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As the collies eat there supper tonight I see that at 11 am EST on http://talksport.com/ Liverpool can be heard going into West Ham to try to keep their lead of the Premier League intact.  If you go to the above link you can listen to the game by clicking on the Liverpool game button.  At the bottom you will see the standings or TABLES as it is called in England of the Premier League.  There is only 6 games left.. 5 after tomorrow so this game is mighty important.  Chelsea who is in second place and Manchester City who is in 3rd are coming to Anfield the home of the Reds in the final six games so the Reds have their fate in their own hands now.



We are the reception committee for Chelsea and Manchester City…. we will be waiting for West Ham too… GO YOU REDS!!!!!!!

So, its make or break time and that the Reds have made it this far is one great achievement.  Now bring home the Trophy Reds!  GO REDS!!!!


-Will we see this the final day of the season?  I believe so!

GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!



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With the collies keeping me busy, restoring the old tractors, church and raising a family with a full-time job is keeping me busy I am busy writing again. This time is is for a cause dear to my heart.  I have had several articles accepted for their national paper and may have a something big to announce here in the future.  If this happens I will be deeply honored to serve and help out but I am being cryptic for a reason here.

So, my full plate might get fuller, but that is good for an active life keeps me from doing things out of boredom that I don;t kneed to do…..

So, watch here for future announcements…


Today the temps started out at 50 and dove to 34 with a strong cold wind.  So, the collies and I played hard when we came home but not for as long as I like to.  It was just too cold.  But, they were watching for the squirrel in the back collie yard and the squirrel was up front robbing the bird feeder!


HA!  Those dumb collies are in back looking for me while I am up here eating all I want!  MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


Laugh all you want Squirrel!!!  I watered the bird seed this morning before they put it out!  LOL….


We are also gearing up for this weekend for LFC is going to West Ham for football this weekend!  Another win keeps them alone in first! GO REDS!!!!

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See our first post today about Lil Hallie for our all collie post…. 🙂

What a game! The Reds came out firing and didn’t stop the whole game. The Hotspurs were on their heels most of the match and could not mount a sustained attack at anytime.  It was a huge win by the Reds and Anfield was rocking from the get go.  The collies and I cheered till our voices were shot and we kept cheering!  Don’t look now but guess who is on top of the Premier League!  Thats right the Liverpool Reds!  We love it…. I can;t believe it and with Chelsea and Manchester City having to come to Anfield in the last 6 games the Reds destiny is truly in their hands.


Looks like we weren’t the only ones excited.

2 minutes in a shot went off a Hotspur player and the Reds led 1-0 and Anfield which is always loud exploded!  The roar was deafening and from then on the followers went crazy.


-Thats right…. Who is Number ONE!!!

Here is Luis Suarez making 2-0 before halftime.  Watch his move and then listen to the crowd… what a roar!

Here is Coutinho making it 3-0… listen to the crowd here… tghey are hungry!

Henderson makes it 4-0…..

So, the Reds are now alone at the top of the Premier League…. can they hold onto it? We shall see…. its all up to them now. No one else to take the glory or blame….

Now we play it.. the official Liverpool FC song… here it is…



We are waiting for you now Chelsea and Manchester City!  Muwahahahahahah


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Today, well.. today we chased Lil Hallie around the yard.  Then Dad came home and he put her in her own room with her own bed and blankies and toys and is spending time with her.  She is heading into her time and us boys are in love!!!!  Can I go see her dad?  I think you threw my ball in there… lets go see!


What a lame try that was Lad. Try something like “Dad! Lil Hallie’s room is on fire! Lets go save her!!!!!!  See… there he goes… wait he stopped…. oh oh, he figured out it is not on fire… I’m out of here.  Ahem….


Okay dad!  We got the bar to dance under so let’s start celebrating!!! ONE POINT! ONE POINT! ONE POINT!!!  Yes, in case you missed it the Liverpool Reds won yesterday moving within one point of Chelsea who has to come to Anfield, the home of the Reds!!!!!  As Ginger would say… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Look, dad went under the bar… wow, he is really happy!






Dad, your Liverpool Reds hat is in the room with Lil Hallie…. she is chewing on it….


Works everytime….. hehehehehe

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Here They Come!!!


Oh, I’ve been waiting for this for a while now….. the game.  What game?  Well, the chance for my Favs Liverpool Reds to crush and destroy the team whose name I won’t say with their helpless deer in headlights looking managerDavid Moyes (did I tell you I despise him?) I won’t go on other than to post this video that says it better than I ever can!

So, this Sunday (while I am church… sigh…) all heck breaks loose at Old Trafford when the Reds of Liverpool come calling. Did I mention they are in Second Place….. yeah… in the hunt for the Premier League Championship unlike the team whose name I won’t mention and their “coach” you know who…. Oh, what a game it will be, the up and coming  Reds against Darth Vader Moyes and his boys.

But, this isn’t about just thrashing those has-beens from you know where its also about cheering on a gutsy, gritty on the attack team that has the loudest fans who when the Reds are at Anfield are an extra man on the field.  All around the world we will be glued to our radios, TV’s and internet broadcasts…..

So, we will be cheering on Louis Suarez to do a hat trick…..

Steven Gerrard and Sturridge to add to it too….


What a war it will be and I have some personal grudges that I hope Liverpool settles in a thorough whipping of the team whose name I won’t mention…….

GO REDS!!!!!!

*** Many of these Video come from the You Tube page of THE KOP PAGE*****  Do visit them at;




Go You Reds!!! Ball, ball, ball,,, throw my ball?






