail I love the beauty and adventure but I always become a bit sad for I remember Niamh…..

NT-1This is a place where they teach students about nature and the trail goes on behind these seat stumps….

NT-2We are going down the trail and you can see the slant of the ground and its always green with pines and cedars all year….



NT-3Lil Hallie and Lad looking at it all and enjoying it immensely….









nt-4The trail ends here and swing up a steep hill to the right… but here are the twin Cedars we love to see. Actually they are 3 Cedars as you can see if you look closely that the one on the left actually was two trees which grew together… 🙂  We have picnicked under here and rested and enjoyed the beauty.  It is fun when it is just the collies and I, or my family with us or when my friend Georgia goes with us.  Soo, I will have to take my friend with us for she loves walking too… since it is getting into the walking season here it wont be long before we go several times a week again… 🙂

NT-5These Cedars are huge for Cedars… if you look closely the one on the right was broken off in a big storm years ago, but she still lives and thrives which makes my day everytime I see her.

We will now head back to where Niamh’s trail began and we will go to a spot Trevor and I discovered together…. or as I call it, Grandmother Cedar…..   its a special trail to get there and I can’t wait to show you the matriarch of the nature center….

walk 4This is a picture from a very long time ago with Niamh….. it has to be at least 13 years ago……  a collie’s lifetime… it makes me pause since Niamh has now been gone 7 years…. you would think I would not miss her as much as I do…..


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We leave the enchanted forest and head back towards the rive and the steep ridge and go onto our narrow, rough wild trail. I love this trail for it is work to hike it. No flat wide comfortable walking here.  We also go down off the ridge and skirt between the high hills, climbing some of them only to go back into a deep gulley, along a swamp aback into a wetlands.  We see lots of rabbits, birds, ducks, geese, squirrels and deer.

Roughtrail1Off to the right is the steep hill down to the river, off to the left the enchanted forest…. ahead is the beginning of a decline that gets steeper around the bend…..

roughtrail2If you closely you will see the rising ground to the left and the decline to the right.  We did see some ducks and other birds… the collies love this trail for they like the roughness and wildness of it….

roughtrail3This spot made me sort of sad. You see this Cedar always had a little Cedar under it  that Trevor used to sniff and water. The last time we were here it was healthy and about 5 foot tall and Trevor grinned seeing it…. no trace of it.. Trevor is gone and so is the sapling…. 😦

We go from here over a slight rise and then down a steep narrow trail that goes to this…

WetlandsThis magnificent wetlands….. we stop here and admire the beauty and watch any wildlife we see… Trevor would always water everything… the Hallies both stood by my side and admired the beauty and Niamh would sit patiently waiting for us to move again….

More to come…

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As we meander along the side of the Enchanted Forest we come up to a split in the trail.. to the left goes back into the Forest, to the right we go down a curvy steep decline to a river……. we have picnicked here, we have rested here, the collies get a water break here and we enjoy the beauty.  We have seen lots of ducks here…

River-1In the winter this can be tricky to get too, but its worth it.  As you can see in the picture there are two fallen cedars in front of the drop-off along the river.  These trees have been fallen for over 20 years and are still alive!!!  We usually sit on them and enjoy the beauty here as the water slowly flows by.  On the other side you can see a steep embankment going up…. You can see Cedars and Pines…

River-2Here is a slightly different view from the same spot.  We love it here in the mysts, fog, rain and snow. It is a beautiful spot and so peaceful.  While we used to sit here Trevor would water the two trees, other bushes and trees in the area. Niamh would sit right next to me.  Big Hallie and Lil Hallie look at the water and enjoy it and then scan for squirrels…..  Lad whines since we have stopped moving.. Sadie would grumble for she wanted to get done… LOL…

We turn around and climb back up the steep hill that has a deep bowl on one side.  Many times we go off to the right and go onto what I call the wild trail.  We will come back and go here but first I want to re-enter the Enchanted Forest…

EnchantedForestreenter1As we go back into the Enchanted Forest we enter into a area where the trees are older than the rest of the Enchanted Forest. These Pines are very tall and as you can see, in rows!  Well, the CCC was here…..  As we walk down this trail between the beautiful rows of Pines I remember finding a Cardinal and a Blue Jay on different occasions who had died in the branches during the winter and had fallen onto the snow looking like they were still perched on a branch without the branch.  We buried them since the ground was still soft on both occasions.

REEF-2As we walk along the row of Pines we come to a slight opening on the left…. we go in and we are back into the Enchanted Forest.  This spot they build campfires and teach classes. There used to be logs to sit on embedded into the ground, until this visit. Like Trevor they are now just a memory…..

