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-What!!!dscf8819!???  Stephen Gerrard  is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season to go to play footy in the USA?  We are not happy….

dscf8820I got my bat dad!  Send me to Liverpool, I’ll beat sense into  them!!!!

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Several things to cover today….. first the Liverpool Reds.  They kicked the snot out of Tottenham and finally looked like the team they were last year. Could it be they have finally come together?  Next week is Aston Villa and with the Reds only three points out of first the fever is catching!  With Gerrard punching one in today the collies and I were cheering and dancing for the first time this year.  If they knock out Aston Villa they could be on their way for the hunt.  We shall see…. but they have to beat such teams as Manchester City which last week they failed at.  But, it is early and a lot of changes have been made.   So, time to celebrate!!!



Onto tractor news.  Finally got old Molly, the 1941 Allis Chalmers WC paint repaired and she looks great!     Old Molly is my most stubborn tractor…. now you are asking how can a tractor be stubborn?  Well, old tractors are like old cars. They have personalities, quirks and seem human much of the time.  Molly is stubborn.  She fights me on everything I do…. but, she grudgingly gives and then when repaired sits there looking like “what’s next human?  Bring it on?”  I’ve threatened to sell her many a time, but she knows better.  If I needed a tractor in an emergency she would be my choice for whatever I needed to move she would do it…. just to prove she could.   Old Allis would faithfully do it, and Annie the Case SC would be all too willing and would get the job done. But, Molly would knock down the walls to do it for she thrives on hard work… the harder the better.

dscf8858– Old Molly in the winter… it’s only -15 out here.. no big deal….

-Today I changed the transmission fluid and filter in my HHR.  What is the big deal you say?  Well, for those who don;t know it has no dipstick to check the fluid and when you fill it up you have to run it through the gears and leave it running while you remove the overflow drain plug and fill it until it comes out the overflow.  Well, ya know what Chevrolet?  I have a 1949 Case SC that you do the same thing too… and it also has a canister oil filter instead of a spin on just like you!  70 years later  car companies have went back to what tractors were doing 70 years ago… the more things change the more they stay the same….. I also fixed the dash board light by replacing something Ginger called a “cellynoid for the charcoal canister.”  It worked…. so I felt good about that today too.  I also hung up a new light in my garage and can actually see on all sides now in the dark! YAY!!!

dscf4795-Collies Transport Unit #1 is ready to go and the collies are cheering! Since I fixed the garage door also, now it can get in and out too!

-So, it has been a productive weekend!  Tomorrow it is all collie day all day except for a hour with the tractors!    The collies want to share something with you that I shared with them…….

collies 3– Dad told us this and we agree…  “We love old tractors for old tractors have souls.” – Roger Welsch   That they do and we collies were flattered when dad added… “”And so do collies and that is why we love them too.”



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It is almost here and like most fans I am pacing impatiently…. although I have some reservations about this season.   The Liverpool Reds take the field on the 17th of August without their star Luis Suarez who was sold… 31 goals gone….. Old Biter will be missed.   So far, there have been some good defensive signings but not enough scoring in my opinion.  To have come so close last season and then make such massive changes makes me wince and I am hoping this all works out.  However, I can;t see the Reds falling out of the top four but I can;t see them winning the League either…..  I hope I am wrong.   The Reds will be tough but without the firepower the defense will have to be the best in the League and while it will be excellent it won;t be enough in my opinion.

I hope I am wrong… I really want the Reds to win it this season for Gerrard.  He deserves it and so do the fans who are so very hungry…….

So, August 17th…. the clock slowly ticks.. tick.. tock… tick.. tock….  I pace the floor… waiting… hoping for one more signing that will put the Reds over the top……. the collies can’t wait either………for their barkfest celebrations will start….



-Go REDS!!!!!!!!




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Here At the Meadow we like;

A. Jesus

1. books and reading

2. antique tractors

3. Footy, especially Liverpool

4.anything historical

5. Terhune and Sunnybank

6. Fords and Henry and Edsel Ford

7. dogs

8. Politics

9. Fall or Autumn

10. Clear nights

11.  Hammocks

12 Playing

13. balls, bats, sticks,

14. walks

15. the list is endless….

ginger and mick 3

-tell us some of your likes!

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Last week they let their destiny slip from their hands and today the Liverpool Reds, who have one heck of a great year ….


let their chances for the title slip further away after blowing a lead to end up with a tie with Crystal Palace….. 😦  So, the stunning rise to the top, the unexpected battle for the title are now but a memory as the Reds will probably end up in second place in the League.  While deeply disappointed, I am still very proud of the season they had. They weren’t supposed to be there…. but they were.  Its only gonna get better from here….

So, the old battle ry.. “WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR” is our s now…….


GO REDS!!!!!-  We collies hate Manchester City!!!!



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REDS!!!!!  This is the make or break game..  a win keeps the Reds in it… a loss puts their back against the wall. We are gearing up for the big game which will be on MOnday when I am at work… 😦  But, I’ll be trying to find out the score if I can.. 🙂

LFC-1– Will Steven Gerrard lead the team to victory?  Will Luis Suarez pile on some goals to his great season? Will Skrtle help keep the ball away from the goal and will Mignolet keep the out of the net?  Will Sturridge pile some goals in?  Will Coach Rodgers be grinning at the end of the match??  We shall see….

-We collies believe they will…. GO REDS!!!!   Win that Title!!!



