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Not a exclusive collie post.. WARNING!  Ever notice how collies look like John Knox? More about that later….

Sundays are a special day around here. Church! The Lord’s Day!  Yes, this is important to me. In today’s world many people frown upon this part of my life and some even scoff and make fun of it.  But, that is not the point of this post.  This is to give you an insight to who the “Old Guy” as Ginger calls me, is.  Sort of a FYI for those who are interested in such things. I know I enjoy learning more about those who are my blogging friends and thier lives. It puts a face on who they are….. some of you know these things since we keep up a email exchange (I welcome those who would like to do email exchanges with me to do so, for I can always use new friends! Beware, sometimes I get behind and a reply might take a week or so to come… but I always reply.!).  Anyways, onwards.

My faith is very important to me. I cannot in anyways claim to be a good Christian.  I am a awful sinner, one just has to hear me after I hit my fingers with a hammer to figure that one out… LOL.  But, having been a lover of Theology and an explorer of all Religions for years I became a Christian.  Lutheran-Missouri Synod is my denom for those interested.

As you would know Martin Luther is a hero of mine.  His struggle with God, his soul searching for truth and the hardships that involved in some ways are part of my life (in no way does mine come close to his, but the despair of trying to understand, to find the way, to know the truth and to find the True God I understand!).  In now way am I comparing myself to Luther, he was a great leader of the Reformation, I am just a average person who went through some of the things he went through, but on a smaller scale.  So, his interpretation of the Scriptures, of a loving God, of Salvation through Faith ring true with me in a deep way. I love reading Luther and his loving guides, his bombastic replies, his sometimes course and rough language used with righteous indignation towards those who tried to misrepresent what he was saying.  I love the traditions he preserved also.  His wife Katie is special to me, for she truly is the only person who could stand up to Luther and correct him if she thought he was wrong.  Their exchanges make me laugh…. what a wonderful pair who balanced each other.

But, having said that I must state that Jesus is the focus of my faith. But Luther and so many others help me on my spiritual pathway to him. While I may be a Lutheran I have to state that John Paul II is another of my Christian heroes.  What a man of God’s love.  A true representation of what I wish we all could be.  We need more ppl like him.

Another Christian hero is Zwingli.  While I have some deep Theological differences with him, he is a hero fo mine for his faith was deep and he truly represents what a Christian can be in this world. A Priest in more ways than one, a father, a husband, a soldier, a Patriot and a true tool of God’s.  Zwingli had a huge heart but he fought (literally) for that which he believed.  His death in battle shows that sometimes Christians have to do battle….. His wife Anna was a wonderful woman who was a true inspiration to Zwingli and raised her children in God’s ways.  Her help of the poor and needy was extraordinary!

John Calvin I love to read.  While I obviously do have differences with his Theology also, his devout faith is beyond compare!  His wife Idellette was a true treasure who nursed the sick and helped the ppor.  But, Calvin’s works are fabulous!  Although I think sometimes he gets too scientific in his explanations of how God pulled off miracles.  Leave some mystery to it Calvin!  But, what a interesting man he was.  This guy was one deep thinking individual!

Another hero is John Knox!  Blustery, hard core and one tough guy John KNow wrote some fabulous stuff.  He had no fear!He and Calvin and other helped write the Geneva Bible, the Bible the Pilgrims and Puritans brought over with them to the New World.  It is one of my main Bibles I use. Oh, I also love the King James as well as the Douay Rheims and the new ESV Lutheran Study Bible.  The Geneva Bible by the way preceeded the KJV by some 60 years as one of the earliest English speaking Bibles.  John Knox’s grave, believe it or not is under a parking space in a parking lot today.  Look it up! 🙂  But, John KNow is a inspiration to me and since he is from Scotland… well, all things Scottish as you all know are welcome here, especially farm equipment and collies!  🙂  By the way our collies are true Presbyterians for they truly raise up an awesome sound to the Lord when something is not true! LOL….

