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collies 7-Are you serious dad? That really happened? Wow!  Hey everyone, Lad here and dad just told me a story that I can’t even believe…… Let me tell it to you.  There was this young man named Robert who achieved fame, fortune and power having been President of several companies, big companies, served in the US Government and was famous not only for himself but his father who was President of the United States.


Here is what is ironic about this man. He was present at the White House when his father was shot and at his side when he died.  He later was present and witnessed the Assassination of his boos  President Garfield and was present when President McKinley was shot.  But, here is the real irony of this story and its creepy.

-In 1863 or 1864 Robert almost fell on the ice under a train which would’ve probably killed him on the spot. However, some one grabbed his hand and pulled him to safety just in the nick of time!!!!   The man who pulled him to safety was the actor Edwin Booth.  What is so creepy about that?  Well, Edwin’s brother was John Wilkes Booth who Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln was the father of Robert… Robert Lincoln.   So, how is that for irony?  I just can’t believe it…. hmmmm…. ball, ball, ball?

– HEre is Robert Lincoln at the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial with on your left, President Taft then Supreme Court Justice and then President Warren G. Harding…




–hmmmm…. I think I found a use for the train that goes by, besides hopping a ride to Georgee………..

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Rutherford B. Hayes Standing with his wife Lucy sitting and their dog Dot.  We have been to this site and stood on this spot….










This is President Haeys’ son Scott with the family dog named Old Major. The picture is from the 1870’s. I think this dog looks part collie…..










This film shown behind Rutherford B. Hayes Grave shows where his two Horses from the Civil War were buried.  Somewhere between the two grave is buried one of his dogs.  This film is by Stars1976.  This is one of our favorite places to visit for it has so much history there.  We also feed the squirrels there by hand….


With the Squirrels at Spiegel Grove, the home of Rutherford B. Hayes.  They will come up and eat right out of your hand.  The grounds are used by joggers and those walking their dogs are more than welcomed here.  We saw Collies here!!!!!








His home had many animals living there and the grounds had lots of animals living there when it was his home also.  Off to the left of his home is his grave and his wife’s grave as well as Old Ned’s and Whitey’s graves. President Hayes was very fond of his animals family members and each of them is remembered someway in his writings.  Rutherford B. Hayes was President from 1877-1881 in a era when animals were not always valued.  At the Hayes home they were deeply loved.





We were so moved by the story of this man and his family and life I named one of our Collies after him.

Niamh’s Misty Meadow Rutherford B. Hayes……








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