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This happened shortly after my old Boo… Trevor passed away……. It is one of a million memories I cherish….


As the sun set in the red western sky they sat side by side looking at the sunset together.  The little collie looked lovingly up at her human and clung to the man tight for she loved the man who had been there with her since she had been born.  As the man looked looked at the geese flying over and at the clouds rolling by but the little collie never took her eyes off the man.  As he enjoyed the breeze still she clung to him and never took her eyes off him.

What the little collie didnt realize was the man was watching her….  He was amazed how attached she had become to him.  She followed him everywhere, sat with him, even had come to sleep next to him at the foot of the bed or on the floor next to him.  When he ate she sat at his feet with her head on his knee and never begged, just wanting to be with him.

When he opened the drawer where the walking leashes were kept she ran to his side and sat wanting to go for a walk and how hard it was to tell her they couldnt walk in the 97 degree heat.  But, she looked up and seemed to understand they would go soon. 🙂

He had noticed since the loss of his old loyal friend she had clung to him.  So, as he watched the beautiful sunset he was really watching her.  He looked out of the corner of his eye at her and saw her staring up at her.  Her eyes never left him.  So, he decided that as he would do something he hadnt done since Niamh and Big Hallie….

He picked her up and held her like on would hold a baby, except she is a bit bigger… 🙂  As she stared up at him he hugged her and kissed her on her forehead and as he looked down at her.. she did only what big Hallie and Niamh had done.. she looked up at him and fluttered her eyelashes at him… as he looked down at her… stunned…. all he could do is hug her tightly and smile through the tears….. of joy….

-He may be a old sentimental fool but he is my old sentimental fool… 🙂

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