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I am Lil Hallie and Dad took time out to take me for a walk today.  It was about 41 degrees with bright sunshine and lots of snow on the ground yet.  It actually looked like February out there instead of almost April.


Lets go this way!   Wheeeee!!!!  Look at all that snow.  I am not very tall and this snow is soft and deep… whew.. lots of work!


Custer’s Hill still has lots of snow on it I see…..we had fun climbing up there and the view was fantastic, although it showed how much snow there really is. But, tomorrow it will be in the 50’s and then Monday near 60.  So, hopefully the snow will go down a lot.


Whew.. look at all this snow.  Pretty, but it takes a lot of energy to walk with snow up to your knees…


The Creek is overflowing and running fast for normal… but it is cool to see…


So, that was our trip today…. we saw ducks and geese but dad didn’t get the camera out fast enough.  But, I loved my ride and walk and it was fun to spend time with dad although the walk, with all that soft deep snow made it a lot of work.


In a few hours Liverpool will take the field at Anfield and with a tie or a win they go into first place in the Premier League!  We are ready and revved up waiting for the Reds to take the pitch and hopefully smash their way to victory!!! GO REDS!!!!!!

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Dad was working on his tractor when he came in and looked at the scores…. he couldn’t believe his eyes! Chelsea lost to Crystal Palace!!!  A tie puts the Reds in first and if they win they go into first alone!  YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!  Just stunning…. is all Dad could say.  Thats a big understatement by the guy who could go on forever about the Reds!  But, he is grinning and we just heard him out in the garage with the wire wheel going whiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr and singing against the metal with a long, loud MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA in the background.  Then we heard something about Chelsea looking like a wire brush hit them when they come to Anfield…..  perhaps he was just saving it all up inside…

So, this means tomorrow we collies get to whoop it up loud and long with no shhhhhhh….. As we run around in the yard we are enjoying a cloudy, near 40 degree day and waiting for dad who wore out one of his wire brushes on his side grinder today taking off paint.  He is doing some painting then we get to play… and walk! 🙂

GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait.. we hear him again… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are Tottenham’s reception committee… muwahahahahah


LFC #1

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Today, well.. today we chased Lil Hallie around the yard.  Then Dad came home and he put her in her own room with her own bed and blankies and toys and is spending time with her.  She is heading into her time and us boys are in love!!!!  Can I go see her dad?  I think you threw my ball in there… lets go see!


What a lame try that was Lad. Try something like “Dad! Lil Hallie’s room is on fire! Lets go save her!!!!!!  See… there he goes… wait he stopped…. oh oh, he figured out it is not on fire… I’m out of here.  Ahem….


Okay dad!  We got the bar to dance under so let’s start celebrating!!! ONE POINT! ONE POINT! ONE POINT!!!  Yes, in case you missed it the Liverpool Reds won yesterday moving within one point of Chelsea who has to come to Anfield, the home of the Reds!!!!!  As Ginger would say… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Look, dad went under the bar… wow, he is really happy!






Dad, your Liverpool Reds hat is in the room with Lil Hallie…. she is chewing on it….


Works everytime….. hehehehehe

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All their eyes were scanning for it.  After yesterday’s near miss would the squeel (squirrel) come down and take a chance again?  As they played joyfully the collie eyes kept watching.  Then, the playful yaps and barks  stopped.  All eyes turned in one direction.

They galloped fiercely to the fence and all stood in a line howling their threats at the tree rat as hung low on the tree… on the other side of the fence.  Several collies stood on their hind legs and the roar increased and the collies followed along the fence waiting…. no daring the squeel to come across the fence and see what happens.

For a long time this went on until the man, who could see the “brave” squeel was not really that brave, just teasing took up a toy and whizzed it at the squeel missing by a foot on purpose and the squeel ran off.  The roar became deafening as the collies threw up their threats at the scampering chicken of a squeel and  then turned their howls into approval for their hero the man who taught that squeel a lesson for them!

As peace came to the Meadow again, well as peaceful as it can get with all the collies wrestling and playing the man just smiled and thought “stupid squeel, maybe I’ll let the cat out next time and the cat can take care of the squeel and the collies can take care of the cat… heheheh .”


You dirty Squeel!!! We’ll get you!


You gonna get yours squirrely!!!


What is that white collie doing with that flame thrower and laughing maniacally…..


-Meanwhile Dad is gearing up for the Liverpool Reds footy match for tomorrow… GO REDS!!!!

GO LFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, we had a Collie post, a non-collie post that a collie appeared in anyways earlier today, so don’t miss them and now we have a Footy post. I know several of our readers/friends are Footy lovers.  The collies here love to lay around me as the game is on and some of them are interested in the roaring/singing/chanting crowds.  Today was no exception.

