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In the past I have related things I liked and enjoyed in my life, besides collies who will like always have their say here.  As those who know me or have read my blog know I love history.  Recently, with my new job supplying me with free cable TV I got to see a TV show I haven’t seen in over 40 years.  Daniel Boone… while other kids may have been Crockett fans, not me I liked Boone.  Not dissing Davy, just Boone was more to my liking, more of the strong, rugged individualist that was strongly family oriented and silent and humble.


As I watched the show I found I still loved it, but for many other reasons than when I was a kid.  While of course it was hollywoodized a bit, Fess Parker did a good job at portraying Boone for he was a fighting man who really tried to make peace, would rather not kill (he claimed to only have killed 3 times in his life and when you consider what he went through, that is rather amazing) and he loved the Native Americans and their ways.  He actually got into trouble with many settlers for they claimed he was an “Indian Lover.”  He was in a way, for while he did fight with certain tribes and lost many a family member in these wars, he befriended many more and actually thought they were getting a raw deal.  He was known for his love of justice and was many times referred too on the frontier for solutions to problems in the area of justice.  This is well portrayed in the show.

Later of course I also became a Buffalo Bill fan… but Boone … well 20 years ago I made a pilgrimage to his recreated Boonesborough in Kentucky and visited his grave (he has two you know… LOL….some of his remains are in Missouri and others were moved back to Kentucky in the 1840’s.) and visited his and Rebecca’s kin fort site called Bryan’s Station.  The Bryans and Boone’s friendship and kinship actually started before Daniel and Rebecca married and it lasted for generations past them as the two families intermarried for a long time.  They lived together through the Carolinas, in Kentucky and into Missouri.  Bryan daughters married Boone sons and Boone daughters married Bryan sons just not in Daniel’s line but his other sibling lines.

Those familiar with the TV show remember that Rebecca Boone was played by Patricia Blair who looked like what one would imagine a Irish descended Lass would look like.  Well, while Fess Parker did look something like Daniel, Patricia was not what Becky Boone looked like,.  Descriptions of her were that she was almost as tall as Boone, who was around 5 foot 8 inches tall which was tall in those days and since she was around 5 feet 7 she was a tall woman for her time!  She also had dark hair and was very beautiful by all accounts.  Just a side note, it is known that was also a fine shot and when Daniel was away would shoot her own game …..

But, I digress.   Seeing the show brought back a lot of memories.  It also made me rekindle my interest enough to do some more reading on a childhood hero of mine.  Interesting he was 50 when he founded Boonesborough and if you want to read a story that hollywood wouldn’t even dream to pass off as real, read about the siege of the Fort.  How 30 some men held off almost 500 Native Americans is not only astounding but it will make your hair stand up on end.  One of the settlers ran for help on the night of the biggest attack and he lloked back from a hilltop and said the flames, the firing guns and the smoke lit up the Fort like daylight and he figured it was all over and the smoke gave it a eerie look of death….  but hang on they did!  While it was brutal and hard fought the siege had its moments of humor.  The Indian who bared his bottom at the Fort insulting them to only be shot in the behind by a marksman who was sick of the insult and laughter brought up big cheers from the Fort. A war of words commenced and insult flew….. some of nasty but lots of it in a good natured teasing manner which makes one wonder at it all.  Of course the Indians did get a payback when they wounded Boone’s daughter in the backside.. Jemima never lived that one down…..

While Boone was a boyhood hero of mine, he is now someone I respect for he was a common person.  He fit in with the normal everyday ppl and he didn’t flaunt who he was.  His wife and he were regular everyday ppl who were part of the society around them, not some wealthy family who led by reason of wealth or power.  A interesting man to be sure.  I can highly recommend that if you ever go to Kentucky visit his Fort, his grave and the whole cemetary at Frankfort for it is fascinating, the capitol building in Frankfort and Fort Harrod and the lonely, but beautiful site of Bryan’s Station.  What a brave group of people who took on the elements, hostile tribes, the British, wild wolves and more…..yet not only survived but overcame it all.  There is something to be learned from it all…….  In today’s world they like to condemn ppl such as this, but hose who read Boone’s history realize he was fair and equal in his dealings with all ppl….  especially the Native Americans, for he right along with the Natives was robbed of all of his land many times…. that is why he left Kentucky……  But, he was also a forgiving man….. I think he would sort of be humbled and sort of stunned at how he is considered a hero by many ppl today….