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Hi! I’m Lad and as you know I love my ball!  I feel a real affinity to the following ppl for they loved balls too!

babe ruth


The first is babe Ruth!  He loved to play ball and here he is holding a ball in a special glove he must have carried it around in….. He must have really loved his ball for that glove has lots of padding to keep his ball from getting hurt.  I can’t figure out why such a big guy had such a small ball…..

steven gerrardThis guy who  plays for Liverpool plays with a soccer ball like I do… but his is always prettier.  Steven Gerrard is dad’s favorite player!  Steven always seems to come in to save the day and this guy is probably the only one on earth who plays better and loves his ball more than I do…. now if I could just make the money he does…

Harold and Mildred -6

Finally, I love Harold Lloyd.  Look he plays with a ball… lives in a dog house and even has a human who is Mildred that throws the ball for him…. wow…. isnt that interesting?  Wonder if dad will get me glasses like his….. Did Harold Lloyd keep bones in his doghouse?  How did his wife fit in there with him and where did he keep his ball…. I’ll have to ask the old guy…


This one’s for you Babe, Steven, Mildred and Harold!!!!!

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No, not us, but Everton is bitter, sick and twisted.. heheheeh

So, 2 point lead is what Liverpool has now.  2 games left for them and Chelsea.  Three games for Manchester City who has the destiny of the race in their hands now.  After spending a few hours working on the tractor I came in to find Manchester City had won.  So, they are three points back.  What does it all mean?

Well, basically Liverpool plays one game at Crystal Palace and their last game at home against Newcastle.  Normally, you would say they should win both of those and I expect them too… but one has to remember neither opponent has anything to lose by going all out and taking chances they normally wouldn’t take to win.  So, Liverpool has to win both games to ensure a tie for first with Manchester City if they win their three remaining games, which are as follows; At Everton…. who is only a few hundred yards from Anfield. Everton has been turning it up lately so this could be a hard game for Everton is no walk over (although we Liverpool fans will never admit that when they play us.. hehehe)…. their next game is supposed to be against Aston Villa at home, but it is postponed and will be replayed sometime…. that bodes well for City.  Their last game is also at home against  West Ham.  So, while Everton will be a huge obstacle… the other two.. well not so much.  IF Liverpool wins their last two then Manchester City must win their last three for a tie.  In that case Manchester City has the advantage since the difference between the amount of goals scored and the goals allowed is greater than Liverpool’s.  If Manchester City does not win all their last three games they cannot win the Championship if Liverpool wins their last two.

As for Chelsea.  They only are two points back in second.  Two games left.  Chelsea next plays at home against 18th place Norwich who is trying to not fall into relegation.  They could be dangerous if they click on any of the sure to come blitz they will unleash in a desperate attempt to not be relegated.  While struggling to score the Canaries have had a few big wins this season.   Their last game is at last place Cardiff.  This should be an easy win for Chelsea, but Cardiff doesn’t want to be relegated so they will probably try anything to win…. this makes them dangerous if anything they try works….  These should be two easy games for Chelsea.  They must win both games and hope for Liverpool to lose at least once and then for Manchester City to only win once or else they cannot win the Championship. So, CHelsea is the long shot now.

The inside track goes to Manchester City.  Liverpool can win it if Manchester City in their last three games has one tie and two wins….Chelsea needs a major collapse by  Liverpool and a super major collapse by Manchester City to win it all. Most likely Chelsea will not win the championship.  So, destiny is now in Manchester City’s hands.  But, they must win all three to take it all….. this season that could prove to be a mighty big task……  imagine this… we are depending upon our hated rivals… Everton to win or tie with Manchester City ….. sigh….wouldn;t that be ironic… Liverpool wins it all because Everton takes down Manchester City….

No, I will not be wearing Blue that day… and no I will not be listening or rooting on Everton.  If they win it will truly mean that at the end of the season two teams turned dominant in the Premier League and should be powerhouses next season… both are from Liverpool and won’t that be a heated race….. Liverpool and Everton to the wire next season….. GO REDS!!!!!

A thought just occurred to me.. Imagine being an Everton fan and knowing if you beat Manchester City you give the title to Liverpool and yet you have to win to be in the Champions League next year… oh how sick, bitter and twisted that must be…..   hmmm… sort of fits for Everton as you can see below…  omagine.. you have to win to go to the Champions League… but if you do Liverpool wins it all.. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

That will make you bitter, twisted and not so proud… *grin*



– Wow, Everton is sort of twisted… and you thought I was a twisted collies.. jeesh…


Now, notice the difference between Everton and Liverpool in music.. so much more positive.. happy.. guess that comes with success….  I truly want Everton to beat Manchester City so next season we can beat them not only in Premier League play but also in Champions League play…. that may make me twisted.. but at least I am not bitter.. hehehehe

So, the final games are here…. GO YOU REDS!!!



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Its here… the moment of truth.  We have been waiting and counting down to this moment.  We’ve watched in awe as they have strung together a unbelievable streak of wins against the best the League can offer.  Now their destiny is in their hands with all the advantages in their court.  Can they come through? Will they continue their awesome streak that put them not only on top… but with a good lead?

Yes, today at  9:05 EST on Talksport.com you can join us as we listen in as the biggest battle of this Century for the Reds takes place in their old and beloved football pitch named Anfield. The Reds are almost unbeatable at home and their secret weapon the loud and loyal fans will be roaring and waiting for those guys from Chelsea.

A win today almost ensures the Reds are Champions of the Premier League.. A loss leaves them in first but they will have to win all the rest of the way to stay there…..

Everyone here is getting ready….

LFC-1-Dad is already screaming GO REDS!!!

dscf8820-The collies are digging in and waiting for the arrival of Chelsea so they can give them the “welcome”…. GO REDS!!!!

dscf4847-Even the squirrel is in the tree listening to the pre-game and screaming GO REDS!!!!


566154_4349573291275_1410435810_n-Go Reds!!!

dscf4795-GO REDS!!!!

dscf5847-GO REDS!!!!!!!!!

-GO REDS!!!!!!!






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Tomorrow is the day!!!!!  We are ready!!!! GO REDS!!!!LFC-2

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