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Yesterday was the anniversary of Trevor’s passing and quite a few of you wrote, phoned us and even visited. Thank you for everyone that did!  It was a sort of melancholy day.  With my delay in being able to go to Edsel Ford’s home I was a bit down in the dumps.  But, having everyone contact me cheered me up a bit and talking about Trevor and sharing the memories helped too.

Those of you who remember I recently posted about Edsel Ford being a genius and today really brightened when I was contacted by Edsel’s grandson Edsel II.  At first I was sort of in disbelief but then when I checked the ID it was him. He left a very nice comment about the post about his grandfather.  I am very humbled and moved that I was contacted by the grandson of two men I really admire…. actually three for Henry II was Edsel’s son and Edsel II’s father.  Henry II saved Ford and while he did not have all the answers he hired the best ppl to come up with those answers! A big thank you to Edsel II for contacting me.  One thing I wish I could tell Edsel II is that my wife has an ancestor named Edsel Ruddiman…. for those Fordophiles out there yes, that is the Edsel who was Henry’s best friend in school and whom he named his son Edsel after.  Now, I thought my wife made it up until she showed me the family tree proving it.  Edsel’s brother James married Margaret Ford… Henry’s sister!  So, while my wife is not related to the Ford family she does have a strange connection! 🙂 LOL

But, seriously, if Edsel II ever reads this let me say your comment meant a lot to me!  Thank you!  May God Bless the Ford Family, Edsel II and the Ford Motor Company.

Now, back to Trevor….  I thought about him all day and missed him more than ever.  Its hard to believe he has been gone for a year.  On July 2 it will have been three years since Anya left us.  August brings 7 years since Niamh left….. summer is sort of a bittersweet time of year…..  but through it all I have found that I am so grateful to have had Trevor.  With Trevor I knew for 6 months the end was near.  So, I was as prepared as I could be.  It didnt hurt any less, but it was nice to be able to say a long goodbye!  Unlike Niamh, Hallie and Anya and MacKenzie who all had the death out of the clear blue sky strike like lightning, leaving me to wonder what happened and regretting not being able to say goodbye.   Each one of my collies has blessed me by their being part of my life, by their coming to me, even their deaths have opened up the door to new friends and new adventures.  Each of them still bless me even though they are now gone.  I loved them all and it is the truth when I say I am humbled to have been loved by them.  Why would they love a old cranky guy like me?  I had nothing to offer them and I perhaps needed them more than they needed me.  But, non-the-less they loved me despite who I am and made me a better person because of it.  THere seems to be something very unfair in the fact that these wonderful, beautiful, loving, unselfish giving fantastically beautiful beings who were 10 times a better being than I will ever be are gone and I am still here.  It just does not seem right.  They changed the world and my life for the better…. I only hope they felt I changed their lives for the better.  I tried to and I only hope I did so.

Having Trevor was just one of those “accidents” that happened.  Yes, an accident to everyone but God.  He left me a better person and stronger.  As I walk into the future without him and the others I know they helped me to become stronger and better, but still I am not half the wonderful being they were and are.  One lesson I learned for sure is do not take your dog, cat or family member or friend for granted.  I have learned life is fragile and at any moment they can and do leave you when God decided it is time for them to come home to Him.  So, take a moment, hug those around you, tell them you love them and think…. as you go to bed tonight would you want your last words, actions or moments to be the ones you had with today or would you like to get another hug, to say you love them or pet them on the head.  Do so… there are no guarantees they will be there…. make the most of it.  What does it cost you but a few moments of your time….

To Trevor and to all my collies thank you for loving me. I am unworthy of such a selfless love.  Your loving me makes proves you “mere” collies walk closer to God than I do, will ever be able to do and than most ppl will ever do.  Thank you to MacKenzie, Chessie, Niamh, Hallie, Sadie, Anya and to you Trevor forever.  A word of thanks to old Cheyenne and George the cats who loved me and proved to be much more loyal friends than I could prove to be…. finally, a big remembering thanks to the dogs of my childhood Heidi and Rusty and Snoopy.  Its been almost 40 years for some of you and I still love and miss you.   Also, thank you God…. for showing me how we humans with all our brains need to stop thinking we are so darned smart and to take a deep breath and to see that the beings who actually love the way you do are… dogs…. they love us when we are not nice, they love those who abuse them, they will die for us and more… yet all they ask is us to love them back…..  what a small thing to ask for us creatures who can walk on the moon….

000_0005Lil Hallie and I….. even at this point she knew who she loved…. *smile*

Edsel Ford FamilyBy the way, Edsel Ford is on your left, his wife Eleanor is next and Henry II is next to her. Henry II became head of Ford after old Henry gave up the reigns in 1945.  Henry II is the father of Edsel II.  Then is Benson and Josephine and William who is still alive. 🙂  Most families hope to have a famous member of their family.  The Ford’s had many brilliant and famous people and the Ford’s running the show now are intent on becoming number one.  I for one am rooting them on. 🙂

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