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We continue with our next round of winners.  Who was this girl?

100_3011Her name was… ANYA!!!!!

Mumma was one of the sweetest collies ever to live here.  But who was the other sable girl who lived here?  Well, that would be Ellie, her daughter.  However, as our one friend mentioned a thrid Sable was here, although she did not stay here and that was a pup whom I loved… Annie.  So, we are counting Annie as correct also!!! These three winners will get linked to twice. 🙂  So, in this post and a future post we will link to them. 🙂

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was nice, yet snowy and today the Allis B will come out and kick some snow behind again! woo hoo! 🙂

The collies had a thanksgiving meal and loved it immensely. Then, they went and were naughty as they could be until the eating sleepiness took over and then went to sleep looking like angels. 🙂

The night before we hit 12 degrees for a low and have had 6 inches and climbing.  I am still suffering from one ailment and hopefully that will clear up.  Work has been trying with cut hours and I am still looking for a Paralegal position with no luck yet.  Despite all this I am still thankful for what I have and I hope God will have mercy upon a poor sinner like me and help me through this. 🙂

I will try to get out in the snow and get some tractor pics, collie pics and more.


Our first winner guessed Anya and Annie and is correct.  Now this young woman is a spectacular mother who is raising one of the cutest and smartest little girls I have ever seen. I seem to think Bubba is a spittin image of her mother and when she grows up she will be a really wonderful woman like her mother. 🙂  BUMPY ROAD TO BUBBA is one of those blogs that you just can’t stop reading. I, like many people around the world have watched Bubba grow up and her mother go through the struggles, tears, stresses, rewards, joy, pride and love all good parents go through.  She is cherishing each step of her journey with Bubba as she grows up…. something all of us should do…. for a blog that is internationally a hit and will make you swell with pride, laugh with joy, cry at heartbreaks go to:



I Ginger love Bubba and mumma!  Visit them and say hello… OR ELSE!!!

Our second winner are two good friends from Floriida, Key West to be exact.  Dog Dad and Sherman, who recently had the wonderful Essex leave for the afterlife are friends of ours whom we have followed for years. We worried over them when the Hurricanes went through and have laughed and cried with them through the years.  Their blog is a treasure!  We read that there will be collie pup coming there in the future. We look forward to this… 🙂  To visit this collie blog which is highly informative and wonderfully written go to:



Three cheers for our Key West Collie friends!

Finally, but not least is one little cute dog we love to death named Cupcake and her mom who is one fantastic writer!  One of the best written blogs on the net with a lot of funny and interesting things going on you can’t miss this blog.  Cupcake is a genius who likes to act like she isn’t….. but being so tiny she has her fears.  We don’t blame her….. the world must be so big!  We love her being dressed up and when she wears horns it is a great moment.  Now her mom writes some of the best books and stories we’ve ever seen!  If you are looking for a nice Christmas book for a child one of her books would be great! 🙂  CUPCAKE SPEAKS is a beautiful blog you will not want to miss so go to:


Niamh, Sadie and TED

We love CUPCAKE and Mom!


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We wish you a  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!



Throught he years we’ve always heard.. “how do you tell those collies part? They all look alike?”  So when I began these trivia posts I wasn’t sure what to expect.   But, you all sure know which collie is which! 🙂  Our first poll featured this little girl…


And you knew who she was! Lil Hallie!!!

Our winners are;

The cute little girl we love to read about and if she ever came to our state Dad would have another fur baby for he would dognap her… at least temporarily… heheheh  That is Cupcake!!!!!  Her wonderful blog about her and her book writing mom who writes some mighty fine books is CUPCAKE SPEAKS.  A truly informative, fun, cute, witty and beautiful blog that we urge you to visit is at:


Stop by and read and say hi to our friends!

Another friend of ours who picked lil Hallie was:

Sherman and Dog Dad at KEY WEST COLLIES!!!!  Our friends have a beautiful blog that is full of a lot of fun, wit, humor, love and like us tragedy and sadness at times.  They recently lost beautiful Essex who was one wonderful collie.  This well written blog will bring smiles, laughter and tears as you read it.  Do stop by and say hello.  These friends, like so many of our friends we just don’t write to enough and we feel bad, but dad is working on sitting down when he feels better, (yes he is still sick) and writing a good email to them and all our friends.  So, visit these wonderful friends at:


Our final winner and friends are writes of one of the most unique and we find fun blog friends ever.  A blog that is not about dogs…. but a family of witty, funny, loving and very intelligent and interesting Guinea Pigs… or Piggys as they call themselves!  Their unique way of seeing things, their unique spelling and use of the English language… or pigenglish as Dad calls it is wonderful and fun to read. This blog will make you laugh… go awwwwww…. smile, cry, brighten your day and gererally be a bright spot in your blog visiting.  Wheeee luv the piggys and urge you to visit them and say hallo at their wonderful blog HUTCH A GOOD LIFE at;





Be sure to visit our second post today also……… 🙂

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