A quick tour of the Fort and then that corny famous song….  🙂




-Everybody knows it was his collie that actually took on the Natives and got all the game!!! Tell the truth old Booney was a great collie…. what?  Dad, that is my story and I am sticking to it… well, he was part scottish…. Dad… stop ruining my story!


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Those close to us know that here at the meadow we love animals and that there are different types here.  One of the more dynamic character is a bird named Elvis.  He does the wolf whistle, does the Andy Griffith song perfectly and talks under his breath. He loves to do the bounce up and down game and he has a sense of humor and a twisted side where he likes to draw you in close and thengive you a quick little nibble… you can see the glee in his eye.

Well, Elvis is old now and today he is in his death throes.  As I write this he is declining fast and heading to be with his best friend Ziggy who died a few years ago.  I liked Elvis.  Not like I do my collies but he is a character and we got along good.


But, Elvis is one of God’s creation and I am always sad when anything or anyone dies. Even though I know they are with God I still feel bad.. I guess that is what we humans do… at least many of us.


It seems like yesterday when we took our daughter to go get Ziggy and then Elvis.  She was a little girl then.  Now, she is a woman and a college girl and well…. another connection to our past is going away.

Yeah, perhaps its just not Elvis dying but a part of our past… that is dying too.  Whatever it is… it sure makes the urgency of enjoying those you have with you even more.. RIGHT NOW.  In the blink of a eye they can be called to the great beyond. So, do yourself a favor, hug the ones you love…..

We hope you get better Elvis, but dad says probably not.. but we have hope….



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Niamh and SadieWith the passing of Essex at Key West Collies yesterday the collies I loved and are now gone came to mind….  Do pay Key West collies a visit and leave them a note of condolences if you can… I know how it helps me when we lose one of our collie family..

Niamh on the left has been gone for over 7 years now….

Sadie on the right has been gone for 5 years now….


Hallie Aug 07Hallie Gal has been gone for 5 years…..

523282_4107151929877_1633164938_nMacKenzie has been gone for 16 years now…..

000_0016Anya has been gone for 4 years….

000_0025Soon it will be 17 months since Trevor Forever passed…..

-Losing them is hard and something I hate going through… but I wouldn’t give up one moment with them because of it……  I still love them all and will always love them.  But, I miss them terribly and shed many a bitter tear over their being gone.  But, someday…. someday we will hopefully run through the great Meadow in heaven and the chorus of collie barks will be loud and happy….. someday….

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I came home today from a rather hard day at work worrying about things and I opened up my blog letter and found that dog dad and Sherman are mourning over the loss of their beautiful Essex who died in her sleep.  😦  Now, whenever I read about a dog death I cry for I know how bad it hurts, how much we miss them and how horrible an experience it is.

I ask you our friends to drop by their blog and let them know they are not alone and that they are being prayed for.  We here at the Meadow send our deepest condolences and thoughts to our friend at Key West.  May the Lord bless them and help them through this time of pain.  Be assured that someday, on the other side you will see Essex again……


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I was thinking about you today. How we would look at things on our walks and you would stand next to me looking on in wonder and then pant happily. Then you would turn and look up at me smiling and we would stand there or sit there for a long time just enjoying the scene and our company…..

I miss you Ol’ Boo…….


Its been four months…..four long hard terrible months of missing you….

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Ever since the passing of Trevor Smoke has been out of sorts.  You see when he was a puppy Trevor was the Alpha in their previous home and Smoke always looked up to Trevor.  When we brought Smoke to live with us he looked in shock at all the other collies and then wagged his tail and went up to Trevor who promptly let him know who was the Alpha. Smoke then spotted Laddie and their lifelong rivalry began.

Smoke was always shadowing Trevor and we took SMoke for his first walk and he took off after Trevor and as we walked he studied Trevor and imitated his pace and walked perfectly.  He loves walks and goes every once in a while since he doesnt always behave while riding. But, he always followed Trevor’s lead and when Trevor would go around and enforce his Alpha male role SMoke would follow behind reinforcing it… LOL… Trevor hated that but I figured Smoke was the Alpha in training.

Well, when Trevor died we laid him out so the collies could say goodbye.  Their different reactions are interesting.  When we did the same for Hallie Trevor stood there for 15 minutes sniffing her and then looked up and had the saddest look I ever saw on his face. He knew what it meant and I think he was saying goodbye.  He knew where we buried her and would for months afterwards go to the fence and look where she was resting in peace and would turn away with a sad look on his face.