A few weeks ago I predicted the Reds from Liverpool would win the PL and I have fallen in love with this team. The fans are always the loudest at Anfield  the never ending offensive attack by the Reds is the style of Footy I love.  As the day progressed and I saw Stoke take down Wenger and Arsenal I looked at the Tables.  OMGosh!!! If the Reds win they go into second place!!!!  Only four points out of first.

So, I got my popcorn and burgers and sat down and turned on the game.  Out came Liverpool and the assault began but Southhampton wasn’t backing down and they were trading blows.  It was interesting but I wanted to score early and often…. come on you Reds.  Then… 16 minutes Luis Suarez got the ball and booted one in and I was on my feet cheering!  The collies were up and barking and I grabbed Rutherford who stood up on his hind legs and we danced around the floor as the other collies celebrated as I sung Luis, Luis….  Whew… go you Reds!

The two teams kept trading blows and Liverpool seemed to be more accurate as HT came and they led 1-0.  The second half started and Liverpool and Southhampton kept the counter punching going but then at the 58th minute  Raheem Sterling hit one from the center of the box and it was 2-0!!!  As I punched my fist in the air and cheered I grabbed lil Ellie and we danced around the room and Mick joined us and the Lil Hallie too as we bounced around the room the collies jumped around with Smoke leading the cheering section.  2-0… yes….. yes.. yes…

The match progressed and it got a bit ugly as the two teams became more physical and fouls were done by both teams.. even Steven Gerrard got in on that action!  We were celebrating as they went into the final 5 minutes of injury time and I kept hoping the Reds would put one more in.  It was getting close to the whistle when a penalty was called on Southhampton and Steven Gerrard was to attempt the kick.  Now, Steven Gerrard is my favorite Red and I had my fingers crossed and he booted the ball in and it was now 3-0!!!  Seconds later the whistle blew as we celebrated the win that has now put the Liverpool Reds into second place!!!

Now, Chelsea has to come to Anfield yet… muwahahahahahaha  That will be fun.  Liverpool’s fate is in their hands now…. this is going to be fun. Make it or break it the Reds have given us all we asked for, to do their best and attack at all times.   So, to celebrate let have some music…

To celebrate Luis Suarez getting back on the board…








000_0003um.. did you say go Everton?  There is no room here for you blues…..

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yes… Wheeeeeeeeee…. just remember this face…. your future world dominating dictator here……  muwahahahahahahh…. I would say something snarky about the football team being slipped in here… but the old guy needs to have something in his life that is a winner besides me… until I rule the world that is….. hey old guy how about a slingshot ride for you in the hammock….. that would be a wonderful Wheeeeeeeeeeee picture…..

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As you all know I am a big footy fan. Well, lets see… Manchester United just seems to be getting their act together.. finally! Newcastle United is right there with them.. Hull is out front of my favs, Cardiff is lumped in too and West Bromwich Albion is right in the group too.  Sort of a disappointing season so far, but when the Reds win 6 or 7 straight we will be cheering them on… hehehe

Still looking for a place to listen to SP for free so we can hear Celtic.

Of course the collies get right into Footy on the net on talksport with me.  They are fascinated by the continuous cheering, chants, songs, insults and the occasional “What the bloody ‘ell!” we hear and when one of our boys score I cheer and they join in with a loud salvo of barks and jump around and growl and get excited.

Having been a English Football fan for over 40 years (I used to listen on BBC Shortwave back then!) I am so thrilled to be able to listen to the matches again and am thrilled to see English Footy taking America by storm!  Fan clubs are sprouting up and one can even get all the games on NBC sports on the tellie…. wow…. who could’ve seen this happening?

As I grumble all week about Ferguson firing the new coach at Manchester United half the collies are thrilled as Celtic tears up the SP  while the other half cheers as as the Ranger rip apart League one after winning the league three championship last year while Celtic won the SPL last season.   It wont be long at this rate till the Rangers and Celtic rivalry once again comes to life. The collies of course are very nonchalant about it all

Celtics!  Rangers! CELTIC! RANGERS!!!!  I’ll poke yer bloody eye out you @#$#!@!#!#!  CELTIC!!!!!!!!!!  RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!  $!@#$%$%!@%!$^#%^!@#$^!%@!!!!!!!

Ah yes, as the match rumbles on over the net the collies rumble in the yard in a friendly (?) battle over which club is the best in Scotland…… sigh…


– Here are two of my favorite footy tunes……

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Friendlies are starting  and while we can’t listen to them here in the states I am beginning to get the longing to see some footy!!!  Will Manchester United repeat as Champions?  Will the beloved Magpies move up and make a challenge?  How will those Baggies of West Bromwich do?  How will one of my new favs, the Bluebirds of Cardiff City do?  Will Crystal Palace fly like Eagles in the PL this season?  Oh, I can’t wait!!!

