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We went to the Car Museum today….  saw lots of wonderful cars and had a great time with my father and my son.   It was a great time…. then we came home and we tore the head off the old Case Sc tractor and found it has a cracked head… sigh…. what a shame….. not cheap to fix and now I have to make the decision to pay the money to fix it… to part it out or to scrap it….

During the week I finished the bedroom, fixed and polyed the living room floor, painted the collie’s hallway, got my books for college and fixed a few more things around the house….

So, I have been busy and its about to get busier with a garden to plow and plant with work and college for job retraining… sigh.. and a chance of puppies coming….

But, back to today…. I saw in the Model A Ford Museum a old Model T Ford that hadnt been restored.  So, I looked it over and did what any old country kid would do, I climbed under to look at mechanical parts to see what made it tick… as I was under there I took a picture and was looking up at the leaking rear end and I heard two people walk up and the following happened… “Is that part of the display?  Sort of like someone got run over by the Ford?  Do you think?  Um.. he just moved.. do you think he is okay.. perhaps he had a heart attack…”  I slid out from under the old Model T and grinned at the shocked lady and her man friend….  “Just looking under it to see what makes it tick.”  The lady said; “Oh thank God.. I thought perhaps you had a heart attack or something….”  My reply?  “I don’t think God would be so thankful..”  hehehe  They laughed..


-“Do you think he had a heart attack…..”


I will post more on here and at another of my blogs about our trip but I did see this 1956 Mercury!!!  I fell in love… hehehe….






I even saw my favorite car… you know what that is…. but more later….



Let me in the drivers seat of that old Tin Lizzie… I will run him over.. Muwahahahaah

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