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I Ginger have stolen the computer today and have taken a break from my plots for world conquest and domination to talk about my heroes! My heroes are grumps with attitude and for those who are happy enjoy it while it lasts for I Ginger, future world dictator will end all this happy stuff.

You see, I take great delight in grumpiness and evil plots and well, Happy  just doesnt fit in my world scenario.

The one thing I do like about my slave… er dad… is that he is a grumpy person.  Funny, I was told he wasnt a grump at all and then I arrived…… hmmmm…..  but he a a grump and that part I love about him.

One of his heroes is Henry Ford and the stories he tells about old Henry is that this guy was one big grump….. I like Henry Ford…. here is a picture of old Henry with his son Edsel, their daughter and son (William who owned some cat football team in Detroit city) and his wife.  Notice they are all smiling except for Henry… I can understand why he wasnt smiling for they were watching some other stinky cat team from Detroit play baseball…. but I have to admit Henry Ford is a hero of mine also for the guy knew how to rule things with a Iron Fist. (note-like dad though there are some things about Henry Ford I do not like, but  we wont talk about them here.. but if you know Henry Ford you know what we are talking about).


Way to go Henry… who needs to smile needlessly…..

My next hero however, turned out to be a traitor to the cause of grumpiness.  He is a world class sellout……  I love his statement; “Let them starve and decrease the surplus population!”  Yeah, my kind of guy…. its logical and it works without any effort (plus more for me!)….. so while I liked him early on in the story by the end I despised this sellout…


Ebenezer Scrooge…… hero turned traitor….

My next hero who turned out to be a even bigger traitor ruined my Christmas as I watched the story on TV with dad while eating and throwing popcorn….. hehehehe…. the cats sure looked horrible with all those white bits in their fur!!!   My favorite song of all time comes from this movie and here it is;

-Who couldnt love someone who is more foul than a seasick crocodile?

So, of those three only Henry Ford passed the test of being a true grump and never selling out.  I love how he ruled with a iron fist and was grumpy…..  my true hero and the image of how I like to see ppl treated when I rule the world!  Muwahahahaha


One should only smile when they see this face…… and then only briefly….. unless I say otherwise of course… you have my permission to smile.. NOW!

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