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100_0076-Ahhhh… Labot Day Weekend and the Hammock is here….

sky and dad-1-ah…. Barbee on the Grill too…… mmmmmmmmmmmm

dscf5213-WE even have fireworks for the Collie Labor Day!  Er… sorry about all that tractor gasoline going up!  Well, grab the hot dog sticks. We might as well make the most of the fire… muwahahahahaha


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We went out with dad and he was piling up old limbs and branches from the Maples that had fallen in storms through the years and then he lit a fire with them.  We collies looked at that and backed up…. it was hot and we knew not to go by it and the older ones who had experience walked further back fand took a nap.  We younger ones watched as dad kept the fire burning and then it went down till it glowed embers.

We could smell it still burning and felt the heat.  Then, dad brought out a grate and put it on some logs and put on Bratwurst and hotdogs.  Our mouths drooled and as he pulled them off he looked around and snuck us all a bite which we relished…. mmmmmmmm  As we played in the pools he put on potatoes and corn on the cob wrapped in tin foil and let them cook over the glowing embers and soon they were done too.  Mmmmm… they smelled so good and we watched as he cut one ear down to kernels and then gave us all some… mmmmmmmmmmm  The taters he wouldn’t give us for they do not digest in a collie’s tummy well.

We loved the cookout experience using just fallen tree wood in our fire pit.  The food sure tasted good and we heard dad mention they cooked like that so they would have enough food for the week cooked without having to turn on the stove and heat up the house helping it to stay cooler…. hmmm… sometimes he is sort of smart… sometimes… By the way, we relished the watermelon…..

-so that is how you make a big fire…. see that Squirrel?  Fricassee coming soon… and next time I will dump[ ten gallons of gas on it to really make the neighborhood jump… muwahahaahah


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000_0023I Skylight had to laugh as dad told this story…. you see we have to go outside to go potty and that means even if it is cold, snowing or raining.  I of course refuse, but Dad only gives one refusal per day… so this story made me laugh!  You see dad went to a job site today and when he got there he had his paperwork all filled out and opened the door of the van to go in and it poured rain on him.  He went inside and seconds later it quit. He checked all the fire equipment and had to go out to get a battery for a emergency light as as he walked out the door it poured on him and kept raining till he got the battery and went back inside. Then, like magic it quit.  When he was done and had his ladder, testing rod and paperwork in his arms and was going out the door when it poured again! LOL….  take that Dad!  Now you know how we feel!

-Wow, that rain dance worked… muwahahahah  Can’t wait to try that voodoo doll next!


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100_5506-Dad’s job is interesting.  The places he goes to check out fire extinguishers and emergency lights and to help with fire fighting systems is fascinating.  He can go in one day from anywhere from  bank, to a dr. office, to a huge factory where he is 30 feet up on a catwalk over vats of molten iron to another place where he is 5 floors up on a roof  climbing down a rack ladder on the outside of the building to check another ext.   His least favorite place was a human waste treatment plant, his favorite place was one of the oldest furniture factories in the city that is now a big office building that has preserved the 1880’s building yet made it usable for modern offices. He has been to a antique auto museum and to the Coca Cola production plant.

dscf6088-one moment he didn’t care for was being on the roof of a four story building in the winter in sub-zero weather.  It was a flat roof but sliding that high up was not a lot of fun and the wind was very cold.  He sees a lot of things like how they make styrofoam plates, cardboard, foundry work, steel plants, auto assembly lines, shoe factories, offices of some of the most famous companies in the world.  He likes Coca Cola for their breakroom has free glasses of coke!  Another place has big bottles for 50 cents… mmmmmmmmm……He sees pawn shops, retirement homes, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, radio and TV stations… you name it… he gets to see it.  He walks endless amounts of miles, carries lots of extinguishers out for service and carries them back in again.  Checking emergency/exit lights is fun unless they are 30 feet up on a pole.. that he doesn’t like doing…. he gets to meet lots of ppl, see lots of things and learna about a lot of industries…..  he has even serviced a couple places his father worked in!  WOrking on fire doors is interesting and he finds working on the cooking equipments fire prevention equipment interesting too.

