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We here at the Meadow have been out of the award business for a while for life has been rough here for a while and Dad was retraining, looking for a new job and time was short.  But, the rebound is hopefully under way and we were pleased and surprised to get an award from one of our favorites…. the piggies at:

LIVING THE SQUEEK LIFE which you can visit at;


When wheeeee discovered this cute blog full of lil piggies and read about their life we knew we had to keep coming back.  Their pig-english is terrific and funny and they are all so cute.  We love seeing what happens each day and the love their family has for them is very obvious! We want to thank our friends for this award and cannot believe this is their first award for their blog deserves to have every award ever conceived.  We plan on changing this so keep reading. 🙂

Whee collies saw that Wheee  have to follow some rules so here goes…

Name Ten Things About Ourselves-

1. The Meadow is a animal sanctuary in that wild life seems to know it is welcome here by Mom and Dad and many come here to die spending their last days being taken care of by our family. We have nursed many wild animals as their final days come and the piggies will be pleased to learn that the most unusual was a woodchuck who came and which Dad held and nursed till it passed away.

2. The first dog to live at the Meadow was a part collie named Chessie.

3.  The first cat to live here was Cheyenne.

4. With the exception of MacKenzie, Niamh, Lad, Branwen and the pups born here all our other collies were rescues from a friend who helped place them with us as a kennel shut down.

5. Members of our collie bloodline from the core group who inspired this blog have littermates or descendents living from the East Coast to the West Coast and from just across the river from Canada to Florida.  It is amazing how far the family has spread in less than ten years…..

6. The collies love cats… except for Branwen who.. well.. doesn’t like anyone… hehehehe

7. Yes, Ginger truly wants to rule the world……

8. Yes, Ginger does really plot and scheme to get what she wants… it is amazing to watch….

9. Dad’s favorite Terhune book is Gray Dawn.

10. The collies really do cheer when Liverpool scores, but that is because dad is cheering….. although some of them do listen to the games and we believe it is the crowd noise that fascinates them.

Now whee get to give this award!

The following ten blogs we just love to pieces.  Of course we love them all but these ten, well they have brought Sunshine to us for many years…. whee love you all but some have been loyal friends for a long time….. In no particular Order at all….

1. Hutch A Good Life at http://hutchagoodlife.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/sort-of-silent-sunday-nacho-knows/

2. Georgia About at  http://georgiaabout.com/

3. The Lonely Dogs at  http://thelonelydogs.wordpress.com/

4. CUPCAKE SPEAKS at http://cupcakepetrillo.wordpress.com/    A little cutie that Dad would love to pick up and keep at the Meadow!

5. Danny Breslin at http://dannybreslin.wordpress.com/

6. BUMPY ROAD TO BUBBA at  http://bumpyroadtobubba.com/

7. BONGODOGBLOG at  http://bongodogblog.com/

8. Bassasblog at  http://bassasblog.wordpress.com/

9. All Things Collies at  http://collie222.blogspot.com/

10. Key West Collies at  http://keywestcollies.blogspot.com/

11. Love Your Dog at http://c3900s.wordpress.com/

Now it is time for us to give out our two awards.  These two awards are given by us to blogs we deeply love and the rules and reasons given are;

We give the Collie Choice Award to Blogs we feel are the best on the net!  We have no rules other than the blog we/you give this award to be to us/you personally amongst the best being written.   You are authorized to give this award to those blogs of your choice who you feel are the best on the net!  We dedicate this award to our Collies here at the Meadow.  Click on Award Picture to get full size image and please accept and upload to your page to show we recognize your wonderful writing.

And we also give our CHAMPIONS OF THE HEART award also:

This award is given to those whose love, loyalty and care for their furry loved oned ones is beyond average….. it is for those with a heart full of love who are champions of the heart…. The greatest Champion of the Heart we ever knew is Trevor, our ol’ Boo whose picture is on this award….. to his memory this is dedicated

these awards go to:



a new friend whose blog we feel excels in all the areas mentioned above….

LOVE YOUR DOG  at  http://c3900s.wordpress.com/

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