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Well, we had a Collie post, a non-collie post that a collie appeared in anyways earlier today, so don’t miss them and now we have a Footy post. I know several of our readers/friends are Footy lovers.  The collies here love to lay around me as the game is on and some of them are interested in the roaring/singing/chanting crowds.  Today was no exception.

A few weeks ago I predicted the Reds from Liverpool would win the PL and I have fallen in love with this team. The fans are always the loudest at Anfield  the never ending offensive attack by the Reds is the style of Footy I love.  As the day progressed and I saw Stoke take down Wenger and Arsenal I looked at the Tables.  OMGosh!!! If the Reds win they go into second place!!!!  Only four points out of first.

So, I got my popcorn and burgers and sat down and turned on the game.  Out came Liverpool and the assault began but Southhampton wasn’t backing down and they were trading blows.  It was interesting but I wanted to score early and often…. come on you Reds.  Then… 16 minutes Luis Suarez got the ball and booted one in and I was on my feet cheering!  The collies were up and barking and I grabbed Rutherford who stood up on his hind legs and we danced around the floor as the other collies celebrated as I sung Luis, Luis….  Whew… go you Reds!

The two teams kept trading blows and Liverpool seemed to be more accurate as HT came and they led 1-0.  The second half started and Liverpool and Southhampton kept the counter punching going but then at the 58th minute  Raheem Sterling hit one from the center of the box and it was 2-0!!!  As I punched my fist in the air and cheered I grabbed lil Ellie and we danced around the room and Mick joined us and the Lil Hallie too as we bounced around the room the collies jumped around with Smoke leading the cheering section.  2-0… yes….. yes.. yes…

The match progressed and it got a bit ugly as the two teams became more physical and fouls were done by both teams.. even Steven Gerrard got in on that action!  We were celebrating as they went into the final 5 minutes of injury time and I kept hoping the Reds would put one more in.  It was getting close to the whistle when a penalty was called on Southhampton and Steven Gerrard was to attempt the kick.  Now, Steven Gerrard is my favorite Red and I had my fingers crossed and he booted the ball in and it was now 3-0!!!  Seconds later the whistle blew as we celebrated the win that has now put the Liverpool Reds into second place!!!

Now, Chelsea has to come to Anfield yet… muwahahahahahaha  That will be fun.  Liverpool’s fate is in their hands now…. this is going to be fun. Make it or break it the Reds have given us all we asked for, to do their best and attack at all times.   So, to celebrate let have some music…

To celebrate Luis Suarez getting back on the board…








000_0003um.. did you say go Everton?  There is no room here for you blues…..

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As I sit here exhausted and drinking a Coca-Cola after listening to Liverpool I am looking at the equally exhausted collies.  Wow! What a footy fix this weekend.  It started with other teams playing on Saturday and it was fun……

Then I saw that he whose name I will not mention (did I mention I DESPISE David Moyes) finally got the underperforming overpaid bunch of primadonnas to win?  Sort of like giving me the middle finger.  Well, you underperforming overpaid losers you only beat Crystal Palace who is only 2 points above relegation…. big deal… go crawl back under your rock and collect your unearned paychecks you has beens….

Today the Reds of Liverpool welcomed Swansea to Anfield and the Reds came out pounding…. a quick 2-0 lead had the collies and I cheering and then Swansea turned it up and it was 2-2 in the blink of a eye.  Anfield was roaring… the collies and I were roaring and the Reds turned it up (but they looked like at times they were looking ahead of Swansea which as any fan knows leads to problems).  But, then  before halftime David Sturridge pounds one in and as Liverpool roared a deafening roar our neighborhood was treated to the collies roaring their approval as I stood and cheered the Reds going out front.

However, Swansea wouldn’t lie down and die and right after HT they scored again, but Liverpool dug down deep and turned on the afterburners and pounded the goal until Jordan Henderson hit his second goal of the day.  I’ve never heard Liverpool so loud and as I picked up Ellie under one arm and danced with Hallie in the other the cats looked on in pure disgust.  Swansea gave it their all until with a couple minutes left the Reds turned it on and finished the game with a flurry.

4 points out of first!!!!  Of the three teams in front of them only Manchester Shitey had an advantage in GD.  To make it even more exciting both Manchester Shitey and Chelsea have to come to Anfield so the road to the Championship, no matter who wins it goes through Liverpool this year.  The excitement is crackling as I laugh and grin for while David Moyes (did I mention I think he is worthless?) and the overpaid underperforming squad whose name I will not say may have given me the middle finger yesterday today they got the big middle finger back as the Liverpool Reds are now in the final stretch in the fight for the Championship which will not be going to the team whose name I will not say this season, or ever again as long as David Moyes is there!  So, he who laughs last laughs the loudest.  Oh, plenty of more laughter coming up as when Liverpool officially replaces the team whose name cannot be said in the Championship League, when they are no longer Champions and especially if Liverpool wins the Championship.  Oh, we shall see who laughs last and it definitely won’t be Moyes and his little loser boyes….

I should at least give David Moyes credit…… he always said he would make Everton better than the team whose name I will not say their name, but then that was only even briefly done and he had to do it by destroying the team he is with now….. . But, let it not be said I didn’t give him credit where credit is due…….  MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA   (wait, is that Gingeresque?) LOL


Gingeresque?  Yeah, there may be hope yet for you old guy…. excuse me while I go puke……  oh yeah.. GO REDS!!!!

so while they cry in Moyesville, all around the world today the new world order of English Football is celebrating from Liverpool, to America and even in Asia as is proved by this tune.. notice the lead singer’s hat… Skylight steals my hat all the time so look for it!!!….. too cool eh?  GO REDS!!!!!


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