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Here is a picture of Rutherford B. Hayes after he left the Presidency on the West End of the big porch… notice the two dogs.. 🙂

Here we are in the same spot…. 🙂

THis is Old Whitey, Hayes horse when he was in the Army. His other was called Old Ned….

Those horse meant a lot to Rutherford B. Hayes.  When they passed he had them buried on the knoll on the property with stones above them.. this is Old Ned’s….

A few feet away is Old Whitey’s stone and grave….

Perhaps nothing signifies more how important these horses were to Hayes than where they are buried…. from between the two horses graves this is what you see…. President Hayes’ grave….

Here is the grave of President and Mrs. Hayes….. on the other side is their son Webb Hayes and his wife.  Webb Hayes was a military hero like his father and won the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions in the Philippines…. he was everywhere the action was and took part in the fabled charge up the hill with Teddy Roosevelt!   I believe that President Hayes and his son are the only family to have a President and a Congressional Medal Of Honor winner in the same family and in back to back generations.  We were very surprised and very moved to find that the descendents of the Hayes family to this day visit the family home.  They do not come in and make airs… they buy a ticket and take the tour like everyone else, blending into the crowd.  They do however, get to use the home and gardens for family weddings and such which we feel is only fair… after all they gifted the library, the grounds and the family home to the ppl of the USA in 1965….


Here is Mrs. Hayes with her birds…..  they had a lot of pets and loved animals….


Here they are with Spot….


Wow, I am thrilled to be named Niamh’s Misty Meadow Rutherford B. Hayes……  what a honor….

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