100_5723-wait.. he climbs on ladders?  Muwahahahahahahahahaha  What? I didn’t say nuthin.. muwahahahaha






0by the way, he got his new battery today and look.. Annie’s eyes lit up over that!!!




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I Ginger am a genius as you all know.  So, I went to the old guy and told him I knew how to help his new job where he services, installs and fixes Fire Extinguishers, emergency lights and other fire fighting equipment…. to help sell these things what they can is .. welll ….its really simple.  Paint this logo on the side of their vans and on billboards…. then use the slogan I thought up….


Then paint this slogan with it…..

BUY OR DIE!!!!!   What old guy?  You like it but it is rather twisted?  Hmmmm…. well how about this one?  BUY OR FRY!!!!!!

What?  Why are you laughing?  Okay genius wanna be… give me a better slogan that the ones I thought up….  Thats what I thought…..


Well, where you are going old guy a fire extinguisher won’t help you…. perhaps a asbestos suit might help… muwahahaha






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Today’s post will be very short.  The title is a serious one for once.  Our dryer caught on fire and as the house filled with smoke my future son-in-law and I chased the collies out gathered the cats moved the birds to a low spot and proceeded to fight the burning inside the dryer. We won, but it was a battle to put it out because of trying to get past the smoke. At no time did the fire go outside of the dryer so I knew the house was safe as I poured water into it. However,We  now we have no dryer, lots of smoky smelling stuff and a wet floor but everyone is okay.

The collies were gathered at the back gate watching and worrying as smoke poured out of the house.  A friend of my future son-in-law came over and helped us to carry out the hot dryer and as I write this we are finishing up the clean-up.  A word to the wise if you get a fire extinguisher like we have make sure it always remains in its spot.  Ours was moved several times because it was in the way and we yet have to find where it is at!  grrrrrrrrrrrr……..

It won’t happen again….. That FE will remain where it is supposed to be from now on!!!  I am furious about it being moved and not put back.  But, so many ppl moved it no one knows who last saw it… 😦

At the time of the fire it was three degrees outside…..  but we made it. Everyone is safe……. no damage to the house other than some water on the floor where we poured it into the dryer to put out the fire once it was unplugged and the gas line shut off.   We were very lucky. God protected us.

So, be prepared my friends for such things.  Get a fire extinguisher and put it where it is easily found and accessible.  Have a plan to get ppl and animals out.. we did and it worked great.

Back to fun and games tomorrow!  Till then know we are all okay except for some smoky air and some coughing…. 🙂


I am okay Dad… glad everyone else is okay too!

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We began our whining at the time Dad as supposed to be home…. but he didnt come and he didnt come!  Mom kept saying he started his new job and he wont be home till later now.  We watched him take off after 8 inches of snow last night with 30 mph winds with blowing snow and a 4 degree temp with -20 wind chill this morning.  All the schools were closed and so were many businesses.   Too cold for the salt to work and the roads were a glaze of ice.

But, we heard dad made it to his first day of his job safely, then drove across town for his drug test and then worked more and then drove home on those rotten roads. He came home and shovelled the end of the driveway and from in front of the garage and then took us out to play!

HE smells different now when he comes home.  He used to smell like meat. Now, he smells like… well like when he was in his garage.  He told us he now works for a company that services, installs, fixes and repairs fire extinguishers, installs fire sprinkler systems and other fire safety equipment.  He says so far he likes it!  Tomorrow he is supposed to go out on the routes to learn how to do his service tech job.

We are glad he is home… but he gets home late now and our schedule is all upset. You know how dogs love a schedule! 🙂 But, we will get used to it.  We just don’t like that he doesnt smell like meat anymore…


Where is he? He is late?  I need my 4 pm nap!


-WAit! Wait! I hear the truck!!!! It’s him! I’s him…. everybody all together… BARK!!!!!


It really is you!  You don’t smell like meat!!! You smell like…. …  something….. its not food!!! Glad you are home.. now throw my football…


Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball…..


Darn….. he just missed the doggie bombs I left for him to step in….. just a little more to the right old guy… muwahahahaha





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