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Today as the collies ran around the yard it reminded me of a song.  Through the years it was Lad and Smoke racing and now it is Rutherford and Walter…..  as they race around recklessly, outrunning not only each other they also outrun the other collies.  As they run along trying to outrun each other and bumping each other it reminded me of a old song…. Jaguar and Thunderbird Ford by Chuck Berry…. guess I sort of feel like the sheriff in this old song…. the beat matches how they run..  When they run full speed it becomes scary as they weave around things without slowing down and their feet thunder across the ground….


Slow down!!!    No Dad!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!


one of these days I am going to stick out my foot and cause one heck of a wreck… heheheheheh

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