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One of the most beloved First Ladies in the White House was the vibrant and wonderful woman named Lucy Hayes.  The wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes she was loved by her community, her church, the troops under her husband’s command in the Civil War (they called her mother Hayes and she nursed the sick and wounded soldiers during the war staying in the camp and getting her hands bloody and helping even with the most gruesome wounds!) and by her country when she was the First Lady.

Lucy Hayes and Rutherford came to the White with the resolve of setting a moral and life example for the nation and they not only banned alcohol from the White House, but had nightly sing alongs, hosted some of the most beautiful and fun parties even without John Barleycorn being present.  They also brought with them lots of animals…. Mrs. Hayes and Rutherford loved animals and Lucy (who instituted the Easter Egg Hunt at the White House for she loved children also) spent her life caring for all kinds of animals throughout their lives.


-Painting of Lucy Hayes nursing a wounded soldier.  She knew personally about wounded soldiers since Rutherford B. Hayes was a General and the perfect gentleman became a animal on the battlefield with no fear. He was wounded four times and Lucy went to his side each time. One wound almost cost him his arm.

site50c-Her is a picture after their years in the White House with Lucy Hayes and one of their dogs, Spot. Rutherford is standing next to her.  Hayes was not only a General, but a Lawyer, Governor of Ohio for three terms, A congressman, President and then a founder of Ohio State University and a leading prison reformer.

Old Major-One of the Hayes children with a dog named Old Major.  Look at that face.. is he a collie?

Lucywpigeons-Here is Lucy with her Pigeons who lived in a specially built steps at their beautiful home Spiegel Grove.  Lucy Hayes loved all animals, but especially birds. By the way, she also loved cats and the first Siamese Cat in the USA was a gift to her from the Consul in Siam.

lucybirds-This is the picture of Lucy alive. Shortly after this she suffered a stroke and died at the age of 58 in 1889 in their home.

MrsHayes-Lucy Hayes was a Methodist who was very active in the Temperance movement and many charities.  She loved all humanity, especially children and she worked hard in their behalf.  She was the first First Lady to have a college Degree and she was very loved by her country. When she died the flag was ordered lowered half mast for a week to honor her….  It is said no one ever had a bad word to say about her and I have never found anything negative about her.  A loving woman with a big heart she loved everyone and especially animals, in a age when animals weren’t treated all that well.  So, we honor Lucy Hayes a woman who was also a wonderful lover of animals.

Hayes Home-One of our favorite family trips is to their home in Fremont, Ohio.  You can see Rutherford’s war horse graves and todays wildlife abounds in this beautiful place…….


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