Another person who really is important to my spiritual pathway was part of the Reformation and a leader in her own right….. thats right.. HER!  Katarina Zell was the wife of a Lutheran minister named Matthew Zell in Strasbourg.  This was on phenomenal woman who exchanged letters and in person discussed theology with Luther, Melanchthon and John Calvin and many other leaders of the Reformation. They all said she was more learned than most who had a doctorate.  But, she was much more…. she took care of the poor, the sick and wrote hymns. She raised a family, helped her husband’s ministry while establishing her own non-pulpit ministry and she also took in all refuges who came to her door. This led her to be amongst the first for religious toleration for she took in Anabaptist refugees. These Christian followers were another branch of the Reformation who were persecuted by the Catholics, Reformed and Lutherans for their theological differences.  Their descendents live in America to this day and drive around in buggies and do not use machinery as well as other denoms.  But, back to Mrs. Zell.  So, her taking in of Anabaptists led her to personally stand up in a meeting to challenge the law to persecute the Anabaptists.  She was partially successful in that they were not persecuted as long as they passed through the territory and did not stay.  Thus opening a safe pathway for them to escape persecution.  Her home was always a safe haven for them. For more information about here go here:


Phillip Melanchthon is another hero of the faith of mine.  Luther’s right hand he was one smart guy who knew his stuff.  But, Phillip was not like Luther in that he would compromise theologically.  This led him to be unpopular after Luther’s death for many of the Church felt he was leaving Luther’s teachings to just lead to fusion with the Calvinist Churches for the sake of Unity.  Phillip was a genius who could not stand his ground for his beliefs… ready to water them down for the sake of unity many claimed. This may be so, but he taught me one thing valueable on top of all his flashed of genius about the faith…. that we should focus on our common ground with others where we can with Christian love while Luther, Knox, Calvin and Zwingli taught me to never give up your beliefs.  Zwingli also taught me this as he truly tried to remain friendly with the Lutherans despite the differences.

Other heroes of the faith who influence me were Dr. Moody, Farel, Bucer, St. Augustine, St. Francis, Pope Leo the Lion, Joan of Arc and the Puritans and Pilgrims who lived their faith (though I disagree with some of their actions!) and their theologians like the Mathers, Winthrop, Matthew Henry and others.  Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention C.F.W. Walther who led that little band of German Lutheran immigrants in the St. Louis who has become the Church I am lovingly part of.

As you notice much of influence comes from the Reformed branch of the Church.  I have to admit, I have that strong Puritan streak in me….while I do have differences I do believe they had it right in their outlook of life bringing religion into all aspects of life like work, relationships, society and morals and other areas. This is not popular nowadays.  But, neither is Ginger’s quest for world Domination…… *grin*.  This should give you an insight as to who I am…. and why and how I came to this state in my life.  Bored? Well, I do lead a pretty personal life, but each day is an adventure…..  but now you know a bit about me… the old guy who loves God, but sure wishes he could do better in living a Christian life, but realizes he is a miserable sinner who each day fails, yet always is involved in some abrasive way for standing up for what he believes in, yet always trying to live and let live unless the other side won’t let me live my beliefs…..

Last but not least my other influence are my collies who daily teach me what unconditional love is, how to forgive and to truly love everyone .. they are more Godly than I will ever be…. my Presbyterian Collies…… ever notice how much a collie looks like John Knox? heheh just saying…..


Luther!!!  I can relate to him…..

Jesus Resurrection Mary Magdalene 2

Jesus whom I wish I were like.. Mary Magdalene who I can relate too… I would be remiss to not include Ruth from the Bible whose line “Let your people be my people, let your God be my God!”  The book of Ruth is my favorite….. the conversion of someone to the faith who wants God to be their God…..


Okay, come on….. doesn’t this face remind you of the next one?  I love John Knox… what a heroic figure….


Okay, smarties.. no he doesnt look like the old guy… look at Skylight then look at Knox… come on admit it… John KNox!

a john-calvin

John Calvin….. him and Zwingli, Farel and others of the Reformed faith play a huge role in my faith life…. although I am a Lutheran… go figure right?


The Puritans and Pilgrims whom I really believe we could emulate a bit more without some of the extremes (we all know what that means) and live better as a society…..


No picture of Katerina Zell, but also my collies who teach me daily how to be more like God…..

-Lad here!  We DO NOT LOOK LIKE JOHN KNOW!!!  What do you mean the long nose, the eyes and the hair under our chin?  Coincidence I tell you… what do you mean Scottish?  BOmbastic?  Only when you are wrong…. wait that proves your point?  BALL! BALL! BALL!  If you don’t throw my ball you will burn! What?  Proving the point again?

My favorite hymn……


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