RREF-3Here you see Laddie…. this is where the log eats used to be.  Those who remember the story of Trevor squatting over a stump and … well… doing his duty upon it during one of our walks…. this is where it happened. We still laugh….  WHat is beautiful  about this spot is coming in the pre-dawn morning and sitting here and looking up at the stars through the opening in the canopy that is here. It gets dark and I mean pitch black here so you can’t see anything except those stars and it is stunning.

Now, we will turn and go back towards the river…..  Come back tomorrow to see more of our walk…..

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Yesterday, we posted the first of our trip into the Nature Center, so if you missed it do check it out. 🙂

Coming up to the Enchanted Forest you can see off to the left a strange looking Pine Tree where we enter….

The Enchanted Forest is beautiful and when you walk into it the silence is deafening.   The Green of the trees and the moss on the ground makes it glow green if the light is right, the red bark, the red pine needles on the ground make it glow red if the sun is at another angle… it can also be dark and mysterious if the sun is at another angle or if it is cloudy….  in the fog it is mystical…..

It is a favorite spot of ours…

ef1As you can see it has a path through it but we have walked through it off the path and it is fun. Lots of hidden fallen trees,  lots of animals hidden in the fallen trees, squirrels live here and many birds, yet they stay very silent in here.. I think it is their refuge from everything…

-Imagine this with a myst lying low to the ground or in the fog.. those are my favorite days…

ef2One spot with moss…..



ef3Notice the light is changing for off to the left it is turning a red glow, while straight ahead you can the see the faint remains of the green glow leaving…… the forest floor has a lot of moss on it and walking on it is so soft and even your walk can be silent….

ef4Here we are just outside of the Enchanted Forest on the trail.. we will re-enter in a little while.. but now we have somewhere special to go way up off to the right….  more on that tomorrow….

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The other day it was cold, rainy and windy and we packed up Lil Hallie and Laddie to go to the nature center for a walk.  We have walked at the nature center for 20 years…..Lil Hallie walked with Trevor at the end of his life and Laddie learned walking from Trevor when he was a puppy.  This was our first trip there since before Trevor passed and I had some mixed emotions.  It is sort of like letting go the last part of Trevor…. I miss him everyday and its hard sometimes, but life has to go on.

Do, we packed them into my truck and off we went.  Hallie in the back looking out the back window like her grandmother Hallie did, Lad with his head between the front seats looking at where we are going and whining on and off as he is impatient.

We pull up and Lad perks up and by his face I know he recognized the place after all these years.  Lil Hallie did too….  We unloaded them and headed for the trail with lil Hallie trying to cut of Lad and guide him where she wanted him to go (her grandmother Hallie did this to Trevor all the time!) and Lad watering everything in site and then strutting ahead of lil Hallie (just like Trevor did to big Hallie) so it was eerily a deja vu moment!

pines beginningAs we came up on the opening in the pines I could smell pine and the wonderful fall smells. The pines are much prettier than in the picture for they are tall and green and it gives it a mysterious dark look as we walk the curvy trail into the forest.  Ah, the cool crisp air felt good and my mind thought of Trevor and I missed him but I also wanted to make this fun so I said a prayer under my breath and talked to him and move along.

past the pinesAs we moved around the curve into a small glen Lad was trying to figure out what to water as lil Hallie looked up and then smiled her glee!  As you look on the ground you will see between the plants these little pine like plants growing up about 4 inches high. I do not know what they are called but I sure would love to have some in my Japanese Garden at home.. they are so cool….

past the pines 2As we rounded a bend we came back into the woods and ahead of us you can see the trail curves left or right.  To the Right I call it the Hallie and Trevor trail… it is curvy, hilly, narrow and since it was wet very slippery. So we went to the left towards the enchanted forest…..  Lad as you can see is looking back for I stopped to take the picture and he is impatient.. LOL

The color is past the prime at the nature center while we are at the top of our colors 12 miles south of here…

toenchanted forestA mile down the trail we are coming up to a bend in the distance.  Around that is the entrance to the wonderful Enchanted Forest….. Nimah loved strutting through here.. Trevor would do his twinkle toes power walks and lil hallie and lad moved in unison at a quick pace…. on this trail one time I found a dead Red Tail Hawk….  look into this picture in the center and you will see two trees the trail bends just past there and the world changes…. the enchanted forest you see is a pine forest full of red pines and it has moss, red pine needles and black dirt with fallen trees and depending on which angle the sun is at it will be dark, or glow red or glow green.  The enchanted forest is also unique in that when you enter it is deadly quiet… like someone turns off the sound… strange.. but I love it there.. especially in the fog…. or in the snow….. it is fantastic.. and tomorrow you will learn more about it and see it…

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