Meanwhile the collies are beginning their annual Celtic/Rangers rumble with the Celtic brigade led by lil Hallie rubbing it in hard for the Celtics took the cup in Scotland!!!  But, the Ranger collie army is still supporting their team which has fallen on hard times….

But, just to kick it off I can’t help meself….

Meanwhile in the collie yard….

000_0007It’s time!!!!  Celtic!!!!  Rangers!!!!  Celtic!!! Rangers!!! You dirty $%@#%@$%$%!!!!!  grrrrrrr…….

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Lil Hallie here.  Dad is one Footy fool!  He follows Celtic on Twitter with their minutely update…. he listened to QPR get in a spirited tie (he loves underdogs and is rooting for them to get out of relegation), he felt bad for the Baggies of West Bromwich who lost.  But, today I have to say I never seen him more excited about a fixture.

Manchester United playing at Manchester City!  Dad was revved up and we were right there with him…. Rooney scored early and dad roared his approval as we joined in barking and jumping about!  Then Rooney shortly after nailed another one and dad was roaring again as we joined in. The battle roared on on the net and the second half saw City finally score. But, dad was not dismayed for as he says “They are the mighty United!”  However, towards the end of the match City scored and tied it up.  Dad said some words that are not appropriate here and dug in for the final minutes.

It was hard for City turned it on but time after time great plays by the Red Devils beat them back.  IT went into 4 minutes extra and after over 2 minutes United got the ball and passed it to Ferdinand who roared down the pitch passing to Rooney who was by the net (dad was screaming and then on his chair standing up screaming on the chair) and then Rooney passed to Van Persie… dad’s favorite!!!

THe world went into slow motion… dad stopped yelling….. the announcers say he fires……. the stadium is dead quiet… dad is dead quiet.. we collies look on waiting….. then the crowd roars a deafening roar….. but what happened?  The announce begins to speak  but it is too late…. We can hear them…. the United Faithful singing “GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!”  Dad roars louder than ever jumping up and down like a idiot… we join in bouncing around and howling our approval as dad joins in bellowing “We’re the famous Man United and we are going to Wembley! Wembley, Wembley, We are the famous Man United and we’re going to Wembley!!!” I jump up on to lick his face and he grabs me and we do a dance across the floor….. wow, he is excited…. he even kissed Ginger (yuk) and we roared our joy as dad kept cheering!  Lad ran to the hallway and grabbed his ball and stood there holding it proudly as if he was saying They did it dad!!!

After several minutes of celebrating, we got treats, dad drank a Stout in one gulp and we cheered again!

Then we went outside and ran all the way around the yard making lots of noise as dad was still cheering!  Hmmmm…… I began to wonder if he lost his mind but decided if we got treats when Man United wins I am going to cheer too!

A 6 point lead over City, 10 over Chelsea and a 13 point lead over Everton.  Tomorrow are the Newcastle United Magpies!  Go Magpies… win for we like the treats!!!


Next time I am wearing City Blue that will teach him to kiss me!!!

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As we prepare for our Collie Bowl here the collies are all revved up waiting to crush me or as Ginger says.. Nuked!  As they prepare I do what I do best, work on tractors, write the blog and spend time following English Footy.  We have two big favorite players here….. of course the big favorite is from Manchester United and the other is from Newcastle United.

Its funny for these two teams remind me of other teams in other sports I love.  Manchester United reminds me of the NY Yankees…. big, powerful, always tough and in the hunt.  Stars galore……  Newcastle United reminds me of the Green Bay Packers.  Tough, in the hunt but with a small town, hometown type of following and activity by the club.  They make it fun not just with footy but with all kinds of activity.  They also remind me of the great heydays of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Always in the hunt and making it big but to be a heartbreaker in the biggest game.  But, it endears them even more to their fans who bleed team colors.

Both of these clubs I root on above all others and I like the uniqueness of each one.

As I ramble on the collies are out back running and barking and I see Laddie finessing his way through the pack… much like my favorite player in English Footy,

Robin Van Persie! Here he is when he played for Arsenal-


– photo by Ronnie Macdonald

As I watch Walter play he is all muscle, speed, explosive speed and power…… much like my favorite Newcastle United Player…

Demba Ba!!!


This is from his West Ham days… photo by… Egghead06

– So, imagine having to face these two only in a ruthless collie in the infamous collie bowl…..  those who havent read about the collie bowl look it up in our archives…… you will see the collies being ruthless…. 🙂


Dad is dead meat………  Laddie will run circles around him and Walter will blow by him before he can blink…. muwahahahahahahahahah

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