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000_0023I Skylight had to laugh as dad told this story…. you see we have to go outside to go potty and that means even if it is cold, snowing or raining.  I of course refuse, but Dad only gives one refusal per day… so this story made me laugh!  You see dad went to a job site today and when he got there he had his paperwork all filled out and opened the door of the van to go in and it poured rain on him.  He went inside and seconds later it quit. He checked all the fire equipment and had to go out to get a battery for a emergency light as as he walked out the door it poured on him and kept raining till he got the battery and went back inside. Then, like magic it quit.  When he was done and had his ladder, testing rod and paperwork in his arms and was going out the door when it poured again! LOL….  take that Dad!  Now you know how we feel!

-Wow, that rain dance worked… muwahahahah  Can’t wait to try that voodoo doll next!


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100_5506-Dad’s job is interesting.  The places he goes to check out fire extinguishers and emergency lights and to help with fire fighting systems is fascinating.  He can go in one day from anywhere from  bank, to a dr. office, to a huge factory where he is 30 feet up on a catwalk over vats of molten iron to another place where he is 5 floors up on a roof  climbing down a rack ladder on the outside of the building to check another ext.   His least favorite place was a human waste treatment plant, his favorite place was one of the oldest furniture factories in the city that is now a big office building that has preserved the 1880’s building yet made it usable for modern offices. He has been to a antique auto museum and to the Coca Cola production plant.

dscf6088-one moment he didn’t care for was being on the roof of a four story building in the winter in sub-zero weather.  It was a flat roof but sliding that high up was not a lot of fun and the wind was very cold.  He sees a lot of things like how they make styrofoam plates, cardboard, foundry work, steel plants, auto assembly lines, shoe factories, offices of some of the most famous companies in the world.  He likes Coca Cola for their breakroom has free glasses of coke!  Another place has big bottles for 50 cents… mmmmmmmmm……He sees pawn shops, retirement homes, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, radio and TV stations… you name it… he gets to see it.  He walks endless amounts of miles, carries lots of extinguishers out for service and carries them back in again.  Checking emergency/exit lights is fun unless they are 30 feet up on a pole.. that he doesn’t like doing…. he gets to meet lots of ppl, see lots of things and learna about a lot of industries…..  he has even serviced a couple places his father worked in!  WOrking on fire doors is interesting and he finds working on the cooking equipments fire prevention equipment interesting too.

100_5723-wait.. he climbs on ladders?  Muwahahahahahahahahaha  What? I didn’t say nuthin.. muwahahahaha






0by the way, he got his new battery today and look.. Annie’s eyes lit up over that!!!




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As I mentioned in a earlier post our collies had a tradition for years where they would dump the tree and redecorate it to suit their fancy and by the time Christmas got here the tree looked… well… like it had been hit by a bomb!

We came to the point where we tied it up two years ago so it wouldn’t get dumped and for the first year ever the tree didn’t get touched.  It was a relief and yet disappointing for it is tradition around here…. but my young collies had finally reached the age where the tree didn’t interest them anymore and lil Hallie and Mick just weren’t interested in it for some reason.

Last year, however, with Ginger, Rutherford and Walter having their first Christmas and with Mick infatuated with Ginger it has been a different story.

When the tree went up and was decorated very pretty the interest took hold.  It started with Tigger the cat climbing to the top and batting the star.  Well, she has always done that but this year it peaked the interest.  Mick decided it would be fun to run as fast as he could between the tree and the wall…. the tree touched the wall so you can imagine what happens when a 115 pound collie flies through…. yeah the tree spins like a top, tips and shakes and things fly!

Then I see the tree spin more and there goes Walter with a garland in his mouth, grinning like a fool as the garland begins unwinding!  Rutherford grabs it and tugs the other way as the tree sways, shakes, then spins and he and Walter play tug O’War with the garland. Ginger moves in and almost disappears in the branches to see what the cat is doing and I hear her chewing…. on Lord knows what.

They scatter as we shoo them away and fix the tree back up.  Well, it happens again and again and when they learn they shouldn’t do those things they then pull off the shiny plastic ornaments (we don’t use glass with all these collies) and make them into a chew toy.  They make great chew toys Dad!!!

Then Rutherford discovers the plastic lights.  We only use plastic for glass would be inviting a disaster ….  He is sitting there admiring the lights and I pet him saying aren’t they pretty?  He looks up innocently and smiles as I turn my back.  Then I hear crunch and turn to see he had bitten a light top off…. but like all lil collies it takes at least twice to find out he shouldn’t do that.  I scold him and the next day discover he had learned it was bad to bite off the lights, so instead figured it was okay to chew the wire in half when we plugged in the lights and nothing happened.. well until we held half the string in one hand with half of it plugged in and the other end laying on the floor where it had been bitten off…..

The branches became bent and crushed, the ornaments disappeared halfway up the tree with the top a mess from the darn cat.  But, oh those collies were so proud of their tree. It had been colliefied!!!!

Finally, my wife couldn’t take it anymore and redid the tree.  It didn’t take long for it to become colliefied again!  Mick just ran through it gleefully and the other terrible trio had to explore a bit with Rutherford and Walter stripping off a garland both running gleefully with it in their mouths as the tree spun, Ginger crushing branches, Tigger batting the star and ornaments falling to the floor with Ginger then running off with one as I yelled for her her to stop and she dropped it and stood there looking up at me with that famous collie look of … “What?  What ornament?  I don’t know nothing about that stinking ornament, besides you don’t need that ornament you have a hundred others…. it is redundant!”  She then looks at me and watches me put it back on the tree with a mischievious glint in her coal black eyes.  “I’ll get you yet my lil pretty!”  They seem to say as I smile and snicker for it was nice to have the collie tree tradition back this again.  I love seeing them play with the tree and while it destroys how it looks it just wouldn’t be the same without their antics!


Lil Hallie enjoying the tree before it is redecorated….

Look everybody!  Indoor plumbing!!!!

Mick, Mick, its me lil Hallie, no one is watching lets go redecorate the tree! Muwahahahahah

If I don’t act interested maybe they will look away and I can start fixing this tree up like it should be….

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