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As we journey through the Holiest Season of the Christian year Dad often reflects upon the repentance part of Lent and how important that is to our pathway with God.  Being truly sorry for one’s sins and then do your best in turning from them is important.  As we collies watch humans struggle with this we are so grateful we are collies for we  don’t have to repent for we didn’t cause all of this. 🙂

After all we can’t curse….

Black Squirrel

Get down here and play fair you @$##$%#$$#@ Squirrel….

skylight wondering

We can’t have impure thoughts…. Hey,  Ellie… lets go out behind the shed… Ooh La La… rowwr….



We don’t covet, steal or harm others…. “Give me the hammock old guy or you are gonna die!!!”


REPENT! REPENT! THE END IS NEAR!!!!  By the way.. BALL, ball, ball….


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Heading into Lent tomorrow we want to hear from you our readers what you will be doing for Lent…..or not doing for Lent…..  or giving up…. Let us know…..


I am giving up winter!!!!!!!

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Tonight  we out for a moonlight playtime and the sky was lit up beautifully with the half moon and the bright stars in the cold air.  As it glowed on the white snow we had a lot of fun running around in the dark chasing balls, bats, toys and each other.  Of course the ground is covered with ice so we slid around and it gave us a lot of quick exercise… LOL

As I stopped once to rest I looked up in awe at the beauty of it all and reflected upon God.  I remembered today starting the Divine Service with my favorite Christian Song of all-time… A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD by Martin Luther.  Oh, I get goosebumps when we sing it and as that big Lutheran organ roars I get lost in the power and might of God….. it is a moving moment.

I reflected upon how much work I have to do to get my house back in order with God…. I am a sinner and I try hard, but I sure do fail.  As I reflected upon all this the collies gathered around me and we shared hugs and kisses and grins.  I also reflected upon Lent and how we can give up things to help us strengthen ourselves on our pathway with God.

Then I thought of a friend who recently wrote that some person told her she was doing her fasting or abstinence in Lent wrong that it should be done a certain way. I also thought of others who have had similar experiences.  While there is a traditional way of doing Lent, there are no hard and fast rules.  I once gave up meat and it was the hardest thing I ever did for Lent.  I have done the traditional wed and fri fast and meat abstinence and I have also given up other things and even given up something  to give it to others.  As I stood there in the cold air looking up at the stars I felt bad that my friend was felt she was doing Lent wrong.  There is no wrong or right way to do Lent.  It is a deeply personal walk with the Lord.

So many well meaning ppl make other Christians feel bad as they try to tell them how to do things “properly.”  Now, as you all know I am a deeply traditional person…. even at that I have done very traditional Lents and also have done some very unconventional Lents.  Traditions are great, but each of us walk a different path with the Lord.  Don’t let others inflict their views upon you and I have known a few ppl who have been deeply hurt by such comments…..

So, if you have been lectured too, hurt or made to feel lesser by one of those Suzy Downers… don’t let them continue to do so.  Remember, it is YOUR walk with the Lord.  You do what you are called to do. Just dont give up…..  when you do it weakens you and the person who made you give up has a mark against them for their Intentional or unintentional misdeed.  Jesus put up with the Pharisees and the Sadducees and we have ours too. Now I am not telling my friends what to do…. after all who am I?  However, I do hope they will decide to take part again in Lent……  Do know I am with them and praying for them on their walk during Lent.  I am just their friend who cares and hopes they will do what they are called by the Lord to do.

Then I hope they go out some night and look up into the winter sky…. and as they do so they find the awesomeness I saw out there tonight.  As I came back from my thoughts I saw the collies looking up too. I wonder what they were thinking….. As we ran off to play again I found myself appreciating the beauty of the collies in front of me…. what a awesome blessing they have been to me and what a awesome God who brought them into my life….



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As Ash Wednesday is here, the old guy is preparing for another season of Lent.  Once he gave up meat. Now, the old guy loves meat and he knew it would be hard…. but the first day at work someone brought in beef jerky and smoked jerky sausage… oooh… the old guy suffered but made it.  In fact, he made it all the way through Lent and said it was the longest and hardest Lent ever.

Other Lents he has given up money to help charities and religious institutions thinking that perhaps giving up should also benefit others.  He has given up many different things and tried extra prayers and everything else you can think of….

Did it help?  Yes, in a way. It strengthened his resolve and he liked the silence to think and repenting was tough but it made him more aware of his sins and his battle to defeat them.

So, we asked the old guy what he was giving up this Lent and he said US!!!! What!!???  He then smiled and said just kidding… well we had to give him a what for for that.  He hasnt said what he is doing but he has hinted it will involve more religion in his life…. so we collies will update you as we find out.

In this season of fasting, silence and repentance we wish those who follow Lent a blessed Holy Season.  This is the most holy season of the Christian year and the old guy is always deeply moved when Holy Week comes.  The death, the waiting, the rising!  We collies look on in wonder and awe.  So, may God Bless You and Guide You during this holiest of holy seasons…


So Dad, while you go here we will sleep and keep the silence…


If you give up meat I will eat it for you!


We aint givin up no meat!!!!


We dont have to give up our toys do we?


I know Dad, you can give up your Hamock!!!


Do know this we will be praying for all of you during this Holy Season!!!!!

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Here at the Meadow we celebrate the holiest of seasons in the tradition of giving up things for Lent.  The Collies even take part!  Lets see what Laddie has to say!

Hi Dad!  Its Lent and I am going to give up my ball for Lent!


This is it!  I am giving it up for Lent!  How long is Lent dad?  What?!!! That long?-


See Dad!  I did it!


Well Dad!  I know Lents not over, but time to play ball!!!!


Ummmm… yeah…..  Lent is only 40 second long right?  Remind me to stay away from Laddie for when that lightning bolt comes down I dont want to be there…..

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