With Trevor, SMoke stood their the longest and looked up at me with a sad look and went over to the couch and laid down and looked at Trevor till we took him to put him next to his sister.  Ever since that day he has moped about.  He also did the same thing when Hallie passed for he loved Hallie.  IT lasted for months and is the same as I have seen this time.  He pouts, doesnt play with the other collies and lots of times I see him sitting next to the house with his face away from us looking at the wall.

I have let it go on until today.  I took him over tot he fence and asked him “You miss Trevor?”  He looked up at me sad and began to slink away with his head down.  I grabbed him and hugged him and talked to him letting him know I love him and that he loved.  I mentioned Trevor a lot and smiled when I did so and I know he know some of the words I told him and the tone of my voice reassured him I love him.  After about 15 minutes I could see he looked more reassured and off he went.

I went over to the Hammock and after the usual battle I finally laid down and felt someone under me looking over the edge up at me.  It was Smoke. He wasnt smiling but the look in his eye told me thank you.  What I said to him had some effect and he let me know.

Through the years I have watched as the collies have mourned, each in their own way, over their lost family members.  I saw Teddy and Sadie mourn Niamh.  I saw Trevor mourn Hallie and Anya and others as they adapt to the new reality.  One shocking development since the loss of Trevor is Branwen.  The perennial tough girl misses her daddy.  She goes out and looks over at the graves and sniffs and looks concerned.  I will sing Trevor’s song and she comes running and looks for him and then looks at me wondering where he is.  Who would’ve thunk that?

It usually takes 6 months roughly for the collie family to adapt to the losses and additions before they get back to normal.  The younger collies are not affected as much but the older ones are affected deeply.  One exception here is lil Hallie.  Since Trevor’s passing she has clung to me and it is obvious to everyone she is now my lieutenant now.  She enforces my will just like her grandmother did…. so in a way this has upset the apple cart in the hierarchy but once in a while I do enforce changes if I find a collie ready to take on the role.  Lil Hallie has proven she is the enforcer now and SMoke and Laddie who havent decided who the Alpha Male is have no problems with it and Branwen who is bossy bosses everyone except lil Hallie.  So, in a way it is working with Branwen enforcing her role, accepting lil Hallie as  the Smoke and Laddie rivalry plays itself out.

So, as we move into the future, it is a rather confusing mess right now.  Smoke and Lad have put the younger guys in their places, Lil Hallie is my right hand and Branwen enforces her role.  Through the years SMoke and Lad have had a intense rivalry that has come to some rough spots when they were younger.  But, they now know better than to get rough and are in their own way working this out.  I have come to the conclusion it is a bit on hold till SMoke is over his sadness which I have seen before here.

I find it interesting how some ppl call them dumb animals but as I study and watch them I see they mourn like we do, love like we do, get sad and happy like we do and when they are born I can see them come to life and when they pass I see their soul leave….. while we are a bit more complex than they are and communicate differently, I dont see where they are dumb or have no feelings.  They are complex beings who love and mourn deeply… they just cant express it with words like we do.

Anyone else have dogs or cats who mourn when their beloved friends pass on?  What do you do to comfort them?

Smoke with Trevor…..

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The first time I saw a picture of her I fell in love with Misti.  Misti was rescued from a horrible situation by our friends at Glendale.  That Misti survived was a miracle, that she was a sweetie was even more of a miracle and that her life at Glendale was a beautiful example of how a miracle can happen when people take the time to care and save a collie that should for all practical purposes have not survived her ordeal.

But, survive she did!  She flowered and blossomed and became my friend Debbie’s close companion for years.  Her life was beautiful and she was deeply loved.  Her end came recently after she went through very similar problems as our Trevor.

Her passing is heartbreaking, yet it is comforting knowing she lived out most of her life beautifully being loved deeply.  Her age is about the same as Trevor’s so as I look at this I know what is to come for my Trevor.  However, right now that is the least of my worries.  Right now it is for my heartbroken friends at Glendale.  I am sorry for them and my heart breaks.  But, they gave this wonderful collie a long, happy life!  She died knowing she was loved and while that doesn’t lessen the pain for my friends, in the long run it should bring them some comfort.

RIP Dear Misti!  Romp in the fields of heaven and enjoy the friends you have there for someday you will get to meet your family again.  Till then we will miss you deeply.  May God Bless You Misti and may God Bless and Comfort our friends at Glendale.

Here is Misti on the left with Shelby on the right.  Shelby was rescued with Misti and she passed last year. The two friends are together again now…. running in the fields of heaven.

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